Zuma Rossdale Says Cheese!

03/03/2009 at 02:00 PM ET

Gwen Stefani lends a hand to 6-month-old son Zuma Nesta Rock he poses for a photo during a family outing with husband Gavin Rossdale (not pictured) and 2 ½-year-old son Kingston James McGregor at a Beverly Hills park on Sunday.

Tickets for the new No Doubt tour, which Gwen and the boys kick off in May, go on sale this Saturday. Visit their site for more info!

Check out more cute park playdate photos from the previous day here, or flip through their family album!

Two more adorable images — of Zuma playing with Kingston — below!

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UggaMugga.com on

Those boys are so cute! Zuma is as large as Kingston…I love it! What a healthy and happy baby!!!

Manon on

Gwen is so lucky, her boys are both gorgeous.

Kingston is a cool little one and that baby is just adorable – he looks like he has a lot of personality already. I know everyone comments he is “all Gwen” (hate that expression somehow!) but I find he looks a lot like Gavin Rossdale – shape of face and especiallly around the nose/mouth.

Brooklyn on

That first picture is so cute. Zuma is adorable!

Nicole R. on

My son has the same dump truck! Now I feel like I have something in common with the rich and famous. 🙂

Lis on

I heart the pic of the bros playing together!!!

Jess K. on

I LOOOVE the second picture. Look at cute little Zuma’s clasped hands and face!!!!!

Kat on

They are SO cute!!! Zuma is so chubby and bald!!! Adorable!!

Jae on

omg.. how cute! Love the 2nd picture with Zuma’s ‘funny’ face!

Jennifer on

I think Kingston and Zuma are spitting images of each other- both are going to be heartbreakers when they’re older!

nimbusi on

zuma is adorable 🙂

elle on

he looks like charlie brown!! awww what a perfect little round head!

Alice on

Awww that first picture is adorable! Zuma’s expression looks like he’s chatting away, I can almost hear him “yeah, you know, striped socks are the hit this spring!”

Jenise on

Incredible, how these two boys are almost the same size, LOL. Adorable. I think Kingston favores Gavin more, while Zuma favors Gwen more. Both are really cute.

dee on

You can tell Zuma has hair, it’s just really blonde and thin. Other than that and the blue eyes (which I think he’s going to keep) he looks like a fairer version of Kingston.

Super chubby babies run in my family, hopefully when it’s my time to have one that gene doesn’t skip over. I love round babies.

ash on

awww the 3rd pic reminds me of a scene from look who’s talking or something and they should totally have little voiceovers! loving seeing zuma grow and change, he is different to his brother but another winning combination of those genes!!

FC on

That second photo of Zuma with his hands clasped and lips all quirked is so cute! He’s the cutest little bald baby I’ve seen in a long time. (Though I do see some peach fuzz on his head that seems to be almost white blond at the moment…lol)

Kingston seems to be a good big brother, sharing his toys with Zuma. 🙂

Fifi on

Gosh Zuma is just one of the cutest babies i have ever seen!!

E on

They’re so cute!! I also love Zuma’s expression in the 2nd photo. And I think the boys kind of resemble each other in the last photo where they both have profile shots.

lina on

I love baby zuma also..

Mia on

If you see pics of Gwen around that age, Kingston has the same exact complexion as his mom and similar face structure, but everything else is all Gavin. Zuma is definitely lighter, and looks more like Gwen in the face but rounder shape.

Desiree on

Zuma is my new favorite celeb baby!! He is adorable!! 🙂

Lily on

Zuma is so precious! He reminds me of a real life Cabbage Patch doll. So sweet! And, as always, Kingston is such a handsome little boy.

Mia on

lol You’re right, he does look like a doll! He’s so cute, and has so much personality. It’s good to see Kingston and Zuma getting along. I would love to see them have more kids.

charlie on

aww he is soo adorable 🙂 I dont think he looks that much like Kingston though, although I am starting to see similarities, they are cute boys thats for sure

Mikki on

Both boys are beautiful and grwoing up very quickly. Zuma reminds me of the “Jack-Jack” character in the movie “Incredibles”!

Rebecka on

Zuma is SOOO adorable.

Brandi on

I really like the picture of them playing together. My boys don’t quite get along like that yet. 🙂 🙂 Zuma’s face in the second picture is just precious.

SouthernBelle on

What a sweetie! Oh, I love it when babies have squishy, round, little cheeks!

Mia on

Gwen did an interview on KISS FM today, and she talked about Zuma and called him her “squshy/chubby baby” and that he is apparently really big, but a great work out for her upper body.

You can tell Kingston/Zuma are related in the small features, but Kingston is all daddy and Zuma is all mommy.

Manon on

Mia: I see the opposite! It’s funny how subjective children’s looks are. I don’t think either is “all” one but definitley the little one is very like his dad (imo!) and Kingston is the image of his mum around the same age. But it’s interesting how differently people see these things…

Mia on

Well, I mean Kingston is all daddy as of how Gavin looks right now, and Zuma is all mommy as how Gwen looks right now, but yes-if you see pics of Gwen much younger, her/Kingston look very much alike, especially in the face/coloring, but I think Kingston has Gavin’s nose.

Gwen says she thinks its really strange that people know what her kids look like and said in the same interview that she “thinks I should have to sign a permission slip or something” for people to be taking pics of Kingston/Zuma.

And I agree, I thought what the majority thought on the name “Zuma” when he was first born, but it really fits him.

Terri on

I guess Zuma’s eyes are blue after all. I think Kingston looks a lot like Gavin. I can’t say who Zuma favors yet.

Kayla on

They are just so adorable! All of the pictures are cute but the second one is the cutest! Love them! 🙂