Bugaboo Drops Price of Frog Stroller to $629

03/05/2009 at 07:45 AM ET
Bugaboo Frog with Bassinet

Did you really want a Bugaboo Frog but couldn’t stomach the $760 pricetag? Does $629 sound a bit more affordable? Responding to demand in the marketplace, Bugaboo has announced a $130 drop in price for their original stroller (and best, in my opinion) with no change to the design. Still a high-priced stroller, this puts the Frog in line, at least price-wise, with their competitors, including the Quinny Buzz 4 ($629), Mutsy Slider ($630) and Orbit Toddler Stroller ($600). The price of the other Bugaboo models will remain the same: the Cameleon is $899 and the Bee is $529.

Here’s how the stroller fits price-wise with other top-of-the-line strollers (click the links to read our reviews):

$1,200 Stokke Xplory Complete
$1,000 Stokke Xplory Basic
$900    Orbit Baby Infant System
$899    Bugaboo Cameleon
$700    Micralite Toro
$669     UPPA Baby
$630     Mutsy Slider
$629     Quinny Buzz 4
$629     Bugaboo Frog
$600    Orbit Toddler Stroller
$599     Peg Perego Skate
$599     Grand Touring Baby I’coo Targo (was $699)
$579     Quinny Buzz 3
$529     Bugaboo Bee

— Danielle

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dlock on

NO, I would love to have a nice top of the line stroller like this, but I can’t imagine spending more than $350. I have to factor in the fact that I still have to purchase an infant carseat and a convertible carseat. I would be spending over a $1000 on just travel gear alone. (yikes) The only way I would end up with one of these fancy strollers is if someone like my mom and dad wanted to splurge. (which I wouldn’t recommend, considering the economy) lol

Jessica L on

$630 is quite laughable. No, the majority of us parents cannot afford a stroller that ridiculously expensive so we won’t be purchasing it. A $130 price drop is nice of them but when you consider that it still costs the same as half my mortgage payment, it’s not really a deal at all. I like my Maclaren just fine. 😉

Though I will say, price is relative so if you make that in a day, then by all means go for it!

Manuela on

No,I love my chicco cortina travel system.And now I will travel with my 4 month old son I got a maclaren and I am happy with that too.I dont need a fancy stroller.

kat on

I voted maybe… I mean, I prefer the Valco Rad and the Uppa Baby Vista, and there are plenty of reasons for that, like the adjustable height handle, lower price, and most of all is the larger seat (my kids were too tall for the frog seat by age 2)…

but for any of these higher-end strollers over 300 dollars retail, I would be looking on ebay, strollerswap, and craigslist and trying to score one in Excellent used condition so that it would fit my budget if it was the stroller that would best fit my needs.

Ruthella on

The Frog isn’t available here in the UK, but I have a Cameleon and I love it. It was £600 but is the best Ive had by far. I’ve used it every day for over two years without a single problem, whereas I’ve had to replace cheaper pushchairs (for previous children) after 6 months 🙂

hillary on

I like the design of the frog but i still think the fabrics are cheap and the hood is horrible 😦 At least they dropped the price a bit!

Alecia on

That’s still a steep price, I bought the Jeep Liberty Limited All Terrain 3 Wheel Stroller for $159.99 for my newphew…this stroller is awesome.

Lauryn on

Im not a big fan of the bugaboo frog. My friend got one a couple years ago (she does use it all the time- and takes it everywhere)
but I agree with not liking the fabric, which has faded considerably from the sun, and the size of the seat and sun shade. Her two year old has almost had his last ride in it, and my three year old is still perfectly comfy in his Maclaren.

We are both lucky to have such expensive strollers though (given by a mutual friend at our baby showers) so she wouldn’t complain. But given the price versus quality I just don’t see it. For that price, she should still be able to use it this summer (her son will be just 2 1/2 in june) but she doesn’t think she’ll be able too.

At least the Bee appears to have a bigger seat and shade.

I will say I find the frog extremely easy to maneuver – but again, only with a small child.

I love my techno, but I would LOVE an orbit system 😀 I’ve never actually seen one but I think they look great.

Alex on

I won’t buy a buggy that doesn’t have an option for baby to lay flat. I know I wouldn’t want to be crunched up for convienience for long periods and I subsequently would not do that to a child. Having said that, price is definitely a consideration when buying a buggy and a $629 one (just under £450 in my money) does not seem like good value at all, especially when you consider there are very good models out there for under £150.

The Frog and Cameleon can be configured as a bassinet/carrycot until your child is old enough to sit up with a recline. We used our bassinet until Anya was four months old and then converted it to the infant seat when we went to Amsterdam (home of Bugaboo!). She was still pretty young so we kept it reclined almost all of the way then.

— Danielle

marla on

don’t know if anyone’s heard, but we’re in a major recession! i suspect that used, high-end strollers will flood the used market AND, it’ll be the end of some of these companies. sorry for the gloom and doom, but in the last few months i’ve seen a number of baby retailers go out of business/file for bankruptcy: babystyle, rightstart, etc.


Babystyle and Right Start were owned by the same company, so it’s not necessarily a trend that baby retailers are going out of business. Retailers of all categories are going out of business.

— Danielle

Ruthella on

Alex; the Cameleon comes with a carrycot part that is flat, I’m quite sure the Frog does too 🙂 My daughter travelled in that part for a few months.

kirsty on

Seems silly, my stroller works great and it came with a car seat for an infant. It can lay flat, has an adjustable handle for different heights, comes with a cup holder for me, folds up in a pinch and has plenty of head clearance.

Alex on

Oh, cheers guys (Danielle and Ruthella!), thanks for that info, I was going on the picture because I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on sale in the UK. I’ve seen other Bugaboo buggys and prams that are lovely, so I know the brand is good. Thanks again :).

Mandy on

Sometimes, when I read about products on this website, I wonder if I am living on the same planet as the writer. I guess maybe if you live on one of the coasts and are richer than God you may be able to afford one of these, but no one in the world I live in could.

maggie on

dont have kids yet but i LOVE the bugaboo!! soo cool! does any owners have problems wit the front wheels being to small in terms of suspension?

Finnaryn on

Mandy, I agree. I love seeing the cute strollers but really, here in the Midwest, buying a stroller at a “discounted” price of $629 is loony. But then again, you have to look at cost comparison. My $130,000 house in Nebraska would be closer to $500,000 in California, so I am guessing other things are priced by area too.

Rachel on

I have the cameleon and it is worth every penny. My husband and I are both tall and the adjustable handle is key. Plus the real tires are super for all weather.

Kathy on

Honestly? I think this is just crazy. $629.00 for a stroller? A discounted one at that? Look at the materials you’re buying people, do you really think they cost that much to create and assmble? You wonder why people in this nation are in such financial dire straights? We “need” $629.00 strollers. Ugh. I’m happy to say that my big stroller days are over (my youngest of 4 is now 4), there is no way I would have bought this stroller. Save your money people and take a trip to the beach or something. 🙂

Elisabeth on

While its nice that a company is thinking about the economy, still $629 is still alot of money and doesn’t even come with a car seat. I got looks when I plunked down $300 for my Chicco Cortina travel system.

I think a few companies that should consider price drops on their goods is Graco and Fisher price. It seems that for the past few years they’ve been running the prices of their baby gear. FP is asking $50 for a crib soother when I bought one just 2 short years ago for $30. They’re bouncers have gone up as well. Graco’s travel systems have gone up.

I paid $230 for my suitesolutions playard. Another $120 for the travel lite crib.

rob on

I looked into the uppababy which is comp. to the frog but when I put my 18 month old in the seat her head was sticking out of the peakaboo window. So Even though I love the uppa baby the length of the seat is short than the frog and the quinny.

I too had a hard time paying for a stroller over 400.00 however paying 650.00 for a top of the line stroller with a ton of options that will last without having to be replaced makes more since to me than a mclaren that is about 350.00. Paying that much for a umbrella stroller like the mclaren is such a waste of money to me.