CBB Poll: What Maternity Wardrobe Item is Worth the Splurge?

02/20/2009 at 11:30 AM ET

When money’s tight, you may forgo buying new clothes, but when you’re pregnant, there’s no way getting around it — you need clothes that will fit around your growing bump. Whether you borrow from friends or buy everything new, there are bound to be some items that you want to buy new and that you don’t mind splurging on because you know you’ll live in them. So tell us, when building your maternity wardrobe, what one piece of clothing are you willing to splurge on?

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e on

i made the mistake of ordering a pair of non-returnable paige maternity jeans in a size larger than what i normally wear (which is the sizing recommendation). i don’t know if it was the half-panel or the larger size, but they kept falling down! i bought them at 30 weeks and never ‘grew’ into them. i’m pretty annoyed with myself that i spent $170 on something everyone told me would be worth the splurge.

i gained less than 20 lbs and pretty much all of my tunic dresses, leggings, and tights fit me the entire pregnancy. there’s no point in jumping the gun and spending lots of money on maternity clothing because you won’t know how your body carries the weight until it happens.

the only maternity item worth every penny were my ingrid and isabel maternity leggings. at $52, not exactly a splurge, even more so because i wore them nearly every day.

Gingi on

I had twins this past summer. And the only thing worse than being pregnant during the summer in Arizona is being pregant with twins during the summer in AZ.

The best purchase/splurge I made was a pair of maternity capri strech pants from the Gap. I ordered them at 16 weeks, wore them through the day I delivered and then for the next month.

R on

I can’t say it a splurge since I had them before I was pregnant but my CLARK Mary Jane’s I would definitely splurge on! I just wore them all over Washington DC at 6.5 months and my feel never hurt! But in general, very cute but comfy shoes are a must on my list. After that it’s jeans and cute cardigans since that’s my “uniform” when I’m not pregnant.

Macy on

DRESSES!!! Both times I was pregnant was during the summer (lucky me!) I lived in dresses. Comfy and flattering is a good combination when your huge! Kohl’s has a really decent priced stylish selection of maternity clothes. Some of them are shape where they look good when your not pregnant…nice little bonus!

Mel on

I can’t decide between my jeans (the ONLY piece of maternity wear that I will NOT share with any of my pregnant friends.) or that stretchy elastic support belt. Neither were a big ticket item (Jeans were Liz Lange for Target from a consignment shop, the belt was $10) but I wore them all the time.

Aurora mia on

BRAS!! Every stage of my pregnancy needed another one. That is what I spent money on! Anything with fabulous organic fabrics that felt good against my skin. That was my other splurge!

Aurora mia on

OH…I agree with the Clarks, I got a pair of Danskos that saved my life! Awesome additions 🙂

kate on

I am pregnant with my second and thought I would be willing to splurge on maternity jeans that actually stay up. I went to Motherhood Maternity to try on some of the “fancy” brands, but I complained to the saleslady that they all were so low it felt like the jeans part of the pants didn’t cover my heiney. She told me all they do is take the regular jeans, cut off the waistband, and sew on the maternity band!! No thanks!! For all that $$ I expect pants that are actually made for pregnant women!

wavybrains on

Bras. I got used/borrowed/clearance for everything else, but a good bra was essential. I like the all-cotton ones from Lane Bryant.

amelie on

Definitely bras. I also bought maternity underwear (they had a slight curve cut out of the waistband so that they sat under my bump. They were SO comfortable, but they weren’t a necessity.

I wore my regular pants/jeans with a belly belt (the best invention ever) and bought nice tops and dresses.

The “Belly Basics” kits were also really great.

Danielle on

I loved my Liz Lange black button down cardigan. I wore it through the 2nd-4th trimesters. It technically wasn’t a splurge because I bought it with a gift certificate but it was probably one of the more expensive pieces I owned and I would buy it with my own money if I needed to.

Sarah on

Definitely my True Religion maternity jeans!! $$$ but very stylish! And of course good bras!

Evelyn on

Loved loved loved my Citizens for Humanity maternity jeans & all of the comfy & stylish clothes from Isabella Oliver

sarahmiller1213 on

i would not have made it without my chacos!!