Disney Princess Dolls Get Makeovers

03/04/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

The Disney Princess Dolls have had plastic surgery! In an effort to refine their doll likeness, Disney Store doll designers went back to the original animation cels to fine-tune each of the princesses’ doll figures, faces and even outfits. Tweaking details like making Ariel’s hair just a bit redder or making sure that Cinderella’s dress glitters just like it did when the fairy godmother touched it with her magic wand, the dolls look even better! In the case of Jasmine, Pocahontas and Mulan, they even look like the women they’re supposed to be instead of Caucasians with different colored skin. They’re also wearing less makeup (check out Aurora to see what I mean!).

Just arrived in Disney Stores near you, these newly made-over dolls ($17) include Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. In addition, all of the dolls now come with their friends from the movies — Belle from Beauty and the Beast comes with Mrs. Potts, Chip and Lumiere; The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel comes with Flounder and Sebastian; Cinderella gets help from Gus, Jacque and Suzy; Sleeping Beauty‘s Aurora finds magic with Flora, Fauna & Merryweather; Snow White whistles while she works with Happy and Dopey; and more. Each doll also comes with a hair brush.

— Danielle

Click to see the before and after for Belle and Aurora!

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Adele on

Does anyone else see that these dolls have lost a ton of weight? I don’t think making these dolls look skeletal was a good move for Disney. At least with the rounder face many more girls could share the likeness with these dolls. If we know anything from Disney is that they “make dreams come true”. So, why can’t they simply make a doll that would reflect a true and healthy body image?
I am saying this as a mom and a person with a healthy body image. This really disappoints me. There is way too many pressures on girl to look thin these days…and now Disney.

camilla on

The only one who looks better is Belle.
the rest looks so weird.
Ariel and Aurora looks like a 40 year old with weight problems.

anonymous on

The Sleeping Beauty one is definitely better now, but the other two are awful! They look like the girls from the bachelor – way too much makeup!

Anna on

I agree with Adele, this make over has nothing to do with making them look more like their animated versions. It is all about making them fit the anorexic tend we see all over Hollywood and it’s sickening that they are pushing this anorexic look on children now!

I hope these dolls will be boycotted by many parents, so that they will soon be replaced with their healthy versions again.

Jennifer on

I agree with you Adele! The faces on these dolls look way to skinny! However, I am glad they removed some of Sleeping Beauty’s makeup.

Jennifer on

I think they look better. Would have liked to see the Jasmine before and after.

Oh and my daughters favourite isn’t listed. It’s Ariel.

Danyelle on

I was excited when I was first reading this and then I saw the pictures of the dolls…. the arms are now pin thin and they look like bobbleheads…. 😦 I like Belle’s before face better than her new one… I would like to see the Pocahontas and Mulan dolls.

Niki on

they look gaunt…

UggaMugga.com on

YUCK! I think the remakes look terrible! I agree with all of you…too much weight loss and they still look like they have a ton of makeup to me! Strange!

danda_lion on

The Ariel one looks terrible.

brannon on

actually… i think the interesting thing about these changes is that they all look thinner but none of them look prettier? maybe there is a message in that 🙂

Laura on

I much prefer the old ones. They look like bobble heads now. How sad.

Pamela on

I think facially, Disney did a good job of making the dolls look like their respective ethnicities and not as CBB said “Caucasians with different colored skin.” Snow White’s doll is also (facially) closer to her cartoon counterpoint now, but they look so thin! Why couldn’t Disney just change the facial features to mimic the cartoons and leave the bodies alone!?

Lis on

I like the “older” version way better!!

Teresa on

Just awful! They look anorexic! How are they improved? This is just such a shame.

elle on

I like a woman who takes control of her life lol. MULAN ALL THE WAY!

Alessandra on

The dolls look like Morgan Fairchild and that’s not a compliment. I like the old dolls.

liv on

why have they made them anorexic im a girl whos just recoverd from an eating disorder and im ashamed that disney has made these dolls look like this its putting pressure on even younger girls to be thin

Meg on

I work at Disney and this is new to us! They are definitely better, if you look at the other dolls (Jasmine and Pocahontas are PERFECT!) Snow White ususally has the rounder face these days if you go to Disney. Ariel’s doll is the only one that doesn’t look great, IMO. The other two – as someone who works with them every day – look more like the girls who meet at Disney World. And that’s what they’re going for now, I think.

P.S. YAY, Belle is winning!! 🙂

Nikki on

Don’t forget you can see more of the doll in the after pictures. Take Belle for example, if you look at only her face you can see it still has some of the shape from before, it is just a little more refined now. I think the different hairstyle for Aurora now makes her face look a little too thin but the changes that have been made are definitely an improvement.
When I was little I didn’t really think about whether people were too thin or not. In recent years, I think society has projected the message of ‘too thin’ or ‘too fat’ onto people too much. We know what is healthy but children should be allowed to make up their own minds about weight. If the parents worry about their views they could talk about it then I suppose.

Alice on

I think their faces do look closer to the actual princesses! I have the old Ariel doll and I always complained that her hair wasn’t red enough, lol. I’m waiting to actually see them in store to decide about the weight issue. Because I’m not sure you can tell from a head picture… and anyway, barbie-type dolls NEVER looked the way girls could actually be. If Barbie was a woman she couldn’t stand straight or someting.

Katie on

Well, to me they do not look that much better either.
Though I have to say, I don’t think children will pay that much of attention to these traits in particular. I remember when I was a kid, I was in love with Barbies, I loved the hair… combing it, styling it. I mean, of course noticed the tiny waist of the dolls or the ridiculously long legs, but I never really compared them to myself. I mean they are not anatomical correct anyway, so I think this is a little bit blown out of proportion.

Anna on

The dolls look anorexic not more like the movie characters. The faces, necks and arms all look incredibly skinny. I do not like the change whatsoever and if I cannot find the original in the store for my daughter, I will not be purchasing these for her.

What message are they trying to reinforce to our young children? That you have to be long and skinny your entire life or you won’t be popular? Bad move Disney, very bad move.

jaQ on

wow, i am surprised about the anorexic comments. i thought they just had round doll faces before, and looked more human now. no disrespect to anyone!
i like the change.

Chris on

Belle looks better, the other two….not so much! 😦

Nicola on

Keep in mind that the point was to make them look more like the original animations. Not to make the prettier or more “realistic”, but to look like the characters that they were meant to represent. And they have done a nice job with that. You see the doll and you know who its supposed to be — previously, only the costume gave away the princess’s identity. Good work, Disney!

Alice on

Hm, in the poll Ariel doesn’t seem to show up in the results, is that normal?

Megan on

I like the old dolls better. The new ones are too thin and not as pretty.

Suzanne on

The post says they were trying to make the dolls look more like their animated counterparts. The one that really bothers me is Cinderlla, and not because of her face but because of her dress. Cinderella dolls and costumes always are bright blue, but in the cartoon her dress is so ‘ice blue’ it is almost white. I LOVED the dress in the movie, but have never seen it accuratley reproduced in the toy market. I think that will always bother me.

Vanessa on

What were they thinking, sure the Sleeping Beauty doll needed updating, only because it looked like a bad 80’s flashback but the others look like they have spent too much time with Dr 90210. Why couldnt they have softer features like women naturally have.

Kaycoo on

I think many posters here may be missing the point. I’m guessing the idea wasn’t to make the dolls look lifelike or realistic, but to make them look like the cartoon characters they’re based on, which don’t look realistic in the first place. Disney cartoon princesses have always been comparatively very skinny, the dolls are only reflecting that more accurately, so the real issue here isn’t with the dolls but with the cartoons themselves.

Lilly on

Belle looks lovely, but the rest look like Skeletor. They should have left them as they were rather than going to such an extreme.

Sarah on

The point of the makeover of the dolls was to have them look more like the animated character that the dolls represent- not an accurate portrayal of a real woman. For what they set out to do, they did make the dolls look more like the actual animations.
The outrage about the waif-ishness of the dolls is a bit overzealous and the direction of the comments seems to completely skip by the rationale Disney had behind changing the dolls to begin with. Yes- the dolls are thin. The animated princesses are all tiny things and the dolls are representations of those characters. Logic would demand that the connection between the real issue when it comes to waifish portrayals which is that the animated characters are waifs be made, instead of outrage over the fact that Disney made the dolls more like their actual characters. But really- they are just dolls. And the Disney princesses have been skinny little things since the first Disney princess was drawn at least 50 years ago, so this is definitely not a modern media image being forced on little girls- it’s a lot older than all of that.

Danielle on

Amen to what Sarah said (who is NOT CBB Sarah). For what it’s worth, the dolls are no skinnier than the previous version OR any other 12″ inch doll like Barbie.

MiB on

I totally agree with Sarah and Danielle, and I think that the new Disney princesses are way better than the old ones, who could not be separated from any other Barbie type doll once the clothes came off. Now they look like the animations, I particularly like Snow White and Mulan.

shana on

more people should like pochontas she rocks

Cez on

I own the Ariel doll (without flounder and sebastian) and the singing version and I can tell you all that the pictures don’t do them justice. They are MUCH nicer and more recognisable to the characters than the original dolls and what these pictures show.

When it comes to Ariel- she was always drawn really thin anyway. She was a mermaid after all! ^_^

Elena on

I think the Aurora doll is a big improvement, but the Belle doll looked more like Belle to begin with, all they needed to do was change that bright pink lipstick! The Ariel doll’s hair did need changed though, but her face seems too long now. I don’t know about the “anorexic” comments, because all the princesses had pretty unrealistic bodies in the movies anyway. I don’t think these dolls will aversely affect children; I played with Barbies and such when I was little, I owned a Cinderella Barbie and an Ariel Barbie (yeah, her hair was still orange-y red then), but I don’t think it made that much impact on how I thought about my body then or now. I think my thoughts were restricted to “Oooooh pretty sparkly dress!” and maybe the occasional “When I grow up, I hope I’m as pretty as her and my babysitter!” Most kids don’t think “Oh my gosh, look how small her waist is! Look how big her boobs are! I am so inadequate.” Honestly your parents and peers have a bigger impact on your body image. Yeah, I would have body image issues if my mom had told me that I should aspire to be as thin as Ariel, which frankly isn’t going to happen for me. And being super-skinny usually doesn’t translate into pretty for little girls; I went through a few years in which my weight never seemed to catch up to my height and most of my bones were visible. I got made fun of for it, and my parents were afraid there was something wrong with me. Fortunately, it soon balanced out and I grew boobs and hips (whoo puberty!). Anyway, I’m 17 now with a curvy bod that I’m proud of, because my mom was really supportive and awesome; she focused on health instead of the size 0 obessession that seems rampant now.