Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Expecting Baby No. 2!

02/22/2009 at 08:30 AM ET
Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt/Splash New Online

No wonder they’re all smiles! In a message posted to the Good Charlotte blog late last night, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden reveal that Nicole is pregnant with their second child. The couple welcomed daughter Harlow Winter Kate, 13 months, in January 2008. “What’s better than winning an Oscar?” Joel asks, before answering:

“I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family. Hope you’re all feeling as good as I am right now.”

In an October cover story for PEOPLE, Joel, 29, sounded eager to expand his young family with another child, but Nicole, 27, was not so easily convinced! “Right now? Oh my God, I need a nap first,” she joked.

No information on a due date for baby-on-the-way was provided.


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Bridget, Berlin on

Wow! Congratulations to them all, Harlow will be an adorable big sister.

hannah on

wow!!! im so happy for joel nicole and harlow!! i hope nicole has a happy carefree pregnancy, god bless them all.

Chelsie on

Congrats to them! They are one of my favorite celebrity families. I can’t wait to see the new addition!

Bridget, Berlin on

Another comment, so soon… but it occurred to me it could be an adoption and not a pregnancy (?). Either way, still fabulous news – I’ll be quiet now and await other comments.

Sky on

Oh my gosh! I’m so happy for them!! Nicole seems like such a great mother. I can’t wait to see another cute little baby.

~ Beth ~ on

OMG!!! Congratulations. Harlow is a cutie & I can’t wait to see the next one (or 2 with the Hollywood trend).

kate on

woah, I’m in shock! lol. she seems to love her new life, so congratulations:)

Courtney on

Wow, that’s so exciting! Congratulations to them!

Barbie on

Congratulations to Nicole and Joel! They are already amazing parents to Harlow. I am so excited for them. Can’t wait to see what they have. 🙂

alee on

Congratulations to the Richie/Madden family, I’m so happy for them, their little girl is absolutely adorable, I love reading about them, great news indeed.

Lindsay on

I KNEW it!!

Congrats to them! They seem like wonderful parents.

Anna on

Wow, completely unexpected! Congrats to them 🙂

melissa on

YAY! congrats. so unexpected but exciting

Bb on

wow, this took me by surprise. What wonderful news!

Shelley on

Awww Harlow will be a Big Sister! Too Cute! Congrats to them.

pia on

i thought so! i must be psychotic.. i mean.. psychic.. ermm..
i guessed rachel griffiths too.. OR perhaps they were both really obvious??
i’m happy for nicole et al.. such nice news. she is obviously really good at being a mama and has found herself. lovely
and harlow is so beautiful, their new baby will be gorgeous too.


OMG Congrats to them. She’ll be a good mom. Harlow is always so happy!

Elly on

Awww! this one took me by surprise – so happy for these guys. this family is GORGEOUS.

Lexi on

Oh my gosh!!! Congrats! I can’t wait to see this little one and what they name it. Harlow is such a beautiful name, so I know the next one will have a great name too!

Laura UK on

Wow, I was not expecting that! Wonderful news, I wish them all the best. Congrats to Nicole, Joel and Harlow!

Rachel on


so excited about this! i think that nicole is a great mother and i cant wait to see if this baby will be as cute as Harlow!

mazzie on

oh my god im so happy for them!!
nicoles really turned her life around – i reckon they’ll have another girl!!

Amy on

Wow! I wasn’t expecting to see this! Congrats….Harlow is such a cutie and I’m sure the next one will be also.

Gina on

Well, congratulations to the Madden-Ritchie family! I wonder when the baby will arrive… 🙂

Sandra on

Oh wow… Congrats!!

Marcie on

Yay!! Congrats to this beautiful family!!!

Heather on

Did not see that one coming! Congrats to them, they clearly adore their little girl and will no doubt expand that love to another.

Jen on

I love Nicole and I always have! I loved watching her on E!- she has grown up soo much and I’m excited they are expecting! Congratulations!

Emily on

Congrats to Nicole & Joel they seem like such loving parents
And exciting for Harlow too!!

annie on

Oh my god. I don’t know if this is a little over the top, but I just cried a little because I’m so happy for them. What a way to start a morning, huh? Harlow is my favorite celebrity baby and I absolutley LOVE Nicole and Joel. The cutest family ever. I cannot WAIT!! Congrats Nicole, Joel and baby Harlow!

Kelly on

What wonderful news! I know Harlow will be a great big sister. Really didn’t see this one coming but I’m happy for the family!

Princess on

Congrats Nicole and Joel. I can’t wait to see her maternity style – I just loved how she dressed when she was pregnant with Harlow.

G on

Congrats to them! Motherhood has done wonders for Nicole, she seems so happy and healthy now.

Elle on

congrats! wow!

lolita on

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Congratulations!
i’m sooooo happy for Nicole,Joel and little Harlow!!!

Stéph on

Congrats! I wasn’t expecting this news this morning, but I am so happy for them. Can’t wait to know more about the pregnancy.

Congrats to Nicole, Joel and big sister Harlow!

Kelsey on

Congrats to the expanding family! I bet baby #2 will be just as cute as the adorable Harlow. 🙂

Laydacris on

Congrats to the couple and big sister Harlow. What wonderful news!!

camille on

i’m guessing a mid summer early fall baby…. Congrats to them! Harlow is beautiful and so alike joel.

Frankie on

I am sooooo surprised! Usually a pregnancy announcement comes after weeks or even months of speculation of one. Congrats to them. Harlow is beautiful and now there’s another one on the way!

Berta on

Wow, Congrats i’m really happy for them and Harlow the little Cutie!! Really unexpected, but fantastic having a child really has seemed to change Nicole Richies Life for the better.. 🙂

sleekraven on


Meghan on

Congratulations to the happy family! They’re going to have their hands full with a newborn and a one and a half year old…2 under 2! Wonderful news!

babyboopie on

Words cannot describe just how pleased I am for Nicole, Joel and big sister to be Harlow! Their new baby is truly lucky, as they have the best parents in celeb-land and the cutest big sister ever- can’t wait to see baby (insert funky name like Harlow) Madden!! Hope all goes well with the pregnancy and am so looking forward to watching this beautiful family expand!

Allison on

Yes, Harlow is my favorite celeb baby. That baby is going to be so cute, i think its going to be a boy.

Eleonora on

Oh my..Congratulation! So happy for Joel, Nicole and Harlow 🙂

Mmers on

I have been waiting for them to announce another baby! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what unique name they come up with this time, for Harlow Winter Kate is absolutely adorable! She will be the best big sister! I love her name so much!

Aurora mia on


Allison on

CONGRATUALTIONS! I kind of thought she looked pregnant in the photos with Harlow and Benji at the mall. Maybe the celeb baby boom is kicking into high gear again…

Now is it time for Christina and Jordan to have another one?

Stella on

Wow, what a surprise Some people thought she was pregnant in this picture taken a few weeks ago- Mila Kunis was saying “congratulations” with her hand on Nicole’s stomach…

Loren on

Congratulations to Nicole and Joel and the adorable Harlow.
Pleasant news on a Sunday morning thanks CBB 🙂
I saw a series of the above pictures and Harlow is so
adorable and precious. God bless their family

Lynn on

I’m so excited for Nicole and Joel. I saw pictures last week where I thought I saw a bump, but I blamed it on the shirt. First time I guessed before an official announcement. I can’t wait to see this baby, and hear the name. Harlow Winter Kate is such a pretty name, and I bet the name of baby number two will be just as great.

krewcat on

I knew it!!!! That picture with Benji and her at the mall she looked “a little” bigger around the middle thanshe used to and I kinda thought maybe its because her weight is just really doing well..

I am SO happy for htem. I really am not surprised. They remind me alot of my husband and I. We met, were married and parents in a short span of time and had our first 2 18 months apart then had another one 15 months later.


Kari on

congrats to them!this really took me by surprise,Harlow is going to make a great big sister

Cece on

WOW! I can honestly say that I didn’t expect this! I am so happy for them! They both seem like great parents and Harlow is just a doll. Congrats! I’m sure their next baby will be just as adorable!

Natalie S. on

Congrats to Nicole and Joel!! Wow Nicole has done a 360 with her life.. It’s great to see her with Harlow, what a fantastic mom is she and to have another on the way. Seems motherhood suits her well. Congrats again to them all!

Aelys on

That’s fantastic! I’m so happy for them! Congratulations to Joel, Nicole and Harlow!

Blue on

Oh, I can’t wait to see their newest addition!
Harlow’s such a cutie, I bet the new baby’s gonna be adorable as well.
She’s gonna make such a great and sweet big sis 🙂
Congrats for Joel and Nicole, they seem to be such good parents 🙂

Annika on

Wow, i can’t believe it. I did not expect another one from them so soon, but I think it’s great! Congrats to the happy family!

E on

Wow!! I was just on a plane 3 hours ago reading a tabloid and it said they wanted to have another baby soon. I didn’t believe it as like none of the stuff was true, but this is kind of ironic. Congrats to them, Harlow is too cute and I’m sure the next one will be too!!

winter-reign on

So so happy for them…congrats, i have a glass of champagne tonight in their honor

Annabel on


Stella, I was also going to refer to the photo you posted (that’s actually Mila Jovovich, not Kunis). A lot of people “called” her pregnancy when those pictures were taken in mid-January (you can see them all at So I’m thinking she’s in her fourth month at this point. That’s also when she announced her pregnancy with Harlow.

Anyway, congrats once again!!! Can’t wait to see brand new Baby Girl or Boy Madden. Nicole and Joel make the cutest kids and they seem like such great parents. I’m genuinely excited for them!

Ashley on

Oh wow! Congrats to them!

Becky on

I thought she looked preggers a few weeks ago!!

ellen on

wow, that’s really ‘breaking’ news 🙂 maybe this one would lokk like nicole

katie on

that is so exciting!!! congrats!!

Islandchick1039 on

omgsh…i am so elated….i love this family..can’t wait to see the little addition…in addition to the name!!

Megan on

I’m gonna guess an August due date. I am so excited for them to have another.

Mommy of 3 on

Ohhhhhhh CONGRATULATIONS Nicole, Joel and Harlow!!!!! I have been wondering if she was going to announce that she was expecting agian…She has that “glow”!!!! I can’t weait to find out the sex, I bet it is another girl:)

Heather on

Yay! I love this family. Pressure’s on to come up with another name as great as Harlow Winter Kate!

Mrs. R. on

What a great surprise. How awesome for them that they were able to make an announcement without major media speculation running amouk like it usually does.

Lo on

Congrats to the family!
I didn’t even suspect she was pregnant!
yayy =)

Sarah on

Awesome news! I admit I never liked Nicole when she was hanging with the crowd she did before. And when she first got pregnant I was so upset and felt she would be another Britney as a Mom. But it’s been amazing to see her exceed above and beyond as a parent!

CONGRATS! This really surprised me!

Trisha on

Awesome !!! I think you are great parents and I wish you nothing but the best congrats!

Melissa H on

CONGRATS!! I am so glad they are having another baby, Nicole seems like such a good mom, yaaay!!

NatashaC on

Congratulations!! I think Harlow’s gonna be a great big sis!

Bridget, that’s kind of a random comment. There’s nothing wrong with them having another child…??

Candice on

I was really surprised to see this because I forgot how old Harlow is!

Congrats to them. They seem like great parents.

Nancy on

Congrats to the three of them! I’m sure Harlow will be a great big sister 😀

Stacy Holt on

You guys make such pretty babies! Congrats!

Lovely on

Nicole has really turned her life around in a big way. Little squishly Harlow was the best thing to happen to her. God bless you Nicole, have a wonderful, healthy pregnancy.

Emma Rain on

Wow! Congrats!
It looks like Nicole & Joel are great parents, Harlow is the cutest little thing and she always looks so happy.

nancy on

COngratulations to both and may God bless you and your family. You two have done a great job parenting!

Bella on

i thought she looked pregnant in the photo further down the page in the grey top. Congrats to them both, she seems a truly happy Mummy.

Ms. O on

Im so proud and happy for her, Nicole grew so much from where she was to where she is now. I am so so proud and excited for them! Congratulations to the happy couple.

Lena on

Oh my God!!!! I’m so exited and so happy for them!!

Me on

I was expecting this b/c Nicole looks a bit pregnant in the last weeks and she always said she want her childs close in age so they´ll grow up as best frinds!

But it´s still exciting and i´m soooo happy for them!
They´re great parents and such a cute and happy couple!

Congratulations to Nicole, Joel and Harlow!!!

alice jane on

I was surprised at how excited I got when I saw this!! Many congratulations to Nicole and Joel, they seem like really great parents and I can’t wait to see what baby #2 is! And congratulations to Harlow for being a big sister-to-be!

Cecilia on

Congrats to them.

Brianne on

What a great Sunday morning surprise! I can already tell that the new little one is gonna be every bit as adorable as little Harlow is! Congratulations Nicole, Joel and Harlow!!!

Kyla on

There is nothing in this world better than children and a loving, happy home. Best wishes and congrats.

Melanie on

Congratulations!! Nicolle, you have looked happier and healthier this past year than at any other time in the past 5 years. Keep up the good work! Remember that you are an example to your little ones.

ReneeCeleste on

I’m not surprised! I have a feeling that Nicole will have a boy! Congrats to them!

kate on

@natasha: did you mean bridget’s adoption comment? she didn’t say anything about it being a bad idea…?! I’ve read adoption comments on other sides, too, but I think it’s only because Nicole doesn’t look pregnant at all to most people. (and she is adopted herself)

Hee, and I agree, the pressure is on to come up with another name that’s as cool as Harlow:)

all the best!

Vicci on

Wow! I really didn’t see that coming…usually there’s so much speculation first. I’m so excited for them though, they seem like amazing parents and I love the woman that Nicole has become since having Harlow. Congrats!

Tina on

I am soooo happy for them=D Nicole and Joel seem like great parents and Harlow seems like a really, really happy baby:P I wonder if its gonna be a boy or a girl and I wonder what the name is gonna be?

Gardenia Thongsilp on

Congrats Joel and Nicole! I’m so happy for you guys….Harlow is amazing and you have both done such a great job to ensure that she is a happy and healthy, Nicole, you look the best that we have ever seen and motherhood definately agrees with you, enjoy this time and we look forward to meeting the little one

Kate on

I remember when I heard she was pregnant with Harlow, I was a litle concerned as I still thought of her as that bratty sidekick of Paris Hilton’s. But she is a fantastic mother to that beautiful little girl, this time around I am thrilled!! Congrats to all!!!!!!!

NatashaC on

Kate: I just wasn’t sure what she meant like are they supposed to adopting or something? Have they said they were planning to? It just seemed random because I hadn’t heard anything about that and I thought she was saying they should adopt rather than have another.

Sarah on

My son is 2 days older than Harlow and I just found out I’m pregnant again too!! Congrats!!

Brooklyn on

Aww! Congrats to them both. I’m so happy for them, I’m sure this little one will be just as cute as Harlow!

Jessica Elmore on

Congrats to you three!!! Children are such a blesssing & truly give our life purpose. You’ll have your hands full. We found out on Jan 5th that we too are expecting again. Our daughter turned one Christmas morning so they’ll be about twenty-one months apart. Good luck, God Bless!!!
The Elmore’s

melissa on

yay! congrats to nicole,joel & harlow

Alex on

its so funny, i was just thinking that she might be pregnant the other day!

congrats to them!

Jaclyn on

Cannot wait to hear the name, Harlow is so fun (d* her for stealing one of my names 🙂 )!

I really enjoy this family, they seem really happy and I love that H. looks like a little girl!

Jaxson on

Congrats to joel and nicole they wonderful parents to the little girl they have now and soon theyll be wonderful to two gorgous baby harlow is going to make an amazing big sister

natalie on

Congrats!!!!!! =O) Lots of love and happiness.

Rachel on

Wow! I am surprised and very happy for them. Harlow will be an adorable big sister. I had read no posts of a possible pregnancy, but what a great surprise! I wish them all the most happiness and a healthy happy baby! Congratulations Joel and Nicole and little Harlow!

martina gillard on

well done guys cant wait to see baby take care xxx

Eva on

Oh how lovely! This is suprise! I love them, they are so nice couple and Harlow is o cute! Congratulations to them all! ❤ ❤

suzie on

congratulations ! harlow is adorable and im sure this baby will be just as cute ! she will make a great big sister

helena on

Congrats. to Joel and Nicole… Harlow will be a great big sister..

Devyn on

Congrats! It looks to me that they are happy, in love and fully committed to being good parents. I wish them the best!

Marianne on

Nicole you have grown up !!! I think your daughter is so cute, congradulations on your 2 child……..

jennifer on

Well thats great just great i hope its a healthy happy baby
nicole looks so good love her hair

Pinky on

Harlow is 2 weeks younger than my son so I have enjoyed following Nicole and Harlow on CBB! I have to share though, that when I was about 5 months pregnant with my son I saw Nicole and Joel at the airport. I was going to say something to her to wish her good luck since we were both pregnant but I did not because at the time (from seeing her on different TV shows) she did not seem like a really nice person. Now though it seems like she is the kind of mom I would like to be friends with! I am so happy for her. Now she is expecting again and I am also expecting #2 so it will be fun for me to see how they handle their 2 little ones who are so close in age to my bunch!

Congratulations Nicole and Joel!!


Congrats to this family! This ia a young couple that have turned their lives into doing good things for others, they deserve to be rewarded with another child! God Love and Keep them safe and happy!

Stace on

CONGRATS Nicole and Joel!

carly on

Congrats!!!I am so happy for you both and harlow..Really like the
more grown up Nicole…betcha Dad is quite proud of Nicole…
God Bless

kelsey on

Congrats!! Harlow will make a great big sister

VKC on

Good for them and coangratulations!! Here’s to another healthy, happy baby.

Maggie on

Congratulations to Joel and Nicole. I’m sure Harlow will be a wonderful big sister to her new Brother or sister. Also, Congratulations to Lionel, I’m sure he’s a proud Grandpa to Harlow and looking forward to the expanding family. Everyone is dancing on the ceiling…..

T Thomas on

Congratulations to Joel, Nicole, and litte darling sister to be Harlow!

Doreen on

Woooohooooo!!! How exciting!! You go Joel & Nicole!! 🙂 Maybe a lil boy this time? In the photo below, in her gray top, you can see her showing! This is wonderful news!!

Stephanie on

I was wondering if they were going to do it again! Harlow is so adorable, and seems so calm…I wish the Richie/Madden’s the best on their new addition!

Doreen on

I too could’ve sworn a few wks ago I saw a bump on her in the pictures we saw!! LOL 😉

Dominika on

well, congrats;)
If the baby no#2 will be as beautiful as Harlow, you’re really lucky;)

Judith on

Congrats to Joel and Nicole.. Babies are blessings..

Mary on

Congratulations on the news of the new baby. You both are wonderful parents and may you always be happy as you are right now. Wishing you a happy life and many blessings.

Sissy Mac Neil on

Wonderful news.I am very happy for you.May you continue to have happiness and health.

Mia on

Aw, thats a surprise. I’m thinking #2 will be a boy. Congrats to them.

Grace on

Fabulous news! Totally unexpected for me! Harlow is a cutie, I’m sure the next one will be the same 🙂


lolafalanna on

I KNEW IT!!! I thought I saw a little something x-tra! Good for you. Children are life changing that’s for sure and it looks as though you have found your peace. Best wishes for a healthy baby. You’re going to love being the mom of 2. It can be very tiring, but in the end it is all worth it. Congrats from California!!

CTBmom on

Awww. Congrats to Nicole and Joel! And big sister-to-be Harlow! I am sure this baby will be just as adorable as Harlow!

kai on

congrats!! i bet this one would be just as cute as harlow

Bella on

Om my goodness!
I am so happy for them!
Nicole has become one of my favourite Celeb moms during the last year. And Harlow is possibly the most adorable little girl ever!
Joel and Nicole really have turned their lives around, and they truly do deserve another child 🙂
God bless them, and their entire family!

Beth on

congrats on the amazing news, im so happy for your family and harlow will be an amazing big sister!

Stephany on


This is exciting news and I’m so happy for them! Harlow is such a doll and I love, love, LOVE her name! I’m excited to see her pregnancy style (since she rocked it during her first pregnancy) and the new baby! I’m just going on the record saying she’ll have another girl. 🙂

Krystal M on

Congrats you guys! wishing you all the best with your family! You guys make beautiful children together! If you ever need a babysitter, i’ll do it for free!

Kaiti on

The two cutest babies ever= Harlow and her little brother/sister. Congrats guys!!!

chaquita on

WOWzers! How exciting! They are becoming wonderful role-models for young adults. It’s never too late to change your life. God bless this family! 😀

brittany on

i’m so happy

rachel on

Congrats to the growing family!!

erin h on

I love Nicole!!! I am so happy for them. Yay! Harlow is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the new addition!!!

Jasmine on

Congrats!!! Yay new baby! Nicole and Joel have proven their that they are great parents and for that I am happy!

Tammy on

That’s exciting! They make such a beautiful young family. I’m genuinely happy for them and wish them all the best. Good luck guys!

khulod on

congrats….im so happy for you guys i love nicole ses a great role model…harlow is a beutiful girl and she will be a good sister i hope you guys have a baby boy

Ludija on

Congrations to the Madden/Richie family, God has blessed them with another baby. I wish them all the luck in the world.

tink1217 on

i had a feeling she was pregnant!!!!! congrats to them…they made a beautiful baby girl in Harlow and are such awesome parents!!

Vickie on

Congrats!! I am so glad to hear the news. You are such a cute couple. Harlow is just precious. My daughter and i owned a Childcare Center at one time so we love children. Hold them close to your heart they grow up very fast.

Aileen on

This is wonderful news. I have always liked Nicole and Joel as a couple. They are well grounded and great parents. I see pics of their beautiful daughter Harlow and she always is VERY HAPPY.
Nicole and Joel always look happy too!
They are going to have another beautiful baby and wish them nothing but good positive vibes!!!

Oh I really like the name Harlow too. Very classic.

Tiffany on

YaY for them! Uber excited! Cant wait for the details!!

rIj on

congrats to joel, nicole & big sister harlow! that is wonderful news. i’m really rooting for them as a couple and now as a family expanding.

Melanie Peters on

Having a daughter the same age as Harlow I have enjoyed watch her grow and Nicole & Joel also grow as parents and people. I wish the all the luck and love as they welcome baby #2 into the world. PS I think it’s going to be another girl!!!

Chris on

awesome they have such a gorgeous family!!!congrats!

Jennifer on

My first comment on here! But this is so exciting! They are the cutest family!

Jen on

That is awesome, congratulations!! i want to now how far along u r and what you are having, i want it to be a girl so harlow can have a good friend when she is growing up

First Last on


Carmen on

Congratulations to both o0f you ! =)

tiffany on

Congrats! I am also pregnant, about 7wks along now!
Hope everything comes out great for u and your family! Harlow is such a cutie!

laura on

Congratulations to Nicole and Joel I can’t wait to see what Harlow is like as a big sister for the new baby. I hope that the new baby is as cute as Harlow. Hope the pregancy goes well for Nicole. XXX

Katlynn on

Congrats to Nicole and Joel!!

Jay on

What a nice surprise!!! Congratulations to the family!!!

Jazz on

I adore Harlow and I’m sure her sibling will be just as adorable. Congratulations to Nicole, Joel, and Harlow!

Kaitie on

Congratulations Nicole and Joel!!! =]

camille on

i think this will be a second daughter 😉

april on

lil harlow is such a cutie pie..something tells me it might be a boy!

Patricia on

what wonderful news…what a lovely family…god bless them all…

Rosy J on

Wow! What a blessing. Good news. I’m so happy for them.

Chantelle Gregory on

Congrats Nicole and Joel. I think it is awesome!!! Harlow will be a great older sister

Mary-Helen on

Aw…congrats to Joel, Nicole & Harlow!

They seem like such a happy family, can’t wait to see the new arrival!

Mary Kay Duda on

Over the years I have followed Nicole Ritchie and have admired her more each day. It is wonderful to see her as an adoring and caring mother, and I know for certain that the newest baby will simply broaden her capacity to love; and I believe both children will be lucky to have such a wonderful mother. My daughter just found out she is pregnant with #3, after 2 boys, and it will be fun to watch them progress at the same time. God bless and good luck Nicole and Joes!

Al on

Good luck to the couple.Happy life.

Jennifer on

Hooray! I’m so happy for you both. Harlow is ADORABLE and I’m sure adding to your family will be a wonderful joy! Congrat’s!

Barbara on

Congratulations to you both.

You obviously make wonderful parents, and everyone is so proud of Nicole for turning her life around and not becoming another statistic.

Harlow was truly a blessing.

Jasmine C. on

Woo Hoo! I didn’t see that one coming! I am so so so happy for the both of them.

Amanda on

I,like everyone else,was not expecting this to pop up first
thing when came onto this website,but I am SO happy for this cute
little family. Harlow is adorable,I love her name now,it took me a little while to warm up to it,but I love it now. I can’t wait to hear more about this.

Congrats to the Madden-Richie family!

Rose on

” Congratulations! ” B-)

Amber on

Congrats Nicole and Joel. Happiness has brings joy and peace within a family. Congrats again. Best Wishes.

Amber on

omg!! congrats! im expecting too and ready to pop! hope all is well and that u have a healthy baby boy or girl! i know he or she will be absolutely beautiful!

Melissa on

Definetly wasn’t expecting Nicole to be “on-deck” next with a pregnancy! Congratulations Richie-Madden family! Have a safe and healthy pregnancy!

Ashley on

I can’t tell you how happy I am for Nicole.
I’ve never really watched Nicole on the Simple Life but I have to admit after seeing how much she had changed with being charged with a driving under the influence, to giving birth to a beautiful little girl Harlow and now expanding her family. You can most defiently tell that Nicole has changed so much for the better. I truly wish her and her family very best.

jenn on

thats so awesome… happy for them….being a momma changes everything and really has really made her such a wonderful women!!!!

Amy, Aruba on

Best of luck you guys….awesum news!!!

Corrine on

Amazing! Big congrats to your family!

donna on

good luck.

Lisa B on

Congratulations and God Bless. Harlow is such a beautiful little girl!!! She will make a wonderful Big Sister. May many blessings come your way. You are wonderful parents. 🙂

Julie on

So sweet! I think they are having a boy this time round.

Sheila Hokanson on

I am so happy for the family. Nicole had a wild life at one time but has become a wonderful Mother and Partner. Hope marriage is down the road for you and Joel to set an example to the younger generation, that commitment is important in raising a family.
Best wishes and Good Luck to all!

Kathryn, Britain on

Congrats, guys! Harlow will make a beautiful big sister. God bless 🙂


Mary from Vancouver, BC on

Congrats Nicole, Joel and Harlow! It’s indeed going to be nice to have a new addition in their family. They reakly are gonna have their hands full w/two little ones.
I have two sons myself and they are a handful. My oldest has just turned 3 and my youngest will be turning 2 in April. Harlow wil is going to be a wonderful sister. She finally has a sibling to play with. So happy for the Madden clan.

Heather H on

Congrats !!! I know this baby will be welcomed with so much love.

SarahJ22 on

CONGRATS! I am so happy for you two! Its nice to see a Hollywood Family stick together and be happy!

erika on

Joel and Nicole seem like really great parents… I wish them the best of luck with their new baby. CONGRATULATIONS!

jennifer on

congrats nicole is a great mom. Harlow is adorable.

Jenny on

13 months apart? I envy those who can have babies sooner than 4 years apart!!

Stephanie on

Congrats, Nicole and Benji

I am so excited for you, I am also so excited for Big Sister Harlow

God Bless

Brandy on

Congrats to the Richie/Madden family. I Pray that this family have a healthy new arrival to the rest of the gang!!!

Tina on

Congratulations Madden Family! I am sooo happy for the 3 of you! If I wasn’t so darn old, I may have considered a sibling for our son, who is 2 weeks younger than Harlow! My son sort of resembles Harlow! She is such a beautiful baby! I am so proud of you, Nicole! You have really come a long way! You are truly an inspiration and I really admire you! God Bless the 3 of you!

Kathie on

congratulations!!!! i’m so happy 4 u!!

Keara on

Congrats! Nicole & Joel on another adorable little one :). You are both truly wonderful parents! It’s exciting that Harlow will have a sibling to play with soon.

Love: ~K 😉

Emily on

congrats to be mommy&daddy again and for your daughter, congrats to be a big sister. 🙂

pinkrockstar on

aaw! how adorable !!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie on

Wonderful news and I think you are a beautiful couple. Harlow is a lucky little girl and will make a wonderful big sister. Congrats!

Maryann on

In a world gone whacky, it’s nice to see a happy little family growing. Nicole has found herself with Joel. With little Harlow for a role model, she’ll be a terrific Big Sister and the two little ones will grow up together.

Best wishes and God bless you all.

Dawn on

Congrats!! Yay!! I’m soo happy for Nicole, Joel and Harlow!! Best wishes and lots of love for the new addition to the Madden – Ritchie Family!! 🙂

Mandy on

Oh wow! I was expecting this eventually but this is AWESOME!

CelebBabyLover on

Natascha- Actually, both Nicole and Joel have spoken multiple times about adopting, so Bridget’s comment doesn’t seem at all strange to me. Nicole has also said in the past that she wants five kids (to be exact, “three girls and twin boys”…and this was BEFORE the Hollywood twin boom really started!), so they may still adopt (like the majority, I do think this is another pregnancy, given the way it was announced).

Anyway, I’m a bit surprised they didn’t give a due date. With Harlow, we knew pretty early on that Nicole was due in January. I forgot, though…Did Nicole and Joel announce that themselves, or did that get leaked by someone else?

Ida on

Congratulations!!!!! They make wonderful parents and really lead by example. Way to go Nicole and Joel Bless you and your wonderful family

ilovemybabyzoe on

Oh, my gosh. . .I just got chills!!! I am so excited for them. They are a beautifully fresh family!

Angelina on


CelebBabyLover on

Jen- “i want it to be a girl so harlow can have a good friend when she is growing up.” I see your point, but I don’t think that a girl has to have a sister to have a good friend growing up. I have only one sibling, an older brother, and he and I were were very good friends growing up, and we’re still close today!

Although I’ve sometimes wondered what it would be like to have a sister, I wouldn’t trade my brother for anything!

Maria on

I love Nicole and joel and lol Harlow is so cutie can’t wait for another really groovy name they are coool parents Harlow looks happy as joel and nicole Congrats!!!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Uh, Stephanie, it’s Nicole and JOEL.

lucee1976 on

Congrats to Nicole, Joel and Harlow. They are such a beautiful and carefree family and I wish them many blessings.

Julia on

Wishing the both of you the best of luck and all the joy in this world! may your future hold only the very best! Nicole, you’re such an inspiration- i truly hope that your life gives you all that you hope for and more!

Maddie on

To say I was surprised to see this news is an understatement! But I also think Nicole and Joel have proved to be wonderful parents to Harlow, and that the second time around will be no exception. I wonder if Grandpa Lionel is ‘dancing on the ceiling’? Lol

Windy on

Congratulations to Nicole and Joel!

Barbara Smith on

I am really happy for Joel, Nicole and baby Harlow. They are such a great young family and I think another baby will fit in just fine. Congratulations!!

cbbfan on

This was extremely unexpected! When Nicole was pregnant with baby Harlow, it took about two months of speculation an is she or isn’t she for her and joel to finally conform the news. This happened totally out of the blue…she didn’t even look pregnant. Anyway, congratulations to them…i hope its another girl who is as adorable as Harlow! Somehow i just can’t imagine Nicole having a boy!

Ellie on

Congratz to Nic and Joel!!!Harlow Winter Kate is going to be a great big sis. I wonder what they will name their 2nd?? Harlow Winter Kate is an awesome name.

A boy would be nice to even it out but a girl would be good as well.

batch5654 on

i am not aware…goodluck!

Elisha on

I feel like screaming, this is such great news!!!! YAY!!
Congrats to them both!!! 😀

susan on

congrats! nicole has really grown up since she found out she was pregnant. from where i sit it looks like she is a devoted and beautiful mother. i am very happy that nicole and joel found each other and have a good life. now maybe you can start thinking about long term commitment. god bless your family!

Whitney on

Congrats. You are great parents.

Jessie on

i was so shocked when i saw this post! im so excited for them! nicole looks like an amazing mom, and joel looks like an amazing dad, i hope things will continue to get better for them. God bless 🙂

lin on

Congrats to the Madden/Ritchie family! May God continue to bless your expanding family, now and forever!

Hannah on

RE. Celeb Baby Lover – I agree with you. I have a sister, 18 months younger than me, and ever since we were small we haven’t really gotten along. Our personalities are complete polar opposites! I don’t really think spacing has much to do with whether siblings will get on or not…
Anyways, a big ‘Congratulations’ is in order for the Maddens!

Jae on

I’m so happy for Nicole & Joel… and Harlow! 🙂

Bumbles on

That was a shock this morning! I was just thinking we need some more funky pregnant celebs like Nicole was and now we can peep at her maternity style with baby number 2 how exciting. Good luck to them all.

bungalowbliss on

Totally surprised at this news but so so excited to hear it! Yay, Richie-Madden family!!

Robin on

Congrats, Nicole and Joel are such great parents and nicole is such a good mom you never hardly see her without Harlow.

Missy on

what great news!! I can’t wait to see how cute this new baby will be :). Harlow is going to be a wonderful big sister!

Kendra on

congrats to the riche/madden family for amazing life of another one with little feets and hands!!! Harlow will be a good big sister… congrats again…its truely amazing!!!!

melb8881 on

Yay!! Im so excited for them. I wasnt a big fan of the “old” Nicole, but motherhood has done wonders for her. I cant wait to see if this next one is a boy or a girl!

Fawn on

anybody know where the coat Harlow is wearing is from?

Amanda on

Well congratulations to them! Harlow will be the best big sister ever!!!

Melissa on

Congratulations Nicole & Joel! You are a beautiful family & an inspiration to parents everywhere. I’m expecting my first (Alexandra Sivan) on March 27th & know how exciting this time is. Have a happy & healthy pregnancy!

dianak on

Wow! Congrats to you both! Nicole you seem like a wonderful mother and Joel a very doting happy father!

I wish all 4 of you the best!

Mazel Tov!

Ashley on

LOVE nicole! can’t wait to see their little bundle of joy, they seem like such wonderful parents. congrats!

Tatiana K. on

Congratulations Nicole & Joel , Both of you seems to be a wonderful Parents for the little Harlow!
Kisses and Blessings

Joyce on

Congratulations to Joel and Nicole for their second blessing. Harlow will make a wonderful big sister. Good luck Nicole on your pregnancy hope all goes well for you.

Ariana on

I have always loved Nicole and ever since she had Harlow, she just changed completely. For the better. She’s my fave celeb and became my favorite pregnant celeb as well. I thought she had GREAT maternity style with Harlow. She was so chic and trendy and cute. Remember when everyone thought Nicole was having a boy? Well, now I can’t see her with anything else but Harlow. That little girl is absolutely adorable. Maybe she’ll have a boy this time around. Or it could be a sister for Harlow 🙂 Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂

Kelly on

Congratulations! I was so happy for you, Nicole, when I heard the news. You seem to be a wonderful Mom and it’s great to see someone blossom the way you have. Best of luck with Harlow and her new sibling! xx

Patricia on

I did not used to like Nicole but after she had her first baby and I saw what a great mom she is, I really warmed up to her. I wish her and Joel absolutely the best – they look wonderful together and Harlow is beautiful so I am sure the new addition will make them even happier (if that’s possible 🙂

Nicole on

Wow. Let me tell you two that having them this close is awesome. If it’s a boy, double blessing. I wish you two the most happiness and love ever, and enjoy those babies, I enjoy my two everyday. My girl will be 3 and my lil man turned 1, so I loe everyday. Congratulations to the two of you. 🙂

Helen on

To Nicole and Joel, congratulations on your pending arrival, you both are amazing people, and wonderful parents….Nicole, being a mom truly suits you, you look soo relaxed and truly happy…congratulations <3<3

Sarah on

Wow congrats to them both! i’m excited to find out the due date because i’m expecting my first child and i’m 10 weeks. Maybe we will hit the same day! I’m truely happy for them both, Harlow is gorgeous. Maybe a boy this time?

Kathi White on

That’s kewl! My daughter will be a big sister too. We are expecting baby number 2 as well due in late September. When are you due?

luli on

you’re such a beautifull couple!!
look amazing together and so happy!
conratz again!

Nika on

Wow, I didn’t see this coming! This is so great for them. They are such a happy family, I love to see pictures of them.
They will have a tough job making up a name just as cute as Harlows’

gianna on

Congrats to them, they seem like great parents and harlow is so cute. The babies will be pretty close together. Nicole isn’t showing much yet, but I think she is at least 3-4 months since that’s when she annouced her pregnancy with harlow. I see them with another little girl, and i’m curious to hear the new baby’s name.

FC on

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this news. Best of wishes to them on this second pregnancy!

Gossip Girl on


elva on

Congratulations you guys, I think Harlow is absolutely adorable.

Fru on

I think Harlow is so adorable. Congratulations on your new baby!

JMyers on

I am so excited for you and Nicole. Harlow is too cute and a bet your new buddle of joy will be just as cute as Harlow. Congrats again you two!!

Charlie on

I screamed when I heard this! I love their little family so much, and Harlow is my fave celebrity baby. EVER. Congrats Nic & Joel (and of course, the big sis-to-be). Awesome, awesome news.
I wonder what his/her name will be. Something gorgeous, no doubt.

Bea on

Ahhhhhhh I’m so happy for both of you, and let’s not leave out Harlow, she’ll be a great big sister! And by the way Harlow is so cute, she’s such a cutie! looking like her Daddy! sorry Nicole but she does look so much like her Daddy, maybe your next child together will look more like you! Congrats!

ietje on

Awww… I’ve always been in love with Harlow… Very curious about the looks of her future little brother or sister! Congrats to Joel and Nicole!

JK on

I think its absolutely wonderful for Nic and Joel! They have truly found what I believed the moment I gave birth to my son almost 26 yrs ago and that is that there is no love greater than you can give a child or that a child can give you. My husband being 10 years older than me REALLY appreciated “the gift” that I had given him. I have always said that there was soooo mcuh love in the room the day that he was born that it would be great to be able to just “bottle that emotion” and bring it out when things look tough….to remember the love…to remember the emotion of giving birth. You both seem as you are so happy and I wish you and your family NOTHING but the best!!
JK – Houston, TX

Daze on

This is exciting news. Harlow is such a cute baby. I’m happy for the three of them.

Melissa on

I think they are great parents..always happy and smiling. Good Luck to them both! Harlow is the cutest little hollywood baby!
Good Luck and Best Wishes to Nicole, Joel, and Harlow!

April T on

Wow! I’m so happy for them!

Taelan on

Hey guys,
Congratulations on the pregnancy. You guys are soo cute together and your family is going to be really happy!
Once again, Congrats!

Amanda on

Congrats!!! Goodluck in all u and ur family do.

MaryAnn on

I´m so happy for you!

Valerie on

Nicole and Joel congrats!! I am so happy for the both of you. Babies bring such joy and contentment. From what I have seen so far you are both wonderful parents. I wish you both much hapiness

Faye McKee on

Congratulations! I think Nicole is so beautiful and Joel so handsome and your little Harlow is the cutest ever. I am so happy for your whole family. You can see it in both your eyes how much you love Harlow and how life changing it has been for both of you. Again, congratulations.

Kara on

I think it’s great!!! As long as they have a healthy relationship, can afford another child, and have children one at a time, I don’t care what they do!!

Cate on

i was really surprised, but happy for them!

nicole actually seems like a good mom, and joel seems like a good dad! i hope their new baby will be as cute as harlow!!


Tonya on

Congradulations you two. I read your article in People magazine and I thought that was so funny about Nicole and organizing. I am so glad you guys are having another baby, you make some pretty cute ones.

Doreen on

Congratulations to them. Nicole has done so well after having Harlow. I wish them the best. I hope they have a little boy.

chefmom on

SO excited for them!! Nicole and Joel seem like wonderful parents who have experienced how life changing and love-fulfilling kids are!

Jessica Hood on

CONGRATS! You both deserve nothing but the best and an addition to your beautiful family is such a blessing!!!!!!

Paula on

Congrats to the three of them. Nicole and Joel rock as parents. Here’s to another healthy baby

Emma on

I think this is so great! I know that they are the best parents to Harlow and they are going to be even better with the new baby!

venus on

wow…i’m so happy for them…Hopefully they always be together…They completed each other…

Blair Wilson on


I just wanted to send out my congratulations to you, Joel and Harlow, for the upcoming addition to your family. My prayers and thoughts now go out to you three, may God truly bless you all, and keep you safe. God Bless and Congrats.

CelebBabyLover on

Kara- What in the world is wrong with twins or other multiples?

KLS1405 on

Congratulations to you and god bless!

GoddessLu on

Mucho congrats to Joel & Nicole & Harlow too. As a former wild child myself, I can attest to the life changing-ness effect a child can have upon its parents. You guys make super cute babies.

Julianna on

Yay! Congrats for Nic and Joel and Harlow who will be the most adorable big sister ever! She’s in my top 5 cutest celebrity babies and I love their low-key life. Congrats again!

Sara on

that’s wonderful. i wish all the best to you guyes 🙂

alee on

Congrats to them!! They are such great parents. I wish them the best! Two amazing loving people expanding their family, couldn’t get better! Congratulations guys!

astrid on

Wow! That is amazing! She will be a good mom I know!

Lisa on

I am excited at the news!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS

Tiffany on


andrea on

Yay, congrats!! 🙂 What a surprise and good for you for being able to let the world know on YOUR own timeline! Ow oww! All the best. Seems like you guys have a gorgeous relationship and family. Cheers!

dawn on

Oh wow! congratulations you guys! that’s really nice to hear.

Jana on

OMG!! How exciting!! Harlow is the cutest and Im sure that the next will be just as gorgouse!!! CONGRADULATIONS JOEL, NICOLE AND HARLOW!! =D

Kristin on

I LOVE this couple and am so excited for Nicole! I was thrilled to see her change from wild child to mature mama with her first, and I know she will continue to be a great mother to her second child! Congrats to the family!

clk Switzerland on

Congratulations Nicole, Joel and Harlow!!!! I love your style Nicole…XOXO

Shailyn and Jordyn on

Congrats Nicole and Joel! Harlow is a beautiful baby! She will be a great big sister to her new little sibling! Hope all goes well!

With Love,
Shailyn and Jordyn

shoosh on

omg, too cute. im so happy for them. the transformation thanks to Harlow has been amazing .. theyre such a down to earth, happy family ..

Stacy on

Wow, what a blessing, another baby!! Nicole and Joel obviously love Harlow and dote on her constantly. They seem to be very loving attentive parents. Their second baby will be just as beautiful as their first no doubt. Congratulations Richie-Madden family!!

mandy on

Congrats to Nicole and Joel and Harlow the new big sister its so good to hear that you all are happy and doing well

Mina on

Awwww… This is sooo cool!!! ^^ CONGRATS!!! I’m really glad. You two are an adorable couple with an adorable daughter, so I’m guessing the second one will be too!!! ❤ ❤ ❤