Halle Berry and Her Curly-Haired Cutie

03/02/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

We got to sneak a peek at the little-seen Miss Nahla Ariela Aubry over the weekend, as she accompanied parents Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry out shopping in Malibu — dad needed some new jeans!

The sundressed sweetie will be turning one in about two weeks! She recently started chatting, Gabriel says. “I don’t want to say [what her first words were] but it was probably ‘dada.’ She doesn’t say ‘dad.’ She says ‘papa,’ which is the French version of it.” He jokes, “Let’s just say she said, ‘mama.'”

Nahla is the first child for Halle, 42 and Gabriel, 32.

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gianna on

Nahla is beautiful, great mix of both her parents. Her features remind me of halle, but her eye shape, eye color and expression is like gabriel. She’s quite adorable, cute dress too.

bungalowbliss on

This is one beautiful baby!

Janet on

I love the warning stare Halle gives to the paparazzi. Nahla reminds me of Harlow though Harlow is chubbier. Both girls are adorable and so cute.

j on

She’s stunning, but considering her genes, no shocker there 😉

Carrol on

Such a beautiful little girl.

Erica on

Nahla is a gorgeous child! I can understand Halle’s disdain with the paparrazzi but her daughter would be eye-catching even if she weren’t famous. I think the baby looks a lot like Halle’s mom.

veronica reeves on

This is hands down the most beautiful Hollywood baby that I have ever seen. Halle is a lucky woman, and I do hope she has more children soon. I would love to see a lot more of this baby. She is a little dream.

k on

Such a beautiful little girl! As J said, no shocker there. 🙂

Chelsea on

Nahla is SO adorable. I agree, she’s a great mix of both Halle and Gabriel. I hope Nahla gets a sibling in the near future, Halle seems like a great mom!

CTBmom on

Beautiful girl! Great mix of both her parents!

dee on

Nahla is to cute. I think she looks a lot like her daddy(papa). lol


I love her chubby cheeks.She’s the most beautiful baby girl I’ve ever seen.But I’m not surprised,I mean her mom is Halle Berry!

Kristin on

She is beautiful…what a cutie!

JK on

Two beauties!!!!

Michelle on

I can’t believe she’s almost two already. It seems like just yesterday Halle was pregnant! Nahla is such a little beauty!

Lis on

Wow. That little girl is absolutely breathtaking.

D on

OMG! She is stunning! That is hands down the cutest celeb kid!

Sydney on

If CBB took bets, my money would be on Halle to be the next to announce she’s pregnant with twins! 😀

Mary-Helen on

What a stunning child, of course considering the genetics, how could she not be?!

I love her little pigtails!

Marilyn on

Michelle: She’ll be one in two weeks, not two. Maybe you thought it said she’ll be two. I think she looks like her dad.

Eilat on

That baby girl will grow up to be one of the most beautiful women on Earth!

tabby on

Oh my god, she is probably the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen!!

FC on

Stunning little baby, and her little curls are just as cute as she is. 🙂

jazzie on

Her debut was worth the long wait, and every photo of her since has been adorable. She is a gorgeous little girl, but does not look like Halle. She looks so much like her handsome dad. I hope they are a happy family. If looks could promise happiness, they would surely have truck loads of bliss.

elle on

She is so stunning. I feel like she’s gonna turn to the camera and strike a pose at any moment. She’s so serious looking! That baby means biz-nass.

Mia on

She is such a gorgeous baby. She has Halle’s complexion, but that face is all daddy’s, too cute. They make beautiful children. I hope they can have 1 more. Maybe we’ll hear a pregnancy announcement this year?

Meeeeeee on

She is too pretty. I want a Nahla. 😀 CBB needs more Nahla pics.

Jae on

Oh my God that little girl is gorgeous!! Like so many have said, “stunning” seems like the most appropriate word.

I-dra on

what a breathtaking child! they have done a nice job with those genes!

Mom2boys on

Nahla is take your breath away gorgeous. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree there!

Tam on

Oh my goodness she is absolutely adorable! I think my ovaries have started superovulating!

collette on

Stunning mum, handsome dad = beautiful daughter!! With the genes these two parents have it will be a crime for them not to have any more babies! Having amixed race daughter myself its lovely too see celebrity pictures of their children.

ErykaWynter on

WOW – that is a stunning child! Not that I’m surprised… look at mom and dad!

Ashley on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful child. Look at her eyes!

Stephanie on

She is hands down one of the most beautiful children ever. She is gonna be a looker when she grows up. Besides having great looking parents who she has inherited great beauty from, man she got some great eyebrows too. LOL.

Myra on

Nahla is hands down one of the most beautiful celeb babies. Are her eyes blue/green in the pic? If so then she’ll be keeping them at this point! She will be an absolute knockout when she is older.

natalia on

she is sooo beautiful. but we all knew she would be.

Rye on

She is the epitomy of a BEAUTIFUL BABY! She’s gonna be a heartbreaker one day for sure with both her parents genetics in her. haha 🙂

Karla on

I am not very maternal but I would take this baby in a heartbeat. So pretty!

Lauren on

I’m almost nervous to see what this child will look like as a teenager. If she’s this drop dead gorgeous as an infant, imagine what she’ll look like at 18! 😀

Harriet on

Oh #40. I thought the same thing. If this was my daughter I would never allow the paps to take pictures of her.

Chanel on

Sydney, its funny you & I thought the same thing I could see Halle with twins too. Nahla is gorgeous and to quote from what others have said its not a surprise when she has gorgeous parents.

Heather on

She looks most like Halle’s mom to me.

Jennifer on

Nahla is such a beautiful baby! 🙂

Torre on

WOW! Little Nahla is an exsquisite beauty! She looks like a mix of both parents, and a whole lot of Halle’s mom thrown in there.
I wish them all the happiness in the world.

erin h on

Nahla is such a cutie. My son is only 4 days younger than her. I wish I could set them up for an arranged marriage! LOL.

CelebBabyLover on

AWWWWWWWWWWW! I’ve been hoping for another Nahla appearence! Am I the only one who thinks Nahla looks a bit like a younger, curly-haird Suri in this picture?

Eleonora on

Nahla Ariela is simply GORGEOUS!What a beauty

Tina on

i love the shade of her skin, a beautiful baby<3.

collette on

RE Janet, i personally do not think she looks anything like Harlow and although its your point of view i can think of loads of other babies that look more like her than Harlow, are you sure you are not being swayed by the fact that both sets of parents are mixed race, also to Tina “i love this shade” the child is not a paint chart you know, i think you need to realise that thats not a good thing to say!! Sorry if im on my high horse but like i say i have a mixed race daughter and would be livid if someone said they loved her shade!

jessie on

she’s so cute!

Lavette on

She has the prettiest, creamiest skin. Such a lovely child.

Ofilicious on

She is so beautiful. I’ve seen Suri and think that she is also a very beautiful baby. However, when I saw this picture, well what can I say….Suri you have competition. God Bless both babies.

Milli on

OMG, when I saw this picture, Nahla took my breath away. In her younger pictures, I thought she was okay. But,she is a beauty. She has Halle’ turned down mouth and button nose. She has her dad’s beautiful eyes. The cutest celeb baby hands down.

tenfeet2hands on

Love it! Love it! Love it!

rheamungal on

This is a very good looking child.

llabesab on

Question: How does one spell “Halle Berry?”
Answer: G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

Question: How does one spell “Nahla?”
Answer: S-U-P-E-R–G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S

Gina on

Yep she beats ’em all. She is absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous! Figures with those parents..

ckassociates on

What a beautiful baby and who would expect less when mom and dad have great looks. Mom doesn’t look too happy getting her picture.

melissa on

omg is she ever gorgeous oh my lord i have never seen such an unbelivablely stunning child in my life!! im soooooooooooooo happy for halle i love her what a beautiful little angel!! i wish them all the happiness that life could offer

Guaili on

OMG! this little angel looks like kitten! look at those eyes! those edible cheeks! those flowing locks! WOW! people should be jealous 😀 she’s more than cute, she’s breath-taking!

taegan on

Such a gorgeous kid. So happy for Halle and Gabriel, she’s wanted a kid for a long time.

Nina on

LOL @ Nahla looking like Halle’s mom considering the fact that Halle looks like her mom. 🙂 I definitely think Nahla looks like Halle but with her dad’s eyes. Too cute!

debbie on

wow!!! halle’s baby girl so cute gonna be a real heartbreaker just like her mom.her mom is adorable so you must expect her to be 100% flawless you go halle thumbs up to you

Chrissy on

Omg, her baby is soooooooo beautiful…most gorgeous person to be verysoon!