Kate Winslet Says Mia Not a Fan of Oscar Dress

02/24/2009 at 07:00 PM ET
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As the odds on favorite to win Best Actress at Sunday’s Academy Awards, Kate Winslet could have had dozens of dresses to choose from, but the 33-year-old mom of two says there was no choice to be made. Given the slumping economy, Kate tells Oprah Winfrey that such an indulgence would have been wasteful. “It’s just not nice to have people make lots of dresses and you just wear one out of a possible five,” she explained the day after her big win. “So Yves St. Laurent very kindly said, ‘We’d like to make something for you,’ and that was what we did.”

While fashion insiders may have raved about the asymetric gray and black gown Kate donned, at least one person was unimpressed: Her 8-year-old daughter Mia Honey, whom she called backstage after accepting her award.

“I said, ‘Hi, Mia, did you jump up and down?’ [Mia] says: ‘Yes, I did, Mum, I did. I need to talk to you about the dress — it was gray.’ She was absolutely mortified I wore a gray dress.”

Kate’s hinted that while her career is going full steam ahead, we will be seeing less and less of her, so to speak!

“I have done quite a lot of nudity, and I feel like my kids — they’re 8 and 5 now — maybe they’re going to start to become aware of the amount of nudity I’ve done. I just sort of feel like I can’t get away with it that much longer.”

Mia is Kate’s daughter with ex-husband Jim Threapleton; She is also mom to 5-year-old Joe Alfie, with husband Sam Mendes.

Source: Oprah.com

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Jessica on

I liked the dress Kate, if that means anything to you. 🙂

I was really happy that she won, she deserved it.

J on

Oh, what a savior for the economy, to ONLY have Yves St. Laurent design a dress just for you! How about the masses of formal dresses already being produced and sitting on racks? Take a cue from Cameron Manheim.

One word, Kate: Sears.

from canada with love on

A lovely dress for a lovely woman.
Congratulations Kate for winning an award you should have won back in 1997 for Sense and Sensibility and For Titanic in 1998.

Is anybody else still surprised she isn’t on her 4th or 5th award?

From Canada With Love!

Jessica on

Umm J let’s be realistic, she was speculated to win the Oscar. Most of the celebs toned down their wardrobe in light of the economic recession. Nobody really bragged about their jewelry.

All she was saying was that she wanted to be respectful of the people who are suffering by having just one person design her a dress instead of having 10 dresses thrown at her.


JC on

I agree with my fellow Jessica. She was merely saying she wasn’t going to have a stylist have a bunch of dress options for her and just went with one designer. It then doesn’t waste the other designers time or money and they can have their dresses shown to other actresses, if she had the normal choices and a designer dress wasn’t picked it wouldn’t of been woren by anyone else.

L on

Congratulations Kate! Finally! A well deserved win for sure. @ from canada with love: I agree she should be on her 4th or 5th! She is a wonderful actress

l on

Congratulations Kate!
But she tries lately to hard to come of as humble and down to earth. Talking about “wasteful indulgence” and then having a dress designed for one night only is just out of touch with reality. Enjoy what you have, acknowledge that you live a different life and, please, stop trying so hard.
And as lovely as she looks, I think YSL didn’t do her much of a favour with that dress.

nimbusi on

i’m not a fan too

mandii on

Sorry Mia, but I’ll have to disagree…your mama’s dress was beautiful 🙂 I’m so glad she won too. Congrats!!

Missy on

Wow J
name 1 celebrity at the oscars that bought their attire from Sears, even the men wore Armani and such..

Kate looked lovely and she is an amazing actress

brannon on

How would buying a dress at sears help the economy? i don’t have nearly the money kate has and i assure you that sears would be my last choice… (didn’t know they even sold dresses.) relax.

Alice on

from canada with love, I know what you mean!! When I heard on the radio that she’d won the Oscar, I said “AGAIN… she must have a line of those on her chimney by now!” I had no idea it was her first one!! I was so surprised to read this!

The dress wasn’t bad but I think the whole look (dress + hair) made her look older… I loved the look she had at the Oscars a few years back, with a blue dress? Anyone remembers?

Laila on

Why as a society must we begrudge those who have more than we do? If having just one dress made was her contribution to being economically friendly why should she not do that? Does she deserve a gold star for it, no? I’m certainly no movie star but I accept the notion that if you work hard at your craft; whatever it maybe and you earn a good living, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s one to thing to flaunt your wealth however it’s another thing to just simply enjoy what you have earned without people making you feel bad about spending the money that you have earned. Free dresses for award shows is one of the perks, the designers ultimately reap the benefits of the “free” advertising.

Jessica on

@ I

Kate has never been opulent. Have you seen pics of her when she’s with her kids, she’s wearing chuck taylors and old jeans unlike Victoria Beckham who wears 4 inch heels to the mall and park or even Angelina Jolie who wears Escada boots to the art store. The only time she dresses up is for premieres and award shows, Kate has always been down-to-earth.

Q on

I you obviously haven’t been paying attention to Kate for the lat 10-15 years. She’s always acted this way. She’s not trying to hard to be humble & down to earth. She just simply is.