Cruise Family Disney World Photos!

02/21/2009 at 08:00 PM ET

We previously posted a shot of Suri Cruise visiting the Magic Kingdom on Valentine’s Day, and now that Disney has released these photos, we can’t help but share them! Here, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, their 2 ½-year-old daughter and Tom’s son Connor Antony, 14, pose with Cinderella, Mickey and Minnie in front of the castle.


Three additional photos below!


In the third photo, Suri wears a Ballerina Princess Belle Costume ($45).

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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winter-reign on

So sweet…….. Suri is the cutest celb kid hands down.

Nicole on

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the Cruises, but seeing a little girls so happy just makes me smile. Suri is obviously having such a great time with the Disney Princesses – I wish every little girl got to do that at least once in their lives!!

Mary-Helen on

These pics are too cute! Suri looks so happy!

I wonder if Bella went as well, or if she decided to stay home. Maybe she thought she was too old for it?

Stéph on

SO cute!
Suri is a very lucky little girl.
These pictures just make me smile, I hope that I will be able to bring my daughter to meet the princesses when I am older (and actually have a daughter!!)

bethy on

This is the happiest I have ever seen Suri in photos….she is so adorable! And I love her hair pulled back off her face like that. A cute look for her!

Moi on

I agree, Bethy.

Alexis on

Such fun photos. Suri is too adorable. I don’t know who’s idea this photoshoot was – whether Disney approached the Cruises or vice versa – but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, because seeing those princesses obviously thrilled one little girl to bits and that is always precious to see.

I love the last photo – it could be a marketing image for Disneyland. They look like they’re about to take off running for more magical fun.


Disney takes photos of the celebs who give permission and release them to the media. The images we recently posted of Jeff Gordon, Joey Fatone and Vanessa Williams with their girls at the parks were also courtesy of Disney, for example.

– CBB Staff

Eliza on

Woah – cuteness overload!

mimi on

Thank you for posting these photos. What a beautiful, happy family!I know I may be in the minority, but I think some of the comments on the other Cruise/Disney thread were really unfair.
I don’t post here often, but I look at this site almost everyday. I’ve seen countless photos of celebrities posing with their children at premieres, fashion shows, concerts,etc., and no one ever criticizes them. And yet, the Cruises can’t even pose for a few photos at Disney World without people accusing them of exploiting their daughter?
As far as I know, Tom and Katie have never even taken Suri to a red carpet event. The vast majority of photos that we see of them are taken while they are out&about living their lives.

Kate on

Suri is beautiful and the family looks so happy! It’s so sweet to see little girls smile.

Colleen on

She looks so happy! But who isn’t at Disney. That photo of her and Belle is adorable!

Sara on

very cute pics!!!
anyone else think cinderella looks like britney spears?

Anna on

Suri is adorable! The look on her face in the first picture says, “It’s all about me!” and I’m sure it always is. 🙂

Kelsey on

I absolutely adore the picture of Suri and Belle…so cute!

Jamie on

these pictures are absolutely priceless!!! suri is ADORABLE!!!

Sammy-xx on

WOW Has Suri ever looked cuter or happier. im sure all of the other 3 year old girls there look as cute and happy but wow What a beautiful girl.
I wonder if Bella was there but just didnt want her photos taken or if she wasnt there.

Kylie on

I just got home from Disney World today..and missed the Cruises by one day : (

Although I’m 16, I still got just as much joy out of the princesses that Suri seem to have gotten. The Cinderella and Belle I had my picture taken by are the same has the ones pictured above and were beyond nice. I hope everyone of any age gets to experience the disney magic!

Lisa on

Mary-Helen- Bella was not present at this trip to Disney World.

I have always liked Suri Cruise but never since Tom-Katie became a couple have a seen a happier family. Tom looks so proud of his family! Katie looks adoring to little Suri! For once I think Suri looks her age and is absolutly adorable! She seems to love those princesses and characters! It’s nice to see Connor out and about with the family and even though the picture is not posted there is a picture of the family with Katie and Connor on dumbo together with Tom and Suri behind them. Connor was video taping Suri and you could see how happy he was to see his little sister having such a good time! Connor is one good looking young man him self. Suri is one happy kid and I believe Tom took Connor on some “Big Boy” rides so they all could enjoy a day at Disney. Also it was nice to see Tom take his son out to the race track for some father-son bonding. It must be tough for Connor being the only boy with 3 sisters!!! so it’s good to see him and tom out. The picture where Katie is cuddling Suri cuts out Connor and Tom where Conor has a face like my little sister is so cute which is adorable! Love this family and hope to see Bella there next time!!!!!

Lisa on

BTW im sure all of the pictures posted Tom is gonna get copies of and hang around their home! How can you not?!? Suri’s face in all of these pictures makes me so happy especially the one with Belle! I would love to have seen Suri’s face at the character breakfast ! Also I love Suri’s hair this way!

Alexis on

Thanks CBB for clearing that up! I have seen other posed pictures of celebrities at Disneyland as well (for example, Dakota Fanning). I’m glad Tom and Katie did agree to the photoshoot because these pictures are utterly adorable, and I know that they will be a precious keepsake for them as well.

Gwen on

I love the photos especially the one with Suri and Belle. Tom, Kate and Connor are just so cooperative to have Suri take the lead. What a happy family! When you see a child so full of happiness, it makes you feel good despite of the financial crisis.

K on

It’s nice to see her do something age appropriate,they usually treat her like an adult.

fuzibuni on

i’ve never seen suri smile so much before 🙂
she looks so happy and content.
i love how in the first photo she has one hand on katie and the other on tom.

brannon on

Very cute photos but friends of mine were at disney that same day and said lines were held up twice as long every time the cruises wanted to ride something because they obviously jumped line (which i understand) but security clearance as well. they also said parades were postponed and princesses, etc. were off limits to rest of public. (her daughter cried forever because they saw suri with mickey but she couldn’t meet him) kind of a tough situation…i get both sides

brannon on

oh my – just realized that was connor – he looks so grown up and handsome!

Brianna on

Usually, Suri is not my favourite celebrity kid (I think Violet Affleck is way cuter!), and she NEVER smiles for the camera like Violet, but these pictures are just ADORABLE! Suri is evidently having the time of her life, and I think there’s a cuteness overload here!

j on

suri is looking more grown up and exactly like katie

Anna on

Suri looks so happy it’s nice to see. I do agree it might not have been fair to the people actually paying to get into Disneyworld.

These photos have been all over the internet for days btw.

Jennifer on

These photos are simply precious. Suri is such a beautiful little girl! 🙂

Missy on

what adorable pics!!! I love the last one, Suri is such a cutie and looks like she’s having a great time!

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- Could you post a link to the picture of them on Dumbo? Anyway, I LOVE these pictures, especially the one of Suri and Belle. You can tell that she is having the time of her life!

In the picture with Belle, something about her expression reminds me of Katie! I’m also glad that Connor seems to be enjoying Suri so much (according to what Lisa and others have said about photos from Disney World not posted here). I hope that someday we’ll get to see him and Bella with Sunday, looking at her in the same loving, admiring way! 🙂

J on

I haven’t seen photos of Suri in a while. She’s losing her babyface and looking older. She’s a real cutie!

Rebecca on

ohhh and by the way, Lisa, they meant Belle as in belle from Beauty and the Beast, not Isabella, but BELLE!

skipsie on

These photo’s are WAYYYY better than any paparazzi shot. I’ve never seen them all look so happy. Disneyland is clearly the place to be!

stevescurlygirl on

very cute!


beauitfull picture of suri, she looks very adorable.
Why can’t the cruises be treated the same as evertone who goes to disney,…. my daughter is 5 monthe younger then suri, when we went over to disneyland(we live in the uk), we had to wait over 2 hours to see mickey and it was in & out within 5 mins. will we go again……………..NO

Allie on

For everyone saying they’re at Disneyland, it’s Disney WORLD. And yes, there is a difference. 🙂

I think these pictures are cute! I LOVE the Belle one! It shows you that the Cruise’s WERE the center of attention that day, unlike the person who claimed the characters were last post. But, these look SOOOO much better. It doesn’t make them look like they’re living in a fishbowl. Suri looks like she’s having the time of her life!

Denise on

These images are so precious. Lovely little family day out. I love how Suri has outfits for the princesses, that is so cute. She looks SO happy to be there with the princsesses. That is, like, most little girls dream.


Simona on

Suri is beautiful, she looks like her mother so much!!! She’s so happy and so wonderful!!!!!!!

Dana on

It kind of bothers me when celebrities get preferential treatment. But, having been to Disney World dozens of times, I will say that I have seen non-celebrities be given this type of treatment at the parks. There are many moments to meet Mickey and the other characters. Plus, in the middle of February, the parks are not that crowded. Wait times are virtually non-existent. You are not looking at the hour wait times to get on some of the rides like if you go over the summer.

These pictures are adorable! I love the posed pictures, because that’s what they are. Just like taking your child to a photo studio to have a moment in their life captured in time. They are able to show Suri that not all cameras are scary. They have control over the situation here. They all look so happy! And I love seeing pictures of the extended family together. Connor is growing up so fast! I remember when he was first welcomed into the Cruise family. You don’t have to be 5 to have a blast at Disney World. He just seems like he is so proud to be a big brother.

Kelly on

Probably one of the happiest moments I’ve seen of Suri! These photos are precious and there’e no doubt she enjoyed it there like any other little girl her age would.

Danielle on

Anya’s looking at the photos with me and just pointed out “Mama Cinderella” and “Baby Cinderella” (Suri).

I see so much of Katie in the shot of Suri with Belle.

mom of 3 boys on

anybody notice that Mickey got cut off? I mean most families would LOVE to have Mickey, Minnie, and Cinderella to pose with all to themselves. Guess TomKat has passed Mickey in popularity!

Eleonora on

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!
Suri is so cute!!!

Sea on

Dana’s correct that non-celebs can also get this type of treatment, Disney will do this kind of special photos shoot for any guest who can afford it (the same with lots of extra special activities). We just don’t see the photos because the people aren’t famous (and of course there aren’t paparazzi taking photos of the photo shoot). Must make for a really sweet family memento, something different from the typical quick meet and greet where the characters are stationed (which can still be pretty darn cute, you just have to make it through the wait!).

Although, I will offer a correction that this particular time of year is NOT quiet (January after NYE into early Feb, yes). This was the start of President’s week, which is extremely busy with school vacations. The park was packed last weekend when they were there. The Cruise’s probably decided to visit the park and the photo shoot during that time because Tom was down there for the Daytona 500.

peachy on

I just love this family!Thank you for sharing these priceless photos.

Lisa on

Celebritybabylover- If you go over to there is a whole album of the Cruise’s trip to Disney World. Included in the album is the picture on Dumbo and such!

Lisa on

my bad celebritybabylover it is

Jane on

Suri is absolutely adorable!

Look at that gorgeous smile!

mamabear on

Seeing Suri this happy (or any child) brings a tear to my eye 🙂

We’ve gone to Disney World Several times and I’ve seen this look of sheer happiness on my own daughters’ face when she met with the Princesses… PRICELESS!

Thanks to the Cruise Family, Disney and CBB for sharing with us!

smilesontherise on

cute, very cute
suri just has this amazing glow around her; this combined with a smile at Disney really gets to the heart 🙂

fluorescentfate on

Absolutely adorable! 🙂

Lisa on


Haha my bad both and have photo albums but look at usmagazine they have many more SORRY!

Daniela on

Good lord Connor is one handsome young man! He’s going to be a heartbreaker for sure! 🙂

Blackrose on

My 3 year old cousin would LOVEE to be there!! as she thinks shes Cinderella!!it would be like a dream coming true!

Laura on

Beautiful, precious photos. What a sweet looking little girl.

tess on

So cute, but unrealistic for us common folks!! Everytime we wanted to see a character, it was a long wait in line, in some building!!!! How they got othese arrangements and out in public is outrageous; Disney breaking protocol for one kid is really rediculous

tink1217 on

sweet pics!!!

Jen1 on

What beautiful photos. 🙂

lva on

Tess – Disney didn’t “break protocol” they do photoshoot’s like this for anyone who can pay for them. I have friends who done these types of photoshoot’s at Disney for there wedding/kids.

Anyways… These pictures are gorgeous, especially the last one!!

Meg on

To all those wondering about lines and things… I work at Disney and I’m sorry, but you have to expect them. Also, it was VALENTINE’S Day, in case you guys didn’t remember. There are tons of people there (especially because it was a Saturday). I’m sure they had special treatment but it probably had to do with them needing security and not wanting to be bothered by people.

Brannon, I don’t know where your friends were but the parade was NOT postponed; it was definitely on time. Also, the princesses were very much available to be seen at Toontown like they always are. They may have seen Suri with Mickey but all they had to do was wait for Mickey to go back to the Judges tent to see him. 🙂 Nothing was shut down or delayed for the Cruises. They had their special meet and greet and that’s it. Like I said, Valentine’s Day is busy (Magic Kingdom especially!) so the Cruises being there probably didn’t do much else except cause a few traffic jams due to stares.

Gabrielle on

Re: People and character lines:

It’s not just in buildings. Mickey is outside of his house at certain times of day (around lunch time, I believe), and if I remember correctly, you can meet all the princesses outside the castle at certain times of day.

Yes, long damn lines. Go in summer time, like us Floridians, and go early. It’s HOT, but if you go early in the morning there are no lines.

Fevvers on

I think she is going to look just like Tom not Katie…she has his paler skin and large nose. These are cute photos, she looks really happy.

Jane on

In the third picture (yellow dresses), Suri looks like Tom. I mostly think she looks like Katie, but in this picture, I see a resemblance to Tom.

Meg on

Gabrielle, unless the castle show is down for the day or you have lunch in the castle, you cannot see the princesses outside the castle. Sometimes they’re at Toontown, sometimes they’re inside the castle, sometimes they’re at Epcot, but they’re not usually outside the castle for meet and greets. 🙂

Jane on

Fevvers- I don’t think your comment is very nice. She doesn’t have a large nose!

So many times, I see an exact image of Katie when I see a picture of her – just once in a while, in the smile, I see a resemblance to Tom.

kris on

“Mama Cinderella” and “Baby Cinderella” (Suri). – That’s so cute!!!

J on

Aw, these are so adorable of Suri!

Dee on

oh my gosh! Suri is the CUTEST kid.

Dana on

Sea and Meg,

I forgot about it being a holiday weekend. The only times we have been within the last 15 years, has been over the summer, where it is very busy. When I used to live in Orlando, my favorite times to go were over the winter and early spring. Compared to Spring Break and the summertime, you could breeze right through the park. We also know how to avoid lines over the summer, as well. I guess that has never really bothered me, so I wasn’t putting myself in someone else’s shoes.

Fevvers on

And what exactly is wrong with large(r) noses? I happen to like them. And thin lips for that matter. Why do I have to have exactly the same standard of beauty as Hollywood? I think she looks lovely. But her smile is the best feature of all.

paris on

aww she(suri) is so cute

Diana on

Oh yippie. Made my day.

umar on

very nice photos

FC on

I have to say , Suri is one of the cutest, and happiest, little princess at the Happiest Place on Earth…;)

Sibi on

Truth is some are just jealous because this family is close to having it all. I say close because no one in this world has it all. What a beautiful family and they are the happiest family in HollywoodPark.LOL!

Pamela on

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?
The Cruise family especially SURI.

I see why so many around the world loves this family.

Chantelle on

I think Suri is so cute and luckly enough im having twins a BOY and a GIRL SO IM going to take them there too! just to see someone smile is everything a to be mother wants!.

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