Wynter Perrineau is Pretty in Pink

03/04/2009 at 02:30 PM ET
Crenshaw Mafia/Splash News Online

Wynter Aria Perrineau, 10 months this week, gave a little grin while out with Harold Perrineau Jr. and wife Brittany on Saturday in sunny California.

The Lost star, 45, and his wife are also parents to daughter Aurora, 13.

Lost airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Kaitlyn on

What a beautiful baby!

Tiffany on

awww… she is too adorable! I love her name too. My yorkshire terrier puppy is named Wynter Arielle!

Blackrose on

shes beautiful!! i just adore black babies!!:D

gianna on

Wynter looks exactly like her dad

k on

Oh my goodness she has so much beautiful hair! It’s so funny how some babies are bald at that age and some like Wynter are ready for headbands and braids (if their parents so choose!). Adorable adorable little girl.

jasmine on

OMG…looking at her reminds me of how I looked as a baby…wow…scary!

collette on

So gorgeous,she reminds me of my daughter when she was that age i get broody just looking at her x

erinbeth on

wow, she is so stinkin adorable! she looks bigger than 10 mos, i think.

gthandy on

Where is my spoon?? I could eat her up!! So cute!!!!

Aelys on

OMG what a cutiepie!

CTBmom on

Such a cutie…she looks like a little doll =)

SweetDiva on

Wynter is adorable!

Jenn on

I’m completely helpless against that kind of cute!

EB on

wow, i can’t believe they have a 13 year old! neither one of them look old enough to have a 13 year old! Wynter is absolutely adorable. i love the cute little chubby cheeks..

Mia on

She’s beautiful. Look at all that hair! Too cute.

crimpe on

I want to cut off some of her hair and paste it onto my 11-month-old’s head. She’s totally cute. Her parents look pretty intense there.

elle on

Totally random but she looks like a baby lynn whitfield.

danda_lion on

So pretty!

brannon on


Sammy-xx on

What a gorgeous little munchkin, ooh I could just stare and smile are her cuteness all day.
Beautiful family.

micargi cruiser on

they love each other that much to have another child after 13 years. wonderful.

daniela on

she’s one of the prettiest babies i’ve ever laid eyes on! also gives me hope that they were willing to “start over” by having a baby although they already have a13 yr old…I may be in the same situation soon! 🙂

Emma on

I could eat her up…love those cheeks!!

J-Lin on

What a beauty! I want one!

Lioness on

She is waaaay too cute for words, seriously. What a shmush!

fergette on

Wow! What a beautiful baby!! Emma thanks for posting the picture of Aurora, she’s stunning too!

Lorus on

Oh my gosh! What an adorable baby!

CelebBabyLover on

I just want to say that I LOVE the fact that they have two children 13 years apart…with each other! That’s so rare in Hollywood these days. Usually, if a celeb family has a teenager and a baby, the teenager is from a previous relationship.

Obviously what Harold and his wife have is real, true love! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I love Wynter’s ‘fro!

Alex on

That is a GORGEOUS family! I love the kids’ names too.

dlock on

Beautiful baby. This is what my mom and her 5 other siblings must have looked like many years ago when my white grandmother and black grandfather where out and about. The only difference it wasn’t accepted back in the 60’s. smh I remember asking my grandmother (german and polish descent), “what does it feel like to not have any of your children look like you skin color wise?” She said, “it doesn’t boter me now, but back than I only realized it when we were out in public and people were being mean, but I loved my children no less.” 🙂

Renee on

Beautiful baby 🙂
I am brunet(I am brazilian) and my husband white with blue eyes,my baby is white and have blue eyes also and light hair.Sometimes people ask me if I am the nanny or au pair,that’s make me really sad.The last time I just decided dont go out anymore with my baby,but my husband change my mind right way.I am adopted by white parents and I have this kind problem since I was a baby.I just try now be strong for my son.

eva on

That hair!I envy that 10 month old girl, so pretty. And Renee, I am sorry that things like those happen to you and your child.However, it may be of small comfort for your family to know that you’re setting new standards and that in a generation those ignorant assumptions won’t be made anymore (here’s hoping),

collette on

My daughter is mixed race(i am white irish and her dad is black jamacian we were both born in the UK) and my daughter has a similar skintone to Halle Berry where she could look full black although light full black and i have had people ask me but funnily only when im abroad if i am the nanny to my daughter, even when i am kissing her Dad yet i have never been asked looked at differently or anything like that when im here in the UK in fact mixed race relationships and children being born from them are and is very popular over here, i for one am glad my daughter will grow up with all differnet races of children and not bigoted against any colour race or mix or have her made to feel funny because of her colour, it must have been horrendous for people to be judged by the colour of their skin all those years ago and what they had to endure because of who they fell in love with, i cant even bear to think about the sick narrow minded individuals who did think bad of people because their “faces didnt fit” vile human beings if they can be called that.

Kate on

Renee, don’t worry about it. I am 34 and the daughter of an Ethiopian mom and a Irishman. We had a genetic anomaly in my family. I was born as white as snow. I have my Dad’s pale Irish skin and blue eyes. The only thing I think I have from my mom is her hair which is blonde. My older sister looks just like her. When we go out they always thought she was babysitting me. I must say it took great strength for my Mom to just ignore these people. I had the same thing happen to me in High School. My sister is five years older then me and we needed a chaperone for an art event. I was 15 and she was 20 and went as my chaperone. The principal kept asking me so where is your sister and I said right here and he kept looking around saying I don’t see her. My sister just looked at him and says I am right here. We like to call ourselves the Smores sisters. She is the marshmellow and I am the chocolate. Get it.

Renee on

Thanks Eva and Kate,I feel better I just dont like people saying that kind stuff around my son.My husband always says to me ignore these people, but its hard sometimes and hurts.I just want enjoy my family 🙂

simms on

thanks Emma for posting the link – both girls are beautiful! 🙂