Matthew Settle Welcomes Daughter Aven Angelica

03/05/2009 at 06:30 PM ET
Evan Agostini/AP

Gossip Girl‘s Matthew Settle plays a dad on TV, and now he’s one in real life! Wife Naama Nativ gave birth to their first child, daughter Aven Angelica Settle, earlier this afternoon, Thursday, March 5th. Weighing in at 8 lbs., 11 oz, Aven and her mom “are happy and healthy and the new parents are thrilled,” according to their rep.

Matthew, 39, and Naama, 25, announced the pregnancy in August, sharing in November that a girl was on the way! At the time, the couple were undecided on names, with Naama saying, “We’ll see. I want Angelica!” Looks like she won out — at least partially — in the end!

Source: PEOPLE

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April on

What a gorgeous name! I love it, so pretty. I love Matthew on Gossip Girl. I didn’t realize their age difference before/had no idea Naama was 25!

Erika on

Aww, congrats to them! I love the name Aven, it’s different but not out there!

NatashaC on

Congrats to them! I love Matthew on GG and Aven’s a pretty name!

lolita on

i wish you the best with your little girl!

Devon on

Beautiful name. I didn’t realise that Naama and I were the same age. Love Rufus!

Vanessa on

Congrats to them.
I love the name
but exactly how would you pronounce it.

Stella on

Vanessa, I think the name is pronounced like Ava with an -en ending. Pretty name, maybe it will catch on. Ava, Avery, and such are very popular right now, maybe Aven is next.

Mallory on

I actually like the name, too! Very pretty. Not a fan of Angelica, but it fits. Congrats to the couple! That baby is sure to be gorgeous!

Fifi on

I like the name, I think it flows very well! But my question is how do you pronounce Naama??

Brooklyn on

I’m not a fan of Angelica either, but I do indeed like Aven. Congrats to them!

Kaitlyn on

Aven is on my friend’s list for boy’s names! I like it for either gender.

Mallory on

Fifi, Naama is pronounced like Nah-ma.

jasmine on

Aww, I like the name…I felt like she was pregnant for years…though I don’t know who either of them are…CONGRATS!

Kelly on

Kaitlyn, I was thinking it could easily work for a male also!

sasha on

i am hoping the name doesnt become popular. we named our son it 7 years ago and did it to have a different name. if his name was on the top 20 list i would be heartbroken. i made sure none of my kids names at the time were in the top 1000. and when i see a celeb name their kid my kids name i cringe. we pronounce it with a hard a like aidan but with a v. although it can also be with a soft a. i wonder if thats the case since she is a girl. we love the name for our son and think it fits him perfectly.

stacey on

The only Aven I know is male, pronounced to rhyme with Raven & Haven.

shaina on

aven!! that’s what we were planning on naming our next daughter! i was so surprised to see that up there, i sincerely hope that it doesn’t catch on!

Danielle on

Actually Naama is pronounced Nay-ah-mah, its Israeli

Bumbles on

I like that name, very unusual. Having just read April’s comment I too was surprised that Naama was only 25, whenever I saw pictures of her I always thought she had amazing skin and was look good for her age but I put it down to ‘model genes’.

Elle on

I agree about this name. I have only known one other person with this name and it was a man. He also spelled it Avin not Aven. I suppose it could be the “a” sound like in apple or Ashley. But I never would have thought of it as a girls name. Hopefully it won’t suddenly blow up! Congrats to the couple!

Terri on

I really like Angelica as a name, so precious.

bob on

The name is beautiful but I wonder they realize the unfortunate word her initials spell.

Judith on

Congrats to the happy couple. Angelica is a beautiful name. Babies are blessings.!!

Aven Rennie on

My name is Aven. I am a 53-year-old American woman and delighted to hear — at last — of another female Aven. My mother read the name in 1941 in a novel called “Tap Root” by James Street. It told of a county in Georgia (or was it Alabama?) that refused to secede from the Union during the Civil War. It was published in response to “Gone with the Wind.” Aven and Morna are sisters. Aven is the baddie — clearly based on Scarlet O’Hara — who steals the fiance of Morna, clearly based on Melanie Hamilton. The story itself is loosely based in truth. There was a county in the sesesh south that defied the state capitol and tried to remain loyal to the Union. It was overrun and the holdouts were routed or killed. Anyway, the author used Aven as a female name. Most American Avens — and there are not many — are male and southern. The name has many origins — the Bible (Book of Amos and others), Latin (it’s a blue flower and related to avis [bird]), old and middle French (meaning a deep cave or chasm), middle English (meaning having to do with oats, and therefore having to do with horses –an avener was a horse trainer and attendant), and in Gypsy culture it has a meaning — witness the Gypsy Kings song,”Aven Aven.”

katy on

Our daughter is 6 and her name is Aven….pronounced with a long ‘a’ sounds….my husband had heard the name somewhere and really liked it….we had no idea what its meanings were so this has been very interesting to hear….

Sarah on

My daughter is named Aven (like Raven or Haven) and I just this morning heard my morning dj say his niece, born yesterday, is also named Aven.

Aven McNab on

Like Aven Rennie (above), I was named after the Aven in Tap Roots. I think it was actually based Mississippi. I have the book somewhere but haven’t read it yet. I’m not sure how I feel about having the name become so popular. I kinda liked being unique, lol.