Taboo Says He 'Bought Custody' of Son

02/28/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

When Jamie Luis Gómez — better known as ‘Taboo,’ of the Black Eyed Peas — first began to feel the effects of commercial success, his thoughts didn’t turn to the trappings of fame. Instead, the 33-year-old rapper says he was focused only on Joshua, the son he fathered while just a teenager, himself. “I didn’t know what it was to have maturity and stability and I had to grow up fast,” he explains. “As soon as I got a record deal, the first thing I bought was custody of my son.”

“I didn’t want a house or a car; I wanted custody. I was still living at my mom’s house, but at least I had my son. Through a couple of successful records I was able to move out and get myself stable with a house.”

Poised to welcome his second child — he and wife Jaymie Dizon expect a baby this summer — Taboo says he is “very excited” to tackle fatherhood with the benefit of true financial security.

“Now that I have a much more stable lifestyle – with the success of the group and my career – I can enjoy it more.”

Joshua, now 15, is Taboo’s son with a former girlfriend. Baby-on-the-way will be the first child together for Taboo and Jaymie, who were married last July.

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Emily on

How, exactly, do you buy custody of a child?

E on

I agree, Emily, that doesn’t make sense. Maybe he means because he made more money than the mother? But you don’t get to make that decision, a judge does.

alice jane on

Maybe he meant that he had the money to hire a lawyer to fight for custody? I’m not sure, it seems to me like kind of a bizarre way to phrase it. Either way, he sounds like a really devoted dad, so congratulations to him and his wife on their baby-on-the-way!

Alex on

Emily, what jumps to my mind is that he either became financially capable of gaining custody (ie being able to petition for it), or he offered the current caregiver (presumably the mother) money is exchange for giving up their custody rights. I don’t actually know, but that’s what sprung to mind.

E on

what first came to mind for me was that he could pay for a lawyer to petition the court for custody.

Kim on

What he meant was that a lot of young people who gain sudden success in music for example, want to buy a car or house right away. Like a lot of young musicians say that who you see on MTV’s Cribs.
So instead of buying all these expensive things, all he cared about was that he was able to show he was more financial stable to have been approved of getting custody over his son.
I think he meant it in a street language way.
‘Lot of kids my ages bought themselves a big car, I bought custody of my son as he was my main priority above a car or house’.
Seriously stop reading so much into things!

April on

My thought is that the mom probably had sole custody while Joshua was small as Taboo couldn’t provide for him financially. Once he began making money, he was able to care for him and the first thing he did was to hire a lawyer who could get him joint custody, or maybe he even sole. I do think Joshua splits time with his mom though.

Lulu on

I think he just meant that instead of buying cars or houses, the first thing he spent money on was fighting for his son, that his son was his only priority.

I think he just expressed it really badly.

LauraSW on

I agree with what Kim said – I straight away read it that he meant as soon as he made money his first priority was to be financially secure enough to gain custody of his son, i.e that he could provide a home etc. so his son could spend time with him, I don’t think he even meant fighting for sole custody, just to be considered fit to share it. I think his attitude is really commendable, especially considering he was so young and would have had plenty of temptations for doing other things with his money.

My second thought was I wonder how many readers jump straight away to the wrong conclusions without giving it some real thought. Jeez!🙂

evamama on

A poorly worded statement but I can appreciate the idea behind it.

Mavis on

Bravo Taboo, bravo!

Hilda on

How cute that they are both named identical, just different spellings. I hope he meant that he was able to fight for joint custody and not how he phrased it. Either way, thanx for thinking of your kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kris on

I highly doubt he meant that because he had money he could get sole custody. I took it the way some other have said “I could have spent all my money on material things but having time with my son was more important”. I say good for him. It’s good to see young single fathers take responsibility for their child. I hope they all enjoy the new addition this summer.

elle on

Its usually pretty hard for a man to gain custody of his child(trust me i know). I appreciate his sentiment!

Bren on

I’m confused! Does that mean the child’s mother doesn’t have custody of him?

Lilybett on

It sounds to me like he was asked the question “what was the first thing you bought when you got a record deal?” and he answered in the same vein. He didn’t buy a car or house, he bought custody.

Mommy Duty on

I can appreciate his statement (although oddly worded). Moms without income can sometimes find an attorney working pro bono. A dad has a lot harder time. And the fact the first thing that came to mind when he got his record contract was “my son” (and not cars, jewelry, etc.) is great.

I-dra on

actually, i don’t see anything wrong with the way he phrased it, i think the title of the story makes it seem worse than his own words do. when you see something like that in quotes, it assumes a sarcastic tone that, i feel, puts a materialistic spin on what was a really touching statement. bravo, taboo. i’m proud of you & your success (you’ve always been my favorite “pea”, but you guys should lose fergie! she’s turned you into her backup singers & hype men!)

Shawna on

It sounds to me like a father with money was able to steal custody away from a mother with little money. And if that is the case I find it disgusting.

Q on

I took it to mean that he paid off the mom to give up custody.

Rebecca on

I thought that too Shawna and found it VERY disturbing if it’s the case.

jessie on

i think he just meant that since he has money now he could get shared custody.also don’t know if this is the case here but some mothers keep their kid from the father, especially if he doesn’t pay child support.

Sarah on

Shawna, how is it that one can “steal” custody? These things are decided in the courts, where the moms usually win. Plenty of rich dads lose in custody cases all the time because they are not “mom.” If you read his comment in context, it sounds like instead of splurging once he got famous he used that money to provide a more stable environment for his son. There is nothing disgusting about his son living in a stable home with a stable parent.

And, if his money did enable him to get full custody, there may have been some underlying issues with Joshua’s mother. But, we don’t even know that he has full custody. Custody could mean joint or full.

Liese on

bought custody…hmm. i’ve always thought that if a man got custody (in the u.s.) it was because he had more money than the mother (or the mother had a drug problem) but its still strange to hear that he bought custody of his son.

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