Gwen Stefani and Her Constant Companion

02/21/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
GSI Media

Gwen Stefani, 39, brings a date — 6-month-old son Zuma Nesta Rock — to the launch of Andrea Lieberman’s A.L.C. collection at Barney’s on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The No Doubt frontwoman, also mom to son Kingston, 2 ½, will be bringing her boys on the road this summer, when both she and husband Gavin Rossdale go on tour!

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Sharon on

Aww! He’s adorable. Cute pants.

camille on

oh he’s so cute and look at those cheeks! so adorable!! Looks like he’s blonde to me…. I don’t know, mom is a godess i admire her

Helen on

I think the Zuma and Kingston have the same mouth and nose.

Molly on

Too cute !!

Kellie on

Anyone know what pants he has on?

Ivey on

I don’t think Zuma looks like Kingston, but I can’t figure out who he looks like, maybe it will become obvious as he grows.

Mia on

Zuma is definitely all mommy. Now that he is a little older I do see some resemblance of him to Kingston/Gavin..but over all Kingston is all daddy, and Zuma is all mommy. They are such an adorable family.

And Gwen looks amazing! I’ve always loved her face and that red lipstick.

ash on

I may be just me but I can see a LOT more of Gavin than Gwen in Zuma. It is the shape of his face and his features that I find all Gavin. Zuma is a very different baby to Kingston in looks, but I can see certain similarities. Zuma is gorgeous too but to me just has a very different selection of the genes and I really think he will grow up to be facially a lot like Gavin where I find Kingston is about half/half.

Always good to see these guys! Adore them!

daze on

omg! zuma is ALL kingston. it’s obvious to me! very cute baby, just like his big bro’.
and the clothes zuma wears seems quit fiting for once. i always thought that gwen dress them like dolls (especially kingston) and sometimes it doesn’t look very comfortable. those skinny jeans he wears are absolutly not in my top list for young kids since it’s not very appropriate to move and play. but as we say… to each their own!

Mia on

This is a pic of Gwen when she was little, probably around 6 or 7.

Both boys are a combination of their parents (well, obviously lol) but I think one favors one over the other. I think Kingston is all Gavin except for maybe the nose, and Zuma is all Gwen except for the nose/some of the face shape.

Manon on

Funny Mia but I think the opposite: I think he looks very much like Gavin Rossdale and his older brother is a lot more like Gwen. In the picture of Gwen as child, it’s like a female version of Kingston!

The shape of Zuma’s little face and his features are very much like his father to me.

Sammy-xx on

No way, I can’t believe he is 6 months already. It really doesnt seem like that long ago when her dad comfirmed she was pregnant. She looks fabulous, maybe too fabulous:P
I see alot more of Gavin in Zuma than Gwen. Kingston to me is all Gwen, apart from his complexion. Though I do think that when he was first introduced I saw alot of Gwens brother in him.

Aurora mia on

I think it he is a snuggly monkey and all I see is Gwen. Tough gene pool they are working with here. Oh, he is just so cute! She ROCKs and as always, STUNNING 🙂

Mary-Helen on

I LOVE his pants!

Zuma always looks so chill in every picture. He just looks so relaxed in every photo.

Rebecka on

Zuma is so cute, Kingston too.

Brooklyn on

Aww! Look at that cute little blonde hair!!!

EB on

he’s so cute!!

Lou on

wow, judging from the pic mia posted, kingston def looks identical to a mini gwen! thats amazing,never seen a pic of her as a kid before. has anyone got any of gavin as a boy?to compare.

imo zuma is a perfect combo of gwen/gavin/kingston…such a stunning family!

come to the UK on your tours G+G, please! x

brannon on

too cute. and his name has grown on me 🙂

Lauren on

Kingston is a real blend of both parents showing slight favortism towards Gavin, but Zuma is all Gwen to me. He seems like such a Buddha baby-I’ve never seen a pic of him anything less than absolutely content, whereas Kingston seems far more emotional 🙂
Gwen looks fabulous-but when does she not?

Btw, Gwen’s Spring Harajuku Lovers collection is adorable; saw a bunch of bags at Bloomie’s today and may be heading back soon to buy one (or two…)

Mia on

I think it’s really cute that Gwen and Gavin will be touring together this summer with their children because Gwen/Gavin met on tour in 1995 when Bush was touring for their first album, and No Doubt were promoting “Tragic Kingdom”, and now its 13/14 years later and they are still together, happily married, and have 2 kids.