Rosie O'Donnell Marvels at the 'Innocence of Children'

03/02/2009 at 08:00 PM ET
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In a wide-ranging interview withThe Tyra Banks Show last week, talk show host Rosie O’Donnell opened up about her life since departing The View in 2007, a life which most recently has involved no alcohol. In December, she enjoyed her last beer — at the urging of her 13-year-old son, Parker Jaren. “On Nov. 29, I was with my son…and I said to him, ‘Park, can you get me a beer?’ Rosie recalled. “And he said, ‘No I don’t want to.'” Surprised, Rosie asked her son why he refused — but his response was even more surprising. “He says, ‘Because you know what, I think you drink too much beer … Lately I think it’s too much.'” When Rosie explained that during most of her 20s she abstained from alcohol, Parker indicated that he thought it might be a good idea to “do that again.”

“I go, ‘Well honey what happens if I can’t do that?’ He says, ‘There’s a drunk club, I forget what it’s called, but you have to like be really drunk to get in, I don’t know if they’d let you in, but you could ask them for tips.'”

Clearly moved, Rosie marvelled at “the innocence of children,” noting “they don’t know how to judge…they just know.” Her emotions are currently running the gamut for another reason entirely, however: Rosie also shared that she is entering menopause. “I am about to be 47 next month and Aunt Flow has not shown up for nine months,” she explained. “The worst thing is I am like ending that whole cycle and my daughter [Chelsea Belle] who is 11, is beginning the cycle. So the two hormones in the house, it’s a lot going on.” When she needs to escape, Rosie said more often than not it is to the Target at her local mall.

“I had a meeting with my money guy, we sat down, he said ‘I don’t know how to say this to you, but how could you spend $40,000 last year at Target?’ I’m like, ‘There are four children and two adults in this house; We clothed everyone, got everyone in school supplies and toys for $40,000. That’s pretty good.”

In addition to Parker and Chelsea, Rosie and wife Kelli O’Donnell are parents to Blake Christopher, 9, and Vivienne Rose, 6.

Source: The Tyra Banks Show

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HeatherR on

Rosie’s comment about Target is too funny! I definitely do not spend $40,000 a year there, but I still feel like I should own stock in the company by now!

melissa murphy on


krewcat on

LMAO@ 40k at target. We have 4 children, primarily shop at target and even get alot of groceries there and spend no where NEAR 40k…Thats like 800 bucks a week…I like to shop but holy crap!LOLOL

Tina on

Im happy to hear that because I have an alcholic father and im 16:( I wish I had the guts no say “no” to him. Im not proud of Rosie(well a little bit lol), but more Parker because he finally said no.

ellka on

i think its kind of a sign of trouble to ask your thirteen year old son to go get you a beer…what was she doing that she couldn’t get up herself? i do find it commendable that she was able to hear what he had to say about her drinking problem and was able to stop it…

also, 40k at target is slightly much, even for six people. i suppose if you bought things like all your electronics, groceries, etc. in addition to clothes and toys…

waffle on

i don’t see how asking her son to get her a beer is a “sign of trouble” its what a lot of parents do, ask their kids to go get them something despite the fact that yes they probably could get it themselves, at least that’s the way i see it.

the excessive drinking of beer and the fact that her son noticed it? that’s a sign a trouble but thankfully an attempt has been made to change things before it got out of hand.

pinkrockstar on

well, I think it’s great she wants to stop drinking! kudos for her! As for Target spending, She’s a wealthy celebrity & can afford to spend a lot of money. lol.

Kelly on

Its pretty awesome she stopped drinking especially for her son but the only problem i have is if i was Chelsea i wouldnt want my mom going on TV & talking about me starting my period maybe its me but that would be really embarrassing

Rose on

That’s exactly what i thought, how embarrassing!

halifaxhoney on

$40,000! I had a comment but I forgot it by the time I read that part of the article.

Traci on

I dont think her asking her 13 year old son to get a beer is any sort of sign of trouble. I think it’s so obvious how much Rosie loves and adores her children. I am not in sync with her views on other topics but I have to say I have always thought she was a wonderful mother and always puts those children 1st. 40k at Target would be awesome! I love love love Target…if I could, I would spend that and even more there!

Janna on

That quote “they don’t know how to judge…. they just know.” has so much truth.

If only adults could think that way.

LP on

If I had the money, I’ll bet I’d spend 40k a year at Target too! I love that store and can never stick to a limited list- I always come out with quadruple the stuff I’d meant to get.

Heather on

Having grown up in a large, Midwestern family that enjoyed a Friday night fish fry and beer, having a parent or relative ask me to get a beer was nothing really. I never felt like I was feeding a habit or being forced to do anything. I do commend Parker for standing up for what he was feeling and believe that parents should listen to their kids – they are truly a reflection of who you are as a person.

Oh, and $40 grand at Target – I’d LOVE to be able to do that haha! Love that place!

Keltie on

Well, considering how much some celebrities spend on themselves – I would say that a celebrity spending $40k to buy clothing,school supplies and toys (for a large family) is pretty modest. Modest for a celebrity – not the average family.

Sabrina on

Parker looks so grown up! Very handsome!

Lorus on

Well, I don’t see anything wrong with her son fetching her a beer. We did it for our Dad when we were little and he never had a drinking problem. Heck, I even remember swimming a couple beers out to him while he was fishing on a lake with a friend.
I commend her son for speaking his opinion and kudos to her for listening. Too many parents would just shrug it off since a child’s opinion isn’t as important as their own.

Terri on

I love Rosie’s stories.