Expecting Third Child, Rey Mysterio Has a 'Good Connection' With His Kids

03/01/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
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Each and every time professional wrestler Rey Mysterio enters the ring, he’s looking to make a connection with someone outside of it — and more often than not that someone is a child. “I was a big fan, and I still am of [wrestler] Bret Hart,” he tells the Miami Herald. “Every time Bret Hart would come out and give his glasses to a kid sitting in the front row, I thought that was really cool…I would think, ‘What if that was my son sitting in the front row, and Bret Hart put his glasses on my son?'”

That’s why Rey, 34, gives a young fan one of his masks after each and every match. “Just that emotion, that adrenaline, that connection between that wrestler and that person just brings it to another level.” As a soon-to-be dad of three, Rey understands the importance of that connection first-hand.

“‘I want to say, plain and simple, I’m a father myself. My son is 11, and my daughter is 7-years-old, and I have another baby coming on the way. The connection I have with my kids is a good connection. It’s a friendship, father-type connection.”

Taking the time for a handshake or to give an airport can make “the biggest difference in the world” to a child, he notes. Rey and his wife Angelica are parents to Dominik and Aalyah.

The due date of baby-on-the-way was not provided.

Source: Miami Herald

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Mary-Helen on

So, that’s why he has been pulled from house shows! She must be due fairly soon for him to be off the road.

Dominick was on TV for a bit and he is just too precious, so I can only guess the new little one will be too, congrats to Rey and Angelica!

Angela on

I was going to say that about him being pulled.
Dominik & Aalyah are adorable so I’m sure his new child will be just as blessed.

I love his way of thinking though. You can see just how excited the kids are to get his mask at shows… just as our generation were about Bret’s shades. Love Rey!

Kelly on

That would explain why he missed the recent south american tour(which he always goes on) and why he was pulled from recent house shows and couldn’t make an autograph signing over the weekend. can’t wait to see what they name this one. i guess will know when he is spoting a new tatoo 🙂 hope she has an easy pregnancy and a healthy happy baby.

Amanda on

I love it when Rey comes out and gives the kids his masks. He really cares about his fans and it is so nice to see that even when he is getting ready for a big match, he still takes the time to go to the little kids and give a mask and brighten their day.

Congrats to him and his family on the upcoming arrival of their
new bundle of joy.

Dawn on

I was wondering if they were going to have another baby! What a great family! Congrats!

Shannon on

This is so cool to know! I think this is the definition of being a real man; it’s all bout being a good parent, being a good role model and being a huge inspiration. Kudos to RM!

Victoria on

I think that it’s amazing, he is an amazing man, I have met him in person three times, and he has come up to my 6 year old son on more than one occasion. Congratulations to Rey and his wife Angelica.

Lindsay on

Yay, i am excited

Natali on

I really adore Rey!!!!!I hope them a healthy baby and also beautiful just like rey!Rey is really HOT and HANDSOME and CUTE.I wish you the best REY!!!!!

Natali on

I really love Rey!I hope them a healthy baby and also beautiful just like REY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to REY and his wife ANJELICA!!!!!!!!!


Katie on

did she ever have the baby?