Evie Bentley Has Her Own Guard Dog

02/28/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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Dierks Bentley doesn’t have to worry about strangers going near his and wife Cassidy‘s 4-month-old daughter Evalyn ‘Evie’ Day thanks to the protectiveness of one of the family dogs — Jake. The country singer shares that “Jake is so protective. We’ll have friends come over to the house, and they’ll take a step towards Evie, and he’ll just reach up and bite ‘em in the hand. If they try to step closer, he’ll kinda shadow box ‘em. There’s no getting close to Evie when a stranger’s around.”

However, the family’s other dog, George, isn’t too worried about Evie. “‘If you can’t pet me, if you can’t feed me, if you can’t take me for a walk, you don’t even exist.’ That’s the way he rolls,” jokes Dierks. No matter how different the two dogs are, Dierks believes that “the five of us now are kinda like a pack of wolves — Jake really believes that.”

“I’ll be havin’ a conversation with my wife about something and, ‘Let’s go upstairs and check on Evie.’ And here comes Jake, right along with us, you know? He’s right there … I look over and he’s sittin’ right next to Cassidy, like straight in a line with us. He really thinks it’s like, ‘Hey guys, I’m here too. It’s my job.'”

Dierks’ new album, Feel That Fire, is available now.

Source: Country Weekly

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Holly on

I hope that they don’t find themselves one day sitting next to their daughter’s hospital bed wishing they hadn’t allowed their dog to show aggression to any human. This can only end badly.

EB on

i think it’s really cute. my dog is the same way. no one can come near my nephew🙂

crimpe on

Holly, I totally agree. Not only is there aggression, but I also sense some jealousy. Dogs can have a tough time with babies…and it doesn’t get any easier when the babies become toddlers. Good luck to them. I wonder if they’ll still have these dogs next year.

Michelle Z. on

We have a cat who we call “Nanny Cat” because he has always been so “involved” in our son’s care. LOL. If I was changing a diaper, he was right there. If I was feeding DS, the cat was there. If the baby was sleeping in the swing, the cat was laying under the swing.

Now that DS is older, they are great friends. They nap together, and sit together to look at books or watch TV. Nanny Cat takes his job very seriously, and tolerates lots of “tough love”.

iluvallbabies on

Holly Im sure this story would have been a slight exageration- I doubt they would allow their dog to literally bite their friends.

I found it so cute how protective the dog was, and Im sure they keep a very close eye on the behaviour🙂

Daniella on

As a veterinary student, I would have to observe the dog or hear more about the behavior in order to discern whether the dog is a true threat to the child or not. However, I’m pretty sure that he is probably exaggerating a bit & it is perfectly normal for a dog to extend his protective domain of the house unto a newborn child much like he does the parents. Now, if the dog showed any form of aggression towards the baby, then I would start to worry, but it seems that that is not the case here.

As for the biting, I am assuming that he is referring to nipping since if the dog had actually bitten someone, I doubt they would still have him. This type of behavior does not surprise me in the least, especially if the dog comes from a guarding or hunting breed.

Essentially, all animals have their unpredictable moments & parents need to keep a look out for any signs of aggression or jealousy towards the child. I would trust that Dierks & his wife would consult a veterarian or trainer if they felt that the dog was a threat to their baby.

bre on

Our German Sheperd used to sleep outside me and my sisters door at night, every night without fail. He was sweet and I always felt so safe with him around. And even though he’s been gone for over a decade I still miss him dearly.

Acadia on

All these things said are true, but in this situation, I highly doubt this is the case. Anyone who has followed Dierks’ career knows that Jake is a huge part of it…he’s had videos made about him (even showing Dierks training him), he’s been on album covers, music videos, you name it. Although I don’t know this dog personally, I feel like I do through all of the exposure he has received in the many years that Dierks has owned him. Although maybe some in the fan club have had the chance to meet Jake since Dierks sometimes brings him along to meet and greets. If Jake posed any kind of threat I doubt Dierks would allow him free reign around these fan club memebers.

This is clearly an example of someone telling a humorous story and using exaggeration to get their point accross. I just wanted to throw that out there and point out for those that may not know about Jake and his show business personality – he’s not just some random animal posing any kind of threat.

charli on

i wish my dogs were abit more like that
both my dogs hate my 10 month old daughter
the run off the second they see her and have growled at her for coming to close to them.
they are now stuck outside all day.

skipsie on

whenever my nieces and nephew come around, my dog will vacate to upstairs, i dont think she can take the noise lol
but when they were babies, she would sit by their moses baskets all the times and just stare at them it was so sweet.

MZ on

my cat became really aggressive to me as soon as i got pregnant (the vet said animals can sense that) and i had to put him on anxiety meds. once our son was born the agression went away and he’s become protective of the baby. luckily he doesn’t nip at anyone, but he does follow us from room to room. right now he’s sitting on the couch with us, lol.

MissMissy on

Our dog never bit anyone until I was 2 years old. My uncle was chasing us around the yard and we were *screaming* at the top of our little lungs.

The dog (Sage–a german shepherd mix) stepped between my 2-year-old self and my uncle and growled, baring her teeth. When my uncle brushed it off and tried to advance, she growled again. A third time, and she nipped him on the hand. He got the message that she really was serious–leave the kids alone.

I would wonder whether the aggressive/protecting will wax or wane when the baby gets older.

Danyelle on

When I was a baby, our dog Rambo was extremely protective of me. Even as I got older, Rambo would follow me around and become very weary of strangers around me, especially men. I always thought it was adorable. I’m sure that if they felt like Jake was a danger to their daughter, they wouldn’t keep him around. Dierks is probably exaggerating a bit.🙂

Bea on

“…he’ll just reach up and bite ‘em in the hand…”

Oh. This is NOT going to end well. I hope Cesar Milan gives Bentley a call, because this dog’s behaviour is disturbing.

MiB on

Jake isn’t jealous with Evie, he’s protective of her since he sees her as a member of his pack and knows that she is defenseless. I have known dogs like that and I whole heartedly doubt that Jake will ever hurt Evie, he loves (in lack of better words) her. I actually used to have a “Jake” and I have to say that I was never afraid that he would hurt me. Off course, he would bark and occasionally growl loudly if anyone unknown entered the house, unless the person was greeted by someone in the family, and he would growl at strangers who talked to me unless I told him not to, but in those cases when it was needed, he would also scare off robbers and “scary people” (the ones that approach you at 2 a.m. when you live in a large city or that give you unwanted attention), and I was very grateful for that. In fact, he seemed to be able to detect aggression in people who came close to me and reacted to it. We had a neighbour who had a dog of the same breed, who would gladly have kept sniffing around while his mistress got robbed if that had ever happened and who didn’t care if she got any unwanted attention, just like George. Bot she and I’d rather have a “Jake”, even though it’s sometimes, admittedly, less convenient.

Sabina on

Maybe Jake imprinted on her. ;P

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