Keisha Castle-Hughes Says Daughter is 'Not Shy'

03/01/2009 at 08:00 PM ET
Juan Rico/Fame

When — at the age of 16 — Keisha Castle-Hughes announced she was expecting her first baby it caused a public outcry. Having recently portrayed Mary in The Nativity Story, the Academy Award-nominated actress doesn’t mince words when it comes to the timing, telling the LA Times, “I came home from the shoot and got pregnant.” While the news caught some off-guard, Keisha is at ease with her most important role to date — that of mom to 22-month-old Felicity-Amore. A rambunctious toddler, Felicity keeps Keisha on her toes! She reveals,

“She’s not shy…Mum says it’s payback.”

Keisha conducted the interview during a recent trip to Los Angeles, where she has been trying to rejuvenate her acting career. Along for the journey was her partner of more than five years (and now fiancé), Felicity’s father, Brad Hull, 22. Although they’ve been engaged since December 2007, there are no immediate plans to tie the knot. “As far as I’m concerned, we’re life partners,” Keisha, who will be 19 this month, shares. Brad’s flexible schedule as a plasterer allows him to care for Felicity, which in turn frees Keisha up to pursue her craft; If it becomes necessary, the couple are even willing to move to the United States full-time. Explains Keisha,

“I’d love to stay in New Zealand and work from there, but it’s really difficult to commute 12 hours with a 2-year-old.”

Source: LA Times

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pinkrockstar on

wow! she was awful young @ getting pregnant! I’m glad she took the responsibility of raising her daughter!

teesta on

I got pregnant at 16 and today, I’m a mother of a 9 year old who has a mind of a 40yr old. I love being mommy to her.

Tina on

Im 16 and i dont plan on getting pregnant anytime soon, but it takes alot of guts to take responsibilty. I dont really know about her but i respect her very much because she took responsibilty and seems like a good mother:).

Alice on

I love hearing about Keisha and little Felicity. There was a pic a while back and that little girl looked so bright and beautiful.

I hope everything keeps going well for the three of them.

Mrs. R. on

Glad to see someone who was so young was able to grow up so quickly and gracefully.

Cara on

This girl knows what she wants and she’s willing to work to get it… you have to admire that and you have to love that she will probably teach that to her daughter. Best of luck to her, she didn’t do something easy in becoming such a young mom but she certainly is going about it the right way.

E on

I’m also 16 and I can’t even imagine doing that…we had to take a doll for health and I like couldn’t do it…but she seems to have done a good job and good for her for taking control of the situation and taking care of her daughter….most teens do not do that and are not mature/responsible/caring enough to handle that. So I just want to say it’s an amazing thing she’s doing.

Annabel on

Why bother becoming engaged if you don’t plan to actually get married? Is that not the entire purpose of an engagement? I know the report says there are no “immediate” plans, but honestly, what’s the difference? She’s basically saying “Yes, we’re engaged to be married, but you know, as far as I’m concerned we’re life partners already so that whole marriage thing ain’t happenin’ anytime soon”. It’s such a contradictory statement.

That aside, I’m glad she’s in a position to properly care and provide for her daughter at such a young age. A lot of teen parents struggle with that so it’s nice to see a success story every now and then.

stephanie on

It’s usually more to do with the wedding rather than the actual marriage. In this case I’m assuming they can’t be bothered to set a date and plan everything especially if the family is moving overseas.

Di on

I don’t get the whole “I’m engaged” but I have no immediate plans to get married. Jamie Lynn Spears said the exact same thing. She is enaged to her child’s father but has yet to set firm wedding date. In my opinion, it does not take months to get married.

I would argue there is a distinction between marriage and a wedding. If the wedding is the focus, that will take time because you have to find a venue, vendors, mail out invitations etc. but if the goal is marriage, all you have to do is go down to the courthouse or find a minister who will perform the service and then you’ll be married.

I think the reason why Spears and Hughes have gotten engaged is because it sounds betters to say this is my fiancee as opposed to this is my boyfriend. The word “fiancee” implies more of commitment to the woman and the child.

Kate on

I don’t understand the comments about “taking responsibility of raising her daughter.” I certainly hope no one is implying that she would have been irresponsible if she hadn’t chosen to raise her daughter – because there’s nothing irresponsible about placing a child for adoption. Maybe I’m taking that differently than you guys meant it, but I’m just remembering back to when Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant and there were tons of people commending her for not placing her baby for adoption, as if that would have been a bad thing if she had chosen that option.

Alice on

Di, it’s true that you can get married faster if you dont plan a wedding but it’s supposed to happen only once so usually you do want a beautiful party that takes quite a lot of preparations. Maybe (I have no idea but I think it’s sensible) they also want to wait until Felicity is a little older, and can be part of their wedding more. By saying they’re life partners they mean there’s no urgency, not that they’ll never do it.

Being engaged means you’re aware that you’re willing to take it a step further, it does not mean you have to get married within a month or year or something.

JM on

Most young couples who get engaged don’t actually end up getting married. And I agree it’s probably one of those, “well let’s get engaged cause it sounds better since we have a child!” But these young girls aren’t the only one’s that do these “long” engagements. I just say go get married or don’t. I could careless either way. But to me a simple ring does not signify your life long committment.

MZ on

kate i agree. sometimes giving the child up for adoption is the most responsible thing to do. it’s certainly a selfless act.

kate on

She’s lucky she has the financial support. Must make life easier, esp for a young mom