Niki Taylor Welcomes Daughter Ciel

03/04/2009 at 06:05 PM ET
George Holz for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Supermodel Niki Taylor, who celebrates her 34th birthday tomorrow, received a very special early present this morning — her baby girl! Ciel Taylor Lamar arrived at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 4th, in Nashville, TN. She weighed in at 7 lbs., 8 oz.

Ciel is the first child for Niki’s husband, NASCAR driver Burney Lamar, and the third for Niki, who is mom to 14-year-old identical twins, Hunter and Jake.

The couple announced the pregnancy in October, sharing in January that they’d be welcoming a daughter. Check out her CBB/PEOPLE exclusive interview here! Niki’s due date was this week.

Source: PEOPLE

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elle on

How is that name pronounced? like Celia? without the ia? anyway congrats to her!

gianna on

Aww congrats to her, after 2 sons she has a daughter and right before her birthday too. How very special to share your birthday, near your daughter.

Elizabeth on

I wonder how the name is pronounced?


but anyway it if so wonderful for her to start this new chapter in her life. AFter so many tragedies, she can revel in motherhood with her first baby girl!

Jazz on

I think it’s pronounced “See-Elle”.
Not the kind of name I was expecting but I like it. Congrads to Nikki, Burney, and big brothers Hunter and Jake. I’m sure she is gorgeous.
I hope that the delivery went smoothly and all is well.

Brandi on

It is French. You say it like see-elle, almost. It’s hard to write out phonetically. It means “sky” and “from heaven” so very appropriate given her fertility struggle. Congratulations and much love.

Andrea on

I’m pretty sure you’re right Jazz… it would be pronounced “See-elle” and it is French for Sky. Very pretty!

Philippa on

I think it’s pronounced the French way too. At least that’s the only pronunciation I can come up with.
It’s a beautiful word, but I don’t know if I like it as a name.
But that’s not important, as long as they are happy with it that’s all that matters πŸ˜€
Congrats to the family on their daughter/sister.

aubrey madeline on

Congratulations Ciel Taylor is a lovely name

Solène on

Well, it’s the french word for Sky, so I guess it is pronounced See-Elle. Weird, especially for a french girl like me, but I don’t dislike it.

Ariana on

Ciel is so pretty! Congrats! πŸ™‚

Jade on

Congrats to Niki and her husband!!!

chowchowpug on

Congrats to Nikki! I thought the baby would be 6lb because she was pretty small.

Min on

What a beautiful name! Love it! I am surprised she chose the masculine version of the french noun though. I would have thought she would have chosen the feminine “cielle” instead.

tink1217 on

Congrats to the happy family!!! LOVE the name too!!! Just gorgeous…as I am sure baby girl is too!!!!

Alice on

Glad to hear they both seem well, especially since Nikki announced before that she couldn’t get the epidural because of her operation.

Pam on

Poor kid is going to be called seal. Not the name I expected – but glad the baby is healthy.

mom of 3 boys on

congratulations, but how is the name pronounced? kyle or seal or something different. Not that I follow her, but I thought she would have possibly included her late sisters name in there somewhere. But congrats!

brannon on

i was thinking ‘seal’ which i love but ‘c-elle’ is pretty too. congrats!

Heather on

I love the nam; it is “sky” in French, and with the last name, it really has a nice flow to it. I bet she is such a beautiful baby. I have always liked Nikki Taylor. She seems so real, albeit drop-dead gorgeous.

Paige on

Congratulations to Niki, Burney, Jake, and Hunter!

Now I can’t wait for Burney to run another race. He better have baby pictures to share with ESPN.

Marilyn on

I wonder if she had a C-section or had her naturally because of her problems from the car accident. Weren’t they hoping it would be natural because it would be less dangerous? The name Ciel kind of grows on you. I just read Niki’s birth name is Nicole Renee.

HeatherR on

Awwww, I have been waiting to hear an announcement about Niki! Love her! Ciel Lamar sounds really pretty when you say the whole name together! It almost sounds like the name of a perfume or something….lol It is lovely though.

OnyxJones on

What a beautiful name!! I’m sure she’s beautiful and we share the same birthday!!

Diane on

I wonder if she’ll have any more?

Evy-Miami on

Congratulations Nicki from South Florida. With so much tragedy in her life it’s nice to know she has been blessed with a beautiful girl. I have followed her story since she started her modeling career with her sister who died tragically. Thanks CBB for following her story as she was very low key for a while, I believe in a farm in TN.

Christine on

Oooooh! I’ve been waiting to hear her news!
I SO hope her L&D went well as she could not have any medication nor a c-section due to the scar tissue from her accident.

Can’t wait to see her beautiful girl!

And I agree that it is most likely pronounced See-elle.

Mia on

Aw, congrats. I was wondering how to pronounce the name. Ciel, its pretty. Very happy for the whole family.

Kate on

What a gorgeous name! I’m sure the baby is beautiful too. That poor girl will have a time of it correcting pronunciations all her life!

StΓ©ph on

I really like the name. Ciel is a great name. I am from a French speaking country and I have never hears that name but it is a word that is used often. I means ‘sky’ and is pronounced See-Elle very fact, in French or See-El (like in Kal-El) and (Ci is like in PronounCIation

moviefan on


eternalcanadian on

What fabulous news! πŸ™‚

Lily on

Congrats to the entire family! I’m sure she’s beautiful just like her mom.

jashmom on

Congrats to Nikki, Burney, Hunter and Jake!!!!

What an awesome (early) birthday present. I’m sure she’s just as gorgeous as her mother.

But I was wondering, how do you pronounce her name?

April on

lol jashmom i have to ask: did you just scroll past all the other comments to write in the box? your question has been answered at least seven times already. genuinely wondering!

congratulations to niki and burney. love to watch him race and i agree with paige, i hope he brings some photos to the track this season.

Heather on

Yay! Her daughter is going to be gorgeous like her I think. Interesting name. I hope she reveals how its pronounced.

Lyn on

Congratulations Niki, Burney, Jake and Hunter! I love the name…so pretty! I wonder if she’ll have the nickname-Elle? What a beautiful family!

jones on

I’m happy for Niki and her family and glad to everyone is healthy. I expected she would name her daughter after her late sister or give her daughter the middle name Krissie.

jasmine on

aww what a sweet name! congrats!

CelebBabyLover on

Christine- Actually, Niki never said that she COULDN’T have a C-section, just that it would be very risky due to all her scar tissue.

Manon on

Lovely! It means sky in French. The French pronunciation is “SEE ELLE” so I wonder if that is how it is pronounced? Pretty name.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I just read that Niki had Ciel in Nashville. I wonder if she gave birth at the same hopsital that Nicole Kidman had Sunday at?

babyboopie on

It’s See-elle! That is such a beautiful name! Congratulations!

Mallory on

Hey, I’m here to answer the big question on how to pronounce Ciel.

It is indeed pronounced like See-elle. Good job! πŸ™‚

Min: There’s no such thing as the masculine/feminine form of a noun. The word is le ciel. There’s is no la cielle.

I agree with everyone else. It is absolutely beautiful. πŸ™‚


Very pretty name.Congratulations and happy birthday,Nicky you’ve just received the best birthday’s gift.

jashmom on

To answer your question April, when I click on “comments” to make my comment my computer automatically went down to the comment box. So, I did NOT read all the comments before I submitted mine. I did not mean to offend or make anyone mad by asking the question. I honestly didn’t know it was answered 7 times prior.

Alex on

What a beautiful name! I never would’ve thought of it myself, but that is so pretty! Congrats to Niki and her lovely family, I’m sure little Ciel is gorgeous!

Christina on

Congratulations to Niki and her family! I am so glad their baby arrived safely. I can’t wait to see a picture of Ciel. I’m sure she is as beautiful as her mom.

Alecia on

I love the name! Ciel means sky in French.

Nina on

Ciel, from heaven. Isn’t that sweet?

FC on

I’ve heard the name Ciel a few times, and I love that Niki named her daughter that. Very pretty. Congrats to her and the rest of her family!

Maddie on

Ciel is a name that grows on you. Having said it out loud a couple of times, it really is beautiful. But until I clicked on the comments, I wasn’t sure how to pronounce it either. I was thinking ‘Seal? Well that’s an interesting name!’ Lol. Congrats to Nicki, Burney, Hunter and Jake!

Sara on

What a pretty name! I’m 33 and I remember being about 18 or 19 and thinking Nikki was so beautiful, and she still is!

SouthernBelle on

I don’t know it for a fact that Ciel was born there, but being from Brentwood, TN (just outside of Nashville and in Williamson County where Niki lives) I would say most non-celeb and celebrity mothers choose Baptist Hospital for their fantastic Childbirth Services. They are top-notch!

(If we knew the password, we could look at their online nursery. LOL!)

I love the name Ciel, but I would have spelled it in the feminine form, Cielle, but that’s just me. I am ecstatic for Niki and family at the birth of this precious gift after so much pain and loss in Niki’s life. Enjoy your little girl, Niki!

Virginia on

Congratulations!! What a lovely name, I knew immediately it’s meaning. She was born on my 74th birthday. I shall remember her birthday and her lovely Mama.

SAR on

That is so wonderful for Niki, Burney, Jake, and Hunter. I bet you that baby will be the darling of everyone in the household.

Ciel is an unusual name, but I can certainly see why her parents chose it — she is a miracle baby, who came from the skies, or the “heavens.”

I’m a little surprised that Niki didn’t include her sister Krissy’s name, but the oldest Taylor daughter, Joie, named her baby girl Erin, which was Krissy’s middle name. Niki loved Krissy tremendously, but she doesn’t need to name a child after her to prove it.

HeatherR on

I think that Ciel is her way of naming the baby after Krissy. “The skies” or the “heavens” probably makes her think of her sister. It is a beautiful way of honoring her sister, yet still giving the baby her own identity.

Amie on

Min and SouthernBelle, as Mallory already mentioned, there is no “feminine” form of Ciel, because in French a noun is EITHER masculine OR feminine, and does not adapt to its subject like an adjective does [e.g. le beau ciel…la belle femme). Sorry to harp on this, but I had to say something on behalf of us language nerds!

tammy on

hey did you know that Niki Taylor’s mom does all the photography for Baby Ktan ? check it out:
interesting they don’t mention it.

Ci'el on

Wow thats fantastic. My name is Ci’el and i have never heard anybody else by that name. To clarify it is pronounced C-L, simple as that, it is the french word for sky which is said c-el-eh.
How cool. πŸ™‚

Ci'el on

Sorry forgot to mention that yes the poor kid will get called Seal, and Kyle, and many other variations, i am forever pronouncing and spelling my name for people to unterstand what im saying. Feel free to Look me up on facebook if you think im kidding about my name being Ci’el. πŸ™‚

Tam on

My daughter, age 5 , is named Ciel. She is a jewel and her name is a treasure! I thought she would be the only one 😦

Andee on

Hi Ci’el–love your name! Is than an accent or apostrophe? Is that traditionally French?