Jaci Velásquez and Nic Gonzáles Welcome Son Soren Arthur

03/02/2009 at 06:00 AM ET
Rick Diamond/WireImage

It’s another baby boy for Christian singers Jaci Velásquez and her husband Nic Gonzáles! Son Soren Arthur Gonzáles was born on Friday, February 20th at 6:30 a.m., weighing 8 lbs and measuring 20 ¼ inches. Updating her fans only hours after the birth via Twitter, Jaci shared that baby Soren arrived with “loads of hair and healthy.”

Settling down for their first night home with their boys — including Zealand David, 16 months — Jaci twitters that the pair have decided to face the night shifts sans nurses. The following morning, however, the 29-year-old admits that the night was not as smooth as they had hoped! “I forgot how different it is with a newborn,” she writes. Despite a rough start, Jaci later reveals that all is well in her household, as the proud parents look forward to the future with their boys.

“Much better. I think we have a bright future ahead, this little Soren man and I. I can’t wait for all of you to meet him. We are doing pretty well, Soren only woke up once last night to eat. [Zealand] slept too.”

The pregnancy was anounced in August. Revealing that they were expecting a second son, Jaci was looking forward to her household of boys. “I’m going to have men all around me in my life. Now I’m going to be the queen of the house.”

Check out Jaci’s Twitter for Zealand and Soren photos!

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Doreen on

Wonderful news!! I was wondering when she was going to have the baby!! 🙂 She posted a pic! http://twitpic.com/1sjlx

Jenna Gennaro on

I have never head of this couple before, but congratulations to them.

They have Hispanic names, but does anyone know if they have Danish relatives or just like the name Soren? I like Danish names but the popular ones sound too trendy (like Annika) and the not so popular ones sound too old. I have a great uncle who was named Soren, and one named Oli.

Sandra on

Jenna, I don’t know if they have Danish relatives, but Soren (Søren) is definitely a Danish name. And about Oli (Ole, a Danish name as well).
I was quite surprised to hear the name. I am not a fan of the name, but find it interesting that they named their little boy Soren (Søren).

Kate on

I’m not familiar with the name Soren. How is it pronounced?

Jenna Gennaro on

Soar-en. It is more popular as a surname, as in Sorenson.

Thanks for the confirmation, Sandra. My maternal grandfather is half Danish/half German and one of 15 siblings. The men had mostly Danish names (Soren, Ole, Earl). I wish Danish names were a bit more popular, but they are so obscure. Like Viggo Mortensen. I like his name, but I couldn’t imagine naming my son Viggo because it just doesn’t sound right. 🙂

Kate on

Thanks Jenna.

Sandra on

Jenna, you’re welcome. I actually like the name Viggo. 🙂

kate on

I have a 20 month old named Soren! We thought we were being original, but we’ve met several other Sorens!

Jenna Gennaro on

I like the name Viggo too, Sandra (and the actor!) but if I ever took it for a baby name, it would just seem a little weird. Maybe if it became more mainstream. Then again, I wouldn’t want a trendy name for my child and there would be those out there that would have to come up with their own unique spelling which is so rampant these days.

crg on

Actually, in Scandinavia it’s not pronounced Soar-en. This sounds horrible to say, but it rhymes with “urine”. It’s not spelled with a regular “o”, it’s spelled with an “o” with a slash through it or two dots on top of it to denote that the sound of the o is like the “u” in hurt. Soar-en is an Americanized pronunciation.

Here’s a link. It’s a derivative of the name Severin: http://www.nordicnames.de/pojk_s/Severin.html

crg on

I contemplated naming my son Viggo- though my husband wouldn’t hear of it! But when we were in Iceland I mentioned it to a relative and he pronounced it like it would be pronounced in Scandinavia which basically sounds like “Wiggo”- so I’m glad we didn’t pick that one! It’s funny- my cousins literally cannot differentiate between a V sound and a W sound! It always comes out sounding the same!

crg on

Woops, meant to say, that’s how they’d pronounce Viggo in Iceland. My grandparents (Norwegian) and Norwegian relatives even turn W’s into a V sound.