Honor Warren Sneaks a Peek

03/03/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
RevolutionPix/Pacific Coast News

Honor Marie Warren gazed back at the paparazzi over mom Jessica Alba‘s shoulder while picking up fruits and veggies at a Beverly Hills farmer’s market on Sunday.

Jessica sampled some orange slices before choosing a few to purchase, and gave her daughter one to hold once she was back in her stroller!

Honor, 8 ½ months, is the first child for Jessica, 27, and husband Cash Warren, a producer.

Check out their recently updated album, the Alba-Warrens!

Jessica carries a Diaper Dude in Black ($60).

Honor wears Lola et Moi’s Green Elephant Dress ($69).

She also wears pediped Original Abigail’s in Pink ($32).

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Jenise on

Adorable baby. Looks just like her daddy, but has her mom’s “pissed-off” pout, lol.

Lis on

She is getting cuter and cuter by the second 🙂

Brandi on

I don’t think she looks mad here, just pensive! She’s adorable and I love that chunky leg. 🙂 Does anyone know what brand scarf Jessica is wearing?

lucy on

she is super cute, i find it ironic that they were so convinced she would be brown skinned, and she is actually so pale! and they announced she looked like jessica, when she so clerly resembles Cash.
a very baby though.

Alissa on

Both Jessica and Cash are biracial and it appears Honor takes her coloring more from her two grandmothers.

ang on

i think jessica just doesn’t like paps and maybe honor senses they are something bad,hence why she never smiles when they are around.

Mary-Helen on

Maybe Honor just doesn’t like having her picture taken. During my youngest’s first year, it was like pulling teeth to get her to smile for pics.

Look how chubby she is though, she’s too precious!

k on

First Jessica gets the why no smile brigade and now poor Honor, heh. I’ve seen Honor smile plenty in pictures from her park expeditions with her mom, I think she gets more confused and quiet when the paps are right there in front of her. Either way, she’s an adorable baby!

Jared Snyard on

Jessica is like Jen Garner she likes to try out the fruit carrying her daughter around the farmers market.. As for Honor that is her
smile..She is the cutiest baby who learning to look at the paps now.

Manon on

Honor is beautiful and hate all the comments about her looking “p****d off” – she is a baby and has a grave expression! My children all had that serious look when out and about but at home were real gigglers.

She does look like the dad but I see a lot of her mother too – more and more. I think she is going to be a real beauty, it’s there in her features.

To the poster who said “clearly she looks like her dad” when they said otherwise: it’s subjective and people see different things in children.

Jared Snyard on

My nephew does not like to have his picture taken and now he makes
a frown and says ” No paparazzi please”

Jenise on

Sorry, but rarely have I seen that baby smile. Perhaps Manon can find us a pic where the baby doesn have such a “grave” look on her face.

Cait on

There are several pictures in this outing set where Honor is making silly faces and not looking so “grave” faced.


FC on

Jenise, there are other photos of her smiling floating around the internet. But, of course, it’s when the photogs are a good distance away and she doesn’t have them in her radar.

But, I love this girl. I think she’s a good blend of Jessica and Cash, I can see them both in her at different times. Those papz need to learn to back away or she might come after them real soon here, lol.

Blackrose on

i think Honor is very very beautiful!! look at those eyes!!God bless her heart!

Jenise on

I think the baby is cute, I personally just haven’t seen a pic of her smiling. I even tried clicking on the above link to their album and still couldn’t find one.

Jenise on

I am glad; however, to finally see Jessica smile a bit.

gianna on

We see so many pictures of babies all the time, harlow, valentina, violet, suri, the list could go on and on, but honor never smiles. I even see jessica trying to make her smile sometimes, and nothing works lol. I’m just glad that’s not my kid, that’s gotta be terrible to have a baby that always looks so grumpy lol. To me look wise she looks just like cash, but seems to have jessica’s expression and maybe personality.

Emma on

She is only a baby. Have any of you ever seen Matilda or Suri smile? Get over it.

Jenise on

You get over it Emma. Thank you K. And Gianna, I completely agree with you.

Jenise on

And yes I have seen Matilda and Suri smile.

eva on

I love chubby babies like honor,she’s just delicious. Babies have personalities and their parents don’t get to pick those.Yes,some babies are serious and reserved,they’re not giggle machines you know? I think Honor is perfect the way she is,and though I think Jessica is a terrible actress and I’ve read some of her not-so bright comments,I don’t know why people’s lives are better when she’s smiling.If she’s not a smiley-smiley kind of gal it’s okay, it doesn’t mean that she and her kid are miserable people.A smile is not a tagg of personality.

Mia on

Aw, she’s so cute, and even cuter smiling! It’s true, some babies are just more serious. I was a really serious baby, and frankly, I’m still serious-and don’t go around smiling. I’m just a laid back person.

cara on

I can’t believe some of the comments here. She’s a BABY. She doesn’t have to smile all the time. All babies are different. Just because they’re little they have to be smiley and giggly all the time? Do you expect a grown person to smile all the time? “I’m glad that’s not my kid, that’s gotta be terrible to have a baby that always looks so grumpy”. Seriously!? Get over yourselves, people. I bet if this was a baby by a more ‘well-liked’ celebrity people would immediately cut her some slack (or her mother, for that matter).

Manon on

Gianna what an odd post about a baby!

CelebBabyLover on

Emma- Yes, I’ve seen Suri smiling. Did you see the pictures of her at Disney World recently?

Manon on

I find Gianna’s comments offensive and frankly ODD about a baby.

She salivates over most celebrity tots, to be quite frank, but is quite nasty about this little girl and her family.

LisaR on

“I’m glad that’s not my kid”?? How on earth is that an acceptable statement about someone’s child? I’ve suddenly started understanding Jessica’s attitude towards the public. Where do people get off talking about a BABY like that? I wonder if the tables were turned some of these people talking about this ‘grumpy’ baby would appreciate someone speaking about THEIR children this way?

l on

“I bet if this was a baby by a more ‘well-liked’ celebrity people would immediately cut her some slack.” That’s 100% true.

Look at Sasha Watts-Schreiber. This kid hardly ever smiles, yet everybody gushes (rightfully 😉 about this adorable tot exactly for that reason, “smart, little thinker” and “isn’t he the cutest ever with his pensive look”. Why? People LOVE Naomi and Liev. And their adoration for this couple broadens, naturally, to heir children.
Jessica Alba on the other hand is, generally speaking, maybe one of the least liked Hollywood celebs (count me in that camp too). Maybe some people don’t care about her one way or the other, but I have yet to meet someone who truly admires and loves her. And people are taking this feeling on to her daughter, which is a shame. Honor is just a baby, a cute one IMO. For those who don’t like Jessica, try not to bash the baby instead, she’s innocent.

Stephanie on

Come on people! I would say that Honor has some personality. So what if she stares down strange people photographing her. Just cause she is only 8 months old does not mean that she too cannot sense how annoying people that constantly photograph her are.

Manon on

I you hit the nail on the head: I thought of Sacha Watts Schrieber too. He was a very serious looking baby. Maybe it’s also because he is a boy he is labelled “a thinker”?

I think Honor is beautiful and I love her little grave expression. She looks like she is taking it all in and is a quite an “old soul”. I have seen plenty of pictures of her smiling too.

Sarah on

I’m going to have to agree with everyone who finds Gianna’s comment rude. Who say’s something like that about a baby? Frankly, I’m glad Honor isn’t yours either Gianna.

Babies aren’t all sunshine and giggles 24/7. They don’t always laugh and they all have different personalities. And, just because Honor doesn’t have a huge grin on her face does not mean she’s unhappy or “grumpy.” It’s not like she’s screaming her head off or throwing a tantrum. Cut the kid some slack. She is not on display and shouldn’t be treated like she is.

Viola on

Gianna, your comment was very immature. I hope you’re not a mother yet, because I doubt you are mentally prepared for that.
“I” and “Manon”, I too thought Honor was a different kind of kid. Not every child has to giggle and smile, and I have seen many pictures of Honor not looking grumpy. There was just one or two pictures with her actually seeming to glare at the paparazzi, and I cannot really blame her for doing that, I bet, as someone rightly said, that she senses Jessica’s dislike toward them.
I too thought she must be just a quiet, thoughtful little child, who obviously makes Jessica very happy, seeing how smiley she looks in the pictures now.

Manon on

Right on, Sarah! You hit the nail on the head (and everyone else who responded).

ALL the children in here are beautiful. Sometimes certain chilren can appeal more because they might remind you of your own children or others you have know but if you can’t say something good best not to say it, I think.

Observations that you might do things differently to a parent are are one thing but being mean about a child is another thing altogether.

Brandi on

I already commented on this post yesterday but I just wanted to say not to pay attention to gianna. Her comments are usually about looks and she’s been called out on this site before by other readers for her behavior. It’s better to just ignore it. Honor is just serious, not all babies (or people) are smiley all the time.

gianna on

I stand by my comment, honor is a pissed off looking baby just like her mom, and yes I do find most celebrity babies cute like someone pointed out, but not all of them. Oh and jenise yes I agree with you, I’ve seen suri and matilda smile. Actually I’ve seen most babies whether celebrity kids or in my own family smile at one point or another. Kids have personalities like their parents sometimes, violet seems like a sweet kid but than look at jennifer garner. Honor seems very suited for jessica child, in every which way.

skipsie on

I too find Gianna’s post very rude and frankly disgusting. She’s just a baby, and a gorgeous baby at that, how could anyone say it would be terrible to have a baby like that.
I think you need to read CBB’s commenting rules before posting, Gianna, and think about what you’re saying.
A photograph captures just a split second in a day, can you really expect little Honor to be smiling all the time? Besides, we’ve seen plenty of pictures of her smiling!

gianna on

Thanks for telling me to read cbb rules, but since they posted the comments, I guess they realize people are entitled to different opinions. All sites have posters with different opinions, if you think every thread has to be aww how cute, well that’s unrealistic and frankly who has a blog where everybody has to agree on everything. I don’t have to think about what i’m saying, I stated my opinion, if you don’t like it well oh well. I’ve read plenty of comments here calling celebrities bad moms because they got too skinny quickly, went back to work to soon, just recently people mentioning tiger woods babies skin colors etc, etc, lots of judgemental posts. But even though I don’t agree with some of those comments, do I care what other people post, not at all because the world is filled with different opinions. Whoever doesn’t like it, go start your own blog and have everyone agree on every thread.

k on

I (#30), I said right in my comment I’m a Jessica Alba fan, so yes, she does have them. I think most of us don’t comment because for some reason she seems to attract the worst kind of irrational venom – her remarks get twisted out of context left and right, people act like disliking paparazzi is sign she never smiles and has a horrible personality (not how they react to someone like Leonardo DiCaprio who does the exact same thing, but it’s always different when you’re a man), etc. No one mentions she’s been working since she was 14, and unlike, say, Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan, she’s never been in trouble with the law, never had trouble working steady and basically has no scandals attached. Oh, but she doesn’t smile for the cameras! Argh. It’s no fun commenting when everyone is saying the star you like is “not so bright” or is stuck-up or whatever. I don’t even read comments generally except places like here where they’re moderated. And it is frustrating to see that same kind of bias placed on Honor. Olive Cohen was rarely photographed smiling before her first birthday, but people love Isla Fisher (who’s darling!) so you didn’t get these kind of comments, just “cute baby.”

SouthernBelle on

Could Honor look more like her father? OMGoodness, what a cutie pie!

Lauren on

By zero means am I a Jessica Alba fan, but it is truly beyond me why there is so much debate regarding how often or how little her child smiles. Yes, Honor isn’t photographed laughing her head off in every photo. She also isn’t photographed wailing or having a tantrum in every photo, which is more than can be said for certain celebrity children. She seems quiet and serious, and sometimes confused and annoyed in shots where the paps are too close to her. Nothing about the photographs of her has made me think there is anything wrong with her or her temperment, and I think this photo is adorable-she seems to be looking quizzically at the camera thinking, “Who are you?” She doesn’t look “pissed” at all.

Poster “I” absolutely hit the nail on the head. With all the photos of Sasha Schrieber that have been posted here, he has been photographed smiling maybe three times. But because he’s Naomi and Liev’s boy, everyone talks about how cute and confused he always looks instead of how moody and irritated. Personally, I don’t see how the people criticizing Honor couldn’t say the same about Sasha, because imo he tends to look just as supposedly pensive and annoyed in photos if not more so. I may not be a fan of Jessica, but I’m objective enough not to unfairly extend my judgment of her to her baby girl.

CelebBabyLover on

gianna- “Honor seems very suited for jessica child, in every which way.” That sounded pretty rude to me. I don’t think anyone is saying we all have to agree on every single topic, or that we aren’t all allowed to our own opinions.

However, there’s a difference between voicing your opining and just being plain nasty. I mean, how would YOU feel if someone saw YOUR child looking grumpy and said s/he looked very suited to be your child in every way?

Basically, it’s fine to have an opinion, but please, try to be respectful when voicing it!

cara- “I bet if this was a baby by a more ‘well-liked’ celebrity people would immediately cut her some slack (or her mother, for that matter).” I have to respectfully disagree at least somewhat. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, for example, are two extremely well-liked celebrities. However, people made nasty comments about both Zahara and Shiloh when they were babies for not smiling (not on this site, but on others).

Of course, Angie and Brad are two of those rare celebs that seem to be loathed just as much as they are loved, so that might be part of why they got those comments.

Anyway, I do mostly agree with Cara’s statement, though. Another celeb baby who constantly gets nasty comments thrown at her (well, more at her parents in her case) when she doesn’t smile is Suri Cruise. Just like with Jessica, a lot of people seem to dislike Tom and Katie (particularly Tom).

cara on

gianna – There is a difference between having your own opinion and just being plain nasty. If you don’t care for Jessica or her family, then why bother to post on her threads? That just puzzles me. All you do is extend your venom towards Jessica’s child, which is really low and immature.

Stephany on

Honestly, some of these comments are downright ugly. They aren’t “voicing opinions.” They are being rude and nasty. I mean, I couldn’t BELIEVE a comment saying “I’m just glad that’s not my kid, that’s gotta be terrible to have a baby that always looks so grumpy” was posted. What an AWFUL thing to say! Did you even think before you wrote that.

Comments on this site are really getting ridiculous. I used to like this site because the comments were always less vulgar and nasty than comments on other sites. Now? I’m not so sure…

Loren on

Honor is a beautiful girl, just very alert; strangers are yelling and taking her picture. I would look like that too 🙂

Jean on

If strangers, especially loud ones with cameras in front of their faces, took pictures of my second son while we are out they’d never, ever see him smile either. He’s shy, reserved and suspicious in public and has been since he was a small infant. So much different than my outgoing social first son. At home my second son is much more animated and gigglier than his brother! I think he has to make up for all that time we’re out and he won’t smile.

Shayna on

Who cares what Gianna said. She was basically just joking. I dont know why people are wasting so much time caring what someone says on the internet. IT DOES NOT MATTER! You all are still going to wake up in the morning.