Olive is Sacha's Biggest Fan, Says Isla Fisher

02/26/2009 at 08:00 PM ET
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With the recent family trip to the park showing quite the doting dad, Isla Fisher reveals that when it comes to her fiancé, actor Sacha Baron Cohen, what you see, is what you get! Famous for his comedic performances on the big screen — most noticeably that of Borat — Sacha is known for keeping his audience in fits of giggles, and according to the proud mama, the couple’s 16-month-old daughter is his biggest fan. “He already makes Olive shriek with laughter,” Isla tells Closer. For the 33-year-old Australian native, having a great father for her baby girl ranks top 0n her list of priorities.

“Sacha is wonderful, very attentive, constantly amusing, and very hands-on. He’s 10 out of 10 I’d say — and then some!”

Crediting Sacha with her career switch to comedic roles — “it was he who pushed me towards auditioning for Wedding Crashers and the rest is history” — Isla shares that the family of three looks forward to expanding their brood further. While she admits there is currently “no great plan lurking out there” to make Olive a big sister, Isla and Sacha are taking a lackadaisical approach. “I’m sure it will just happen,” says Isla.

Source: Closer via Scunthorpe Telegraph

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hcecilia on

I can only imagine what it’s like to have Sacha as a father! I don’t care what people think or say. Just because there aren’t 50,000 million pictures of Sacha doesn’t mean that he is not in Olive’s life.

Rye on

How sweet. I would never have imagined BORAT as a father. haha. He seems like he is an amazing dad by what Isla has said. That’s awesome! I am thinking they are going to have another soon. I just am getting a vibe. i dont know why! haha.

Lis on

I love them – they seem so sweet, and Olive is a living doll baby, but I mean – are Isla and Sascha EVER getting married??? Gosh, I hope they do soon!

anon on

I’m sure he loves his daughter and is a big part of her life; he just doesn’t do it in front of a camera. On the other hand, there used to be loads of pictures on the net of Sacha and Isla in public looking quite affectionate towards each other. That stopped after she became pregnant. Gotta wonder about that. Maybe she got pregnant to save a failing relationship.

meghan on

I think you’re reading too much into things. Relationships change and evolve all the time. It doesn’t mean it isn’t as solid as ever, just different. Besides, if their relationship were failing before the pregnancy, odds are it would have fallen apart by now anyway, baby or not.

Unless of course your just posting this message to start trouble.

Colleen on

I have read elsewhere that the reason they are not married is because of their religions. Isla has not converted to Judaism. This makes me wonder what, if any, religion they are are raising Isla in.
Anyways, who cares if they are married or not? I realize engagement is a promise towards marriage, but the religion thing makes sense to me.

hcecilia on

anon: I think it’s rather amusing you would say something like that. Are you comparing them to your standard of what affection is because that must mean that my boyfriend and I have a failing relationship! It’s amazing how you compare by the amount of pictures there are before and after. There’s a reason why some celebrities aren’t pictured as much, they avoid the paparazzi hotspots.

anon on

Colleen–Isla said in Allure magazine recently that she converted two years ago–right before Olive was conceived.

Meghan–Start trouble with whom? Do people really care enough about this stuff to argue with strangers about it?

I’m just speculating because I think a seven plus year relationship with a baby and a religious conversion involved really should, at least in my book, have produced a marriage by now. Isla’s been telling the press since 2002 that they are getting married. Since she converted, I’d guess that she really wants to mary him. Since they are still not married, I’d assume that he doesn’t want to marry her. What gives and why would someone bring a baby into a seven year stand off about getting married? I love my husband, but I wouldn’t have waited around for five years to let him decide whether or not to marry me, change religions, and then make a baby out of wedlock.

CelebBabyLover on

anon- SHE didn’t get pregnant, THEY did. I mean yes, obviously she’s the one who carried the baby for nine months, but it takes two to tango!

Also, how do you know he doesn’t want to marry her? Maybe she says that they’re planning to get married to try to get the press to back off. If she DIDN’T say anything or refused to answer questions about marriage, they’d probably hound her about it even more than they do now!

Maybe they’ve decided they’re happy with being engaged. And what’s wrong with having a baby with someone you love? In my opinion, as long as you are with someone you truly love and are committed to a long-term relationship with them (whether marriage is in the picture or not), it’s perfectly fine to have a baby.

Also, look at Isla’s comments here and in past interviews about Sasha. Does that sound like someone in a failing relationship to you? As private as Isla and Sacha are, I think they’d avoid commenting about each other or their relationship if it was failing, rather than pretend everything was fine.

Stephany on

Well, put CelebBabyLover. Everything I wanted to say, but put much nicer.🙂

julie on

Celebrity Baby Lover–There’s a lot wrong with having a baby out of wedlock. I think there is probably a huge gap in our attitudes about this, and I’m not going to spend a lot of time trying to change your mind. I will say though that marriage is the ultimate commitment and the most real and that numerous studies show that children born in marriages, even rocky ones do better on all than children born outside of them — socially, educationally, financially and most importantly, in their own romantic relationships as adults. Isla, interestingly enough is a child of divorce. This is not her first engagement or live-in to a high profile man.

BTW–no matter how romantically you view having a baby, THEY did not get pregnant, she did. My husband of twenty years and I have two kids. I love him dearly and we’ve been through thick and thin together, but I have the stretch marks, the C-section scar, and, if anything happens to him, the kids. I labored for 24 hours to give birth to my first; my husband just rubbed my back. I’m the one who had surgery while he sat in the room with me. No matter how supportice he was, it happened in my body. It really was my thing. That’s just how it is. Ultimately, it’s a woman’s choice to have or carry a child. I still think it’s a selfish one to do it outside of marriage. You, of course disagree. That’s OK. You’re entitled.

CelebBabyLover on

anon- “Ultimately, it’s a woman’s choice to have or carry a child.” That’s basically why I made the comment that I did. To me, you were insuinating that having Olive was completely Isla’s choice, and that somehow she may have tricked Sacha.

I disagree. Put it this way: Yes, sometimes it probably IS mostly or soley the woman’s choice to get pregnant. However, that doesn’t mean it SHOULD be! I believe there are some choices that couples really need to make together, and having a baby is one of them. If only one of them wants a child and/or the woman somehow “tricks” the man into having a baby (which, in my opinion, is actually techincally impossible. After all, most men know full well how babies are made!), that’s usually not going to be good for the relationship.

In fact, that’s just as bad as having a baby to try to save a relationship, in my opinion. As for it being the woman getting pregnant: I fully acknowledged in my previous comment that it is obviously the woman who carries the baby for 9 months (give or take) and gives birth. However, techincally, it takes two to actually GET pregnant, which is what I was referring to. A woman doesn’t get pregnant on her own (by that I mean it takes more than just a woman’s egg to make a baby), nor does a man “get” a woman pregnant (I hate it when people use the phrase “he got her pregnant”!). The woman and the man make the baby together.

To put it another way, pregnancy can’t happen unless the two pieces of the puzzle, so to speak, get put together. As far as having a child out of wedlock goes….Look at Johnny Depp’s kids or Goldie Hawn’s and Kurt Russell’s kids. Do they look any less adjusted or happy than kids who have been born in wedlock?

Also, I had no idea that Isla is a child of divorce, but that could actually very well be a major reason why she and Sacha aren’t married. As a child of divorce, she may be afraid of divorce and wary of marriage herself. My brother’s girlfriend is also a child of divorce, and in her case, she also saw her mother marry and divorce at least two other men (even she admits that her mother just doesn’t have good luck with men!). Therefore, while we don’t know for sure if she’s wary of marriage or afraid of divorce, it’s certainly understandable for my family that she and my brother are not married even after being together for several years!

Anyway, I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one. Obviously we have different beliefs, and that’s okay!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to point out that some people/couples DO see pregnancy as a “joint project” if you will. For example, if you look back at my family’s old Christmas letters and other letters and things written during my mother’s pregnancies, my parents referred to each of my mother’s pregnancies as “Our pregnancy”, which I think is sweet.🙂

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