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02/25/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

Courtesy Tammy Etheridge for use on CBB

As a mom to 2-year-old boy/girl twins Miller Steven and Johnnie Rose, Tammy Etheridge knows a thing or two about parenting. The actress, wife of rocker Melissa Etheridge, is a favorite here at CBB, sharing pictures of her adorable children — and personal blog entries about the joys (and stresses!) of motherhood. We’ll be chatting with Tammy next week, and we’d love to take your questions for possible inclusion.

What do you want to ask Tammy? Leave your questions below!


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Kelsa on

Hi Tammy!
What do you do with all the clothes and gear that your little ones outgrow? Do you donate, consign, put in the attic, give to friends?? (I love consignment shops!)

What are some of the baby gadgets that you couldn’t live without? (Mine was the video monitor)

Finally, finish this sentence – I knew I was a true mother when…


Jessica on

Hi Tammy!

I recently had twins in September, one boy and one girl, I feel as thoughmy son is much more needy than my daughter, but how can I divide my time between the two of them equally? What I am trying to say is, I feel as though my son gets most of my attention.
They twins are also in the beginning stagesof teething…do youhave any tips/tricks/products, that you used?

Thank You in Advance!!
You and Melissa have a beautiful family, God Bless!!!


Alex on

Ooh, this is one of my favourite families you guys feature on here. Those babies are so beautiful. My question for Tammy would be this: with your wife Melissa being a musician, how much time does your family spend travelling? I would like to travel with my children one day and would love to hear a perspective on this from someone who does it🙂.

Stéph on

Hi Tammy!

It’s so nice of you to answer our questions. Thanks!
What is your favorite thing about each of your kids? Favorite activity to do with them?
And can you tell us a funny story that happened with Johnnie and Miller? Or an embarassing mommy moment?

God Bless!

erika joyner on

I have a blended family as well. My husband and I have a 3 year old boy and 5 year old girl, and I am stepmom to his 9 and 11 year old boys. How do you guys make it work? And how are melissas older children with the twins?

kh on

My question would be this – and I absolutely mean this in the nicest most genuinely curious kind of way – what is motivating you to give a media interview on your children when you are so dedicated to shielding your children from the media?

Jen on

How do you and Melissa juggle the kids with all the inconvenience that can come with being in the public eye? and how did you too handle (or are handling) potty training?

Anna on

My question is: “Why give an interview and photos to a website that buys photos from paparazzi, if you hate the paparazzi?”

Lisa W. on

Hi Tammy! I am really looking forward to your interview! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

My question is:

Can you please share your experience of appearing in Melissa’s music video “Message to Myself”, along with your twins? What kind of music do your children like to listen to?

Melanie on

Are you kids pickey eaters? If so, how do you get them to try new foods? I have a 3yr old and all I can really get her to eat is snacks, not a meal.

Leeann on

Hi Tammy!

My question is: Do you own any Little Tikes Toys? If so, what kinds of toys do the kids play with? My kids are 2 & 3 and love the playhouse, sandbox, bouncy castle, and interactive kitchen.


Stephanie on

Hi Tammy,

My 3 year old daughter adores her two grandmothers, and she understands that Mommy has two mommies just like Daddy has a mommy and daddy. The problem is we live in a very conservative-minded area; my daughter is beginning to pick up on the negative comments and reactions we sometimes get from people who don’t approve of our family, and it is breaking my heart to see my daughter so upset. Do you have any advice on how to explain to our young child why some people don’t approve of her two grandmas? How do you and Melissa discuss situations like this with your children?

Bonnie Heller on

Hey Tammy,
I am a HUGE fan of yours and Melissa. I actually have 2 questions. My first question is, If you had a chance to meet the lady with the octuplets, what advice would you give her?
Or How have your kids blessed you in and Melissa in your lives? I have twins Johnny and Grace and they have blessed me in so many ways that obviously I would do anything for them. You and Melissa are the best and I wish you two the best.

Leeann on

Hi Tammy!

My other question is: Are you a fan of any of the TLC parenting programs such as A Baby Story, Jon & Kate Plus 8 ?


Leeann on

Hi Tammy!

I was wondering do you feed your kids organic foods/snacks? Also, what are some of their favorite foods?

Thanks for coming on Celebrity Baby Blog and talking to us!


Leeann on

Hi Tammy!

I was wondering do you let your kids watch TV? What are your feelings about children watching too much TV? In general what kinds of programs do the kids enjoy? My kids love Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer, but we try to limit our TV to 1 hour a day.


Janet on

Tammy…just want to tell you…You and Melissa ROCK!!!

Dawn on

Hi Tammy! I’m having boy/girl twins in May. Is there any special advice you can give me? Like how you handled feeding them, changing them or how to get them sleeping on the same schedule? Thank you for answering our questions!

Erin Har on


did you have the same donor for both twins? did you use any of melissa’s eggs? was that ever an option. i think famlies like yours should be open so having a family is more obtainable to other couples. thanks

Gwen on

I found Tammy’s blog when I was pregnant with my now two year old. I loved reading her pregnancy posts (my baby was born 10-12-06).

I *love* this age! Two year olds are all kinds of awesome. Funny, inventive, curious – so much fun!

What are your favorite things about your kids right now?

I still love reading her blog! Reading about her experience with the papperazi and her kids made me really consider whether or not I should even visit a site like this (feeding the machine). What are Tammy’s thoughts. As far as the fascination with celebrity babies – Can we go backwards from here? If so, how? Or is it too late?

Emily on

Yay! I am super excited to read this interview. I don’t have any questions, because I don’t have any children, but… Melissa Etheridge is my favorite singer and I’ve been to two of her concerts and I love Tammy’s blog and… run-on sentence ending now. Haha. I love this family! I’m glad Tammy has agreed to do this and I can’t wait to read it. Thanks, CBB, and Tammy!😀

Lisa on

hi tammy – i once heard the older kids call melissa and julie mama and mamo. do the twins have different names for you both? what do the older kids call you?

Catherine on

No question, just wanted to say you have a wonderful and beautiful family. Wishing you many years of health and happiness!

Mary on

I’m expecting my first baby late this summer. What is the one thing that you would recommend would be a good choice as to pre-natal care? I’m talking eating habits, whether or not to use a midwife, vitamins, and etc. Also, right after the babies were born was there any specific item that made life a little easier?

Lisa B. on

I don’t actually have anything specific to ask, but wanted Tammy to know that I think she is awesome, and that I love both her blog and CBB. I am really appreciative of the time she’ll take to open up to talk to CBB, and thank you – you rock and have a great sense of humor, and my son is a little older than your twins (he was born 6/6/06 and my own birthday is 10/17) so I love hearing it all because I can totally relate. Looking forward to the interview so much! And Tammy, if you need a quiet place to stay a little outside of New York City, we can make it work! We have plenty of toys, and I’d love to talk/relax with you and Melissa after the kids go to bed.

Seas on

My twins are older now…23. We remember vividly tho how they had developed there own language at about two. Do your twins have a language known only to them.?..They really use to freak us out and could talk to each other in their “twin” language room to room.

VickiiMidwife on

Beautiful babies, T. How are their personalities different from each other, and how are they similar? Do you find that one has similar traits to you and/or to Melissa? Would you consider a VBAC if there’s a next time?

Daisy Spanker on


So does your favorite waitress have a battery behind her ear? LOL!!!!!!!!

Really my question is quite simple … as I am only a parent to a dog and a cat my real responsibility is to make sure she stays out of his kitty litter … what brings you solace in your mommy world? Knowing what you’ve shared in your blog … becoming a stepmom then having children of your own … what reflections from your youth if any have helped you balance all of your chitlens? My next question is can you please send mary poppins my way😉 I need help monitoring my dog staying outta the kitty litter box.😉

kathleen on

Do yo uthink you will attempt to travel with the twins again when Melissa tours? or wait a few yrs?….We really want to see the darlings…..

A long time fan…..

Kel on

One word to describe how it feels to be a mother?

Why did you choose that word?

Love and Light😉

Kathy on

I have a 3yr. old grandson who seems to be a very smart young man, from having to go to daycare and busy being ran all over the place during the week at times he just gets to the stubborn part were he just won’t budge, do you have that same problem with the twins and your busy schedule with your wife? I feel sorry for the kids today were unfortunaley alot of the parents both have to work but on the weekends the little guy doesn’t want to do anything..

karen bLACKFORD on

Mrs Etheridge,

Is it hard not having extended family close to you? I was in the Air Force 20 yrs and our four children don’t really know their relatives. My wife and i want to be close to our future grandchildren. I wish you and your family of six much love and happiness.


eric on

1st off, you and Melissa are my favorite celebrity couple! My ?’s aren’t baby related, but are about you and Melissa.

1.How did you tell her you were taking her last name?

2.Did your uncle Dan, your surrogate dad, give you away at your wedding?

3.Did Melissa carry you over the threshhold in Vermont?

Wendy - isis on

Tammy, I have so enjoyed reading your blog about your journey with the twins. Did Jessica move in yet? Why not get a neighbourhood petition to get her out? lol
Are you still able to go to your favorite park past the hounds with cameras?
Are you going to answer any of these questions?

stop by the zone sometime we miss you!!

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