Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller: A Lightweight Double Stroller That Makes 360 Degree Turns!

03/01/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double ($399) is a rare jewel in the world of double strollers. This lightweight double stroller clocks in at amazing 26 pounds, and makes 360° turns. The push is effortless. It also has a terrific full-coverage sunshade and a decent sized storage basket. But what really caught my eye was the super quick and compact fold. Salma Hayek and Jennifer Garner both have the City Mini Single and Julia Roberts has the City Mini Double.

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller’s fold

Putting it Together:

Put the front and back wheels on, click each side of the hood into the side brackets and you’re done!

The Ride:

Baby Jogger City Mini Double is a very smooth ride. This double stroller will really turn on a dime – when they say 360° turns, they aren’t kidding. I found it perfect for maneuvering around doorways and aisles and my apartment building’s elevator. This stroller is so lightweight and the push was so easy! The handle is not adjustable, but seems tall enough that taller parents will be pleased.

The Seats:

The comfortable seats are reclined slightly, and had plenty of room for my tall 3-year-old. The five-point harnesses were very simple to adjust to my children’s bodies. It does not come with an extendable leg rest, but since the seats are already reclined slightly, it was fine. Recline the seats by pinching the black clamp behind the seat and sliding down to the desired recline.


The shopping baskets were a good size, but it was a little awkward to store the huge rain cover (not included, but truly fabulous) in the basket. To add some cupholders/storage, I attached the Carry You! Sicily Double Cup Holder Organizer.

Sun Exposure:

The hood came down extremely far and easily protected my children from the sun.

The Fold:

This is probably one of the easiest folds I have ever encountered on a stroller. Just unsnap the two safety straps (silver colored) from the frame. Next, just pull upwards on the “Fold” straps on each seat. The stroller folds quickly in a reverse book fold. It fit in my trunk much better than other brands of double strollers.


The infant car seat adaptor  ($89.00) is now available and will let you use ONE car seat with it.  Baby Jogger’s standard double rain cover works for the City Mini Double and provides excellent coverage. No accessories are included.

Pros: The fold is amazing and painless. At 26 pounds, you’re not going to hurt yourself getting this in and out of the car. The stroller pushes beautifully and really handled well on the streets.

Cons: I would have liked a locking strap/bracket to make the fold more secure and compact.

Verdict: If you want a super lightweight double stroller with an effortless push, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double will deliver!

CBB Deal: Use code CBBMini at for a free univeral cupholder with purchase. If you want to upgrade to a Parent Console, email or phone 877.Stroll.1 to apply the free cupholder price to the parent console. Expires June 21, 2009.

— Nancy

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hillary on

We have the mini single and love it. i’ve seen the double and it’s very compact yet full-featured for a double of it’s size. I’m glad to see this stroller get this review finally, it really is different than any other double. Also, baby jogger offers really cool accessories for this stroller like a belly bar, snack trays, and car seat adaptor. The sunshine kids parent console works really well on the mini too (can be found on amazon).

Brenna on

I have the City Mini Double and it is truly a fantastic stroller. This review highlights all the positive points, but I will add one correction. The only con listed was the lack of a locking strap. In fact, the stroller does have one, though it is quite hard to find. I contacted Baby Jogger to ask about this, and with their help was able to locate the strap. It is a velcro strap which can be found on the right hand side of the stroller under the seat. It definitely helps to keep the stroller in its folded position.

Nancy on

Thanks Brenna, I was able to find the locking strap with your comment (I wrote the review).. YEAH!!!

CityCoop on

Love the stroller! Had it for a year. There are some accessories that I’d recommend… the cross bar, parent console and travel bag (all from the website). If you’re going to foldup the stroller and need to have it against a wall or in a closet, definitely check out the website for “stroller stands” (just add a dotcom to the end).

Heather on

Nice review! Just wanted to add that Baby Jogger’s own parent console will work on the Mini double. It has a cupholder and a couple storage pockets. Also a neat addition is the new Baby Jogger diaper bag that mounts on the side of the Mini and has matching colors!

Emily on

I’m considering buying a Babyjogger City Mini Single for my 11 month old son Carl. The only thing I’m worried about is that it doesn’t have an extendable leg rest. I would like to use it for everyday shopping as well as for our vacation this summer so he will probably have to take a nap or two in it. Do you think that will be uncomfortable for him? The alternative is a MacLaren…

hillary on

Emily- no, it does not have an extendable legrest- but the seat is pretty deep and you do not need one. My then 10 month old son sat fine in the mini single. It is perfect for shopping and traveling, not the best for long outdoor walks though (for that i’d go with a bob).

Mandy on

I just got my city mini double based largely from this review. I found the storage strap but how do you do it! I am having trouble trying to figure it out. We are going on a trip and I wanted to lock it place so when we gate check it in that it won’t open.

Greg on

Looking at the single version of the City Mini and we love it so far. But, I have one question about the car seat adapter. The Chicco Key Fit 30 (or any Chicco) seat is not listed as compatible. Has anyone tried this seat with the adapter?

Ellen on

I have a question about the city mini double stroller. We purchased the carseat adaptor however it seems to be a little loose. It is def secure but it does have some movement to it which makes me nervous. I sent it back to baby jogger and they sent it back saying they reworked it. Has anyone had this problem or if you do have a car seat adaptor can you let me know your take on it.

Jayne on

I am considering purchasing the city mini double for my 13 month old and 3rd baby due Oct 09. I also have a 3 and half year old and so was wondering if anyone knew whether or not this stroller is compatible with any of the ride-on (buggy) boards currently available?

Mariana Iberri on

Do you know if i can use the baby jogger double with a car seat?

nak on

Yes the baby jogger city mini double is compatible with a carseat after buying a carseat adapter
here is baby joggers website that answers the question…lots of choice for carseats!

Bianca on

Hi all, i am searching for the perfect stroller for my 2year old and newborn to be…. is the city mini double the right buy? is it built for a newborn? and can any car seat be use after buying adapter?

Dey on

I love this double stroller as well but I’m traveling with it next month and although found the fold lock strap at the bottom, couldn’t figure it out. Can anyone tell me how to do use it please?