Toys For Your Future Princess and the Frog Fan

02/21/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

If you’re excited about the release of the first Disney movie starring an African-American Princess, The Princess and the Frog, around Christmas this year, we bet you’ll want to get your hands on some of the toys that will be coming out for Princess Tiana fans in the fall! Check out what we previewed at Toy Fair this week!

With vibrant and regal colors like purple, green, gold and blue, the toys will have evoke life in New Orleans and the bayou, where the film is set. The collection will include dolls, playsets, role-play items and costumes and colorful accessories. In addition, Disney will also introduce an extensive line of The Princess and The Frog-inspired apparel, accessories, home décor, electronics, school supplies and personal care products as well as an assortment of story and activity books.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the toys that will be out this fall and that we’re not suggesting you go out and buy all or even any of them! We just want to show you some of the cool toys that they are introducing that will allow the princesses in your life role-play!

The Princess and the Frog Tiana doll ($25) from Mattel, will probably be the most popular toy from the line. Just like in the story, beautiful Tiana wears her sparkly blue ball gown and comes with her frog Prince Naveen. The gown will light up and the doll and frog will interact!

In addition to the signature Tiana doll, Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana will be available in wedding attire. There will also be a Tiana Toddler doll ($20), from Mattel, marking the first time that a Disney Princess is actually portrayed as a toddler in the film and not just in the imagination of the doll designers!

I think the Musical Instrument Set ($25), from Jakks Pacific, will also be a big hit. It includes New Orleans inspired trumpet, cymbals, ukulele (based on Princess Naveen’s instrument of choice), a Raymond character shaker, drum, and drumsticks.

The Serving Set ($20), also from Jakks Pacific, will probably also be a hit as other themed tea sets have been for Disney (Anya has the Sleeping Beauty tea set!). The sweet set for two including two menus to Princess Tiana’s restaurant, two tea cups, teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, serving tray, plates, water goblets, napkins with flower rings, forks, knives, spoons, a pair of candle sticks with holders, Princess Tiana and Naveen Frog salt and pepper shakers, and two petit fours.

With the Kissing Frog Pairs ($20), from Mattel, kids can re-enact key moments from the movie. When you bring Frog Tiana close to Frog Prince Naveen, the two will “kiss” and you can hear the sound of the smooch as music plays.

Girls can also accessorize like Princess Tiana. The Ball Gown Accessory Set ($18), from Jakks Pacific, includes a light up necklace, three bracelets, ring, pair of earrings, evening bag, and tiara.

Little girls adore dressing up like their favorite princess so they’ll love the collection of costumes from Jakks Pacific and the Disney Store. They can choose from the Bayou Wedding Dress and Ball Gown ($23) or the suped up version of the Bayou Wedding Dress (price TBD).

— Danielle

Which toys are your favorite? Which do you think you’d buy for that special princess in your life?

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Danielle on

So wait is there no more Princess Maddie in this movie?

Aniah on

So I will be going broke I see 🙂 I have tons of little girls in my family to buy this merchandise for.

I especially love the dress up clothes (I hope they go up to a size 14/16) and the Tiana toddler (I’ll be getting a couple of those).

kat on

omg… the music set is just what I’ve been looking for this past year for my musical instrument-obsessed daughter!

That and the serving set are definitely going under the tree for her next Christmas!

Jessica on

I’m 19 years-old but I have to get the Tiana toddler doll for myself.

Margaret on

While I do not have any children yet, I am super excited as an African American woman for this movie and all the related toys and products. I will be hitting my local stores to purchase it all! 🙂

jasmine on

I’m 19 too…and I wish I was a little kid again so I could wear those pretty dresses! Maybe I’ll buy some for my younger cousins. I am so buying a doll, though – for myself, lol!

Jessica on

Danielle they changed the name.

Tiana on

I can’t lie, the only reason i’m excited about this stuff is because i’ll finally be able to buy merchandise that has my name on it, LOL.

everything looks SO cute, i’ll have to get one of each!

Trinetta on

I can’t wait, I hope there will be bedding, wall paper, clothing, books, snacks,plates, forks, t.v.’s and more. I am so excited to purchase everything for every little girl I know; some of it I will be purchasing for myself. I am still a girly princess girl at heart!

Trinetta on

I do hope Prince Naveen is taller than Tiana. The African American man should not be seen as smaller or belittled by his woman. Tiana is the star but I want my son to view Prince Naveen as a partner to Princess Tiana not a less than or see him as her son.

Jasmine C. on

This looks like a cute movie. I can’t wait to see it!

Lilly on

I don’t understand how Tiana being taller than Naveen is somehow a sign of her belittling him.

By the way, I believe Naveen is supposed to be an Indian prince.

dee on

I’m sorry Trinetta but your statement seems a little ignorant to me. They should be equal partners, but only if he is taller and stronger than Princess Tiana b/c if she isn’t it is an afront to his manhood? Give me a break! Anyway, all of the dolls are different sizes, but I’m pretty sure they’re sticking to the tall, big eyed, broad shoulderd, and square jawed Princely Disney script with Naveen.

gthandy on


kat on

with regard to the dolls… if she looks taller, it’s her hairdo.

typically with fashion dolls, they are all made 12″ tall from toe to top of their head… the girls then become taller if they have their hairup, but otherwise, they are even.

And, if like most female fashion dolls, Tiana is wearing high heels, then technically, she’s shorter… she’s just up on her toes.

simplynee on

I will have to get the Tiana Toddler doll for my one year old princess. I am so looking forward to this movie.

Ebonee on

OMG I can notwait! FINALLY something my little girl can REALLY look up to and see her own image in. Her room decorations will change if they come out with a room decor staring this princess. YAY!!!

Emily on

And finally, a return to traditional cell animation. We have been in CGI overload.

Lila on

I’m glad to see more of the green dress. I don’t like the blue dress because it looks too much like Cinderella’s. Couldn’t they have done a different color, or even a darker blue or something? She should have her own dress. Oh well the rest of the toys look amazing! I’m really excited for the movie.

Kristy on

I’m 15 and I HAVE to get one of the dolls for myself. Lmao.
Who knows- maybe when I’m 60 it’ll be worth $$ lol.

Tiana (AGE 4) on

OMG I am going to go broke buying my daughter Tiana (4) every accessory there is. I think I am more excited than she is. I can’t wait for July. I have never waited for a toy but I will be waitng for this one. Please DISNEY make as many accessory as you can think of. I am already your NUMBER 1 Fan and I haven’t even seen the movie.

nikki on

My daughters 1 yr old and her name is tiana she’s def going to have everything of this doll cuz she’s a little princess

val on

I am really excited about this princess. In the past I have kept this whole Disney Princess merchandise thing at bay but now I am happy to indulge my daughters every whim

Monroe S Tarver on

I’m excited by seeing this new release from Disney. Growing up watching Disney movies inspired me to write and illustrate my first book “Imagia and the Magic Pearls” which is also due out in november. From what I’ve seen, the 2D animation in the movie is top notch and I think kids will enjoy it as they have all Disney movies.

Melissa on

I just bought one of each. These are flying off the shelf. I’m glad I shopped early.:-) As soon as we walked into the disney store my daughter grabed the plush Tiana and sat back in the stroller because she was set on keeping her. It made me so happy I bought one of each because my daughter doesn’t usually get attached over a toy this way.:-)

Taleia on

I absolutely LOVE that there is an African-American princess now. I truly hope that from the movie’s release date forward, Princess Tiana will be included in any Disney Princess affiliated merchandise. I was apprehensive about buying the original Disney Princess fare because there were no faces that looked like hers, except for maybe Princess Jasmine, but when they release the Princess Tiana bedroom decor, I’m on it!

L Pennant on

I’m wondering why she does not have earrings or a “big” fancy dress? Otherwise, I love it.

Kicodato on

Yes! Finally! I am 51 years old. I have a 27 year old princess. Finally our little girls can see themselves on screen in a positive light. Words can not express my joy. THANK YOU DISNEY. (Please, please read between the lines! I am about to burst!)

Cynthia on

I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I have two little pricesses to buys stuff for, so I think I just may have to buy everything. I want that cute little toddler doll for myself. I have been waiting for a really long time for an African American princess. This is such a great time to be an African American child–an African American first family and now an African American princess. Yeah!!!!!! My children are so blessed. We’re going to have a Princess Tiana Christmas!


The disney store online already have the bedding,the also have t-shirts and hoodies online. I’m waiting for it to hit Target. My daughter will definately have a Princess Tiana room decor. Goodbye Hanna Montana hello Princess Tiana. I have purchase the books,cd,and watch. Next the doll with the green dress, and the blue dress. I’m so EXCITED!!!!