Taylor Hanson Says His Big, Young Family 'Makes Sense'

03/05/2009 at 08:00 PM ET
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When 25-year-old Taylor Hanson says the words “I have four” out loud, even he admits that “it sounds pretty crazy.” It “all makes sense” when you meet his children Jordan Ezra, 6, Penelope Anne, 4 next month, River Samuel, 2 ½, and Viggo Moriah, 3-months, however, he says in a new interview with Rolling Stone. “The dots all come together…It may seem like a lot, but it’s great,” he adds.

That he’s created such a large family at such an early age means that his own children are uniquely poised to carry on the tradition he created with his own brothers Isaac Hanson and Zac Hanson. Together, the trio comprised the musical group Hanson, and Taylor says it wouldn’t surprise him in the least if ‘Hanson Jr.’ forms someday soon.

“It’s funny, River is our second youngest; He’s two and he’s an incredible drummer. He’s got rhythm! And not just the way a parent thinks, ‘Hey my kids are great.’ I mean, you always think your kids are great. He really has rhythm. So we’ll see.”

That’s not to say he’d encourage it! “I would never wish [a career in music] on anyone unless they were unable to not do it, which is what we’ve always said about our band,” explains Taylor, adding “if you can’t do anything else, then you should do it.” If it turns out that the kids are indeed “addicted” to music, however, Taylor says his advice for them will be simple: “Go for it.”

Ezra, Penelope, River and Viggo are Taylor’s children with wife Natalie Hanson. Taylor’s new band Tinted Windows — a side project with former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos and Fountains Of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger — is scheduled to release their self-titled debut album in stores April 21st.

Interested in the backstory behind Viggo’s name? Check out our exclusive with Natalie here.

Source: Rolling Stone

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LaurenH on

Yeah, having 4 so young DOES sound crazy, but if anyone can pull it off, Taylor and Natalie can. I have to LOL @ the “I don’t wish this career on anyone” bit. It should go for ALL forms of art, not just music!

Sabrina on

I just love all of the kids’ names!

Outfieldangel on

These guys are awesome at all they do! Being a fan from the beginning, I always have faith in these guys. Big families are fun, and hey- at least they can support them! Wish I could have a big family!

Maddy on

Aww, I love them ❤

I hope more Hanson babies are on the way! Zac is due for a second!! 🙂

SD on

I’ve seen a video of Taylor’s young son River playing drums and I was in disbelief that he could play like he did at just two and a half. All the guys in Hanson have beautiful family’s, I could see them create their own little band some day.

eternalcanadian on

I think the reason people are surprised at 4 kids by age 25 is because for so long people waited until they were like 30 to start having kids. I think the trend is reversing and people are now having kids in their early 20s. Yes, there’s still a teen pregnancy epidemic, goodness there’s a 13-year old father in England, but even so, to be married and have all 4 kids with the same partner by age 25 is still not common enough that people are like, “whoa, four kids already and you’re only 25?”

Alyssa on

I want Taylor and Natalie to name my children!!!

Shelly on

Hmmm I love the name Viggo and I always assumed the little boy’s name was inspired by “The Lord of The Rings” as the character Aragorn is played by Viggo Mortenson and the “Mines of Moriah” is a location heavily featured in The Fellowship of the Ring. However after reading Natalie’s actual inspiration for the name, I was very wrong! 🙂

Anna on

Is using birth control against the Hanson family’s religious beliefs?