Honor Warren's Paparazzi Pout

02/23/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

We couldn’t help but chuckle at this photo of Jessica Alba and daughter Honor Marie — looks like the 8-month-old has mom’s paparazzi death stare down pat!

Although the twosome is usually photographed in a much better mood, we think they’d had enough of the snappers while out shopping in Beverly Hills on Friday.

Dad is producer Cash Warren, whom Jessica, 27, wed last May.

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nimbusi on

honor looks exactly like her daddy exept she’s almost always pounting when she sees paparazzi πŸ™‚

Lauren on

Well I guess Honor’s inherited that winning Alba grin! πŸ˜€

Let’s hope her ‘tude’s a little less overt than Mommy’s.

gianna on

Honor looks exactly lik cash, same features, forehead, head shape, everything execpt she is a bit lighter skinned and she has jessica’s pissed off face.

LolaD on

Despite the scowl, Honor just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!

I know this is off-topic, but does anyone happen to know where Jessica got that top and sweater? I love the combo!

Mary-Helen on

I love that Honor has no use for the paparazzi either! She’s so funny!

I know my little one won’t smile when she doesn’t feel like being photographed and that’s just me. I can only imagine what a little one thinks when there are a ton of people chasing them around.

k on

I’m not sure what kind of “tude” Lauren is talking about – I don’t see anything wrong if stars choose not to smile for photographers. It’s not their job, unless we’re talking about Heidi Montag. And Alba’s never talked back to them or called them names, she just doesn’t smile and moves on. Is that attitude? And I’ve seen other photos from the same day where Jessica was smiling, but heh, yes, Honor is not so taken with the cameras. It’s adorable somehow!

Brandi on

This photo is too funny! I also love Jessica’s purple shirt and would like information on it.

Jane on

Since Jessica doesn’t like the papparazzi, it makes sense that Honor doesn’t like them too much either. Children really pick up on the subtle vibes a parent expresses!

Coleen on

hahaah ohhh what a doll, she is a cutie! I am starting to see a bit of Jessica there, slowly but surely.

FC on

She can scowl, pout, smile, or laugh, and I’d still think she was the cutest little sweetheart. πŸ™‚ But the papz better not cross her or she’ll hurt ’em…lmao.

Stephanie on

I know I lover her purple shirt and her sunglasses also! Does anyone have info on either? thanks

Lauren on

“I don’t see anything wrong if stars choose not to smile for photographers. It’s not their job”

That is not at all what I was referring to. It’s no secret that Jessica has said some very tactless/rude things regarding ethnic stereotypes, making fun of other celebrities, etc. over the years, to the point that it wouldn’t be out of line to suggest that she has a real superiority complex. That is what I meant by ‘tude.

jacksmom on

I agree Lauren…in so many blogs, Jessica is not well “liked” to say the least…the way I see it, paps can be a pess but it comes with the profession. U really don’t see other celebs make a big fuss but this lady is different. If she doesn’t like it, quit hollyweird and take her family and live a quiet life.

Anna on

haha, how delicious! She is adorable πŸ˜€ My daughters make that face when I won’t share my chocolate with them.

And whilst Ms Alba is certainly renowned for her “bite the hand that feeds” attitude, she seems to have toned it down a mite since Honor was born.

sam on

i loveeee looking at pictures of baby honor! she’s by far one of the cutest babies in hollywood!

lj on

Totally agree with you Lauren!

Rachelsun on

So, because some blog writers says so then it must be true? How delusional.

The only tude Ms. Alba had about ethnicity was the truth. She is not 100% Mexican, she was not raised w/ that culture, she does not speak Spanish and she did not want to be typecast for roles. There is nothing wrong or shameful w/ that.
Honor resembles her father and there is nothing wrong w/ that either. She is still very cute.

pinkrockstar on

Honor is a funny baby with alot of personality!

Tabby on

That baby has an old soul, you can see it in those eyes!

l on

“So, because some blog writers says so then it must be true? How delusional.” Read her interviews and watch her on the red carpet. She comes across as snotty. Her daughter is cute, though.

Stephany on

Oh, my gosh. Way too cute! Haha, I love their identical facial expressions!

And I agree with Anna, Jessica really seems to have tamed down her attitude to the papparazzi and softened since the birth of her daughter.

Fevvers on

Children are so different. Kingston grins like a rock star and Honor scowls. Paradoxically, I find the scowly attitude charming. Good on Honour.

Nicole on

Honor is so adorable!..cute baby and Jessica is pretty. Another lovely mom/daughter team!

Nina on

LOL I always think the same thing, that the only time I see Honor looking like her mom is when she makes that pouty face.