Kevin Federline Gets Frugal – About Kids’ Clothes!

02/26/2009 at 01:30 PM ET

It’s not all partying in Las Vegas for Britney Spears’s ex. Kevin Federline hit the party town to take in the Project fashion trade show hoping to gain some inspiration for a children’s clothing line he is planning on launching.

“I’m trying to take it seriously and make a quality product for kids but not have parents pay like $500 or something ridiculous for a pair of jeans,” he tells WWD. “You buy your kids a pair of True Religions then they roll around in the dirt like kids do and a $200 pair of jeans is gone. With this economy, I’m looking to do something much more reasonable.” He does have a point. We hope to see Jayden James, 2 and Sean Preston, 3, trying out their daddy’s design soon.

Source: Women’s Wear Daily via PEOPLE StyleWatch

— Katherine

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Nicole on

I’m not a parent, but who would spent $200 on True Religion jeans for their 2 year old?

Heather on

The vast majority of parents don’t buy their children True Religion jeans. You can tell he lives in Hollywood.

Christian on

I agree who would pay that much for a 2 year old’s clothes, especially when they grow out of them by the next month!

CBB, why not mention his other two children also. You know, Kaleb and Korey…

This is a piece written for PEOPLE StyleWatch that is cross-posted on CBB, so we aren’t adjusting the wording, but yes, he does have two additional children.

– CBB Staff

Gigi on

Can he not shop at the Gap? He is truly delusional if he thinks there are not cheaper options than True Religion jeans for his toddlers.

Torre on

Hey!! What about Kori & Kaleb? Don’t you hope to see his eldest kid’s in his designs as well?
Just wondering out loud.

melissa on

I don’t see a problem with spending $200 on jeans if you can afford it. Oh, Kevin does have 2 other children by Shar Jackson. Since she is a celebrity, I think it would be fitting to name Kori Madison and Kaleb Michael.

alexa madeline on

who would spent $200 on True Religion jeans for their 2 year old? DENISE RICHARDS

cathy b on

I bought my son some Tru Religion jeans they are very nice he is 8yrs old, but I bought them for $50 off of ebay or you can get them from Marshall as well. I like the fact the Kevin takes good care of all his kids and is a good father and provider for his children.

Lauren on

I am looking forward to seeing what he designs. Hopefully it is affordable for EVERYONE. Like not $50 a pair. But I think his 4 kids are always dressed well, and I think he might do well!

Crystal on

That’s because he doesn’t have any money!!!

Megan on

I buy my boys jeans mostly from Old Navy where in Toddler sizes I can get jeans 2 for $30!

Aelys on

I don’t have kids but even if I did, I wouldn’t buy them $200 jeans.
As for the comments that he’s living in Hollywood and whatnot, yes, he does live in Hollywood but, to me, it shows he thinks of those who don’t live in Hollywood and who can’t afford to buy their kids the same wardrobe celebrities buy their own children. So I think before criticizing Kevin’s move, it would be better to consider his motives and think a little further than those 2 sentences.

babyboopie on

Huh. He’s just trying to change his image, I guess.

Mrs. R. on

I applaude his effort to promote his new project.
Was it the most ‘down-to earth’ thing to say… no.
I agree with the poster who wrote that you can tell he lives in Hollywood… that made me laugh.

He’s not the brightest bulb, but you can see his heart is in the right place.

tink1217 on

I have to admit I would spend between $50 and $100 on good quality jeans for my kids…it all depends on quality. But my kids are not growing at an alarming rate anymore. When they were younger, the most I spent was $50. I found that jeans bought for any less than $25 often did not hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life with little ones…with the exception of anything by Carters. I usually shopped at Baby Gap or Gap Kids. I do buy most of my son’s jeans at Abercrombie Kids now though. They are very well made and last…he has had jeans for 3 years that still look brand new from there. Gap also. My daughter buys jeans by Lucky Brand, Diesel, Hollister, Abercrombie. Not overly expensive, but not cheap…but they last. I think there can be a middle ground.

wavybrains on

$15 strikes me as being a bit high as a low option. We do a lot of hand-me downs (which is what I marked) but I’m not opposed to the clearance or second hand find. The max I will spend on pants for my 17 month old is around $5 though.

lis on

I took his statements more from the line of celebrities who make clothing lines. So many of them have released their own lines when the clothes end up being ridiculously expensive and only available to other élite.

Vanessa on

I don’t even buy $200 jeans for myself. Seriously, kids grow up too fast and yes, they do get dirty. You want jeans? Go to Target.

Aniah on

I love boutique clothing for my little girls! Lipstik, Little Mass, Flowers by Zoe, Kaia Eve, Biscotti, My Vintage Baby, custom made outfits on ebay etc. Yes they are pricey but I make my money back by reselling them on ebay (there are some good deals on there too). I use the money that I make back on ebay to buy new outifts, sell them when they can no longer be worn and the cycle continues.

Elaine on

$200 for a pair of kids jeans? Is he kidding or something? i suppose he doesn’t have to care about the cost as its his former wife that is forking out. $15 is the absolute max I would pay for a pair of jeans for my children (2 and 5 years old) and they would have to be very very nice ones at that.

suzanne on

Hey Kevin…Ever hear of Old Navy? PLEASE!! Kids grow WAY too fast to spend $200 on jeans!

Danielle on

We buy a few pairs of jeans per season for Anya at H&M, Old Navy and Target. I love them! But for me, since I don’t grow into a new size every six months, I’ll spend up to $150 on a pair that is supremely flattering. My new fave jeans are from Madewell.

MZ on

I think it depends on the age of the kids. My 3 week old son is going to be in $5-15 pants for years. However, when he’s a teen I won’t have an issue with even maybe up to $50 jeans if they are good quality. I’m a 37″ inseam, which can be hard to find for women, so I spend up to $50 on myself (a little more for maternity pants b/c they were even harder to find).

liana on

200 dollars is nothing really.

brannon on

my 2 year old has true religion jeans and i love them. i am neither a celebrity or a superstar. but i work, make money and will spend it as i choose. i’m sure kevin was referring to most celebrity lines which do tend to be on the higher side of things. this guy can’t catch a break … from what we have seen, he cares for all four children, stays out of the spotlight – and keeps them out as well – and is now working with kids in mind. nothing he said is unlike what we’ve heard from other celebs. i say kudos for keeping your head on straight while everything else around you is spinning.

Manuela on

I buy cloths for my 4 month old son at outlet stores(carter’s,children place,tommy,ralph lauren) They have good prices there,and also at GAP and ROSS.At carter’s I always spend around $50 and I got 10 pieces or more.I love that store they always have nice cloths for baby boys 🙂

Carol on

While I do admire the guy for trying to make a living and raise his boys, I would like to remind him that his children don’t need to wear True Religion jeans and indeed they do sell baby clothes at Target, KMart, WalMart, and my personal favorite, Kohls for a reasonable amount of money.

eva on

Maybe Kori and Caleb can try the clothes too?

ellka on

i don’t think that he’s saying he’s bought $200 jeans for his kids, but that other people have, obviously, since such jeans are in stores. i do hope that he (or someone) creates an affordable eco-friendly clothing line that’s readily avaliable. macy’s is about as fancy a store as any around here, and things like that don’t seem to be avaliable there.

Jase on

Lol he can sure afford them $200 jeans. He gets $20,000 child support per month from Britney which is ridiculous – it does not take that amount of money to raise two kids per month. Also when she goes on tour (which starts Tuesday) he will get an extra $16,000 per month to take the boys to see their mother on tour. Keeping in mind he is getting that money on top of an all expenses paid trip! So for the duration of the tour he will be getting $36,000 per month. He is ALL about the money!

Sheena on

I don’t think he is saying he is buying his kids $200 pair of jeans. He is saying, why pay $200 for a pair of kids jeans when they are going to get them dirty anyway. I wish him the best with his new kids clothing line…hopefully it’s something that can be bought at Children’s place or Gymboree!

CelebBabyLover on

Sheena is correct. He is referring to the new kids’ clothing line he’s designing, not buying clothes for his kids. Also, I don’t get the comments that he has no money. He works as a DJ, so I assume he gets money from that. Maybe not a lot, but it’s still money!

Jase on

He works as a DJ in Vegas once a month…..that is not a wage!

Also, I know he is saying he doesn’t buy the expensive jeans. I was just making a point of how he acts like he is father of the year when he is far from it. He lives off his ex-wife, left Shar for Britney when she was pregnant with their second child and he has two nannies when he doesn’t have a job. I remember the comments on here after his People magazine interview and everyone was talking about him like he was some kind of saint.

Lorus on

I agree that it sounds like he’s NOT buying the $200 jeans. He wants to make designer clothing for cheaper prices.
I don’t know why people are still hating on him. I think he’s really stepped up to the plate in the last 2 years.

Q on

I wouldn’t pay over $15, even that is to much to me. $5-$7 is more like it.

He does not work as a DJ for the last time. Kevin has no steady job. He’s been talking about this clothing line since BEFORE Sean Preston was born & he’s still just looking for inspiration. So i’ll believe it when I see it. I think he’s just trying to sound busy.

I don’t know about his 2 older kids, but Britney use to buy “normal’ priced clothes for the boys. From places like Baby Gap & Children’s Place. I remember people getting on her case for being a cheapskate(not here).

jaQ on

well, good for him. i shop at thrift stores, and pay no more than $3-5 for any item for the kids.

kris on

While I don’t buy expensive clothes for my boys I do know “regular” folks who do. I guess it’s all just personal preference.

Christie on

I wish people would stop commenting like they KNOW these people personally. Like one person said, this guy can not catch a break sometimes. He doesn’t mention his first two kids, he spends too much of Britney’s money, Britney bought “proper” clothes, etc. His first two kids live with their mother, who has stated many times that Kevin is a very involved and loving father. The youngest two actually live with him so yes I can see him commenting more on them. Plus he seems to prefer keeping all of his kids out of the spotlight as it should be and no one really knows WHAT kind of clothes he buys for them. If he actually does get this clothing line going I say good for him and I would be interested in seeing exactly what it looks like.

Di on

Kevin is living in a fantasy land if he thinks that anyone will buy what he is selling. I think it is a good idea to create affordable clothes for children but as others have stated places like Target, K-mart and Walmart already sell clothes that are not too expensive.

In terms of him not referencing his older two children, I think it is important to remember that by and large, the media does not take about Kori/Kaleb. Remember the People article, only two sentences were devoted to his older children. There was hardly any discussion about how much time he spends with them or what he does with them while at his home every other weekend. The paparazzi do not care to get a shot of his oldest two children which is why the public does not really see them.

Lastly, Kevin gets a ridiculous amount of child support which given Britney’s income is considered reasonable. In addition, he’ll get an extra $5000 for every week Britney is on tour. This guy has no job even though Britney has the kids around 43% of the time. Even if the clothing line is successful, it will take months to turn a profit. What I would like to point out is that many people find it distateful for man to not work but have no problem with a woman staying home with the kids.

Kate on

I am sorry but none of you know Kevin. I had my preconceived notions of him but I must say I have changed my tune. I have seen how he took the reins and grew up fast to take care of his two children with Britney. I mean this guy is pretty much the only consistent parent to those two boys. He made his mistakes but honestly I think he held up his side of the bargain. He has an ex who while what he did was wrong, says he is a great father and that they co-parent their two kids. As for the money. Ummmm he didn’t get that money for no reason. The child support is what any parent would get and would get that according to what the breadwinner parent would make. He would not get all that money for child support if someone hadn’t flashed their vagaga all over LA and introduced members of the paparazzi and unsavory people in her life because of mental illness. I am sorry but I don’t think she has changed a lot. I think its the conservatorship that is making her look sane. If left w/o her father, she would fall right back into that mess again. She gave her money to Kevin of her own mistakes and her mental illness.

Mary-Helen on

I think he’s got a point. I have a lot of friends who buy their kids designer everything and then get mad when their kids are kids and ruin them. I have always just bought my kids clothes from Wal-Mart, Zellers, etc because my eldest wants Hannah Montana and Tinkerbell more than some uber coordinating Gap or Gymboree ensemble. However, I think it’s great he’s trying to make a solid living for himself and also put reasonable price tags on his clothes as well.

daze on

as for the amount of his child support i would just add something. Yes he gets 20K a month from britney and it’s seems normal since she has BIG income but there’s a thing i just discovered in court papers or something like that : britney pay for the nanny kevin hired for the boys at HIS home. she pay for the bodyguard of the boys at KEVIN’s house and she probably put a lot of clothes she buy for JJ and Preston in their bag when they go back to daddy. so now i think that’s insane! plus apparently the new deal is that during and after the tour they will share 50/50 of the time with the boys. i said the time because i’m sure he wants to keep legal custody because….otherwise no money!

so that was just to say it’s good he seems involve but he’s not a saint at all

Nylah on

I only buy my kids jeans at Sears. When I buy them there, the jeans are covered under Sears’ KidVantage Program. If the jeans tear up before my kids outgrow them, I can simply return them and get a new pair. Which saves me money in the long run, since my little boy is so rough on clothing and shoes.

brannon on

1.if a woman stayed home with the kids everyone would expect her to receive child support.
2. it is well documented she could not care for the children.
3. he does work.
4.he is creating a reasonable line of childrens clothing because he AGREES with all of you about high prices.
5. however, reasonable people – me – do pay goods money for good clothes and we do not get mad if they get torn up. and guess what, expensive clothes wash the same way as cheap ones.
6. he didn’t mention any kids – the article did – so he did not leave out his first two children. period.
7. not a huge kevin fan but for some reason, this post is driving me crazy because its full of double standards. she was drinking, on drugs, unstable and eventually committed. she can no longer make decisions and only recently begun to keep her privates covered. and he is who you guys are going to pick on for wanting to create a cheap childrens line of clothing? wow.

amelie on

I voted for $50. I have found that better quality (which are always more expensive) clothes last for so much longer. If I buy a $20 pair of jeans for my kid, they sometimes don’t last the whole season so I have to buy another pair, which also wear out quickly. On the other hand, if I buy expensive jeans for them, they not only last a few seasons for one child, I can use them as hand me downs for multiple seasons. So not only do I save money in the long run, it’s better for the environment because I’m not treating clothes as a disposable item. The initial outlay always makes me wince a little bit, but it’s better in the long run.

finnaryn on

Nylah, Thanks for the tip about Sears!! I am going to have to look into that as my 5 year old just blew out the knees in another pair of jeans that are only 3 months old. -sigh-

I marked $15 but really I tend to stick with Target and wait for sales if I can. I would never spend $200, or the equvalant of a weeks worth of groceries on one piece of clothing.

CelebBabyLover on

Uh, brannon, Britney’s been wearing more approprite clothing pretty much ever since the conservatorship began, which was almost a year ago. I don’t really call that “recent”.

Other than that, however, I agree with what you posted defending Kevin. Di, I agree with you as well, and you have an excellent point about Kori and Kaleb. Now, I want to add a few things:

As Brannon said, Kevin DOES work. Okay, so it’s not a “regular” 9-5, five-day-a-week job, but he DOES still work. Obviously he needs SOME money, as Britney only pays for the kid-related things. I doubt very much that she pays for Kevin’s clothes, food (with the possible exception of if he’s with the kids), tolitries, etc.

Also, he has ONE nanny, NOT two like so many people try to claim. He has said that himself, and that is also what all of the reliable sources (such as PEOPLE) say. As far as legal custody goes…At this point, I don’t think it’s about him wanting money. I think him maintaining legal custody is because, as long as Britney’s under the conservatorship, she probably CAN’T have any legal custody.

Finally, I don’t think Kevin’s trying to prove that he’s father of the year.