Taylor Dayne Shares Her Surrogate Story

02/19/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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Despite the many obstacles standing in her way — most noticeably the lack of a partner — songstress Taylor Dayne was willing to overcome any challenge in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

Following several “relationships where nothing stuck,” Taylor — not looking to “lose the window of opportunity” — had turned her attention toward adoption in hopes of starting a family; However, at the mention of a surrogate, the pop singer found herself headed down a new path that would eventually lead her to motherhood. “I said, ‘A surrogate? What is that?’ And they go, ‘Rent a womb.’ I’m like, ‘Rent a womb?’ And they’re like, ‘It’s yours, they look like you,” shares Taylor in a new interview with OK!.

Faced with the “mind-blowing” prospect of having a biological child, Taylor, who was performing on Broadway, was in an unusual situation after discovering the use of a surrogate was illegal in her state. Calling the ordeal a “real process,” the bi-coastal mama-to-be split her time between the Big Apple and Los Angeles. For Taylor, the hectic schedule was well worth it when she discovered her surrogate was carrying twins!

“I had a surrogate carry it and it was my egg. I went for one, and I got two. She called me up and they told me. I’m very proud of the achievement.”

Since welcoming her now 6 ½-year-old twins Astaria and Levi, life for the busy mama has been full of surprises. “They’re precocious, alive, fantastic, thoughtful, and every day they’re bringing home something new and different,” gushes Taylor, who admits her children are “pretty divine.” While their biological father, who will “remain a mystery,” is not in their lives, — “they know who he is, but as an involved parent…he’s not involved in that respect” — Taylor reveals that her children are simply thriving.

More on Astaria and Levi — along with Taylor’s take on Rebecca Romijn’s twins — below.

Completely supportive of Astaria and Levi, the 46-year-old shares that there are specific traits she is hopeful her children will acquire. “My biggest hope for them is to make sure they are happy, content, peaceful and satisfied, and successful people in this world. Give back and learn how to live fulfilling lives. I like knowing that in their hearts they feel safe, and yet they challenge themselves,” she says. Much like many kids their age, Astaria and Levi are in to “hiphop, dance [and] skateboarding,” however, Taylor admits that the career paths — including ones in showbiz — the twins choose to follow in life are up to them.

“I would follow their lead because for me, by this time in my life, at age 6, my destiny was mapped out for me. I was doing solos in school already, and I knew. There’s inner dialogue that you have with yourself. I had my destiny, I knew what I wanted. You have to watch, and so if they desire it — and they show in it — I’m talking a real interest — sure, I would encourage it.”

With no regrets of having embarked on the journey of motherhood flying solo, Taylor supports and understands fellow mamas of twins, including actors Rebecca Romijn and her husband Jerry O’Connell. Suggesting that the pair should anticipate the unique joys of twins, Taylor says the couple are “going to be just fine. There’s a lot of love over there. Good nanny, little sleep and they have each other, so it’s a beautiful thing.”

Taylor — known for her hit songs including Tell It To My Heart and With Every Beat of My Heart — can be seen on CMT’s Gone Country on Saturday at 8:00 p.m.

Source: OK!

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melissa on

I Love Taylor Dayne!

Emily on

I’ve never heard of her. Also, I wasn’t aware that surrogacy was illegal in anywhere… sad.

Ashley on

I really didn’t know Taylor Dayne before, but she’s fun to watch on Gone Country. What a good story i’m glad she was able to start a family on her own. As long as your child is loved and cared for who cares how it happened.

Carie on

Emily, I think in Oklahoma surrogacy is illegal as well. I will have to research a bit more but if I remember correctly it is.

Annika on

I don’t really get why she didn’t carry the twins herself. While I’m mot completely against surrogates, I think it should be wisely considered and not done if it isn’t absoulutely necessary. I mean, the effect on the surrogate who grows babies inside her for nine month and afterwards has no choice but to give them away is underestimated.

Rebecca on

I’m actually in talks with a couple that I’m considering being a gestational surrogate for. Believe me, with surrogates there is extensive psychological exams done beforehand, lawyers are involved nearly from the beginning, and if it’s done right, the surrogate won’t walk away feeling like they didn’t have a choice, they do, they made it long before the baby was born.
I can’t speak for Taylor Dayne, but the woman that I’m speaking with is unable to carry a baby to full term. She has one miracle son and has suffered 4 stillbirths due to prematurity. Some women CAN’T carry their babies, nothing wrong with getting help to do it if you can.

Kate on

I don’t get why gestational surrogacy would be illegal anywhere. I can understand how tricky traditional surrogacy could be, but with gestational surrogacy it’s not even the surrogate’s child.

Paula on

Are the twins, a boy and a girl, or two girls, or two boys? The names confuse me.

Janna on

It really saddens me that every story on CBB lately turns into a “let’s judge the celebrity” based on their experience. It is absolutely none of anyone’s business why this woman (or any other woman on the planet) might use a surrogate, and it’s presumptious and rude to even go down that road.

Sanja on

I’m also curious why she didn’t get pregnant herself, since here she just mentions adoption and surrogacy, but nothing about fertility problems.

As, for the surrogacy being illegal, I believe it’s a case in many countries (mine included), because it’s seen as selling your baby, since the couple essentially pay you for the baby (not sure why they don’t distinguish between a gestational surrogate and the one giving up her biological child). Private adoption is also illegal here and all adoption (even inside a family) has to go through the Social Services.

Cate on

Sanja, would you want to have to share all your personal health problems with the world? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t discuss the reasons behind looking into surrogacy.

eternalcanadian on

Interesting there were actually comments here about why Taylor didn’t get pregnant herself just because she didn’t mention fertility problems.

I say who cares how a person gets children, the fact remains the children were very much wanted. It’s like the Ricky Martin situation. I couldn’t believe the fuss made about him going the gestational carrier route simply because he was male and single. It is Taylor’s life and who are we to judge it whether she used a gestational carrier or didn’t want to or could not get pregnant?

Now getting back to the real crux of the story. Surrogacy or gestational carriers are illegal? What states ban this practice? I think that is awful! Could it be a hang-over from the infamous Mary Beth Whitehead case? How can that be the case be if one uses their own eggs and get the sperm from their spouse or partner or a sperm bank? I bet it is the money factor. If so that is misleading. Of course you have to pay the medical fees, plus pay the person for carrying the fetus. Bless the women that do this for free, but just like men get paid for sperm donations and women get paid for egg donations, women should get paid for “womb rental.”

Goodness, I hope those states have progressive citizens that are working to change the law.

I better check to see if Canada has such laws against surrogacy and gestational carriers. It would be quite shocking to me if there were.

Wendy on

I have a friend who’s been a surrogate for a couple, because the woman was too old to carry a baby safely. Wasn’t Phoebe a surrogate on Friends I remember? There’s nothing wrong with surrogacy, as long as the child is loved and cared for. I wish Taylor the best- not waiting for Mr. Right, she’s a strong woman who I’m sure will raise a beautiful family. Hopefully, she’ll also find a partner later on who loves her and her children.

Sanja on

Cate -she’s talking about this herself and I don’t see why I can’t be curious, since it seems like the process of getting pregnant herself would be easier, cheaper, etc.(if she didn’t have fertility problems) than looking into adoption or surrogacy which can take years.
And, just to point out, I don’t have a problem with adoption (have family members who are adopted and we plan to adopt a couple of children) or gestational surrogacy, I was just CURIOUS. Personally, I’ve never heard of anyone going through surrogacy if they didn’t have to because of medical reasons (or single fathers/gay men).

Curly_K on

eternalcanadian – I am also Canadian, and I can tell you there are no laws against surrogacy and gestational carriers in Canada. However, the surrogate parent cannot receive ANY payment for being the surrogate…with the exception of associated medical costs.

melissa on

Well,from an interview she gave a while back,she said she had problems carrying a baby so I take that as the reason she chose the surrogate either way I wish her all the happiness! Here what I found about surrogacy in the United States:

Compensated surrogacy arrangements are illegal in Washington, Michigan, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and New York. Additionally, four states in the US have held that such contracts, while not illegal, are unenforceable. California is widely recognized as one of the most friendly jurisdictions for parties desiring to enter into a surrogacy arrangement.[15] There are many states at the present time that issue pre-birth orders placing the correct parent names on the baby’s birth certificate.

Compensated surrogacy is legal in Oregon, Texas and Arkansas. Texas requires the surrogate mother to be a resident of Texas. Arkansas does not require surrogates to be residents. Intended parents and surrogates resident in any state of the USA can enter into a legal surrogacy arrangement in Arkansas. Provided the child is born in Arkansas and that financial considerations are dispensed from Arkansas the contract will be recognized by Arkansas courts and upheld.

Callen on

I also read an interview awhile back. She was in a relationship. she said she didn’t want to carry children for another man while dating someone else. Whatever her reasons, I love her.lol Great voice.

Sara-Jayne on

I have to say it is lovely to read about a different birth story. I am a gestational surrogate, 23 weeks pregnant. It is legal in Canada, where I live, to be a surrogate provided it is done on an altruistic basis. I am compensated for my expenses, but that is it.

Regardless of why Taylor Dane chose the surrogate route, she should be commended for shining a light on the community. Surrogates, at least the ones I know, go through extensive psychological screening to determine that they are capable of carrying someone else’s child. I know for me personally, this is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am able to help a couple who have become good friends fulfill their dream of a biological child. No one should be denied that opportunity. Instead of judging surrogates and those who turn to them for help, perhaps we should be embracing the fact that surrogacy is a wonderful way for some families to become complete.

melissa on

Sara-Jayne:You,too,should be commended and you are a blessing yourself! Again,kudos to Taylor,she sounds like a wonderful mother.

Jennifer on

Paula – the twins are a girl (Astaria) and a boy (Levi). I’ve always found Astaria’s name to be quite pretty.

eternalcanadian on

Curly_K and melissa thanks for the info about where surrogacy/gestational carriers are illegal. yay for canada, although i still think they should be reimbursed for their time and use of their body.

t on

I discovered this article regarding why she selected surrogacy. I could be misunderstanding it but sounds like she didn’t want to experience pregnancy and wouldn’t be able to be start a new relationship if she was pregnant with another man’s baby.


Jessica on

As a surrogate that carried now 5 year old twins, I think that it is great that Taylor Dane as well as other celebrities are speaking out about using a surrogate to carry their baby(ies). And as for “giving up the baby”, it is never a surrogate’s baby to begin with. As a surrogate, you go thru extensive hoops and loops to make sure you are physically as well as mentally able to carry a child for someone else. When someone asks me if it was hard for me to have the twins and not bring them home, I say that they were never mine to keep and I simply just gave them back to their parents! The twins grew under my heart and will forever have a special place in it. I have been very lucky to have the twins in my life still, as my husband and I are the twins godparents. The birth of a child is special, no matter how it came about!

Amy on

I don’t have a problem with surrogacy at all. However, as an adoptive mom I think the comment. “It looks like you. It’s yours,” is pretty lame. I know it wasn’t meant this way, but just because I child doesn’t look like you doesn’t mean the child is not “yours.” Let me just “preach to the choir” about this because I know (hope) most people don’t think that similar appearance = parental love.

Anonymous on

Taylor Dane is older than 46.

mojo on

How selfish. poor kids.