Katie Holmes: Motherhood is the Most Important Role

03/02/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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A little girl growing up in Ohio with her family, Katie Holmes had big dreams for herself. Spending her time idolizing Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn as she envisioned herself as a Hollywood actress, Katie also had her eye on her future husband. After watching Top Gun, there was no doubt in her mind — she would one day grow up to be Tom Cruise‘s wife! “I very confidently said, ‘I’m going to marry him one day.’ Why not? He’ll like me. I’m fun,” she recalls.

Achieving her dreams, however, have not come without a price. Constantly in the media spotlight since the beginning of her relationship with Tom, Katie admits that the rumors following the birth of their daughter Suri, now 2 ½, left her feeling extremely protective of her family. “Some of the stuff [people said] was such absolutely horrible things to say about a child. It was so uncalled for and so disgusting,” she reveals in the April issue of Glamour. “Enough is enough.” Angered by the tabloid stories, the nervous new mom leaned on her husband for support.

“We were changing diapers. He said, ‘I don’t want you to get upset.’ And I said, ‘Well, I am upset.’ So we approached it together. But I definitely felt like — as a woman, as the mother of Suri — I want to handle this! My mom is very strong and if anyone ever said anything about any of us, she would be, ‘Excuse me? That’s my family!'”

Addressing the constant scrutiny of her family, Katie would love to give the naysayers a glimpse into their lifestyle. “Sometimes I think I would say, ‘Why don’t you come over and have dinner?’ See what there is to see,” she says. However, according to the 30-year-old, they would be quite surprised — or not — to see a normal family spending their time “all together” in their home. “[We] play Yahtzee, board games, Scrabble. We grill; have pool parties,” she reveals. In addition to catching family movies together in bed — “recently Madagascar and Cinderella for Suri” — the family of actors are even known to put on their own productions!

“We play ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and Suri is the Big Bad Wolf. [Tom] reads storybooks to Suri and we all laugh. When a good song comes on, he’ll break out in a dance.”

More on Suri’s understanding of fame and Katie’s attitude toward the tabloids below!

While Katie does catch “glimpses of Tom and me in [Suri],” she reveals that her little girl has grown into quite the independent child! Calling her daughter “such a special girl — strong and funny,” Katie reveals that Suri often keeps the couple laughing. “She has a great sense of humor,” says the proud mama. Already in tune with her surroundings, Suri has even begun to understand the constant attention that follows the family. “[If] Tom or I are on TV, we’ll watch it. And when we were in New York, we would see a lot of Valkyrie posters. She goes, ‘Look! There’s Valkyrie movie!'”

Despite feeling a bit intimidated by motherhood in the beginning — the couple would “sleep right next to [Suri] to make sure she was breathing” — Katie, who “was constantly learning on the job,” has completely embraced the responsibilities of parenthood and is thrilled with her role. Crediting Tom with being “very helpful and supportive,” Katie reaffirms that having her own family has allowed her to grow into a mature and wise woman, giving her the strength to look past the negativity and focus on living her life.

“Well, becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience — in an instant you become strong. You have to be a little wiser; it’s the most important job in the world. I feel really really lucky. And you know what? I feel the best response [to all those tabloid stories] is just going about my life: enjoying life, making movies, being a good mom and a good wife, and focusing on that. Because if you’re doing well, what can they say?”

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Crystal on

I refuse to read this post bc it will ruin the surprise when my Glamour comes in the mail!!! lol!

Kate on

I don’t feel sorry for Katie or Tom. A big part of the reason why people have responded negatively towards them is due to their own odd behavior. Some parts of the media went a bit too far, but I’m not willing to place all the blame on the media and none on Tom/Katie, they bear some of the responsiblity as well.

D on

well said Kate.

Megan on

No sympathy for those two. They’ve been known to drag Suri out when she’s obviously tired to parade her in front of the paparazzi. Then they double back around the block to allow more shots.

Mary-Helen on

I think Katie is in a catch 22, when she didn’t want Suri exposed to the media, then Suri wasn’t real. Now that she’s out and about with Suri, then she’s exploiting Suri. She can’t win.

I think they seem like a perfectly normal family. She seems to be an adoring mother to Suri and takes an interest in her stepchildren (she is often seen with Isabella and Connor as well, @ their soccer games, etc) and if Tom hadn’t been so over the top with his affection for her in the beginning, no one would question their marriage.

Suri is a beautiful child who seems happy and Tom and Katie seem like a loving couple.

Carla on

Very well said Kate!

cathy on

no matter what she says there will always be people judging her or putting her down…that’s really messed up especially since none of us know them.it’s sad that as moms we feel compelled to put her down and make her to be this awful parent to make ourselves feel better.who judges us?or the way we raise our kids?are we that perfect?is it bad to be proud of your kids and show them off?or buy them pretty clothes when we can afford them?so sad,that people insult a baby,or criticise her,on top of everything adults doing it….just let them leave their lives,let us stop judging.

Lucy on

I agree with Kate and Megan.
They’re not innocent in all of this, at all. They parade her about constantly.

Now, if another family said this, yet, did the best they could to keep their children out of the spotlight, yet act normal, such as Jen Garner or Julia Roberts, then, I’d feel bad for them.

I actually feel bad for Jen Garner.

I must say though, Suri Cruise is a CUTIE.

elle on

Isn’t it a little bit strange, that generally speaking Connor and Isabell(a)? are rarely ever seen in public but you see Suri out several times a week? I mean even if they are older and they’re in school you’ve never had a huge amount of photos of them..and they’re the children of two A LIST actors! I do believe that they are exploiting and it’s a shame. I mean tom is a big star, but so are the Pitts, the Afflecks, the Martins and the Anthony’s(lopez)..but all manage to protect their children. So something is definitely fishy with the cruise crew. Sorry.

Sheri on

I think all the naysayers need to give them a break! She seems like a very loving mother and Tom seems like a devoted husband and daddy. I think the criticism of them has gone on for way too long. They seem happy together and are loving parents ~ that should be the end of the story.

DianaJ on

I don’t understand the whole “The Cruises are exploiting their daughter by taking her out” and “they take her out when she is tired and worn out.” What parent doesn’t do that on occasion? I know sometimes my daughter is getting tired and cranky on the way home from things if it is getting late in the evening and would shy away from cameras then too, but that doesn’t mean i am would lock myself in my house every night past 6 oclock. They just try to keep their and her life as normal as possible instead of holing her away. I bring my daughter out and about with me when I go somewhere. At least they aren’t constantly leaving her home with a nanny. I appreciate seeing a star who takes care of her own children. I think Katie seems like she is a great mother and Tom seems like a great father.

Bri on

She must be a reader of CBB and the like! The comments about her daughter break my heart. The fact that people see pictures of her on the internet and exclaim (as if they know her) that Suri is a spoiled brat is WRONG. I’ve seen it here and made comments back (some were not posted), but the plain and simple truth is that NO mother (celebrity or not) should have to read snide remarks about their baby ever. Parade her around? So, by my leaving the house with my child to do things in the public is “parading her around”? I don’t think so… Does Jennifer Garner parade around, does Jessica Alba, does Nicole Richie???

Mrs. R. on

So I think Nicole Kidman has a HUGE part to play in how much Isabella and Connor are publicly photographed.
When Tom and Nicole were together, their children were NEVER photographed – I hadn’t seen a photo of them until Tom & Katie were together.
My guess is that Connor and Isabelle have grown up out of the limelight, and that they prefer it now. If they wanted to be photographed with their parents and little sister, they would make it known and make themselves available for it – they are both homeschooled so they could jet set around if they wanted to.

The whole ‘parading Suri around’ thing is interesting. I do think that Tom & Katie take their daughter out a LOT to places and at times that most parents would not. Is it conscious parading of their child for attention? Or is it just sort of an attitude of ‘well, whereever we go, our kid goes too”? Who really knows for sure.

Tom SURE loves to be in the spotlight, and it seems Katie has developed a taste for it as well, but I do feel a little sorry for them – it must not be easy to have a pack of people constantly hounding you and flashing bulbs in your face. I am always a little amazed you don’t see more little kids throwing tantrums in the face of all that.

l on

elle, yes, the Muniz-Lopez family (Marc A. and Jennifer) are able to protect their children, Rarely do you see a photo of their twins or Marc’s other kids. I Don’t know who the Martins are and the Jolie-Pitts seem to have learned how to protect their children since the twins were born. Much less photos of the kids out and about since then. But the Garner-Afflecks??? Yes, we haven’t seen a photo of Seraphina, but she’s still a little baby who probably sleeps almost all the time at home, so no big deal. Violet on the other side seems to be photographed every single day since she turned one. Farmer’s market, children’s play park, pre-school and what not. I don’t call this protection. Maybe Ben should call his old flame and ask for some tips? Sorry about this sarcasm, but of all the people to positively bring up Ben and Jennifer when it comes to shielding your kid from the media is amusing.
And I, too, think that Nicole Kidman was the driving force in her first marriage in not exploiting their children. Nevertheless, I feel sorry that Katie has to read all the negative things said about her and her family, but maybe stepping out of the limelight would be the first step in the right direction? Wish her the best.

Erica on

I wonder if Katie still think Suri is a “strong woman?” I’m sorry, but that is one of the oddest comments I’ve heard about a baby from its mother and I can’t help but think about it any time I see them.

elle on

Hey I!

The Martin-Paltrow clan was what I meant. I agree, that Violet is photographed a lot, but the circumstances that surround her usually seem to be different. Going to school, going to the farmers market, unless she changes school everyday there isn’t anyway to avoid that. I’ve seen videos of little Suri and I mean the amount of paparazzi just surrounding and bombarding her make me suspicious. Tom backtracking and just standing there letting his daughters photo get taken. Suri, without a jacket in NY in november! I’m a NYer and I was a bit surprised when I saw that.

I mean, I don’t expect celebrities to hide their children, that’d unfair to them and nobody should live like that…but when you see Tom, Katie and Suri its almost as if they seem to be inviting the attention. . .Where as with other celebrities they seem to notably show disdain or ignore the cameras all together. It’s not nice to hear negative things about ones family, but Katie should take heed and make an effort to change the situation before Suri is old enough to understand.

SAR on

Gimme a break! I am SICK TO DEATH of all this TomKat bashing, and the fallacious claims that they “exploit” and “display” Suri while other celebs “protect their kids”!

Violet Affleck is seen all the time, and has been for years! Pics of Seraphina haven’t been seen yet, but I’m sure they will be when she gets older, so don’t give me that “Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck hide their children”! Nor does Nicole Richie; I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen pics of Harlow. Brangelina’s brood is seen everyplace too, except for the twins, but just like with Seraphina Affleck, I’m sure that’ll change as they get older. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are ALWAYS seen out and about with one or both of their boys! Jessica Alba is photographed every other day with Honor!

Oh, and Nicole Kidman has been photographed quite a few places with Sunday, so don’t elevate her to sainthood just yet. I’m not quite sure what is so inherently saintly about hiding your kids, anyway.

Back when Suri was born and there were no public photos of her, what were people saying on this board? “Suri doesn’t exist!” “TomKat are hiding her, those selfish bleeps!” Now that there are pics of her, everyone’s bashing them for “displaying” her! I swear, no matter what they do, they get bashed. I’m not saying Tom hasn’t done/said plenty of stupid things (I have yet to figure out what Katie’s done/said that people find so offensive), but if you truly hate them that much, just ignore them. Scroll past posts about them. Don’t go see their movies.

And anyway, I thought celeb-bashing was verboten on this site. Why the exception made for TomKat?

Kate on

“Sorry about this sarcasm, but of all the people to positively bring up Ben and Jennifer when it comes to shielding your kid from the media is amusing.”

The difference between Ben/Jennifer and Katie/Tom is that Ben doesn’t jump on couches on Oprah, and Ben and Jennifer don’t have elaborate kissing sessions on the red carpet, and they don’t parade their child around to non-kid-related things, and they don’t take their own lighting crew to Disneyworld to have a photo session in the middle of the park. Every time I’ve ever seen Jennifer and Ben out in public with Violet they have been just quietly going about their day, quickly walking to their car after going to some kid related function (school, the park), and they look distressed by the attention. The way they act in public is totally different from the way Tom/Katie act in public.

Sadie on

“And anyway, I thought celeb-bashing was verboten on this site. Why the exception made for TomKat?”

Whose bashing them? No one said they were bad parents, or bad people. All that was said was that they bear some of the responsibility for the way the media treats them. And there are plenty of other celebrity families on this site that people have expressed disagreement. The rules of the site say no name calling or bashing of people’s character – it doesn’t say we must agree with everything a celebrity says or does. Your anger about this seems a little over the top – it’s not as if anyone is saying horrible things about them, just that they disagree with Katie’s assessment of the situation.

Caroline on

I think there is something very off about Tom and Kate and in turn my opinion of them seems to be clouded by my thinking. None of us know exactly what goes on in people’s lives, and this little girl could be having the same upbringing as her older siblings, minus the fact that she is in the public a lot more, but 10/15 years ago celebrity children were not on top of the media’s list. Now they can’t go anywhere with her without being followed.

TracyG on

This makes me laugh…I agree with SAR. If Tom and Katie didn’t take Suri out with them, then it would be “OMG they NEVER do anything with poor Suri” or “Is the Nanny raising poor Suri?”

I’m pretty sure that TomKat didnt “take their own lighting crew” to Disney with them. Tom was in town for the Daytona 500 race and maybe Disney asked them to have photos taken. Someone even posted that OTHER celebs have been seen doing the SAME THING at Disney too.

As for Tom’s Oprah appearance in the beginning…SO WHAT? SO FREAKING WHAT!!! He was in LOVE…if my husband had have done that because he was SO IN LOVE WITH ME he couldn’t contain himself, then I’d be over the moon. You people who continue to bash Tom for that are just looking for things to pick at. And for the record, it was OPRAH who admitted she goaded Tom into doing it…so blame HER if you want to lay blame. Sheesh…guy’s so in love with his future wife that he wants to express it and the world comes to an end!

As far as other celebs go…they are NEVER EVER EVER bashed as much as Tom and Katie are. Geesh, Angelina used to take Maddox to WAR TORN countries before she had other kids. Is THAT an appropriate place for a kid? Nope, but nobody ever dares bash or tear apart the “never do wrong Jolie-Pitts”.

Why are there no complaints about the parents who are constantly out WITHOUT their children? Oh, I know…..because they aren’t Tom and Katie.

Oh, and one more thing. Tom and Katie have both repeatedly said that they stop for paps because they’d rather let them take their photos than CHASE THEM through the hotels, streets or whatnot. Letting them take their photos and then they leave them alone…it’s SAFER that way and I think it’s smart. You all seem to forget what happened to Britney when the paps chased her with Sean a few years ago….didn’t she almost drop him and then everyone was up in arms.

I’m so sick of hearing about the things that Tom and Katie do that are wrong…I wish we could get a glimspe into YOUR perfect lives and see how YOU like it.

M on

People stop being so critical I think that you don’t even really know them so why should your opinion matter? I think they love their daughter and they seem such a happy family and I think you’re just jealous, Katie’s beautiful and so does Suri and Tom seems like a great father so leave them alone.

Suri’s the most beautiful celeb baby

elle on


None of these people are saints, no person is..I just find it funny that you’re targeting some of us,for scrutinizing Tomkat..but you’re are doing the same thing by justifying their actions and ridiculing other celebrity parents! You are right they do receive a heavy amount of negative comments but why is that? Do people just hate Tom and Katie? Some secret vendetta,perhaps? For a wide variety of strangers to ridicule them, there has to be a reason. On this site, generally the comments are pretty positive across the board.

p.s- I’d heard the lighting crew thing too. Speculation of course.

Amy on

I think Katie is talking about when Suri was first born as if i remember correctly they didnt release pictures of her for a while and everyone was desperate for them, and when they did come out i know i certainly read some very nasty comments. Whatever you feel about their parenting choices, I definalty feel it must be horrible to read malicious comments about your child.

iluvallbabies on

Im sorry, but jumping up and down on Oprahs couch, and going to the ground pumping air, is not normal behaviour. If my partner ever did this, I would think he has lost it. Literally. Lost. It!

It worries me that we never see Suri just being a “kid”. Have you ever seen her in a pair of jeans/cargos/ getting dirty and not dressed up like a little doll to show off?

Im in no way “bashing” Tom or Katie, I just find some on their choices VERY unusual to say the least.

Fevvers on

I think they are probably nice enough people, devoted parents and that Suri is quite cute. My only gripe with the Cruises, especially Katie, is how BORING they are (especially in intreviews – remind me NOT to buy Glamour magazine this month)…personally I think those rumors are great about Suri being an alien or Chris Klein’s love child. If it was me I’d laugh my head off and frame all the ridiculous gossip mag articles in gilt frames in my toilet. Maybe they just need to chill out. You can’t make the whole world love you just by wanting it to. Besides, I believe her that she has a pretty neat life with a loving husband, so why does she even care?

Sadie on

“As far as other celebs go…they are NEVER EVER EVER bashed as much as Tom and Katie are”

First of all, I don’t know why we can’t have a reasonable, mature conversation about this, without all the internet shouting.

Secondly, yes other celebrities are bashed as much as Tom and Katie. Brad/Angelina have been bashed like crazy for everything they do, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, Nicole Kidman is constantly criticized for her relationship with her older kids. Tons of celebries are bashed. I’m really confused as to why you seem to be taking this so personally, it’s not like we’re talking about a member of your own family or something. If you’re so sick of hearing the opinions of those who disagree with you then why do you even bother to go into the comments section. We are not all required to agree with you just because you can’t seem to handle us having a problem with the behavior of someone that you don’t even know. You are not the only one who is entitled to an opinion about Tom and Katie.

Rose on

“Im sorry, but jumping up and down on Oprahs couch, and going to the ground pumping air, is not normal behaviour. If my partner ever did this, I would think he has lost it. Literally. Lost. It!”

It’s funny that you said that, because I actually was with someone once who acted like that – and it was mortifying. I had never been so embarrassed in my whole life. If I were Katie I would have told him to tone it down a notch (or seven notches).

Lauren on

“..I just find it funny that you’re targeting some of us,for scrutinizing Tomkat..but you’re are doing the same thing by justifying their actions and ridiculing other celebrity parents!”

Pay her no mind-just another typical Tracy tantrum that’s thrown whenever someone says anything remotely negative about the Cruises. I’m starting to wonder whether she’s part of their PR department.

Kate et. al are spot-on. Tom has been with several women-Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz-and never came close to receiving the media attention and scrutiny that he receives with Katie. Why? It’s all about their choice of behavior and how they have willingly chosen to present themselves to the public. So excuse me for not having sympathy for a couple who drags their toddler to ostntatious restaurants at 10:00 pm wearing sleeveless dresses in 40 degree weather grinning like cheshire cats for the cameras while their daughter covers her ears and cries.

Mary-Helen on

I find it very hypocritical as well that Suri and her parents take so much flack. I guarentee you that if Suri disappeared from the public eye for awhile, everyone and their dog would be whining about how Tom & Katie have a nanny watching Suri all of the time and they don’t love her. Meanwhile the Jolie-Pitts make comments about leaving their children to go to the Oscars whilst they whip spaghetti @ the walls and how Pax reacts to discipline by peeing all over the house and everyone raves about “aw..how cute.”

As for TomKat parading Suri to the press, Katie clearly is a hands on mom and prefers to bring Suri with her when she leaves the house. Many celebrities (including Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears) have been speculated to pay the paps to take pics of them in flattering settings (“those” Brad Pitt & Angie pics w/ Maddox were reportedly commissioned by Jolie).

Tom and Katie are an A-list couple and that means people want to see them and the paps follow them. People mention that Bella & Connor weren’t photographed this much when they were children, but in this day and age, the paps are more aggresive than they have ever been.

Anna on

I don’t think they are parading Suri around that much. It was just during Katie’s Broadway time we saw her that much, normally we hardly see Suri.

I think it’s sad that she had to hear those ridiculous stories that were being told about them. And even now people are judging them for every little thing they do.

Megan on

“simple truth is that NO mother (celebrity or not) should have to read snide remarks about their baby ever.”

People who don’t want to hear snide comments shouldn’t work in the public eye. I’m sure Tom and Katie have enough money and investments at this point that they could quietly retire from Hollywood life if they really wanted.

Ms. C on

What I don’t like was when Katie bragged about how Bella and Connor would call her “Mom”. I’m sorry but that’s really disrespectful towards Nicole; she never even mentioned Nicole when she said that. If she had said “Bella and Connor refer to me as their mother like they do with Nicole” then it would’ve been a different outlook on her.

Plus, Katie and Suri were in New York City for months and not once did they visit Michelle Williams and Matilda? Katie and Michelle were co-stars on Dawson’s Creek and Katie and Tom went to Heath’s memorial service in LA- you would think that Katie and Tom would consider Suri being friends with Matilda; Brooklyn and NYC are a good distance away for an afternoon playdate. But apparently Katie (and Tom) are too stuff up about that. Seriously…how often has Suri been on playdates with other children other then her own mother?

Di on

One reason why I kind of don’t like Katie is because she said in the Parade magazine interview that Tom’s children call her “Mom” and I found that statement so hurtful and offensive to Nicole. I mean why would she make that statement. Katie is not their mother. Katie is merely someone who happens to be married to their father and considering that this is Tom’s third marriage, the odds are it probably won’t last. I can’t imagine how Nicole feels knowing that this woman is trying to take over and replace her.

In addition, Tom’s behavior over the past few years can be characterized as bizarre. Forget about the Oprah, what about his attacks on Brooke Shields. How can you criticize a woman for getting professional help to deal with post partum depression.

Suri is the most photographed celebrity child because her parents make no effor to shield her from the spotlight.

Devon on

As for Katie saying that Bella and Connor call her “mom,” I don’t think it’s disrespectful to Nicole at all. I have friends who’s mum got remarried, and they can their step-dad “Dad” as well as their biological father. They call the step-dad “Dad” because they love him like a father, as I’m sure Bella and Connor love Katie as a “Mom” otherwise they probably would call her “Kate/Katie.” Just because your biological parent is still in the picture, doesn’t mean you can’t love another person in that same way, if they take on that similar role.

mimi on

Suri is not the most photographed celebrity child. She was only photographed a lot when Katie was doing her broadway play and the paps were camped outside their apartment. Since then, we have only seen a handful of photos of her. She was photographed on the beach in Brazil;then we didn’t see her for 2 weeks until she was photographed at Disneyworld;And now 2 weeks later, there are photos of Katie and Suri attending an art class.(The pics are at justjared and btw, katie doesn’t look too happy to see the paps)
Meanwhile there are plenty of celebrities like Jen Garner and Jessica Alba who are photographed with their children nearly everyday, and yet no one complains. And for those who say that it’s ok for those celebrities to be photographed with their children often because they are doing “normal” activities…Well Suri is seen doing “normal” things all the time like going to art classes, ice cream shops, toy stores etc. So, I don’t understand that logic. I agree with those that said some people just don’t like this family and will always find an excuse to criticize them, no matter what they do.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- I could say a lot about your comments about the J-Ps, but instead I’ll reply only to your comments about the J-Ps actually calling the paps to take photos of them. I highly doubt they do this. Frankly, they don’t need to! I mean, just look at the videos of them at the airport in Japan, or with Maddox and Shiloh at BonPoint in Cannes last summer. “Crazy” doesn’t even begin to describe the situation with the paps and even the general public. Also, please, if you’re going to blame the J-P parents for paying the paps to take photos of them, blame BOTH of them! Sorry, but I can’t stand the way Angie is always blamed for everything the J-Ps do or don’t do!

Ms. C- Suri might go on lots of playdates for all we know! She might even have had a playdate with Matilda! It’s also extremely likely that she has played with Brooke Shield’s daughter Grier (both Tom and Brooke have alluded to this in the past). Katie also mentioned taking Suri to art and music class when they were in NYC (and was even photographed taking her to one of those classes on at least one occasion). Odds are there were other children there for Suri to interact with. We need to remember that we don’t know every single detail of celebs lives, and we don’t have photos of every single thing they do!

Even for super-popular and watched celebs like Tom and Katie or Brad and Angelina, it is *gasp* possible to do things without being photographed at times (for example, there are no photos of Suri at her art or music classes, and the J-Ps apparently went bowling in France back in 2007…without being photographed.).

Lauren- I can guarantee that I am NOT a member of Tom and Katie’s PR team, and guess what? I completely agree with Tracy (except for what she said about people never criticizing the Jolie-Pitts. They get criticized just as much as Tom and Katie.). She said exactly what I wanted to, only she did it much better than I ever could!

Like she said, SO WHAT if Tom jumped on a couch because he was so in love? Really, in the grand scheme of things, what’s so bad about that? As for bringing their own lighting crew to Disney World…That sounds like something out of a tabloid to me! Honestly, I was flabbergasted when I saw all the critcism of the Disney pictures (granted, they didn’t recieve nearly as much criticism as other pictures of Suri have)! I mean, really, who goes to Disney World and DOESN’T want pictures of their kid(s) with Mickey, Minnie, and crew?

As for the other pictures we’ve seen of Suri, I want to point out that a picture shows literally about a five-second period in time. So, for example, maybe in some photos Suri was wearing her coat but took it off (this seems like a very good possibility, considering Tom’s comments to PEOPLE about how Suri hates wearing coats and it’s hard to get one on her!). Or maybe she looked tired, but was really just caught in mid-blink by the cameras (and seriously, who WOULDN’T blink with all those camera flashes)?

Or perhaps, in the photos where she appears to be crying, she was crying BEFORE the paps ever appeared. Believe me, if you’ve ever spent time around a toddler that age, they cry and get upset easily, and over the smallest little things at times!

Bottom line: I think we could all take a lesson for Nicole Kidman, who seems to have nothing but good things to say about not only Tom, but Katie and Suri as well.

Anna on

Ms. C, How do you never they never visited Michelle and Mathilda? Do you know them personally? Does she tell you who she sees? It may seem we see every second of their lives, but we don’t. Even if they never went by, we don’t know if that was a decision of Michelle or Katie.

stephanie on

When Kate Beckinsale said that when her daughter calls out “dad” and two people (her dad and stepdad) answered everyone said that was really sweet. Huh.

cathy on

wow fascinating the amount of resentment toward someone who hasn’t done anything to you.tom jumped on a couch(we should all hate him)wow,he was expressing his love.it’s appalling the amount of critics that i read right here.you guys are definitely perfect as well as your kids,cause the way you criticise them i can only assume that it’s because you are way better than them?really sad.like someone said what about the other celebrities that”parade”their kids?as a mom of a toddler i’m sad to read all this critics coming from other moms….i hope you guys feel better now for putting another mom down.

Alex on

I have really no strong feelings about this family either way, but having actually personally witnessed one of the media circus incidents they have been involved with, I would say that they are definitely not entirely innocent in all this, so I’m a little dubious of Katie’s blanket criticism. It’s probably not always the way I saw it, but I think we would all be naive if we believed that celebrities have no control or say in the way the media interacts with them.

That said and aside, all celebrity families will come in for criticism of their ‘ways’ at some point or another, it’s part and parcel of the life and it happens to them all. You get the comments about the Garner/Affleck brood bringing a circus to their nursery school, the JP’s travelling habits, right down to the age gap between Everly Kiedis’ parents. When you put yourself in the public eye, not everyone is going to love you and that’s a given. But I think a lot of the dislike of the Holmes/Cruise family comes from their choice of faith. If you go back a few years, no one really paid much mind to it, but since the whole post natal depression thing happened, and Tom’s very outspoken opinions on certain issues relating to his faith beliefs, people have changed their opinions on him. And in some cases, this has manifested itself in criticism of the family as a whole. I’m not saying that all of it comes from there, because there are certain things the family does that attracts the criticism, but I have always believed that a lot of it comes from their Scientology involvement.

Traci on

I couldn’t imagine having my privacy violated on so many levels. Okay, yes, they both chose careers that made them accessible to the public but there comes a point when it is too far. Who cares if Katie is at the grocery store, that is an everyday errand. I mean seriously I am not the biggest Tom Cruise fan and he seems a bit off but that is what I see in the media…I have never had dinner with this family or been to their home so I have no clue as to their normacy. I feel badly for them, imagine having your life printed on the tabloids…imagine them saying horrific things about your child, an innocent? I hope one day this World will come to a point when they pay for a mnovie, watch a tv show and leave it at that…not speculate the motives, mental state, religious beliefs, parenting ability and all the other ridiculous things celebrities have to go through just to have a career they actually love.

Rose on

“I’d heard the lighting crew thing too. Speculation of course.”

There were pictures of it on another site, but I’m not sure if we’re allowed to put up links to it.

Rose on

“tom jumped on a couch(we should all hate him)wow,he was expressing his love”

I think it’s very telling that a lot of the people who are defending Tom/Katie can’t seem to manage it without attacking other posters. Which is ironic considering your lecturing us about not judging/criticizing others at the same time that you’re judging/criticizing others – do you not see a disconnect between those two activities? And some of you also seem to be unable to defend your position without blatantly misrepresenting what other people said. No one said they hate Tom because he jumped on a couch. We said that he bears some of the responsiblity for the press behaving the way they do towards him because of his odd behavior. Do you see how that statement is totally different from saying that I hate him because he jumped on a couch? It’s a bit odd that some of the people in here who are so angry about the rest of us not agreeing with Katie are going so over-the-top by implying that we hate him or are bashing him. Good grief, some of you act like we’re stoning Tom and Katie in the town square, when all we’re doing is saying they are not completely balmeless in all of this.

kris on

I haven’t read all the comments but I did want to say that I think Connor and Bella are photographed more than people think. I know I’ve seen pictures of just Suri on one site but then a bigger picture some where else has all the kids. I assume it boils down to what sites and magazines think will sell and what pictures are worth more money. I also wanted to comment on lack of pictures of Connor and Bella as young children – times have changed. If they were young children now I think we’d see more photos of them. Whatever your opinion of the Cruise family I don’t think we’re comparing apples to apples when we compare the older children to the youngest children.

Brandi on

Just to share, my brother in law is in guest relations at Disney and all celebrity guests have their photo taken in front of the castle if they allow it (yes, with lights and all). Then the photos are released to the media through Disney’s public relations company. It’s part of them being treated to the VIP package. Of course they can refuse but most celebs allow it in exchange for the treatment they receive. In fact recently on this very site there have been similar pictures of Vanessa Williams and Jeff Gordon with their kids but there weren’t as many, or maybe no one said anything because they are not such big stars.

Anyway, I agree that Tom and Katie do play a part in the attention, but I also feel for Katie when she’s talking about people making assumptions about her family and talking about her daughter. That has to hurt.

TracyG on

Lauren…good to know that you are monitoring my every post. Thanks for caring so much. Not that it’s any of your business, nor do I care, but I only get angry at posts like this because the comments to the Cruises are so way out of line it’s ridiculous. Truly…this family can’t even go to the bathroom without someone commenting negatively about it. It’s really sad.

Tom Cruise is one of the most beloved and supported actors in Hollywood. He can’t be all that bad if he has so many friends who support him and love him (and Katie). It really bothers me that he is roasted over a spit each and every time a photo comes about but yet, others who do the same things are not. Double standard and hypocrisy at it’s best….

Celebrity baby Lover: Thanks for the support. I do think that the JPs are bashed as well, but not as much as the Cruises endure on a regular basis.

I don’t like to see ANYONE ripped apart uneccesarily whether it’s an average joe or a celeb. I just think it’s really sad that the Cruises are the main target of the nasties.

NatashaC on

I’ve read most of the comments and it’s clear that some of you just don’t like Tom & Katie. That’s what I’m getting from this. Every other photographed celebrity get sympathy.

Have you seen how Julia Roberts acts towards the paparazzi? You think THAT is normal? go on x17 and look up some of the videos of her and her husband. Ben Affleck has flipped out on them too.

Rose on

“I’ve read most of the comments and it’s clear that some of you just don’t like Tom & Katie.”

Yes NatashaC, you are correct. Some of us don’t care for Tom/Katie – and we stated the reasons why; their absurb behavior and the way they complain about the media without taking any responsibilty for the way their absurd behavior has contributed to the way the media treats them. It’s interesting – and also ridiculous – that some people on here are acting like they are the only ones who have a right to an opinion. Yes, we get it, you like Tom/Katie – and you have every right to, and I would never stoop to telling you that you don’t have a right to like them or that your opinions aren’t valid. Some of us don’t like them, and that’s our right, and our opinions are valid too. But apparently you disagree. I guess the only people who are allowed to have opinions around here are those who love every celebrity that you love.

Sasha on

“Tom Cruise is one of the most beloved and supported actors in Hollywood. He can’t be all that bad if he has so many friends who support him and love him (and Katie”

I personally don’t subscribe to the theory that just because someone else in Hollywood likes them, then that means they’re great. I judge people on their actions, not on what other celebrities say about them. And their actions are odd. No one is saying they’re horrible people, just that they are not innocent in the three-ring-media circus that is their life.

“because the comments to the Cruises are so way out of line it’s ridiculous.”

Really? What did anyone say about them that is so out of line it’s ridiculous? All I see are a few people saying they’re responsible for some of the responses they get from people. You consider that “so over the top its ridiculous,” because you’ve said meaner things than that to fellow posters in this thread. And then you went on to say that people were ripping them apart. Again, I ask, really? Whose ripping them apart? That’s a very melodramatic way of responding to a little bit of constructive criticism. There are certain celebrities that I like that other people don’t care for, but I don’t feel the need to shout at them in the comments section.

TracyG on


I wasn’t referring to the comments in this post, I was referring to the comments Katie was upset about in her article. Comments like “Suri is an alien” “She must be retarded, that’s why she’s been hidden” Things like “Suri is being neglected and someone needs to call CPS” Things on OTHER threads…Hurtful, nasty, uneccessary comments like that. I don’t care if people don’t like the Cruises and comment on things that are RELEVANT. It’s the mean and outright nasty comments that make me roll my eyes. I get that people don’t like them and I don’t ever recall saying that I think everyone should like them. Not at all.

I’d also like to know where I’ve said anything bad to posters here on this thread. I don’t believe I have. I responded to Lauren directly because she slammed me first. Other than that, I have not said any bad comments to anyone else on this post. Nor did I bash any other celebs. I simply used AJP as an example..did I insult her personally? Did I insult any other poster personally? I believe not.

And for the record, I use caps to emphasize what I want to say, not to yell…

Sasha on

TracyG: All caps is shouting in internet lingo. It’s not very pleasant trying to have a discussion with someone who is internet shouting at others.

And what other threads have said that Suri is an alien or that she is neglected? Those kind of comments aren’t even allowed on this site. They are allowed on other sites, and since your beef seems to be with people who say those kind of things then what are you doing on this site yelling at people who didn’t even say those things. Why don’t you go to whatever site you read those comments on and take up your concerns with those people?

“Not that it’s any of your business, nor do I care, but I only get angry at posts like this because the comments to the Cruises are so way out of line it’s ridiculous.”

You’re contradicting yourself – in one post you say that you get angry in post like this because of what people have said, and then when it’s pointed out that no one even said anything that bad then you switch and say it’s other threads. I see nothing that was said in this thread that was mean/cruel/out of line. I see a few people disagreeing with Katie’s assessment of who is at fault for the way the media treats her family.

CelebBabyLover on

Alex, I agree with you about the Scientology thing. I, too, think that’s a big part of why Tom and Katie get so criticized. If you took that out of the picture, I don’t think they’d be criticized as much.

As the daughter of a minister, it upsets me to see people judging and criticizing others just because of their choice of religion. Now if the religion was actually hurting people, then that’s a different matter. However, I have yet to see an actual proven case of Scientology hurting someone!

CF98 on

I actually agree TomKat get way more blame than most celeb couples and if you hate them that’s your choice. What I cannot stand is the never ending hypocrisy from the people that do hate them. For those who think Suri is being exploited etc you people fail to realize that you contribute to it by coming to this website and making comments about Suri in the first place. If there was not an interest in this child there would be no need for celeb baby pics for magazines to pay top dollar for or the paps fighting tooth and nail for a pic.

I agree with Katie that referring to Suri as an alien or that she didn’t exist was vile and uncalled for and I don’t give a rat’s arse who you are if someone said that about a kid not named Suri anyone who had a heart would agree with that. I mean these folks bitched about TomKat being everywhere and when nobody was seeing Suri then folks came around with their “theories” and then boom when you see Suri its like “How dare they?” It doesn’t matter what they do they won’t win.

I mean which is it? Either you want Suri to be kept on the down low or to be seen all the time. Can’t have it both ways.

NatashaC on

Rose, how nice of you to “put words in my mouth”. Did I once say in that brief message of mine that I adored, loved or even liked Tom & Katie? No.