Angelina Jolie and Her Big Apple Babies

02/18/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

Blankies in hand, Zahara Marley, 4 and Shiloh Nouvel, 2 ½, follow mom Angelina Jolie‘s lead on Wednesday morning in New York. The trio were on their way to browse Lee’s Art Shop.

Angelina was spotted out and about in NYC yesterday, checking out apartments both uptown and downtown before heading to a wardrobe shop. Seems they’ll be here for awhile — the family recently signed a lease on a Long Island mansion, where they will be staying while Angelina films her latest movie, Salt.

Both Angelina and dad Brad Pitt are nominated for Oscars at this Sunday’s Academy Awards — check them out in our latest gallery, And The Winner Is…Mom!

Shiloh carries a Pink Polka Dot Baby Lovie by SwaddleDesigns ($16).

She wears Adidas Campus Velcro sneakers ($40).

Another photo of them leaving the store is below.

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Showing 52 comments

CTBmom on

Awww…girls day out. Zahara and Shiloh are just beautiful and getting so big!

melissa on


(LOVE- aJ ) on

Beautiful family.

Cece on

Aww! These two little girls are so adorable! I love their outfits! Shiloh has gotten so big!

Angelina looks chic, too

Brooklyn on

Shiloh is very cute! What an adorable little jacket!

Lisa on

I was in the city and saw them and what you don’t realize is they are such a down to earth normal family. Beautiful Kids….

Loren on

I love to see these girls, both are growing up and are so pretty, Angie looks good too🙂 Thanks CBB

alice jane on

They both are too precious! For some reason I always think little girls in leggings is so, so cute!

jannet on

is it just me or does shiloh look about the same size as z? they are all so darling. i love kiddos!!

Lauren on

Shiloh’s facial expression is pure Angelina. And Zahara’s outfit is adorable. They both look so big. It’ll be nice to see them in NYC over the next few months.

Mandy on

They are growing up soooo fast! And I just love that no matter how big that family gets, each child gets a little one-on-one/two-on-one time away from the group with mum and/or dad.

A sighting of Brad with Maddox and Pax would go down quite nicely now, please!

bungalowbliss on

Oh, they are so cute! These girls are getting big so fast!

Stephanie on

They are so beautiful it is almost disgusting. LOL! I am so jealous at how adorable Shiloh is.🙂 Hope my daughter comes out that adorable.

marianne on

OMG! They’re PRECIOUS! 🙂

D on

TOO CUTE! The girls look so so so cute (and Angie looks great as usual).😉 I heart them!

Angelique on

Both little girls are unbelievably beautiful. Shiloh’s dressed like a teenager!

Rachael on

Such cute little girls….I wonder why they only ever dress the kids in black, white or grey though?

Ryo on

Every time I see Shiloh, she looks a LOT more grown up than the last time I saw her. She looks older than she is – I’d beg her at 3, not 2, honestly.

Both girls are so pretty it’s unreal – and Shiloh looks like both her mom AND her dad!

mazzie on

shiloh kinda looks like zahara still!! and zahara looks loads like angelina!!

Lou on

Rachael; i have noticed this too, seems strange seeing children in such dull tones all of the time. though i guess it is one way to make sure they co-ordinate…with her colouring shiloh would look even more stunning in bright colours, not even necessarily dresses,but something more eye catching than black,which she always seems to be wearing in pics i see of her!

gorgeous family though, they’re growing up sooo fast! x

eternalcanadian on

wow, shiloh is as tall as zahara, even though they’re 2 years apart. they look so natty in their leggings and coats, esp. shiloh’s little peacoat.

Kelsey on

Zahara is stunning! I love both their coats and Shiloh’s blanket. Very cute sisters!

Lis on

I was thinking the same thing about them being dressed in neutral colors… They are so unbelievable cute, but I just wish they (the girls especially) wore some more fun kiddie clothes🙂

dee on

They are gorgeous girls, and I love the way Angelina dresses them. I always think of Shiloh as a baby when compared to Zahara, and have to remind myself they are only 16 months apart.

Mia on

Aw, too cute. They are getting so big! Shiloh looks exactly like Brad in the first pic, but the expression in the second pic is all Angie. Zahara looks so cute with her little jacket/hood on in the second pic. Lee’s Art shop is one of their favorite stops when they’re in the city.

Alexis on

How funny is Shiloh in her sneakers and peacoat! It’s nice to see her hair tied up too. I think that she and Zahara are going to grow up very close.

Speaking of Miss Zee… what a stunning little girl. That hood suits her so well, and with that gaze, she almost looks like a model.

The upside to wearing black and white tones is that the kids always color coordinate🙂 I also think it suits them. They have worn different colors in the past, though, don’t forget. Shiloh wore some earthy pinks as a baby, and Zahara went through a major pink phase last year when that’s the only color she wore (even her shoes were pink!) Maddox and Pax also have worn green, red, etc.

Bela on

Shiloh is going to be one tall girl. She is growing so fast. At 2 she is almost as tall as her 4 year old sister. They are both going to grown up to be very beautiful ladies.

Lauren on

Wow looks like Z is only a few inches taller than Shiloh!!!?

alice jane on

We do usually seem them in black, white, or gray, which I do think they look really cute in. But I know I’ve seen plenty of pictures where they’re in other colors – it wasn’t even that long ago that there were pictures of Zahara in all pink, and I remember that Shiloh had a little red cardigan that I thought she looked super cute in.

Anyway, who are we to say that the kids themselves don’t prefer to wear black and white? Black seems to be Angelina’s preferred color for herself, so maybe they want to wear what Mom’s wearing.

Sara K. on

Love the girls & their outfits, especially Zahara’s hooded sweater coat.

Jennifer on

Such beautiful little girls! Shiloh has gotten so big, and her coat is just darling.

Shea on

Could it be that they keep them in the quiet colors to try and keep them less noticeable and to try and make them just blend in? I mean Black, White, Gray and Brown tend to blend in more than Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange…KWIM? The way the press hounds them it’s impossible for them to come and go un-noticed, but if the kids are dressed down, it’s not such a “Look At Me, Look At Me” statement as if it would be if they were in bright or bold colors. Just my thought anyway….

j on

regarding the comments about the colours, i disagree. my toddler is a towhead like shiloh and she looks absolutely gorgeous in black and other neutrals. i find that the traditional girly pink and purple hues can be very overpowering … especially on children with fair hair and skin.

taegan on

Great to see the girls after such a time. Hopefully we will see a bit of the boys too, NY always affords a chance to see the kids. But I also hope the paps keep a certain distance from the kids so not to scare them.

And seriously you guys, they are not dolls. Some children have an opinion on what they wear. Plus Angie hasn’t always been a girlie girl, but she’s obviously getting there.

Also I have seen BOTH Zahara and Shiloh in pink before. Shiloh is wearing a green/olive coat! Mad and Pax have been in blue, kaki and green.

Nicole on

Angelina is so beautiful, she looks classy, love the boots. Shiloh is a living doll, looks so much like daddy Brad. I love Zahara’s sweater.

Alexis on

Just a thought on Shiloh’s size compared with Zahara’s – maybe it’s a lasting legacy of the nutritional deficiency and illness Zahara suffered through the first six months of her life. She’s certainly a tall girl, which is likely genetics, but Shiloh has caught up to her very quickly in terms of both size and weight even though there’s a 16 month age difference between them.

Although it’s hard to tell just from looking at pictures of course! And just a guess anyway, of course, as I’m sure there are hundreds of other environmental and genetic differences that could explain it.

Meggy on

Shiloh is almost as tall as Z! She is so beautiful & looks just like Brad.

Fevvers on

the kids are definitely styled to fit in with Angies outfits…she’d have a shoper who picks out their clothes. She is def trying to make a statement….i’d keel over if i saw her girls in a disney princess dress. From an aesthetic perspective i like her taste…

CelebBabyLover on

Fevvers- Actually, Angie has been seen shopping for kids’ clothes before! She, Brad, Maddox, and Shiloh went shopping at BonPoint just before the twins were born, and it was reported that they bought white outfits for the twins.

Angie was also seen shopping at a store in France just before Shiloh was born (which sparked rumors that Shi was going to be a girl, as most of the stuff she had bought was, yes, girly and pink!). Oh, and it seems like she DOES let the kids have input into what they wear. As a previous poster mentioned, Zee went through a major “pink” phase last year.

Also, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh have all been seen wearing hand-me-downs from their siblings. So, to me, it seems like the J-Ps have a very relaxed view on clothes!

Alexis- Good point! It could also be, though, that Shiloh is just tall for her age. Both Angie and Brad are quite tall, if I’m not mistaken, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if Shi grows up to be tall, too.🙂

Nat on

Shilo’s coat is DKNY my Daughter has the same one but in Red I bought it here in the UK and forget the price!

Fevvers on

celebBabyLover- obviously she shops sometimes for them! I am not saying that she NEVER shops for the kids! I am saying that she would have a stylist who also picks out their clothes. She wouldn’t troop out to buy ALL of them, mainly because she says she is not interested in clothes. Angie says that she has someone pick out HER clothes so I presume they also get some of the kids. The families “look” is too coordinated to be by chance and screams “I am not a suburban mom” – ie no Dora logos or heaps of bright clashy pinks etc etc. The fact she hands down the clothes to the smaller kids is neither here nor there. Why not? I don’t understand why you think I am criticising her because I think she has a shopper and likes to dress her kids in a certain style. And I laughed when Z started wearing pink because I remember looking at how she dressed zahara (which I love)and thinking…what is she going to do when she hits 3 and strats screaming for pink…which she did…and Angie/personal shopper’s answer was monochromatic rose tones…much like she also put Shiloh in occassionally. I love the colours she dresses her kids in, but I do think Zahara looks better than Shiloh in the this photo…and I have to say a haircut would not go astray for Shi either. But thats splitting hairs because overall I like how they look. I just don’t think they are any more “relaxed” than the Cruises or teh Afflecks etc etc. They all style theoir children in a way they like and which also says a lot about how they want to be viewed. Same as me or lots of others, but magnified because they have a much higher disposable income.

Buellie on

Oh, I bet that Angelina buys her kids clothes online and in bulk. When she would have time to do otherwise?! I only have one kid and yet with work and so on I barely have time to shop for him let alone myself …🙂 Actually I wonder if celebs delegate the chore of clothes purchasing to their nannies or other helpers? I would!!

lilly on

ohh my heart is melting, looking at shiloh. So beautiful like both parents, i see a lot of brad in her but looks a lot like Angie when she was little girl. Zahara is a beautiful girl as well. They do seem to be almost the same size, but i think genetics do have a part in it, and most likely both girls will grow up with different characteristics, and both beautiful in there own ways. I cant wait to see knox and viv in a few years. Im thinkin Knox will grow up to be a handsome young man like dad and viv will look just like shiloh.

Grace on

Gosh, little Shiloh is so grown up now! It may just be the angle but she looks like she has got so big!


Faye on

The girls look absolutely adorable. We don’t get to see them that much, so it’s always a treat when they are out in public. I guess that’s why they seem to be growing up so fast. I can’t help but giggle looking at Shiloh’s smiling reaction to the paparazzi and the gawkers. So cute. And Z looks so pretty especially in that sweater.

Julie on

Fevvwer – Calm down! CelebBabyLover wasn’t accusing you of criticizing them. She was pointing out a time when Angie DID shop for clothes. I agree that she definitely has a stylist pick out there clothes because, as you said, WHEN would she have time to shop for 6 different kids🙂

Jane on

Shiloh is gorgeous!

Daisy on

Coming from a family of 7 I will hazard a guess and say that considering some of the messes we made as children the black/greyish look this family tend to go for with the kids clothes could be an understanding that these colours withstand wear and tear better than pastels and some bright colours.

Alexis on

My guess is that they do have some help picking out clothes, but that once they have a good item it gets worn a lot and passed down to younger kids (like that coat Shiloh is wearing which previously belonged to Pax). They also get clothes donations, which I’m only aware of because of an article from my local paper a few years ago: a local kidswear company had sent the Jolie-Pitt’s people a few items, telling them that if they liked them they were welcome to keep them. They got a note of thanks and a few months later Pax and Maddox was pictured wearing the jeans out in New Orleans. So evidently they’re getting clothes from a few different sources, which is cool.

Fevvers, I’m not too au fait with my colors, LOL, but I do remember Zahara wearing hot pink a few times as well! Shiloh was in more of a muted pink as a baby. She was in soft blue last year as well. It seems like the kids are developing more opinions about what they wear (more likely as the girls grow older, I’m sure the boys don’t care as much!) or that Angie is getting looser in her style now that there are too many kids to get track of.

CelebBabyLover on

Julie- Thank you! That is indeed exactly what I meant! I do apologize if I got a little too senestive, though! Anyway, one of the many things I like about the Jolie-Pitts (as well as the Garner-Afflecks) is actually how they dress the kids. The kids, if this makes sense, are usually dress liked kids.

Alexis- Not only has Zee Zee worn hot pink, but she was seen in a red shirt at least twice back in 2007. She wore it in June of that year on a lunch outing in (ironically) New York City with Angie and Shiloh. She was then seen wearing it a few weeks later when Brad was seen either bring her to or picking her up from (I can’t remember which) preschool in Prague.

What I mean by that is that they don’t look like perfect little dolls or something. They sometimes wear clothes that look as if they might have been spilled on, and sometimes they wear clothes that you can tell they’ve been running around in playing in!

Also, in Violet Affleck’s case (but sometimes with the J-Ps, too) she is seen wearing mis-matched outfits (such as a grey and navy blue striped dress with light pink leggings).

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I also want to point out that daddy Brad might pick out some of the kids clothes sometimes, too. I know it’s mostly moms who do that, but dads sometimes do, too (for example, when I was a toddler, I was dressed as Train Enginer for Halloween that year. I’d be shocked to learn that it wasn’t my train-loving father who came up with the costume idea!).

MaryAnne on

I personally like the way this family dresses. They dress for comfort, warmth and for what looks like active play. In other words, just like children. What difference does it make what colors they wear anyway. But that being said, when asked about Zahara’s birthday, Angelina said “very girly with a lot of pink”.

They are gorgeous little girls,who apparently like to play, color and do other kidlike things, they are not two foot models in designer outfits (though someone said that Shiloh’s jacket was DKNY, so the clothes are not cheap I bet we see that jacket on Vivienne in the future as they love hand me downs).

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