Happy Birthday Max and Emme Muñiz!

02/22/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Happy Birthday Emme Maribel and Maximilian ‘Max’ David Muñiz! Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s twin cuties are 1 year old today. Though we haven’t seen much of Max and Emme in the past year, they did make a pre-birthday appearance last weekend, posing for the crowd at Marc’s Madison Square Garden concert and again at their Bel-Air birthday party on Saturday. Introduced to the world on the cover of PEOPLE magazine, the twins were just one minute apart (Emme came first!). Though their names are all their own, the twins’ middle names honor family members — Jennifer’s father and Marc’s sister.

Saying her “heart is connected” to her children, Jennifer shared that she “lives for” their smiles — and so do we! We hope to see more of these two in the year to come.

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heather lynn on

Have a very happy birthday, Emme and Max! I can’t believe you are 1 already! Time sure flies!

jen on

just wondering about the last name of the twins. why not anthony?

sara on

to Jen:
Muñiz is Marc Anthony real last name he changed it when he started his carrer because there is a famous salsa singer with the same name ‘Marco Antonio Muñiz’ .

And Happy Birthday to the twins, they’re adorable, hope that we’ll get to see them more often this year.

l on

Muniz is Marc Anthony’s surname (not sure if Jennifer has taken her husband’s name).

Loren on

Happy Birthday Emme and Max. I love these two babies 🙂
Emme is so precious, and Max is adorable.

Marilyn on

Muniz is his real last name and Marc Anthony is his stage name, is that right?

Kelsey on

Happy Birthday! I was wondering the same thing about their last name?

Is it just me, or do Emme & Max seem a lot smaller than Harlow Madden and Max Bratman who are just a month older than them?

Aya on

OMG, lol I have went for so long think his name was Marc (first) Anthony (last).I always assued he was mixed like Cash Warren and with a very english name.LOl this was the surprise of the day, way more than Nicole’s news 🙂

Aya on

Kelsey, one thing I have learned is that a month is a longgg time in baby age.Plus we have to remember they are twins.My friend and I had our kids on the same day and hers is huge compared to mine even though they were just 2 pound difference when they were born. Mine eats way more than her child, but is because he is more active I guess.

Betty Brown on

Cute outfits!

(to Kelsey) on

`don`t max and emme seem a lot smaller`
This pic was taken a while ago, so they`re probably about seven or eight months old. Also, twins are always smaller because they have to take up less space in the womb. Then they`re slightly smaller than singletons when they grow up.


This photo was taken last weekend.

– CBB Staff

BB on

Aww, I can’t believe they’re already 1!

Imko on

“Muniz is Marc Anthony’s surname (not sure if Jennifer has taken her husband’s name).”

Yes, Jennifer took Marc’s surname when they married so her real name is Jennifer Lynn Muniz but she still uses Jennifer Lopez in the entertainment world.

Ellen on

They certainly look like their father.

Jared Snyard on

It looks like it was taken on the movie music tour they did last year remember the outfit. Now that they had their birthday.

In their own backyard with WINNIE THE POOOH bags and silver
balloons. Very low key this year.

It is nice to see them again hope she presents tonight.

Misti on

They have the same first names as the brother and sister on the Dragon Tales show!

Kelsey on

Oh ok, thanks for the clarification. Harlow and Max just seemed a lot bigger at 12 months, but I get that twins are going to be smaller.

Also, Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley’s little boy, William Huckleberry (Huck) has a birthday today too. He’s 2 years old!

ivelisse on

Marc Anthony’s real name is Marco Antonio Muniz… He changed it to Marc Anthony because there is a Mexican Singer with the same name.. Actually, Marc was named after this singer who was one of Marc Anthony’s fathers favorite singer. Happy Birthday Max and Emme

Mary-Helen on

Happy birthday Max & Emme! They are just too precious and Jennifer seems to revel in her role as mom.

Jennifer on

Happy First Birthday Emme and Max!

I can’t believe they’re already a year old. Both are such cuties! 🙂

Kelsey on

Happy Birthday Emme and Max! I can’t believe they are one already.

nimbusi on

both kids looks just like marc 🙂

Angel on

I can’t believe these babies are already a year old! I swear it seems like they were just born not too long ago.

Happy Birthday Max & Emme 🙂