The Mommy Hook: You'll Be Hooked, Too!

03/05/2009 at 11:45 AM ET

Sometimes the simplest ideas make the best baby products! The Mommy Hook ($8) is just a giant, metal carabiner with grippy rubber wrapped around it, but I’m taking it everywhere I go. With one hand I can quickly attach my large diaper bag to the stroller handle and the rubber part keeps it from slipping down the side and dangling on the floor.

Last weekend, when grocery shopping sans kids, I used it to secure my reusable shopping bags to the front of the cart. That way they don’t get buried by the food or fall out onto the floor. And it’s indispensible for a mall trip! True, it’s great for parents, but I can see this becoming a useful tool for anybody.

— Kristen

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Gingi on

I have twins and a toddler and I bought a Mommy Clip when they were 8 weeks old so that when I went shopping I could hang stuff from it. Honestly, this item was $7.99 WELL SPENT! With twins I can’t go to Target or the grocery store the way I used to because I can’t put them both in the cart (they are still in their infant carriers). However, I with the Mommy Clip I can attach a basket to my stroller and do smaller trips when I have all the kids. My experience was so positive that all of my friends have gone out and purchased Mommy Clips too. I have suggested this item to so many people. LOVE IT!

Danielle on

This is a great idea, but the EXACT same product (minus the words “Mommy Hook”) is available for half price @ Home Depot! I’m always bothered by the fact that they charge more when they decide to market to moms….

One different between a Carabiner Clip you can buy at Home Depot and the Mommy Hook is that the Mommy Hook is padded to make it more comfortable in your hand to carry when it’s loaded up with bags.

— Danielle

jenn on

I love these huge clips. We use them to carry in our groceries. I never thought about hooking them to the stroller or shopping cart. Great idea!!!

Melinda on

I’ve had mine for a while, and I just love it! I hang my diaper bag so I don’t have to lug it around. It’s great!

April on

I love the mommy clip I use mine to clip on my sons toys to the shopping cart, stroller and anything else I put him in. It sure beats bending over every 30 seconds to pick them up and wash them off!

Danielle on

Just a note that the large clip @ Home Depot is padded as well… :-)!! on

Yeah, I too have been using carabiner clips since my son was born 5 years ago…much, much cheaper!

Anna on

I agree with the person that said you can just use the home depot one. Even if it doesn’t have the same padding. I work in this field and I know that adding that padding does not cost 4US$, more like 0.25US$.

Anna on

I see the Home Depot is even in pink, even better and for only US$2,99!

eternalcanadian on

omg i love, love the bag clip! i actually have been using one that i got at the outdoor adventure store. it is used for when one is rope-climbing, but a much larger one that goes around the handlebar of the shopping cart. now i see there’s one at home depot and it is in pink! guess i’ll go there and get me one.

i also have a hook that i put on the table to hang my purse when i am out for dinner or at the coffee shop or in the washroom. love, love those things to keep my bag off the floor or dirty counters!

l on

Not only can you buy a similar hook for half the price, I also don’t see how this particular rubber part will prevent the hook from sliding (down). The rubber part is placed on the side not on top or wrapped all around the hook, which makes this, like Danielle said, just another overpriced “mommy” item.

l on

Danielle, I just clicked on the link you provided, lol, … why isn’t CBB covering such topics, “overpriced vs. normal priced” for one and the same item?

The Danielle who posted the link is not Danielle from CBB. We just share a name 🙂

We cover products that we are aware of. We were contacted by the Mommy Hook company a couple of years ago which is how we became aware of its existence. Home Depot has never contacted us about any of its products which is why we have never reviewed anything they sell.

We cover products that we think make parents’ lives easier, regardless of cost. Sometimes we review very expensive products, sometimes we review very inexpensive products, but most of the time we cover products that fall somewhere between. We are making an effort to cover more lower-priced products, but we can only cover those that we are aware of.

If you would like us to cover specific products or categories, please send us an email and we’ll look into them. Our email link is at the top of every page of the site under “Contact” right under the word “BABY” in the logo.

— Danielle

chrissie on

I totally disagree. For $8 CDN, this ‘designer’ carabiner fell apart before I was even able to actually use it. I returned it the same day, and ended up getting a cheaper (and stronger!) version from Home Depot!

Keen Distribution on

Hi, everyone:

We want you to know that if you have a problem with your Mommy Hook like Chrissie had, PLEASE call us and we will take care of you immediately! Keen Distribution handles sales of The Mommy Hook in the US and we will provide you with the BEST customer service. We promise!

Keen Distribution

Danielle on

Me again…not CBB Danielle…but the other one :-)! I hope I didn’t cause any problems, but having two kids 8 and almost 5 I know that there are usually “cheaper”, but similar or same options out there and I just wanted to pass along that info! I’m sure the Mommy Hook is an incredible product as well!

tuffit on

What a great idea!! I have to go and get one of these! Why didn’t I think of it sooner!!