Introducing Charlie Axel Woods!

02/18/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Dom Furore/Woods Family via Getty Images

What a cutie! Tiger Woods, wife Elin, proud big sister Sam Alexis, 20 months — and the family dogs! — introduce their new addition in a series of five photos released today.

Son Charlie Axel Woods, now 10 days old, arrived on Sunday, February 8th.

Source: Tiger Woods;

Click below to view the images!

Dom Furore/Woods Family via Getty Images
Dom Furore/Woods Family via Getty Images
Dom Furore/Woods Family via Getty Images
Dom Furore/Woods Family via Getty Images
Dom Furore/Woods Family via Getty Images

Sam wears Petit Bateau’s Denim Dress ($48).

Charlie wears Baby Gap’s Essential Kimono Top/Bottom Set in Chocolate Raspberry ($18).

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Shi on

The picture with the dogs is so lovely. Congrats to the Woods!

Megan on

Good god, is there a more gorgeous family! These pictures take my breath away…I was definitely looking forward to seeing big sis as I was seeing Charlie–Charlie is GORGEOUS…my goodness…and Sam…how freakin cute is that grin with those piggies! An absolutely STUNNING family…and both of them are a great looking mix of mom and dad…I can’t say enough about them…haha LOVE the pics!

CTBmom on

I looked at all the pics on, and they are beautiful! Charlie is so cute!! And I can’t get over how big Sam has gotten since the last pic we’ve seen of her.

Tammy on

Oh my gosh, little Charlie is sooo cute and my goodness, look how much Sam has grown. She’s so so pretty.

Anne on

The children are beautiful but the boy has lighter skin than his sister and looks more like his mom. Wonderful picture of the family and their dog.

Mari on

Charlie is beautiful and the whole family is beautiful!😀

Bettina on

Absolutely precious. Could those babies be any more beautiful? I love the chocolate brown and blues together!! Best wishes to the Woods family!!🙂

annie on

what a gorgeous boy he is! and how adorable is sam?!

HeatherR on

What a beautiful addition to their wonderful family!

Kelsey on

Both kids are gorgeous! I’m glad to see a picture of Sam, we haven’t seen one in a while. She’s adorable and getting so big! Congrats to the beautiful family!

Nausicaa on

When did Sam get so big!? It seems like only yesterday she was born! Charlie is adorable. That picture of Sam kissing him is beyond precious.

Annie Porter on

Oh my goodness, what a cute family – they look over the moon and rightly so! Sam is adorable and the little boy, well he is perfect… congratulations to them all x

Aelys on

Sam and Charlie are absolutely gorgeous. Sam has the cutest cheeky look on the family pic, and the picture of Sam kissing Charlie is a heart-melter!

marla on


Emily on

Charlie’s got his daddy’s nose!😀 These are adorable.

Jen1 on

Such a beautiful family. Charlie is precious. And Sam and her little brother, so very sweet. Beyond it!

I so love these portraits. They’re gorgeous. The Family Woods!🙂


OMG!! Sam looks exactly like my niece Emily! I am in shock!! lol

this family is so cute and they look so happy!! God Bless them!

Susan on

He looks just like his sister in the first picture. Such good genes!

Emma on

Wow!! Amazing family pic. Charlie has much lighter skin than Sam had as a newborn. The dogs are adorable.

bungalowbliss on

LOVE the one of Sam and Charlie! Sam is really quite the perfect combination of her parents. She has her mother’s smile–just adorable!

G on

What a gorgeous family! Sam has gotten so big!

Candy on

Beutiful family photos. Charlie is adorable.
Sam has her Mama’s nose!

Y on

So precious! What a good looking family.

Ashley on

Charlie is so precious. I too thought Charlie looked lighter than Sam and googled her reveal photos and was right. Congrats to Tiger and Elin, Tiger looks so proud of his gorgeous family.

Loren on

Thanks for these CBB. I didn’t expect to see the new baby yet and its quite a treat to see the entire family. Lovely family, beautiful children. Congratulations to Tiger and Elin.

brooklyn on

Charlie is very cute! I also love Sam’s little bangs!

Mia on

Aw, he’s so new! Sam has gotten so big! Sam definitely looks like her dad, and Charlie seems to look more like his mom. Adorable family.

Jennifer on

In response to the skin-pigment comments–in my experience (I have a niece & nephew who are bi-racial), many bi-racial children don’t get their ‘coloring’ right away. So Charlie could end up staying relatively fair-skinned or could be darker than his sister.

megan on

I haven’t seen pictures of Sam in awhile but she was a gorgeous baby and now a gorgeous little girl. What a great family picture. I’m sure Charlie will be just as adorable as his big sis!

jazzie on

Best Wishes to this family! New additions are so special, and this little baby, Charlie is adorable. Sam is HUGE! She looks a lot like her mommy, same mouth.

Lauren on

First, everyone in that family is so good looking (including the dogs)! And second, in that picture of Sam kissing Charlie…exactly where can I go to get eyelashes as long as hers?!

ErykaWynter on

That photo of the family with their dogs kissing them is so precious! I absolutely love the look on Sam’s face – she is a doll!

Bea on

And the reason that it matters that Charlie is lighter that Sam is WHAT exactly???

People feel the need to mention it for WHAT purpose?

Tiger and Elin have two beautiful, healthy & happy children, that is what is important.

It is so tiresome, that whenever some children are shown on this site, it becomes an avenue for people to mention their color, their shade, the lightness or darkness of their skin tone.

Geesh – it’s 2009 already! This can’t be the first time you all have seen people of color. Get over it already.

Christine on

Sam is totally adorable with big girl haircut! Last pic I saw of her she still had short baby hair!
Gorgeous family and how lovely of them to share so many pics so soon after his birth!

SouthernBelle on

What a precious baby! And Sam is just beautiful. But, Elin and Tiger are gorgeous, so you can see why Sam and Charlie are, too. They are such a lovely family. The picture with the dogs is just breathtaking. Is there anything more attractive in a man than watching him lovingly hold a baby or child? Awwww!

Georgie on

Those children are exquisite.


A beautiful tri-cultural family! Sam is so big and looks like her grandma. So cute!!!! I have a tri-cultural family, so I’m a bit partial.

BeckyPeabody on

What a lovely family. These children are so beautiful. The daughter looks a lot like Vanessa Minillo. While the son looks like European Royalty. Maybe Jake Gyleenhall.

Great pics. Thanks Tiger for giving us a little peak. It may be 18 months before we see more pics, if history is any guide. But, you have always delighted us in your early release photo approach.

Leslie on

These pics are sooooo great!!! What a nice looking family!!!

Allie on

“Geesh – it’s 2009 already! This can’t be the first time you all have seen people of color. Get over it already.”

Some people like stuff like that. NO ONE IS BEING RACIST, OR WHATEVER YOU’RE TRYING TO MAKE IT OUT AS. Genetics are the coolest thing. I love seeing what “coloring” a baby will have, no matter WHAT race they are. I don’t see why you’re raising a fuss over people pointing out that he is lighter than Sam. It’s an observation. So while people are “getting over it,” I would suggest you take your own advice. This is why we still have racial issues in this world today because people just assume…. with negative thoughts.🙂

Jennifer on

The photos are gorgeous…what a beautiful family! Charlie is a cutie, and Sam is such a doll! The photo of her kissing her baby brother is just precious.

Anna on

And what is wrong with mentioning colour, Bea? You seem over sensitive about it when there is nothing to be sensitive about.
Mentioning the children are different shades is not racist, so don’t make it out to be.

They are gorgeous children, Sam has really become a little girl, instead of a baby!

g-girl on

I agree, what’s the point of pointing out the grade of someone’s skin. What is the point? And no, I don’t think the grade of someone’s skin is pointed out if a baby is white. I do think it comes from a racist place. Quietly. Too many in society get hung up on many grades of hair and shades of skin. Let’s get to the point where it is a non-issue. Nothing to discuss. Until then, I am not convinced it does not come from something negative. More importantly, the children are not only beautiful but they look so healthy and thank God!

Jennie on

How precious is he!!! He looks so adorable and big sister Sam is such a cutie as well (hadn’t seen a pic of her in quite a while). My new son was born a day after little Charlie (2/9/09) so I can absolutely relate to the Woods clan right now, with the lack of sleep and all, but it’s so thrilling at the same time to have a new little one too! Best of luck to the growing family! 🙂

mel on

That photographer did an excellent job at capturing the photo of the dog licking Tiger’s face. What a beautiful family. Congrats to Elin and Tiger!

Crystal on

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! Tiger and Elin are so blessed to have such a WONDERFUL FAMILY!!! I’m so happy that Tiger again shared pictures of his new baby! CONGRATULATIONS!!!🙂

Michelle on

I think all the pictures are precious, especially the one of the whole family. In terms of the shade of color of someone’s skin, I would mostly agree with Allie and Anna. My husband was born and raised in the US, but, by ethnic background, is half-Chinese, and I am a fair-skinned midwestern girl. Our first son has blond hair, blue eyes, and skin as pale as mine. Our second son has dark hair, brown eyes, and darker skin. I’m curious what our third child (due in April) will look like, of course, and obviously, it’s not because I’m racist, nor do I take offense if anyone makes an innocent observation about my children’s skin or features in that regard. I’m sure there are some people that think that way, but in general, that’s not what I’ve heard or seen in my personal experience. Just 2 cents from someone in something of a “mixed-race” family. . . .

Michele on

Those have got to be the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. They literally took my breath away.

iluvallbabies on

Hold on, mentioning a childs skin colour and who they favour in their looks and skintone is NOT racist. People get way too worked up about this issue as soon as colour gets involved.

Its like mentioning if a baby had red hair passed on from their father?

Stop trying to cause controversy when there is nothing there.

Gorgeous children.

Kerri on

Wow, I definitely don’t think anyone’s being racist in mentioning Charlie’s complexion. I noticed he was much fairer than Sam was when he was born. But I notice the same thing with hair color, amount of hair, eye color, facial features. It’s interesting to see what different children of the same parents can wind up looking like due to the combination of genetics.

Anyway, Charlie looks more like Tiger, I think, than Sam does. Sam has a lot of her mom’s facial features. I can’t believe how big Sam is! She’s adorable. I love all of Charlie’s hair!

Anna in IL on

Tiger has always made me weak in the knees, but I’m afraid that Charlie is going to be even more gorgeous!

eternalcanadian on

so cute! the picture with the dogs is absolutely lovely!

Ashlee on

g-girl…I disagree. My sister and I are both caucasian…I have very fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and she has an olive eyes and brown hair…and it is commented on a lot and I don’t think it its negative, just an observation.

Anyway, the kids are both adorable!!

Rosy J on

Congrats to the lovely family. I love the pic where Sam is giving a sweet kiss to her baby brother. Precious photos!

Chris on

Hands down that is the most beautiful “in-the-moment” family photo I have ever seen. Seriously! The dogs just take the cake. Little Sam is being nuzzled by the dog yet she continues to look right into the camera. lol

I really, really want to comment on the skin color thing but I won’t because that’s a whole nother topic.

Janet on

I bet the grandparents are IN LOVE! Such cutie patooties!! What a blessing!! Congratulations!

izabelle on


Melissa on

G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the most beautiful families I’ve seen on CBB. I wish Tiger’s Dad was here to see it all. 😦

Mel on

Seriously, I understand what the poster up top meant when she said people should get over the skin complexion issues. It’s not like it’s …oh they’ve got different skin tones. Some of the posts were in the vein “The children are beautiful BUT the boy has lighter skin than his sister and looks more like his mom.”

I understand for most of you that is fine, but the constant skin color comments struck a nerve with me. It’s like all right already! Obviously they’re mixed race children, so shouldn’t we all expect they could possible have skin ANYWHERE between (or beyond) the mom & dad<

Maybe it’s an African American thing because I know that the darker one’s complexion (esp. if non-White),then it’s usually the less attractive in traditional Western mainstream culture. If you grow up in a Black household and you are the darker sibling, chances are you will compared less favorably to your lighter sibling. I’m not saying that has happened on this blog or will in the Woods household, since Tiger is a “Comblinasian” and neither child will likely look obviously African American.
Im just saying, I understand a different vein behind what some may mean as innocuous words.

With that said, the kids are beautiful and Sam has the prettiest smile I think Ive ever seen. God Bless this fam.

Mia on

It’s understandable to see the situation from both sides. But if people are commenting on the basis of it just being an observation on biology, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad’s just an observation.

Genetics in general, in all species, not just humans (but other animals) coloring is pretty neutral when all babies are first born. Then, once the offspring is older the coloring starts to show up more and generally get darker.

Janelle on

G-Girl and Bea you are spot on!

Why does anyone feel the need to mention the boy’s complexion. BOTH kids are gorgeous. BTW,I’m black and skin color has never been an issue in my family of varied shades of brown or in other black families I know….And, I’m from the deep South. NO, it’s not “an African-American thing.” On the contrary, my people have a long history of accepting and embracing all shades of brown. We were the ones to embrace and claim Tiger as our own, even when he shied away from being called black, though the rest of the world saw him as a black man. One white golfer went as far as bring up fried chicken and collared stereotypes after he won the Master’s one year. So now you tell me who has an issue with color? It’s not blacks/African-Americans.

Also, even though his mother was white, how does the world see President Barack Obama? They see him as a black man. And what community embraced him without issue of skin color? The black community. What does Halle Berry consider herself, despite having a white mother she loves dearly? She says shes a black woman. And, what community has heartily welcomed and embraced her from day one? The black community.

So, you tell me who considers and treats who less favorably. Stop making generalizations about how we treat our own when you don’t know the culture or the history and have absolutely no clue.
Yes, there are some very ignorant, self hating blacks caught up on skin color. They learned to hate themselves because one group thought/thinks they’re better and more beautiful than another.

This is 2009 folks. If you feel the need to point out and make an issue of the skin color of a baby who is simply gorgeous then yes, you DO have an issue with skin color. How many comments do you read about the color of the many white babies featured on this site(which is about 90% of what’s shown)?

Beauty comes in ALL shapes and colors, and this is simply one beautiful family!

SAR on

Charlie is a lovely baby and Sam is gorgeous. Tiger and Elin are obviously very proud parents, as well they should be.

Eleonora on

What a GORGEOUS family!

babyboopie on

As regards to beautiful Charlie’s complexion, it may be that he may get darker as he grows because my son was the same- his father is french, but with dark olive skin whereas I am fair-skinned ish- and my son was light at birth but as he grew older, he became much darker! But nevertheless, both Charlie and big sister Sam are absolutely GORGEOUS! What a photogenic family!

Brittany Sellons on

Charlie looks exactly like Tiger. You know he is going to steal the hearts of the girls when he gets older.

mary on

Tiger deserves all of this joy!! He certainly has brought enough of it to we golf fans watching him over all these years..God bless this beautiful little family!!!

Kelpy on

What wonderful family photos, Elin is really beautiful I haven’t seen that many pictures of her.
Who do the children look most like, I can’t tell

Jas on

Beautiful family!! Congratulations on the new baby!!

And I agree with you Bea 100%. For some reason people find it necessary to point how light or dark a baby is when they’re of different ethnic backgrounds.

sgtmian on

african, chinese, native american, thai, dutch and swedish. these are some mixed babies! i love it. i think sam looks more like her mom, with dad’s coloring. maybe charlie will be the opposite.

LL65 on


Lauren on

Congratulations, Janelle-yours is easily one of if not the most blatantly racist posts I have ever seen on this site. I find it hilarious that you and your buddies (Bea, G-Girl) find it necessary to throw a fit over innocent comments regarding Charlie’s skin tone when you three have easily proven to be the most racially motivated and obsessed people here. As long as there are people like yourself who like to claim others as “their own” like they’re pieces of property (and we all know what your reaction would be if a white person claimed the same about Tiger, Obama, Berry-who, by the way, has said she had a horrible time in school because many students said she wasn’t “black enough”), racism is going nowhere. That chip on your shoulder is all your own; don’t you dare try to pin it on anyone else.

The photos are adorable, Sam’s gorgeous, and Charlie looks just like Elin while Sam’s a real mix. It’s too bad some people felt the need to ruin the discussion because of their own personal insecurities.

BeckyPeabody on

This child joins a growing list of tri-racial and Anglo heritage progeny that will be presumed to be European dominant or white. Tiger has always been proud of his European heritage, despite the “racial cynics” who had great difficulty in accepting Tigers’ Euro/Asian/mulatto heritage. Kudos to Tiger for speaking truth to the heritages that informed his life. And not selling his ancestors short, to keep a few radicals placated.

And hopefully by the time that this child has to affix a racial category, such harsh and divisive labeling, will be “passe” anyway.

And so what if he gets a little darker. Who doesn’t look better with a tan.

Monica on

Before anyone calls me a WASP racist, I’d just like to clarify that I’m mixed race (Black, Amerindian and Caucasian)…

I can understand why skin tone is still considered a volatile topic but calling people “racist” is ridiculous. Nobody has said “OMG, Charlie’s so much cuter ’cause he’s more white and looks like mum who’s Swedish”. I think the only one who may have written in a potentially ambiguous manner is Anne (5th post). Everybody has appreciated their beauty.

I think it’s quite natural for people to wonder who mixed children favour in their looks, it’s called ‘curiosity’ – we’re still a ‘rarity’, so to speak. In a hundred years nobody will make this kind of comments, don’t you worry.

When I was a kid, people used to wonder about my appearance but never told me anything because they feared they’d offend me. When I got to tell them my mother was South American, they’d go “oooh, that’s why you look exotic…”. It never crossed my mind they meant it in a malicious way.

Genetics are just incredibly interesting, and this is an incredibly gorgeous family.

It’s also quite interesting how they kind of followed a ‘naming pattern’: a nickname as a first name (Sam/Charlie) and a middle name that kind of resembles the girl’s one (Axel/Alexis).

BeckyPeabody on


We don’t know whether this child or anychild who looks white is mixed. Tiger has enough European ancestry, that this child could be a single race. Meiosis is a highly unpredictable process, where genes can cross-over and/or be spliced out.

No one knows the racial mixture of anyone. in fact. There are people in England who have been classified as white, that turn out to have documented African Ancestry. And there are people in America, with some mulatta ancestry, that doesn’t show up on genetic tests or in their faces.

Let’s not be presumptious about someone’s DNA. Parents, not strangers should affix the identities of a child. Racial, ethnic, sexual or otherwise. We have the right to observe how we view a person, but we don’t have a right to affirm a racial identity, plural or singular.

Harlow on

Janelle, your post is dripping irony. I dont know why you feel the need to state the fact that the black community embraced the mentioned public figures. ”The black community” embraced Barrack Obama, well you know what Janelle, obviously so did the asian, white and hispanic etc.. communities because hes now the president of the USA, not the president of theblack you so eloquently put it. So how dare you preach about the black community and what they have excepted, you cant talk for every black person out there. Beleive me if other ethnic groups hadnt excepted black people then being not racist, realistic, Obama wouldnt be in the white house!
Im sick to death of the racist card being thrown around in the one direction but believe me it goes both ways Janelle!

And I must say both of those children are stunning! I think Sam is a future supermodel!!😀

Missy on

Well…as a mother of 2 bi-racial children, I’ve learned that people always have to compare how my kids look. I am Italian and Irish and very fair skinned while my husband is Colombian. Our 4yr old daughter is as dark as my husband, she is his spitting image, while my son is almost as fair as I am. All the time, all everyone does is compare their looks.

I’ve never considered it racist….I don’t sit and compare my kids either, but after a while, it does get old hearing who looks more like who.

btw, Janelle, the ‘caucasian’ community has not shunned Hallie or Barack…Hallie is one of my all time favorite actresses. It’s thinking and generalizations like that why there’s so much hate in this country. This site features ALL celebrities, I see alot of Jessica Alba’s sweetheart, M.I.A, Melissa Joan Hart and Nicole Richie and basically whoever is a celebrity who just had a baby, I think it’s a wonderfully diverse arrangement and I doubt they just ‘pick’ out certain ones. Like I said before, it’s sad to have such a very closeted way of thinking there

It’s gotten off topic here, point is the family is gorgeous. My favorite pic is Sam giving her little brother a kiss, just precious

Shirelle on

He is so cute

Julie on

Gorgeous photos and family!!! Adorable children, and could the two pictures where Charlie is being kisses be more wonderful?!

It’s almost been talked to death, but the skin tone issue… some comments probably come from ignorance and fear and pain, but many are from general curiosity and are normal – who does the child look like – is it mom dad or great uncle what’s his name? Where are the curls from, the long lashes, the artistic bent? It’s touchy when we’re dealing with racial issues, but folks shouldn’t jump to conclusions one way or the other.

My husband and I both have dark hair. Our son is a redhead; when he was born he looked blond. We got, and get, tons of comments about his looks with people always asking where he got the hair from.

Emma on

Hey there. I think I was the first to comment on Charlie’s complexion compared to Sam. I’m not responsible for any comments made after that might have shown perference to either child. I never claimed one child was more gorgeous than the other. I only commented because it’s an observation. When you have kids, people make these observations all the time. Whomever made too much of the complexion comments probably does not have kids yet. I am married interracially and though my husband and I don’t have kids yet we make these observations all the time with other interracial families in our social circle where all of the children are loved equally. Like anything else, you try to see what characteristics the kids picked up from both parents. Both Sam and Charlie are gorgeous. Let’s all relax and stop injecting racism that clearly isn’t there. Thank God I live in an area of the country where we’ve moved boyond this whole lighter is better foolishness.

Chicki on

It never fails – any time there is a post of an interracial couple there will be someone to comment on skin coloring! (Sometimes I actually play a game by thinking of a number and guessing how many comments I will read before the requisite “color” comment will appear!) I guess I have grown to view it as people just being people – but I often ask myself – why? Why bring up the fact that Heidi Klum’s first son is darker than her second, or the fact that Sam may or may not be darker than her brother? What difference does it make? Why mention it?

Which brings me to another interesting observation. It never fails – whenever they post a picture of Matilda Ledger there will ALWAYS be someone who mentions how sad it is that her father is no longer around! We all know he’s dead – I wonder if that comment will follow that poor little girl for the rest of her life too! “She’s so cute, look at those cute boots she’s wearing…it’s so sad that her dad won’t be around to see her grow up…”

The bottom line for me is at a certain point we should let go of the past and things that really don’t matter…

Emma on

As a final note. Tiger’s children are loved immensely. Let’s learn from that and try to love and understand each other rather than make assumptions and inject negativity where it doesn’t belong. All Americans support Barack and others who contribute to our country, regardless of race. There is no doubt racism is a big part of American’s past and still exists in the present, but most of us on this message board are smart moms and moms to be who do not harbor such thoughts and do not raise our children to harbor negative thoughts for anyone based on characteristics like race, sexual orientation etc. Let’s move forward with more trust and respect for each other next time. The visiters of this site and the owners are loving and well-intentioned. No more mistrust and name calling. This is a safe space.

FC on

He’s precious, and I love that photo of Sam kissing him on the forehead. So cute. They have a beautiful family.🙂

Aurora mia on

wow people! Unexpected on CBB! I just thought I would say that I love their smiles and love the pictures with the dogs…They look like a perfectly happy family 🙂 Well done.

Shannon on

Sam and Charlie are crazy beautiful!!!

I just have to add my 2 cents, in one of the post that seemingly was the most racist one on the board, it stated that if it were a white family that nothing would have been noted about the skin tone….. Go to the picture of Jerry and Rebecca’s twins and read some of the comments there.

My son is not I guess what you would call bi-racial or maybe he would I’m not sure. I am irish, itlian, german and indian. His father is vietnamese (sp) frenach creole (french, spanish and african) I get comment all the time about his skin tone. Dosen’t bother me. Never has never will. Its a common statement that I think should be accecpted by this day and age as a general question and not a racially motavated comment. Anywho like I said before the kiddos are crazy beautiful🙂

Mom of Boys on



kty on

wow…some comments in here are really shocking.pointing the facts that charlie is fairer than sam is not racist at all just a fact.i’m a black french mom and my son is bi-racial and looks more like his caucasian dad,and someone asking me if he’s mine doesn’t offend me…they are curious,me too as a mom of a bi-racial i love to admired bi-racial kids skin tone because it’s beautiful…please don’t call people what they aren’t

jen on

Oh my Gosh, Sam Alexis looks so Swedish to me. Just, her expression, her outft – she looks like all the kids that go to the kindergarten next to my home. I wonder how much Swedish she speaks?

asm1976 on

Honestly, babies of African amd Hispanic decent are born lighter than what they turn out to be. It’s not anything new. I am Black American and I am the same skin tone as the actress Kerry Washington. When I was born, I was almost as light as Sam Alexis. We get darker the older we get. Also, look at baby pics of Tiger, he was A LOT lighter than he is now. Nothing to be suprised about. It just like a lot of caucasians are born with dark hair, then it turns blond, or vice versa!

dawn on

I think the children are beautiful. I was more concerned to see who they resembled,more than whos “color” they have. I don’t think that we should be worried about that.

most african american community does not always accept bi-racial children. and I’m speaking from experience. I’m of african/west indies indian decent. My oldest son is mixed. he has more of his fathers complexion. he has been called every derrogeratory name in the book.all because of his skin color. it really sickens me,that after all these years,people still pass judgement on others because of skin color.

Bob & Ellen Furgerson on

We are so happy for Tiger and Elin. What a beautiful family.
By posting these pictures, the whold world can share in your
happiness. Seems like we have watched Tiger grow from a young
man to a wonderful caring husband and father. Our best to
you and your family.

Bob & Ellen Furgerson on

We are so happy for Tiger and Elin. What a beautiful family.
By posting these pictures, the whold world can share in your
happiness. Seems like we have watched Tiger grow from a young
man to a wonderful caring husband and father. Our best to
you and your family.

Bob & Ellen Furgerson on

We are so happy for Tiger and Elin. What a beautiful family.
By posting these pictures, the whold world can share in your
happiness. Seems like we have watched Tiger grow from a young
man to a wonderful caring husband and father. Our best to
you and your family.

Bob & Ellen Furgerson on

We are so happy for Tiger and Elin. What a beautiful family.
By posting these pictures, the whold world can share in your
happiness. Seems like we have watched Tiger grow from a young
man to a wonderful caring husband and father. Our best to
you and your family.

Bob & Ellen Furgerson on

We are so happy for Tiger and Elin. What a beautiful family.
By posting these pictures, the whold world can share in your
happiness. Seems like we have watched Tiger grow from a young
man to a wonderful caring husband and father. Our best to
you and your family.

BeckyPeabody on


It doesn’t matter whether he get’s darker or stays within Caucasian range. While our social castes were once predicated on skin color in a very extreme and tragic way, things have changed in the real world. In cyberspace, i.e. the internet, some of you still believe in the myth of skin priveledge in white dominant countries. I would argue that beauty is the primary “priveledge” variable in Anglo dominant nations. With “racial” affinities playing a lesser role.

I suspect that Tiger will want to raise his children the way that he and his wife were both raised. Since both of his children are gorgeous, priveledged and likely to be raised in a completely different stratosphere than either of them, I believe that his challenges will be more akin to Jerry Seinfeld or Bill Gates as opposed to a quadroonic man with a “white son” who fretted his son’s “lot in life” back in the day.

Times have changed. There are new challenges to be faced. I think that the two of them will raise their children well. And I rather doubt that skin color changes will be the variable that the two of them will be most concerned about.

Monica on

@ BeckyPeabody

I’m curious: why did you tell me that?

I understand that even “single race” people may be mixed because of ancestors in some remote past, but this is a blatant and recent example of “mixed race”. Tiger is of Thai, Native American, Chinese and Dutch ancestry and Elin is Swedish. If their kids are not mixed race…

This is a very normal and simple case of race admixture. I don’t see what’s presumptious in stating it.

Mia on

The family is African-American, Asian and European and a beautiful blend of the three cultures.

g-girl on

It’s so funny to me how people pretend that this is not an issue and that EVERYONE embraces all shades and grades of hair. Who do you think you’re kidding? Society DOES get hung up which is why it is mentioned and talked about. If it didn’t come across your mind, you would not feel the need to measure it! So yes, it’s quite funny (sad) to me that the importance of a child’s shade is put out there and when someone questions the relevance, they become the enemy. I want to believe we are better than this but I’m far from convinced. The journey continues. We have such a long way to go! Period.

BeckyPeabody on

Racial definitions ebb and flow. There is no such thing as pure races especially by genetic standards. We are all a mixture.
Unless you’ve changed your name, I don’t recall posting a message to Monica.

I read a book once by a young woman and the title was more Christian than African American. She stated throughout the book that her culture was more English Christian than African. When you look at the culture, prior to the 60’s, it becomes obvious that the mulatto-African American culture, was an English derived culture, except its members suffered in priveledge.

I suspect that Tiger and his wife, will make their own decisions about their household and their children. Whether they will define themselves along strict traditional racial lines, versus say continental, religious, or spiritual lines, remains to be seen. I don’t think its up to us, on a message board to telegraph their sensibilities. It is a myth that households have to be oriented to one or more particular races. There are other philosophies, that are race transcendant, that are attractive in their wisdom and effectiveness.

Monica on

# BeckyPeabody Says:
February 19th, 2009 at 9:55 am


We don’t know whether this child or anychild who looks white is mixed. Tiger has enough European ancestry, that this child could be a single race. Meiosis is a highly unpredictable process, where genes can cross-over and/or be spliced out. […]


I was referring to this.

JM on

Gorgeous family! Sam looks alot older then 20 months though!! Dad may have to use his golf clubs for other reasons when that one gets older and starts dating! lol

BeckyPeabody on


A gene is a gene. It or a cluster of genes can be inherited within recent times or in prehistorical times. The manifestation is the same, although granted in either scenario, mitigating genes from the other parent can affect the expression.

Some of today’s families are a broader cauldron of gene pool clatches. Madonna’s family would be a good example of that. But, whether she will raise her children in the Kaballa faith and hence a single culture versus considering her household “multicultural” is something that she would have to decide. The mere fact that her children are derived from overlapping genepools, does not portend “a multicultural” household in and of itself. Families have rights too.

Debbie on

Who cares if one of the children are lighter than the other one. Really doesn’t have anything to do with being bi-racial. My two grandchildren aren’t bi-racial but they are the opposite of one another. Mr granddaughter is darker skinned,brown eyes amd dark brown hair. Her brother is very pale skinned, blue eyes and dark blonde hair his hair sticking up just like Dennis the Menace he is cute though. Tiger’s children are beautiful. Sam looks just like Tiger.

CelebBabyLover on

asm1976- ITA! Not only are mixed-race children usually born lighter than they turn out to be (but not always. I’ve known people who have had the opposite be true!), but caucasian babies can sometimes be born with darker skin then they end up with. My father and brother, for example, were both born with dark, almost olive skin, which lightened as they grew older, and is now “white”. My mother and I, on the otherhand, have been fair-skinned since the moment we were born. Genetics can be funny sometimes!

AJ on

OH MY GAWD! This has got to be the prettiest family around!!! Look at those kids!

tigerfan on

I agree – what a beautiful family! He and Elin make beautiful babies, that’s for sure! Tiger is a class act with his head on straight – I wish nothing but happiness for him and his sweet family.

jessie on

cute kids

Alice on

Ohhh I love those pictures they are so adorable!! The pic of Sam kissing her brother is precious, I hope they frame it!

Of course we mention their skintone, because the parents look different so it’s interesting! i thought about it even before reading the comments, maybe because I’m studying genetics😛 We don’t comment on most white babies on the site because it’s usually the same skintone as both parents, what are we gonna say “oh they’re all alike?” We’ll comment about wether they have dad’s curls or mom’s eyes. It’s one of the exciting things about kids: what they pick from each parent.

Laura on

Beautiful family. Those children are stunning…what precious little things.

Mel#2 on

@ #72 lAUREN

I read that post you referenced, and I didn’t get that she was claiming people like property, but there were truths in statement. Halle Berry has always explained VERY clearly why she (and her White mother) consider her Black. And that’s why her Oscar speech makes sense. (basically, shes stated that as much as she embraces BOTH sides of her heritage, it’s pretty apparent looking in the mirror that she’s a Black woman. Saying that doesn’t negate her mother’s heritage, in fact most African Americans are mixed based on the realities of slavery).

As for Tiger, he comes from a different perspective, and doesn’t seem to necessarily see himself that way. But regardless of whether he does or President Obama does, the truth is that’s the physical, non verbal impression they make purely on the color of their skin.

I mean, I don’t think anyone actually HAS to “claim” anyone else for that to be obvious.

As far as “That chip on your shoulder is all your own; don’t you dare try to pin it on anyone else.”, I haven’t read all the comments here, so I may not know what this is all about. But I admit, seeing the CONSTANT skin complexion posts got to ME after awhile, and I don’t think I have a chip on my shoulder. So maybe this poster doesn’t either. I think some of us are just more sensitive to some realities in this world while the rest of us think we live in a much more ‘evolved’ existence than we really do. THis is why every time they do a poll in this country on race, there’s usually a 60 pt. difference between the African American/Caucausian perspective.

So wagging your finger in someone’s face & TELLING them that it’s that massive chip on their shoulder that’s making them see things that couldn’t POSSIBLY be there is just as bad as someone screaming racism at subtle posts that could be interpreted as more unnecessary than racist.

Mel#2 on

Im sorry, but seeing a post like this in the top 10, followed in rapidly by CONSTANT comparisons of the children’s complexions was probably why some posters just didn’t like the tone of the conversation.

ellen on

beautiful photo of both kids. sam has gotten so big🙂

BeckyPeabody on

Having had to slather on skin block lotion, for two fair skinned children, for a greater part of 10 years, there was a part of me that felt a little bit of empathy and appreciation for the concerns that Tiger and his wife may feel over the need to minimize sun exposure for their very fair skinned child. Particularly, if the child is to follow in the footsteps of his father out on the golf-course.

The real issue here, I think for moms, isn’t whether Tiger’s son will cease to look white, when he hits puberty. The priveledges purported to extend to “whiteness” is exaggerated in the base case, and second, he’s in an entirely different social stratosphere. In my opinion.

Many great athletes with sons, provide opportunities for their progeny to follow them into respective sports. I would expect that Tiger would be no different. Except in his case, precautions will need to be taken because of his son’s fair skin and ozone depletion. I’m sure that Tiger and his wife, will make all the right decisions for their family.

Rambling here. But, my point is that fair skin in this day and time, don’t necessarily correlate with massive amounts of social priveledge per ce. It correlates more readily with responsibility to lather on that sun block, watch the ozone reports, and keep the children in when advised.

Stacey on

What an absolutely beautiful family!!!!🙂

gianna on

I don’t know what’s going on in this post about complexions and stuff, it’s just crazy. Anyway those babies are so beautiful. Sam has such pretty hair and eyes, I always found her pretty, and charlie is such a beautiful newborn. The kids have a nice mix of both parents, tiger’s wife is beautiful. I love the dogs too, adorable pictures.

Miranda on

That is a really cute family picture. Their kids are too adorable!🙂

sinclair on

“Having had to slather on skin block lotion, for two fair skinned children, for a greater part of 10 years, there was a part of me that felt a little bit of empathy and appreciation for the concerns that Tiger and his wife may feel over the need to minimize sun exposure for their very fair skinned child. Particularly, if the child is to follow in the footsteps of his father out on the golf-course.”

uh, what makes you think Charlie will be fair-skinned? Charlie could end up a lot closer to Tiger’s brown complexion–not that he won’t need sunscreen–but he certainly is not fair. Not sure where you got that from.

“Rambling here. But, my point is that fair skin in this day and time, don’t necessarily correlate with massive amounts of social priveledge per ce. It correlates more readily with responsibility to lather on that sun block, watch the ozone reports, and keep the children in when advised.”

priveledge=PRIVILEGE; per ce=PER SE. Just sayin. and I don’t think Elin and Tiger will have to worry about keeping their kids in, since they are not fair, like albinos.

Sugar on

#107 Mel#2
Very well put. I think you have summed it up best.

I must admit it was a little disturbing that people are commenting on the kids skin coloring, when we all know that will change off and on through a lifespan. I was really enjoying the comments of “aww nice family” “beautiful family” etc. But then when someone goes there with the whole this one darker that one lighter it does stir up feelings of one is better than the other, and I am not saying that was the ‘intentions’ of the posters who spoke on color. I think what needs to be understood here to the people who brought up the dark/light issues is that for you as a white or lighter complexion person, you have no idea what it’s like to be compared by the shading of your skin and it is a little insensitive to just throw comments out there like that about hair and skin type, this is spoken from a very dark shade black woman.

I think Tiger’s family is just as beautiful and stunning, but no more or no less than,……… Will Smith’s all black family or Ben Affleck’s all white family or Jennifer Lopez’s all latina family. You get what I’m saying?

Aimee on

Aww the picture of Sam Kissing baby is cute

courtney on

sam is going to be great big sister! charlie is so cute!

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