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03/02/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Some links for your Monday afternoon:

Watch the Dominique and Carmen video in the extended post!

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mary on

I’m glad to see that the woman is still breastfeeding her child, HOWEVER….. Driving while breastfeeding or even just having your child on your lap is pure ignorance! Sure she probably feels that she is a safe driver and has total control while driving. but she does not. And how can you control someone elses driving? Wake your child up earlier, or drive to school and nurse her there in the car while you are parked. I would hate for them to get into an accident even if its not her fault and if I ran into someone who was holding a child and that child died as a result of injury I would hate myself Even if it werent my fault. Why would you put that burden on someone. What message are you sending your children who are school aged. Mom driving while holding/breastfeeding child AND on cell phone. Many laws broke on that one.
While I am ranting I know I could never work in a drive thru I would be cussing out anyone who came through without having their kids in restraints! I would be fired on day one!

annie on

litttle Carmen is too cute!! I bet she’ll be a great older sister!

MZ on

i didn’t know dominique is expecting again. how fun! does anyone know when she is due and the baby’s gender? i just love her!

Jennifer on

Carmen is such a cutie! 🙂

eternalcanadian on

I know breastfeeding is important, but this is ridiculous and so incredibly irresponsible to be driving and breastfeeding at the same time! Isn’t it also the law to have the child in a carseat and buckled up when in a moving car? Good on the cop for catching that. Just like you’re supposed to pull over to use your cell phone (I think it’s the law in a lot of places now), you should pull over and park then breastfeed.

MZ on

Yes, EC, it is a law. I don’t know if this link had video, but when I read about it on CNN a few days ago there was an interview with the mom and she was just really angry that she’d been pulled over and actually said there was NO difference in her being hit by the airbag and in her infant being hit by the airbag (trying to justify her actions as safe). There is a HUGE difference between the two!!!