Marcia Cross and Savannah Shop in the Sun

02/21/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
London Entertainment/Splash News Online

Taking cover under a wide-brimmed hat, Marcia Cross totes daughter Savannah, 2, as they left the Little House Boutique — the owner, Annette Tatum, decorated her twins’ nursery — on a sunny Wednesday in Santa Monica.

Eden and the girls’ nanny followed close behind. Dad is Tom Mahoney.

The twins just celebrated their second birthday on Friday — reminisce about their last two years in our newest gallery, Eden and Savannah: Twice the Twos!

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marciafan on

Gosh 2 already… they’re still super adorable!
Marcia’s looking happy in this picture, I love that

Tasha on

Wonderful picture. This family is just adorable.

lele on

i wonder if marcia has some sort of forehead “work” done… not criticizing plastic surgery or her at all but she has NOT been seen without a hat the last 3-4 pictures and she looks a little tucked to me. she has had sun hats and winter hats so it is not just “sun protection”. maybe i am wrong….

Sarah on

She’s often seen in hats – nothing weird here.

I do hope her husband is getting better though … I’m so sorry for them … this has to be one of my worst nightmares.

alice jane on

I love seeing pictures of Marcia and the girls, they are so cute! It’s hard to believe they’re already 2.

And Marcia has said many times that she is really adamant about hats on her and the girls when they’re outside, since they all have such fair skin and burn easily.

Molly on

Marcia is always protecting herself from the sun, winter, summer, doens’t matter. I dont think wearing a hat non stop suddenly means she is having a plastic surgery done (she doesnt even need it, shes adorable)

Sheri on

I’ve been so concerned about her husband … has anyone heard an update on how he’s doing or what kind of cancer he has? They are such a beautiful family ~ my prayers are with them.

happytimeladies on

Hats or no hats, it’s obvious she’s had something done to her face since it’s so smooth. No woman in her forties looks like that no matter how much they took care of their skins early on. Plus if you look at her from years ago, her skin looks better today. Not natural. I don’t judge her though because she is part of an industry that’s more about looks than talent and she has to do everything she can to look young if she wants to remain relevant. I say good for her to be so successful in her forties when many actresses of that age group fade away.

I wish her husband well.

marciafan on

I doubt she’s had any serious work done, but botox is common…anyway she looks amazing. There hasn’t been any further word on her husband or what kind of cancer he has, but apparently he’s doing well, which is great. I wish them all the best. ❤

meghan on

I’ve never seen her without a hat when she is out and about. Contrary to what you may think some women DO age that well, especially if they put in the effort and take care of themselves. Besides, I think she has bigger things to worry about right now then running to the plastic surgeon’s office.

lele on

she has admitted to botox many times. foreheads do not look like that. naturally anyway…. i have seen her with and without hats and know she is adamant about sun protection. i realize some women age naturally beautifully…. she is not one of them! but i am all for botox and will be doing it myself! 🙂

l on

“she has admitted to botox many times” Where? When?
Unprotected sunlight on our skin is the most damaging factor. If you use sun protection from early on, your skin will look smother, less wrinklier and you don’t get that many age spots.