Eden and Savannah Go For a Stroll

02/22/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Taking a break from work, stockbroker Tom Mahoney goes for an afternoon stroll with his wife, Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross, and their 2-year-old twins Eden (l) and Savannah (r) in Brentwood, Calif. on Thursday.

Unfortunately, Tom was recently diagnosed with cancer. “He is currently under treatment and is responding very well,” says a rep.

The girls just celebrated their second birthday on Friday — look back on the last two years in our newest gallery, Eden and Savannah: Twice the Twos!

The girls ride in a 2007 Maclaren Twin Techno in Crimson/Gray.

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eternalcanadian on

looks like tom is undergoing chemotherapy as he doesn’t have any hair. what kind of cancer does he have? i haven’t read anything about the type or stage of cancer.

on a side note, what is it with ugg boots? it is a perfect name, ugg = ugh. marcia would look so much better wearing shoes instead of those boots.

Brooke on

Those girls are adorable!! That’s too bad about Tom, and I hope he keeps doing well, it’s nice to see him out with the girls. 🙂

Mia on

Good to see the family out and about. I really hope her husband turns out okay after his treatment is complete.

martyna on

Wish them all the best :)!!!!!!!!

Sarah on

oh wow…poor tom looks so frail. but, something tells me that he’s not giving up the chance to watch his little girls grow up without one heck of a fight. i wish the mahoney/cross the best of luck.

Tasha on

I love this family. All the best to Tom and a speedy recovery.

Molly on

I am so sorry I had no idea. Sending positive thoughts their way !!

Kristen on

Poor guy, it looks like he’s going through chemo. My mom just finished chemo for breast cancer and it’s a terrible ordeal. I’m sure his cute little girls will help him feel a bit better and stay positive.

Sheri on

Oh, gosh, from the look of this picture Tom looks thinner and appears to have had chemotherapy treatment. I will continue to pray for God to heal him completely. Love and blessings to him, Marcia and their precious little girls.

Aurora mia on

OH he looks so thin!

marciafan on

Bless, I’ve seen these pictures, and the ones with Eden on daddy’s shoulders are just adorable. I wish him a speedy recovery, for him and his 3 wonderful girls.

Rye on

Wow, he looks so different. My prayers go out to him in his fight. Cancer effects everyone at some point…I have lost loved ones to it-it’s a brutal disease. I’m glad to see he is out and about spending time with his girls. God bless him!

alice jane on

Lots of good thoughts going to Tom, Marcia, and the girls… I’m hoping that the fact that he was at work and that he’s out strolling (and pushing the stroller) is a good sign. I hope he gets better soon! And Savannah and Eden get cuter every day!

SH on

I can’t believe someone would say something negative about boots Marcia is wearing while walking with her husband who has cancer! The most important thing in this picture is the family who’s spending time together. WHO CARES ABOUT THE BOOTS!?!?! Probably the last thing on her mind. Material things don’t matter when you don’t have your health. I’m sure Marcia knows that now. That comment was really shallow, materialistic, and insensitive…

eva on

I don’t have any opinion on this family or Marcia’s acting but this picture is different.The twins are the same age as my daughter was when my husband was diagnosed with cancer,in opposite plantes I feel like there’s something slightly in common between us and them. I hope that they stay optimistic and united for as long as the treatment lasts and beyond.

eternalcanadian on

This is for SH who commented on my “really shallow, materialistic, and insensitive” comment. How was my comment about Marcia’s boots any less “rude” than people commenting on how frail, different, and thin Tom looked? I would say my comment about Marcia’s boots showed life is as usual despite Tom’s serious health situation. 🙂

JK on

Poor Tom. I am hopeful that he will get well soon though!

While I have to admit I was a little skeptical about Marcia becoming a mother later in life (she is the same age as my mom, and I’m in my early twenties), she has turned out to be one of the most hands-on moms in Hollywood! You can tell how much her and Tom adore those little ones. I wish their lovely family all the best for the future!

marciafan on

I’m of the view that as long as the comments are meant in good taste people should try not to be offended.

Kristen: I wish your mom all the best. My mom is currently having Chemo to fight breast cancer, and she’s doing pretty well despite the downsides of it. As there have not been any other details released regarding the nature of Tom’s cancer, I can only hope he’s doing very well.

Lara on

Eternalcanadian, life indeed goes on but when you are part of a family where someone is very ill it does not always feel like that. That’s a pretty insensitive thing to say indeed. Whether her partner is ill or not, I still could not care about what boots she is wearing. She looks happy and comfy.

And I think people are genuinely saddened/shocked at how frail Tom looks and hope that he gets well soon. They aren’t being insensitive.

Stephany on

Umm, yeah, I don’t understand how Ugg boots and cancer are related? At this point, I think Marcia is happy that her husband has enough energy to go on a walk with their two babies AND push the stroller. My grandma just went through chemo and could barely find the energy to walk from her bedroom to the living room. I doubt Marcia cares if she looks completely put together and fashionable (although I happen to like the Ugg boots look).

Anyway, those girls are just adorable and I’m praying for Tom that he pulls through and sees his babies grow up!

Joanne on

I love this family. I wish Tom a speedy recovery…

SH on

You think a negative comment about boots is the same as an observation that someone who has cancer and is going through chemo looks sick? Really? Do you have a husband and kids? Do you think you could put yourself in Marcia’s boots for a minute and realize that Marcia has probably had to imagine life raising her girls alone without her husband and their father?…and you’re commenting on her boots which btw look fine? I guess some people don’t get it. And then you say, oh, well, my comment on the boots shows that life goes on with a smiley face after it??? OMG. You have lots to learn.

meghan on

It makes me hopeful to see Tom out and living his life as much as he can. I am sure he is fighting as hard as he can and his family is in my prayers. Knowing that Marcia has been down this road before with her late love, I hope that god will be merciful and Tom will come out of this stronger than ever, so he can see his girls grow into women.

Brooke on

Wow…I am very sad with this pic. Tom looks so frail.

UggaMugga.com on

I pray Tom heals and wins his fight. Their whole family is in my thoughts and prayers!

D on

Hope Tom gets better really soon! I am sure it must be so hard going through the cancer fight, God bless him! The twins are adorable and Marcia looks great. My thoughts are with the family.

FC on

Despite what he’s going through, it’s good to see Tom out and still doing what he loves to do; living life and hanging out with his family. And he really doesn’t look that sad. He has his usual smile, it’s just that his lack of hair that alters his look, makes him look worse than he probably feels. I wish him well with his chemo and, God willing, a speedy recovery.

Rye on

BTW-On a lighter, less serious note…I think it’s really cute how Eden looks like her father and Savannah looks like her mother.

Also, I don’t think it was rude of any of us who mentioned Tom looking frail and different…we are all just voicing our concerns and sending out our prayers. it’s a very REAL situation and it IS shocking to see someone we have seen many times in pictures on this very blog so obviously in a fight for there life. I think, like many others have said, that it is AMAZING that Tom is out, spending quality time with his girls when he is probably physically exhausted and sick. He’s really fighting…and that’s an amazing thing. I continue to send my thoughts out to the whole family that he continues to pull through and get healthy so he can watch his girls grow up.