Naomi Watts Says Sasha is 'Besotted' With Dad

02/23/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

If the photos aren’t enough to convince you, make no mistake: Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 18 ½-months, is a daddy’s boy! “Sasha is totally besotted with his father,” actress Naomi Watts confirmed during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “He calls out for him [at night].” Unfortunately for Sasha, devoted a dad as Liev Schreiber clearly is, expedience is not his strong suit!

“Liev is definitely hands-on and definitely gets up for Sasha…He’s just not as quick. Men don’t move as quickly. Unlike the mothers, who are like [snaps fingers]. They’re right there before the first cry.”

Sasha has been calling out for ‘dada’ more than ever since becoming a big brother to Samuel ‘Sammy’ Kai, 10 weeks. Seeing the new baby nurse every three hours has Sasha thinking that he, too, should be enjoying an overnight snack; When asked by host Jimmy Kimmel if she’s nursing both boys, Naomi was quick to answer in the negative, however.

“Oh, [Sasha]’s got a full head of teeth now. So,”

Naomi, 40, reveals that Sasha has displayed some jealousy of Sammy. “When we came home from the hospital he had a few reactions,” she shared. To help combat any budding sibling rivalry, Naomi says that she and Liev try to stay “sensitive” to Sasha’s feelings while “indulging” his needs “a little bit more.” Fortunately for Sasha, it doesn’t sound as though his fears are well-founded! “The love is equally divided,” Naomi says. “There is just enough love to go ’round.”

Naomi’s new film The International is in theaters now.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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SAR on

Sasha may be his father’s boy, but in terms of looks, he is definitely his mother’s boy.

nimbusi on

i think alexander looks nothing like naomi exept hair

Jade on

“i think alexander looks nothing like naomi exept hair”

Really? I thought Sasha looked EXACTLY like Naomi! But you can make out from the snaps we see that he’s Daddy’s boy. I thik ir’s kinda cool, coz I was a Daddy’s gal🙂

alice jane on

Has it ever been explained why he has the nickname Sasha? I’m just wondering if it’s simply a name Naomi and Liev liked, or if it’s a family member or friend’s name. Either way I love the name Sasha on a little boy. And I love this family! I can’t wait to see Sammy.


Yes, they have each explained it in interviews. Sasha is the Slavic nickname for Alexander (Liev has a Ukrainian background); they started calling him that after his birth and it stuck.

– CBB Staff

nimbusi on

yes,alexander is daddy boy, but i really don’t see any of naomi in him. i think alexander is one of those kids who don’t look like any of parents, but has his own features🙂

Lorus on

It’s too bad that she thinks teeth are a deterent for nursing. I’m still nursing my 14m old who has 13 teeth!

Jarry on

can someone explain to me why so many Alexanders are also called Sacha? Where does it come from? I would think he would be called Alex. Former Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau had a son with that name and ive met guys called Alexander and yet were refer to as Sacha. Am I that out of it?

CelebBabyLover on

Jarry- Alexander is a slavic name, and almost all slavic names have what are called diminutive forms. In slavic countries (Ukranine, Russia, the Czech Republic, etc.), most people go by one of the diminutive forms of their name. In fact, from what I’ve heard, it’s very rare for someone in one of those countries to use their given name (not only that, but most people in those countries actually dislike using their given name, as that’s simply not the custom there).

I can’t be sure of course, but I think in most cases, people in the U.S. and non-slavic countries name their sons Alexander and call them Sasha, they have slavic background and are just honoring their homeland and traditions.🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and in case anyone’s wondering, diminutive forms of names are like nicknames, but are usually somehow derived from the given name. For example, I belive Sasha comes from the “Sah” sound in Alexander. Another example is Ivanka Trump’s name. Ivanka is actually a diminutive form of Ivana (and Ivana, as we all know, is the name of Ivanka’s mother!).

CelebBabyLover on

One more little tidbit about diminutive forms of names: They usually end with the letter A.🙂

nimbusi on

sasha is a mocking name for alex / alexander here in eastern europe. i have friend named alex and when his parents are angry with him always call him sasha. usually alex / alexander is shortened to lex and those -asha is for mocking/teasing (like maria – masha, daria – dasha, pavel – pasha) althoough some not eastern europeans believe that is shortened name forms🙂

Danae on

@ Jarry

Sasha is a diminutive version of Alexander in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Aya on

I agree with Naomi…at that age, express it and put it in a sippy cup or something.

I’m not bashing, I have just always been curious as to how children respond to breastfeeding at such ages.A little girl I know was breastfed until 3 and she is fine.Her brother is 2 and on his last legs of being breastfed (the mom stops when they are 3).He is the epitome of a little baby pervert. He has no concept of personal space and what is appropriate and what is not.He will grab anyone’s breasts or try to pull their breast out and suckle.He does know right from wrong,but it seems he is confused.His mom will scold him for trying to grab at our breasts, but then she will breastfeed him.She explains to him that it is different because she is mommy,but I really don’t think he gets it.I don’t know half the time if it is bad parenting,or if it is just his response as a little boy.

I am not anti-breastfeeding.My son gets his breastmilk in a bottle (has since birth,he was a NICU baby) and we’ve not had any problems.He has no problem taking both,but we prefer the bottle,as my husband loves to share in the bonding exerience of feeding him, and I like to have some free time to myself sometimes.

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