Tommy Hilfiger and Wife Expecting a Baby

02/25/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Seth Browarnik/Startraks

There’s been a change of plans in the design! After a confident Tommy Hilfiger revealed that he would not be expanding his brood any further with his new wife Dee Ocleppo, the fashion designer’s rep confirms that the couple are expecting their first child together. The new addition — who will join the family in late summer/early fall — will bring their busy household to a grand total of seven kids! In a statement, Tommy’s rep says,

“They couldn’t be happier. They are sharing their joy with friends right now. It’s a very tight-knit, family-oriented group so this is just good news all around. The kids couldn’t be more excited about welcoming a new member of the family.”

Before tying the knot back in December, Tommy told reporters that he had no plans to have more children — according to the 57-year-old he had more than enough! “I have children already — I have four of my own and my fiancée has two. So I have six now,” he said.

Tommy has Ally, 24, Rich, 18, Elizabeth, 15, and Kathleen, 13, with ex-wife Susie; Dee has two sons from her previous marriage to Gianni Ocleppo.

Source: PEOPLE

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alexa madeline on

i find it odd for a 24 year old to have a newborn brother or sister comming soon.

Lacey on

Congrats though!

Jenna Gennaro on

Congratulations to them if they are truly happy. However, I find it irresponsible for these 50-something men to be fathering children with their young brides, especially in this case because he stated he did not want more children. It would have been a simple procedure for him to prevent this (if that is what he truly wanted).

It is only my opinion, but men who already have grown children and are in the 50s, are being vain because in all likelihood, they are not going to be around that long to be with their children and, more likely than not, are not young enough to take care for them as they could when younger.

Unfortunately that is what happens when someone divorces and wants a new family with the new spouse. You cannot fault them for that, but it just seems a bit selfish.

classicfam on

Well, some of you may find it odd, but I am 35 with an aunt a year older than me (and three years younger than her nephew), the youngest from a family of eight. A LOT of families grew up that way — it’s just not as common NOW.

It makes for great holiday gatherings…

Evy-Miami on

Does anyone know how old Dee is? I could not find it anywhere and I am curious about the age difference.

jasmine on

Congrats! I was just watching old episodes of “Rich Girls” (featuring his daughter Ally) the other day!

eternalcanadian on

I find it ironic that Tommy (and other men) would be quite public about saying no more children, and yet not take medical measures to ensure thusly. It really is a simple procedure, and in most cases reversible if the latest technology and procedures are utilized.

Wendy on

I don’t find it odd. It makes sense if someone, because they love their new spouse, wants to have a child or two with that spouse, even if they already have children. As long as he treats the kids well, and does his best, who are we to judge him? Different people want different things.

Sabra on

In the NYT Magazine profile of Tommy Hilfiger from last fall, Dee Ocleppo was listed as being 41. She’ll be 42 when the baby is born.

iluvallbabies on

Just because this baby wasnt “planned” it doesnt mean its not wanted! Maybe he originally said that because he knew the mom falls into the older category, and he wanted to take the pressure off trying incase it didnt happen.

Conrats to the couple- he could outlive a “20 something” dad -you just never know.

Samantha Delynne on

Hes going to be a Dad.If its a girl should name it Bridget or Julianne.If its a boy should name it Jeffrey or Jason.

Eileen on

While, I subscribe to the notion that you only regret the children you don’t have, I do find it a little irresponsible of Tommy Hilfiger. When you’re in the public eye, you’d think your words would be chosen cafefully if they’re not absolute truths. I would find it sad finding out that I wasn’t intended upon, let alone it being written about all over the world.

Mia on

Well he said they weren’t planning on anymore children, but sometimes things happen. Also, I’m guessing the age factor probably wasn’t on their side for having kids, so I’m sure it’s an even bigger surprise for them. I’m thinking it’ll be a boy, but a girl would be cute.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- ITA! Even if this baby WAS ended unplanned, I’m sure Tommy and his wife will make sure s/he knows that unplanned doesn’t neccesarily equal unwanted!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as for why Tommy didn’t just “get snipped”…Maybe he and his wife weren’t totally, completely 100 percent sure that they didn’t want kids. Or maybe they even thought that they wouldn’t be able to have any (theoritcally, if a woman has the type of menopause where the periods simply taper off and happen less and less frequently rather than just stopping all at once, it’s possible for her to THINK she’s gone through menopause when she actually hasn’t. Yes, usually there are hot flashes and such, but not all women experience the typical “symptoms” of menopause.) due to his wife’s age.

Also, why is it always the man’s responsibility to get a permant birth control procedure (granted, I realize that Tommy was the one who made the comment about not wanting any more kids, but even so!)? My parents didn’t want any more children after me (no, it wasn’t because I was unwanted! My parents simply decided, before they even had kids, that they only wanted two kids). So guess what? My MOTHER had the pemanant birth control procedure (of course, since it was done right after my birth by C-section, the doctors were already in there anyway!)!

I realize that having your tubes tied is a bigger procedure than a man having a vasectomy, but even so, I don’t think it’s fair to place ALL the responsibility for permanant birth control on a man’s shoulders (unless, of course, you’re talking about a guy who basically hops from woman to woman and has kids with each one! In that case, if he doesn’t want kids, it is definently his responsiblity to get the permenant birth control procedure!)!

Also, there is now a new permenant birth control for women called Essure. It is in some ways even simpler than a vasectomy, as it doesn’t require incisions of any kind. What happens is that metal coils are inserted into each of the falliopin tubes through the, uh, natural entrance. The coils themselves help block sperm from reaching an egg, and as the tubes heal, scar tissue forms around the coils, pretty much completely blocking the tubes.

Even if it does end up being the man get a vasectomy, I still think that needs to be a joint decision between the partners. There are somethings you just don’t do behind your spouse’s/partner’s back, and, IMO, having a vasectomy (or any type of permenant birth control procedure, for example) is one of them.

Baby Names on

Congratulations to them. I dont like that idea when guys over 50 decide to have a baby. Hope the new born baby is healty & his father is around to see the baby grow up.

Pants on


I don’t disagree with you, I think the couple should openly discuss the pros/cons of both procedures.

I think typically couples opt for vasectomy because it’s a little more effective than tubal ligation and also the risk of complication during the vasectomy procedure is MUCH lower. That said, if a vasectomy was much riskier I wouldn’t want my fiance to have it done just to spare myself a surgery that I’m perfectly healthy enough to undergo.

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