Chyler Leigh and Husband Select 'Aniston' for Baby No. 3

02/26/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

It’s official! The third child — and second daughter — for Chyler Leigh and Nathan West will be named Aniston Kay. Due May 15th, baby girl can thank her dad for the unusual moniker! “My husband was actually the one who picked it,” the 26-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress revealed Wednesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “He did a good job.”

When asked by host Ellen DeGeneres if actress Jennifer Aniston was his inspiration, Chyler joked “she is like my best friend,” before clarifying, “I’ve never met her actually, no [laughs].”

“It was just something…my husband and I were trying to look for different names and both of our kids have a traditional and a unique name, so we were kind of just looking for something not as common.”

Impressed by their willingness to defy convention, Ellen joked “if you have another one, call it ‘DeGeneres.'”

Aniston will join big siblings Noah Wilde, 5, and Taelyn Leigh, 2, at home.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Lis on

Everyone will associate this baby with Jennifer Aniston. And while I absolutely LOVE Jen, I don’t know if that’s really a good thing for the child. Not really a fan…

Chel on

Okay, I’ll admit at first I was totally put off by this name because my mind immediately goes to Jennifer Aniston. HOWEVER, thinking about, I actually think it’s a very pretty name. Especially put with “Kay”…

Brooklyn on

Interesting. I love the names Noah and Taelyn and Aniston is kind of off the map. But in some way I do like it. I do agree that most people will probably associate is with Jennifer though.

brannon on

Love the name but yeah. Just like my friend who just named baby jolie – there will always be the association. Pretty name though

Rach on

It’s an unusual name, and yeah the baby will be associated with Jen…but I love it!

NatashaC on

My cousin’s name is Aniston and she’s actually rarely called that, she goes by Annie🙂

Southlyn on

That isn’t a bad name but the connection to Jennifer would be a huge turn off for me.

nimbusi on

both Noah Wyle and Jennifer Aniston might feel honored😀

Ashlee on

Yeah, I agree…maybe they’ll call her Ani.🙂

EB on

i really like it! it would be really cute if they called her Ann or something

Candice on

My, my. Well, I guess all I can really say is that Noah totally lucked out.

iluvallbabies on

Love the name! Its not such a bad thing having a connection to a successful, kind, beautiful movie star!!

Destiny on

Like Aniston Stevenson, one of the quints, she has a beautiful daughter’s name is not like the place’s name of Alabama.

Heather on

I know a little blonde girl named Aniston. It really fits her. I think its a cute name but yeah people will always first think Jennifer.

JM on

I think Aniston is cute but of course will get associated with Jennifer Aniston. I knew someone that had a son named Talon. It reminds me too much of the car!

Lauren on

Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that she lets her husband name their children?

sarah on

What if Chyler (or her husband) someday works with Jennifer Aniston? Having a child named Aniston could make for an awkward situation …

Brandi on

Lauren I think it’s pretty neat. If you click where it says ‘thank her dad’ there is an explanation. Whoever guesses the sex right gets to pick the first name, and the ‘loser’ picks the middle name. So actually Chyler picked Noah’s first name and her two girls’ middle names.

I don’t care for Aniston myself but I think Ani is a cute nickname.

Mallory on

I actually really like the name! So what if people think of Jennifer Aniston? As long as the parents like it, so what. And hey, it’s not like they’re naming her Apple or Peanut or Bronx Mowgli.

JK on

Sorry…I hate that name and I’m sorry…it totally relates to Jennifer Aniston. People don’t name their kids “Aniston.” I hope they at least call her Annie or something.

lizzielui on

There is a five year old girl in my twins’ ballet class named Aniston-Leigh. I don’t see what the big deal is.

NatashaC on

JK, people DO name their kids Aniston.

babyboopie on

Not a fan but wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy with her gorgeous baby girl.

girlJordan on

I’m not a fan of either of their girls names (I don’t mind Noah)but each to their own!

claire on

i love the name, even though it’s differnt. Maybe they could change the spelling, so tha Jennifer Aniston, isn’t the first thing that comes to people’s minds.

Michelle on

Lauren, yes!! I’m sure she has the right to veto any name he chooses if she really didn’t like it!

Rye on

Lauren…She doesn’t let her husband name her children. Her husband and her have a deal that if they have a boy she gets to name them and if they have girls he get’s to name them. So, it’s not like he controls the nameing of the children, they made a bargain so that’s how it goes. haha.

Megan on

Hate to burst her bubble, but Aniston has become a popular name in recent years. Not even close to being unique.

Sarah on

The name is not my style at all but I don’t think it’s too out there.
Surname names are very trendy right now and I think Aniston kinda fits in with all the Addisons, Madison, Emerson, Peyton, Hudson, Easton etc…
And she could always go by Annie.

iluvallbabies on

JK- you posted above: “People don’t name their kids “Aniston.”

Ummmm really? Have you read this post? People DO name their child Aniston. As I mentioned earlier, so what if people associate it with a talented, beautiful women who happens to be a famous actor? Its not like they are naming the child after a mass murderer… so I dont see the big deal!?

Laura on

Hmm, I actually love how Aniston Kay sounds!

lolafalanna on

Really nice 1st name, hmm.. never would have thought of it as a girls 1st name, but it actually works, and I really doubt that people will always connect her name to the actress because come on, do you actually think Jennifer Aniston’s career is going to last that long? I beg to differ.

martie on

When this child is in her late teens I’m sure Jennifer Aniston will not hold the frenzied media attention that she does, and the association wont be as common. You all know how ‘young, beautiful and only 19’ replaces anyone that is around 40 yrs old or a whole lot less for that matter. So, no, I don’t think the association with JA will hold. Darn, I bet that JA wont be a media interest in the next 4 or 5 yrs for that matter. There are too many new flavors of the month up and coming.
BTW – I like Jennifer Aniston, just my own two cents regarding the flaky entertainment media.

CelebBabyLover on

Rye- No, the deal is that whoever correctly guesses the sex first gets to choose the baby’s first name. Then the “loser” chooses the middle name.

Lilly on

I don’t really like the name, but she can go by “Ani” which is kind of cute.

Emma on

I really only wanted to read the comments to see if people knew of other little Aniston’s out there as I’m from England and I’ve never heard of one here! However, I have to say I do like the name – yes, of course, everyone’s going to say “you’ve named her after Jennifer Aniston” for a short while but, apart from that, it’s a really cute little name IMO.

Q on

I like the way Anniston Kay sounds together.

lolafalanna-I disagree. Jen Aniston’s career is going on 15 years & getting bigger, so i don’t see it ending anytime soon. This post is about a baby’s name not bashing Jennifer.

Lawton Apartments on

Interesting couple, but it seems to me that naming babies is a very personal matter. I guess some people just need to share with everyone.

Becca on

Ok, so has anyone registered the fact that “Aniston” wasn’t even the actress’s given surname? It’s merely an anglicization of her slightly cumbersome greek surname. So…by my logic, it’s less a case of “naming her after Jennifer” (for those of you fixated on this issue) and more a case of “choosing the same name Jennifer chose for herself”. So all of you who named your child “Miley”… same difference.

CelebBabyLover on

Becca, actually Jennifer’s dad John Aniston is the one who changed the surname to Aniston. Jennifer basically just followed in his foot steps.🙂 Other than that, I agree with you!🙂

kirsty on

I hate the name, but to each their own! Actors would be more unique if they named their child Mary or John since everyone is trying to be so different, when all they are doing is following the crowd!

Stephany on

Actually, surprisingly, I really, really like the name! I think it’s really very cute. Yes, people will assume it’s linked to Jennifer Aniston but so what? If they like the name, that’s their prerogative.

And I can think of MUCH, MUCH worse names for babies and MUCH, MUCH terrible people to “name” their baby after.

Clara on

Aniston Kay has a nice sound to it and I like it more each time I hear it.

Tina on

I think its cool:p you know its their choice and people should respect it, the baby will be beautiful just like her. but I am wondering, when is a celebrity gonna name their daughter Tina!?!?!?=D.

CelebBabyLover on

kirsty- I wouldn’t exactly call the name Mary unique (not that I have anything against the name. I actually think it’s a very beautiful and classic name!)! I know at least five different Marys…and they all live in the same small town that I do, to boot! Granted, most of them are in their 60s or older, but still, it’s not what I’d call a unique name (at least not in my town! :)).

emily on

Congrats to Chyler and Nathan!! I think Aniston Kay is a beautiful and unique name, though I was unsure at first. It would be adorable if they called her Ani. The initial thought is Jennifer Aniston, but eventually no one will make that association. I love unique names. I think the deal Chyler and her husband have worked out is really neat! I love her on Grey’s Anatomy and wish her and her family the best of luck!!!

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