Ivanka Trump 'Stalking' New Nephew

02/22/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Robert Pitts/Landov

Pleased to be an “auntie” again, Ivanka Trump was raving about her new nephew Donald John III on Thursday, just one day after his birth. “The child is like — I’m sure everyone says this — but he is perfection, like he’s literally perfect, healthy and strong and animated,” the 27-year-old business executive tells US Weekly. “I went first thing in the morning and again in the evening, so I’m fully stalking them.”

Ivanka’s brother Donald Jr. and his wife Vanessa are also over the moon with their new arrival, who joins big sister Kai Madison, 21 months, at home. “[He’s] the cutest baby boy you could possibly imagine,” Ivanka adds. She’s in no rush to add to the Trump brood, herself, however!

“That’s why it’s great being an aunt. Unless left alone with the child for extended periods of time, my responsibilities are quite easy. I can play until the baby ceases to be amused with me and then hand him back to his mom.”

Donald and Vanessa, both 31, married in November 2005.

Source: US Weekly

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Sarah on

She sounds like she inherited her Father’s attitude towards children.

GiannaG on

I’m glad she said this. Lots of people prefer to be the dedicated Aunt and I’m glad Ivanka isn’t going to be forced to do anything before she’s ready just because society (or family) thinks she should. She has her whole life ahead of her. If she never chooses to become a Mom herself it’s her own decision and I’m glad she’s thinking about what she wants and not what people think she should want. I’m sure she’s having the time of her life. In the meantime Ivanka, enjoy ‘stalking’ that adorable baby, nothing wrong with loving the luxury of being an aunt, lol!

Laydacris on

mmmmmmmm, not liking the term “the child” he has a name. Its like she’s describing him as an object!

Caitlin on

I disagree that Ivanka’s comments reflect her father. I think a lot of people realize that they are not ready for children now (or maybe ever) when their sibling has a child. It doesn’t make her cavalier or unwilling to help the parents of the child, she is just not ready for the responsibility of a parent at this point. Frankly, who can fault her for having that knowledge?

fay on

i wonder how melania felt abt that “cutest baby boy ever” comment…

actually i’m sure melania doesnt care… but i’m saying…lol

Stephany on

Geesh, talk about making mountains out of molehills with some of these comments. I guess ’cause she’s a Trump, there’s gotta be some controversy, eh?

Anyway, I’m totally with Ivanka on the aunt thing. I became an aunt 5 months ago and it’s literally the best job ever. I get to cuddle with him and play with him and buy him cute things but don’t have the added responsibility and I can go home to my quiet and peaceful house. Obviously, children are a long way down the road for me so being an aunt is great for right now! 🙂

Jeanne on

Geez guys, she’s only 27, give her a break! I’m 26 and I’m not planning to have kids anytime and instead am enjoying my brother’s kids.

I have two adorable nephews that to me are the cutest boys in the world, and I’m also godmother to the oldest. I’ve always said that one reason nephews are awesome is because you get to show off baby pictures without having to actually have a baby. So I completely agree with her, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t want the responsibilty of having your own kids yet.

Lorelei on

I absolutely agree with the comment “I can play until the baby ceases to be amused with me and then hand him back to his mom.”

I had three nieces and nephews before I had children and felt that way and had seven nieces and nephews after I had my three children (12,10,9) and I still feel that way.

If it was any other celebrity aunt or uncle making that comment would people be so critical?

Lily on

Although not a fan of the entire family, I like Ivanka. She comes across as very intelligent and, unlike many trust fund babies, actually achieves her own success without banking in on the family name.

Children aren’t for everyone and for now, she seems entirely content with being big sister to Barron, and aunt to Kai and Donald.

dee on

that’s how i feel about all kids. i love and care for all the ones in my life, but i love giving them back to their parents too.

jessie on

i feel the same way, lol after a few hours i’m ready to hand the baby back to its mommy. i almost had a meltdown when i held my cousin in church last sunday and she started crying during the sermon. couldn’t wait to give her back

Rose on

“i wonder how melania felt abt that “cutest baby boy ever” comment…”

Well considering Barron is no longer a baby, and is now a toddler, she probably doesn’t care. Or maybe she’s not a person who nitpicks over every little thing that Ivanka says.

Mia on

I don’t think the comment is a big deal. It’s the truth. That is the advantage of being an aunt or uncle or grandparent. The comment would be a big deal if she was talking about her own children.

And I like her a lot. She beautiful, and intelligent, and has really worked for her success.

alanna'smom on

I agree, why is everyone nitpicking? She sounds like any loving and devoted aunt. Plenty of time for her to have kids if and when she wants them!

CelebBabyLover on

I agree, why all the nit-picking? Anyway, for anyone thinking that naming your kids after the father is sexiest (someone said that in Donald III’s birth announcement post, and it has been said in other posts here as well), do you realize that Ivanka is actually basically named after her mother?

Ivana, like most Czech and other slavic names, has diminutive forms (for example, Alexander Schrieber’s nickname of Sasha is actually the diminutive form of Alexander, which is a slavic name). Ivanka is one of them. I actually think giving a child a diminutive of your own name like that is a really cute way to name them after yourself…but without giving them your exact name. 🙂

MZ on

Haha she sounds just like my son’s uncles and aunt. My and my husband’s siblings love being around our newborn, but they all said they are sooo glad they can just give him back to us when they are done!

Also, Latdacris, I interpreted her to be using “the child” as generic, since ivanka also went through this with kai and barron.

alice jane on

I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with any of her comments…. she obviously loves her nephew a lot, and I totally am with her on the perks of being an aunt. I can’t wait to have my own kids, but for now, being able to play with my nephew until he gets too fussy and I can give him back to Mom and Dad is plenty for me. It doesn’t mean I have a bad attitude towards kids, just like Ivanka’s comment doesn’t mean she does either.

Lis on

I don’t think theres anything wrong with her comment. I love my nephew, and want to spend time with him, but am glad to return him to his parents at the end of the day because I know that I’m not ready for the responsibility of parenthood yet.