Katie and Suri Step Out for Sunday Brunch

03/04/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
GSI Media

Clutching both a sippy cup and a tiara, 2 ½-year-old Suri Cruise enjoys a ride from mom Katie Holmes as the pair brunch at Le Pain Quotidien in West Hollywood on Sunday.

Katie, 30, appears on the cover of the April issue of Glamour magazine, where she talks about husband Tom Cruise and her famous family.

The actress is currently filming The Extra Man with Kevin Kline, which shots scenes in NYC last week.

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youcantcallitit on

Poor girl can’t see! They’re both beautiful but somebody please cut that child’s bangs.

Ann on

Please cut Suri’s bangs.

dee on

I just don’t get why they let her bangs hang in her eyes?! Is it that hard to pin them back? Until they get her a hair cut.

Aidan on

Lordy, you guys must not be around kids much! I’ve yet to meet a 3 year old that enjoys pins of any sort in her hair. Which isn’t to say there aren’t toddlers that don’t mind them… but I’m sure Suri must pull them out.

She’s so cuteeee! My favourite celeb baby. 🙂

Ashley on

You guys must not have children…

a) they don’t like haircuts

b) they don’t like clips in their hair

parents tend to pick their battles with their children. Maybe they would rather fight her on taking a bath then cutting her hair.

dee on

I’m another dee, and I agree with Aidan and Ashley. So her bangs are in her eyes, if she doesn’t want to wear a hair clip or headband she is old enough to move the hair from her face when she needs to.

Stéph on

They are so cute. I love Suri and her little dresses!

Manon on

That is a gorgeous little dress! I love when Suri is dressed quite simply like this. Beautiful child.

Helena on

That is quite a long fringe for a little one, but she does look very cute!

Missy on

Why doesn’t she cut that child’s bangs?????

Brandi on

Maybe because they are growing them out? Maybe Suri doesn’t like barrettes? Who knows. I don’t understand the hostility. It’s not a big deal, she’s almost 3 and can easily move them out of the way if they are bothering her.

Anyway I love her dress and shoes.

Anne on

I have a 16 month old granddaughter and she loves to have her hair in clips or whatever they are called along with the soft covered elastics. Why, because she does not like hair in her face.

Diane on

I’m so glad to see that Suri is finally off the bottle.

MZ on

people are seriously complaining about her bangs again? they’re probably growing them out. her hair is so thin, i wouldn’t be surprised if the clips just slid right out with the littlest tug on her part.

anyway i think it’s a really pretty pic of katie.

Sarafina on

Good to see Suri with a sippy cup rather than a bottle!

Yes Katie…please cut her bangs!

Alice on

It takes about 5 seconds to cut bangs. My mother always cut mine. And this stuff about picking your battles, when I was a child parents ran the show, not the other way around like nowadays.

Tiffany on

You guys have obviously never met a strong willed kid. When I was Suri’s age, I refused to have my hair cut ever again because I wanted to have long hair like Rapunzel. I would run or squirm out of my mother’s grasp every time she tried to cut my hair. Before long she realized it was more likely that I would cut myself on the scissors from all the squirming than her actually decently cutting my hair and she quit trying until I was six and she finally convinced me that a trim once in awhile was ok.

Now I don’t know what Suri is going through, if the story is the same, but no one here knows the whole story and needs to stop judging!

Megan on

My guess is they are trying to grow them out…and she will not keep a clip in her hair. Just like my two year old!

momto3 on

Please cut the poor childs bangs! When my daughter had bangs when she was younger around 2-4 yrs old. I never let them grow to where they got into her eyes like that. When we decided to let them grow out, I always put them back in a clippie or something. It can be very bad for their eyes, because stuff from their hair can infect their eyes!

cassie on

I read on another site that she is still in diapers. Is that true? She is almost 3.

Lis on

I think if little girls are made to get their hair done EVERY DAY, then they don’t fight it (as often)…

I have babysat many, many little girls, and the girls’ whose mothers did their hair every morning knew that it was routine. They did put up a fight every once in a while, but I was always able to fix their hair, because they knew they weren’t going to get out of it…

On the other hand, I know some girls who never have their hair done. Why? Because “they don’t like it” and “they scream and fight it”… And guess what, they run around looking like little ragamuffins…

I am the oldest of three girls, and my mom did our hair every morning, and cut our bangs when they were too long.

I think it’s a matter of routine, and practice. If I have a little girl someday, I fully intend to do her hair every morning. If she fights it she will get in trouble. But I just cannot stand when little girls have hair in their face…!!!

Just my thoughts on the whole “hair” issue!

dawn on

My goodness she’s getting big!

Donna on

Maybe they have a particular hairstylist trim her bangs and they haven’t been in the same city where that person works in awhile. I’ve seen her bangs cut before – very short – after a long bout of having them in her eyes. Because they travel so much, they probably wait until they get back to where this stylist is to have her bangs trimmed. Just a guess.

Momta2 on


If she is still in diapers..so? When she’s 6 and still in diapers, then it’s time to worry.

I mean gosh I think this couple are a little “different” in how they do things but it gets soooo old w/ nitpicking on everything.

-My 2 year-old…3 in June AND still in diapers (thank you very much), insists on wearing a certain pair of shoes on the wrong foot on purpose so HE can see the cartoon design better. I gave up!

-I sometimes catch my 2 year old eating paper AND IGNORE IT!!

-My 6 year old REFUSES to close his coat or wear his hat all the time. When I have somewhere to go, I don’t fight w/ him…he’s
old enough to know what freezing his buns off feels like!

When it comes to celeb pics w/ their kids, sometimes a picture IS NOT worth a thousand words…we should remember that.

SAR on

*sarcasm* Uh oh, here’s Katie Holmes “exploiting” poor little Suri again! Not only that, she and Satan — er, Tom — have let the child’s bangs grow too long! Can you believe those two? Saint Nicole would never have let that happen! *end sarcasm*

I think this is a cute picture. That’s a pretty dress Suri is wearing, and more and more you can see how she’s a lovely mix of both her parents.

Suri, like Sara(h), means “princess,” so it’s fitting she’s holding a tiara.

PJ on

Some of you harping about the bangs, the bottles and the diapers need to relax.

Anyone notice how Katie’s bangs are in HER face if she moves them from the side position they are in? Perhaps they give Suri a side part sometimes and today it’s not like that. Get over the hair issue people, what is it with the poor baby that makes everyone else supermom?

Momta2 on

Can some other moms add on things that if they were captured on camera we would be all over the blogs like Suri???

I forgot one:

-During Mondays snow storm in the DC area, I let my 2 year-old run to the trash bin outside with only an undershirt on…oh yes I did! Imagine if the paps caught that one!

gianna on

Suri’s a gorgeous child, she looks just like katie in this picture

SouthernBelle on

Alice (March 4th, 2009 at 2:00 pm) I totally agree. My third child was about as strong-willed as they come. But, I was STILL the parent.

Anna-Aliza on

based on recent pictures, it looks like they are growing her bangs out. and so what if they are in her eyes. she can move them out of the way if she wants.
a Moo G Clip wouldn’t slip, that’s for sure. 🙂

Also, so what if she’s still in a diaper? she’s still 2!

i think she’s so cute and it’s a great pic.

gggg on

Suri is Tom and Katie’s child. Worry about your own children. She is adorable. Passing judgment on others only make you more bitter.

Aidan on

I think children should look like children. If she likes it, like a poster’s granddaughter, that’s another thing, but man is it really worth the screams and tears? Suri’s clearly well-cared for and watched over and clean, let her be dolled up and well combed when she’s 13 – when she’s (nearly)three she should still be a child! The Cruises’ never get a break; whatever, they ask for some of it but definitely not to the degree where total strangers are arguing over a 2 year old’s haircut.

My mother put my hair in french braid pigtails every sunday for church and left them in until saturday night for bath night. Sure, by Saturday my hair was a disaster but what does it matter? I was a crazy child, her energy was better spent keeping her daughter safe, not arguing me into a chair to put some bows in (that would inevitably be ripped out). Choosing battles does not mean letting the child rule the house, haha.

It’s just a difference of parenting and it doesn’t make one any better than the other, of course. But Katie knows how to raise her daughter better than we do, just like you know how to raise your kid better than I do.

collette on

What is it with people having a go and the cruises??? If its not someone banging on about how Suri never has a coat on in winter, its oh they always put her in fancy dresses, now people have got issues with her fringe not being cut, seriously if any Mum or Dad is perfect then can someone let me know, as it seems to me that people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones but are doing exactly that, have your points of view like we all do but when it comes to disecting the Cruises on what they have or havent done just get a life Suri is obviously very well loved well adjusted little girl long fringe or not.!!

HeatherR on

Momta2- you are hilarious! I can definitely appreciate your honesty 😉

My 3 year old INSISTS on wearing jeans to bed.

As parents, you really do learn to pick and choose your battles…

Anna on

What is everyone’s obsession with Suri’s bangs. They don’t seem t bother her, so why do they bother you?

Jae on

Suri looks like she is getting tall. So cute. Wish I could see her eyes though… and Katie looks pretty here.

maegan on

Why is everyone always so quick to judge and be so critical of every little thing?? Would you honestly like it if someone was so quick to jump on any little thing that may be -imperfect- of your child and/or parenting? For goodness sakes, it still shocks me how belittling some people can be over others. I hardly think Suri or the Cruises and how they raise her is anyones business. Just be happy she is loved and well cared for, others are not so lucky.

I personally think the picture is precious;Mommy and Suri time. 🙂

jessica on

Katie looks gorgeous here, I love her style. Suri is just too cute, they make a good duo!

Lioness on

Ugh, it is so popular to make a comment about Suri’s long bangs. I can’t believe people aren’t over it. Leni Klum’s bangs were always in her eyes when they were growing out, but no one ever made a comment about her bangs- EVER. I don’t see people criticize anyone’s long bangs like they do Suri’s. Like other people have said, she can brush them out of her eyes if she wants, it REALLY is not that big a deal.

Shannon on

If the Cruises do not want criticism, then they frankly should stop living their lives like a circus. If you want to be in the limelight, be prepared to get criticised

collette on

Shannon no-one said the Cruises are bothered by being critisied, they realise that that goes hand in hand with being a celebrity, and to some degree if you were worth millions and you had a child wouldnt you do all you could to protect yourself and family so if that means living your life like a circus then i know i would do it in a heartbeat, i mean its not like they can just nip too shop and not be reconised, do you seriously thing that each time one of the cruises go out they think yeah cant wait for 50 million paps to take our photo again!! Sounds to me your jealous of their life and the only way you can feel happy is to have a go at the cruises if your that perfect get your photo on here and let us all disect you!!

Manon on

I do agree wtih Shannon to some extent.

For me the Cruises seem like great parents and the little girl is just a gem: she seems bright and such a little character and of course is exquisite looking.

I personally do not give a hoot about the bangs (though respect others might – that is what this forum is all about!) but I have to say that I found the whole giong out without a coat or even warm clothing in wintry temperatures a little odd and the argument that “she doesn’t like coats” does suggest Suri is boss – which is fine if that’s what they want I guess. What bothers me more though is that when you are in the public eye, and let’s face it the Cruises do kind of court that, you do “lead by example” in a sense and I’m not sure this is such a great message. Keeping your child warm against the cold is a basic principle of parenting. Fine for Suri because she is going to a warm car but maybe not for other little cold tots!

Manon on

I guess my bigger point re the above post is that this is a FORUM and if people want to discuss, respectfully, what they see then don’t get aggressive with them. For me as long as no one is being nasty about a child (or even the parent) then it’s fair play. It’s irksome when people get so aggressive about it.

LOVE Suri’s dress (Katie has a lot of sytle) here and love seeing her and her lovely mother.

judew on

Suri’s bangs don’t seem to bother her, you say. But she’s only 2 – she can’t voice it.

All is fine with the Cruises (except for the Scientology thing), but that hair in her eyes must irritate the retina which can’t be good. Also, I think Suri would have a better view, if her bangs were shorter (or much longer and she could put them behind her ears).

Never noticed it on Leni Klum.

judew on

Pigtails is not the same as having your hair in your eyes constantly and not seeing properly. It’s not the haircut. It’s what it does to the child’s eyes and sight. It’s dangerous.

I’ll stop now.

kris on

She’s a beautiful little girl and Mom and Dad are going to be in trouble when she’s older. 🙂 I have a feeling she’ll be a stunner.

kris on

Momta2 – too funny!!!

My boys were 3 and 4 months and 3 and 3 months before I even bothered potty training. Rarely had accidents and rarely wet the pull up at night.

My youngest (he’s almost 4) was our “put everything in his mouth child”. Sand, wood chips, pebbles, shovels from his brother’s school play ground. Paper was in there too. Wood chips and pebbles were the only thing I said no to. I know there were Mom’s who thought I was nuts.

eva on

Looks like Suri is carrying a headband or some hair accessory so may be she took it off and the bangs came down without Katie seeing it right the way. I had bangs like those when I was little and I remember they were annoying but it’s not the end of the world. I think Suri is old enough to let her mother know that the hair is uncomfortable by pulling it out of her way constantly and rubbing her eyes.I’m sure her mother would notice that.And yeah,they’re not my favourite family and I avoid reading about them because even the little girl rubs me the wrong way (yeah I know that’s messed up) but please, give Suri more credit, if she really has such a strong will she won’t have a problem making a vocal and noticeable statement about the hair getting on her way.If its there,chances are she’s not bothered by it.

Shannon on

Manon: Nowhere in my post was I criticising Suri, was I? But you are the one who then turned aggressive on me. Hypocritical much? And I’m sorry to inform you I am absolutely not jealous of their lives. Why should I? I have no wish to pander myself to cameras. I made a simple statement that relates to alot of celebrities actually. But you chose to take it as me being jealous and hateful of the family. Love and adore them all you want, but stop your attacks on me.

Shannon on

And Manon: Since my post actually made it past the CBB team without moderation, seems like the nastiness of my post was non-existent

CelebBabyLover on

ITA agree with the people who say that you need to pick your battles with kids. I don’t have kids, but I DO have a very mischievious puppy, and believe me, I quickly learned to pick my battles with her! For example, she likes to chew on just about everything and anything. If I tried to fight her every time she started chewing on something, I’d be spending practically the entire day taking things out of her mouth!

Therefore, if she gets hold of, say, a kleenex (don’t worry, my family uses only the regular kind, not the kind with lotion or other things added!), I sometimes let her have it. It’s basically just a type of paper, so it’s not going to hurt her!

If she grabs a piece of food that’s fallen on the floor, I virtually always let her have it unless it’s something that’s dangerous for dogs (like chocolate or grapes). I mean, it’s just food, and obviously we humans aren’t going to eat it after it falls on the floor. It’s hardly the end of the world if the dog eats it!

Anyway, as for the diapers thing…If Suri IS still in diapers, I don’t see an issue with that. I wasn’t potty trained until I was somewhere between three and four years old. Because I was older, it was fairly straight forward and was actually probably easier than if my parents had tried to potty train me earlier. In fact, the only problem my parents really endured when potty training me was the grief my grandparents gave them for waiting so long!

I was old enough to realize when I was sitting in a wet or dirty diaper, and I HATED it! Therefore, I’m guessing that probably helped me to train faster!

Manon on

Shannon I think you are replying to the wrong post here! I was actually agreeing with you! Partly at least.

Q on

Why are so many people obsessed w/ this one child’s bangs? So she’s one of the many toddlers, boy or girl who needs a haircut, big deal!!

Shannon-What are you talking about?? They don’t live their lives like a circus. They work & raise their children, you’re the one spying on their everyday lives & attacking them. It does make you sound bitter & jealous. Not wanting to attack strangers over the way they style their toddlers hair does not equate to worshipping them.

judew- Suri is nearly 3 years old with an extensive vocabulary. So she can most certainly voice if her hair is in her face.