Suri Cruise's New Friends: Mickey and Minnie!

02/17/2009 at 07:30 PM ET

With a crowd of gawking onlookers behind her, a smiling Suri Cruise enjoyed a romp in the grass with Mickey, Minnie and Cinderella at Disney World over the weekend. Accompanied by mom Katie Holmes, the 2 ½-year-old spent the rest of the day exploring the Florida themepark. On Saturday, the family — including dad Tom Cruise and brother Connor, 14 — sat down to breakfast with the princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant! News

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Grace on

What a beautiful photograph. That’s definitely one for their Family album! Little Suri is a sweetie.


Sharon on

What a sweet picture! She looks thrilled – Mickey & Minnie!

Mari on

Suri looks so happy! 😀 And I bet she loves wearing her Cinderella dress – her parents have commented several times that she likes to wear dresses.

Mary-Helen on

How sweet! I would love to take my daughters to Disneyland!

I’m so impressed @ how happy she is meeting the charecters. Most kids would be scared @ that age!

cam on

She just looks beautiful and so happy. Amazing photo.

Colleen on

I love this photo. Suri looks so happy!

Jen on

What an absolutely precious photo! I have to admit though, I feel a tinge of guilt looking at it. I know I come to this site because I love seeing the pictures of celeb babies, but seeing the crowd in the background reminds me of how little privacy or ‘normalcy’ this sweet child has in her life. It makes me think of how people would come from distances to pay and watch the Dionne Quintuplets play (I’m Canadian). But regardless of the background of the photo, Suri is absolutely darling and clearly enjoying her trip to Disney!

Heather on

I think Suri is just adorable. And this picture is totally priceless. But it does kind of irk me that you have to be a celebrity baby for such a picture opportunity to be orchestrated. yes, yes, I know that celebrities get perks that us regular joes just don’t, but man, must be nice not to have to wait on line for 45 minutes for a quick photo with the mouse!

Meg on

I was in the parks allllll day on Saturday and even worked with the princesses that night but didn’t see him. He did, however, see Mary Poppins and Katie sang “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”! Mary told me that when I saw her. 🙂

I have to say that kids that age – especially little girls who, like Suri, love dressing up – LOVE seeing the princesses. It’s always fun to watch little girls get to meet them for the first time. 🙂

Fergette on

Looks like we may be seeing the end of the Suri Cruise bangs in this picture since they’re swept to the side. Wonder what hair-do will come next!

Christina on

I could just plotz from the cuteness! How precious!

Lauren on

Regardless of the fact that there is SO much that is completely psychologically fascinating about this photo-the crowd of people acting like they’re watching a circus act, the fact that the set-up screams “photo op”-the cuteness factor of the main image is off the charts. Precious and poignant all at once.

Jen1 on

Awww, absolutely adorable. Suri the Princess. 🙂

Gosh, that is such a sweet photo. What a memory for the Cruises, too. Too cute!

coco on

although suri doesnt seem to notice, i find all the onlookers and gawkers creepy. this child doesnt have a moment of normalcy because there are throngs of people watching and waiting for a photo op.

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- Well, when you’re taking a picture of your kid (and I’m guessing that Tom and Katie were taking their own pictures of Suri as well) with the Disney characters (or any costumed characters, for that matter) of course it’s a photo-op (which, BTW, I define as a posed photo)!

So cute! So much for Suri never looking happy (as some people have claimed)!

Kat on

It seems like there are a number of celeb kiddos out there that we hardley ever see. I wonder what those parents do different. Surely the kid’s aren’t locked away somewhere! It just seems kinda creepy to me, this photo I mean. Don’t get me wrong, Suri is gorgeous and that look on her face is priceless! It’s just the way she is “fenced” off from the crowd and they are all watching them like they are a Disney act. I know it’s probably the combination of Tom, Katie, Suri and the Disney characters that are drawing the crowd. Surely other celebs have visited the park before, I wonder how they manage to go incognito!?!

In any regard, besides the crowd, the photo is beautiful!!

Mari on

As someone who frequents Disney boards and has been to Disney parks – including Walt Disney World – a number of times, I can say that Disney handles famous people – and their children – with discretion and tactful consideration for others. They are very practiced – and very good – at it.

I would think that at majority of people in the background don’t even realize that they are looking at Suri.

Perhaps a lot of you don’t realize that Mickey and Minnie and Cinderella are very, very popular in their own right.

The breakfast with all the ‘princesses’ (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, etc.) is one of Disney’s most popular daily events. Many, many little girls dress up to have breakfast in the castle with the princesses and they consider it a highlight of their stay.

Virtually all of the pics that we see Suri in, she is watchful of the press and paps. But not this one.

I can tell you that Disney handled this event with diplomacy and consideration for all their guests, while at the same time trying to give Suri something special to remember. And as usual, they succeeded.

jasmine on

Aww Suri is too cute!

Eleonora on

What a precious picture!

Alice on

I think it’s my favourite picture of Suri ever: she looks so, so happy! And even if there’s a crowd around her, for once she doesn’t notice at all because she’s in her princess world, like any little girl would be!

Angel on

I agree, she does look truly happy in this picture. She’s such a beautiful child.

Kay on

No, i am quite certain people knew who they were looking at since other pictures from this set clearly show Tom also on the lawn with a huge camera taking pictures…

I don’t know I mean I feel for this girl. I live right near them in NYC and when they were here the child was endlessly paraded. Maybe Tom and Katie should tone it down a bit..

Allie on

“I would think that at majority of people in the background don’t even realize that they are looking at Suri. ”

Considering Katie is right behind Mickey, I’m pretty sure it’s not Mickey, Minnie, or Cinderella the crowd is looking at. Out of the three teenage looking girls standing there, 2 are clearly staring at Suri, while the other at Katie. Checking out the sea of people even more, none look young enough to really care about seeing Mickey or Cinderella. They seem to be looking around the characters to see Suri. In the words of the great Britney Spears, “All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus.” Atleast she doesn’t seem to mind this time…..

Lis on

This picture is honestly too darling for words! It might be my favorite celeb-baby photo of all time. Every single thing about it 🙂

And thank you Mari for your insight, and poiting out that there are other “famous people” in that photo that the crowd may have been gathering for 😉

CC on

At another site with more pictures – this looked more like a photoshoot. There was a guy holding one of those big umbrella shade thingies.

danni on

Of course Suri looks so cute. It would have been nice when we went to Disney to get this close to a character. I guess only the “famous” kids get this type of special treatment.

J on

To the people saying the crowd aren’t looking at Suri then look at the guy behind the 3 girls in the backround clearly trying to get a glimpse of her. I think it is selfish for her parents to parade her around. It is very clear with them sometimes that they are one of many celebs that have a deal with a paparazzi agency(s) to get a cut of the profit from photos sold of them and their family. I know for a fact some celebs secretly have their OWN paparazzi. I remember seeing a video not too long ago of Tom & Suri where he actually stands in front of the car and poses with Suri when asked by the paparazzi.

Sea on

Firstly, that is one totally adorable picture! She just looks so cute and happy.

But yeah, looking at other photos, it’s totally a photo shoot. They’re in an area usually restricted from guest access and there’s a host people there (including the above mentioned guy with the light board thingy). Which is fine. But that’s why, while I have sympathy for Suri having to live life in a fishbowl, it’s all on her parents for putting her there in this instance. A crowd would be gathered (perhaps not that big) for any family having a photo shoot with the characters in front of the castle, if just out of curiosity’s sake, but also, yeah, to see the characters (especially Mickey-he’s the Big Cheese!) and what has brought them out (there are usually designated areas to see characters, they’re a big draw, so to see them out and about is definitely something unusual). There’s no way Disney didn’t point this out and/or suggest other alternatives.

Disney is going to be as discreet as their guests want them to be. There are other methods of having a meet & greet with the characters without having to do it in such an attention-grabbing fashion – if that’s what the guest wants.

Teresa on

Suri is cute and beautiful but, I found the photo rather sad. Look at all the people staring and she is only 2.

Susan on

and its adults staring at the shot – not children. So I don’t buy that they are looking at the characters and not Suri.

She is adorable but there are a lot of adorable children at the park having fun.

If you check out other sites – there were lighting crews out there. This was staged to look like a normal outting and sold to People magazine.

However, Suri looks adorable and happy. She’s 2 so she’s not acting.


We don’t know the back story to the photos or what was going on at the time besides what we posted. However, the images were taken by Splash News and any website or publication can purchase them. They aren’t exclusive to or for PEOPLE. Just wanted to clear that up.

-CBB Staff

Fifi on

Okay I have to say that I doubt that the people in the background care too much about seeing Suri when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were standing right there as well! Yeah it probably looks like they are trying to see her but seriously if I was there I can honestly say that I would be looking at Tom and Katie and not even care about Suri! And I think that the crowd is fine because i’m sorry but what do you expect when 2 of the most photographed celebs in the world go someplace like Disneyland! I mean come on….

l on

“… I doubt that the people in the background care too much about seeing Suri when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were standing right there as well! … if I was there I can honestly say that I would be looking at Tom and Katie and not even care about Suri!”
No offence, but somehow this seems contradictory bearing in my mind you’re on a celebrity baby site. In the end it doesn’t matter if it was Tom and Katie people really cared seeing, Suri was in the middle of this so she had to “endure” it as well even if it wasn’t her people were looking at (which I doubt).

Angelique on

I know this has already been mentioned a number of times, but the crowd! Why do they all look so freaked out? Was this photo shoot somehow interfering with what the “regular people” wanted to do? Suri looks blissfully happy and everyone in the crowd looks. . . not so happy.

Kelly on

Suri looks so happy! I remember being that same way when I was little. Going to Disney World and metting all the characters was a dream come true for me.

Elizabeth on

I am glad I was not there that day, can you imagine trying to explain to your child why he/she cannot have their picture taken with Mickey and Minnie as well. I know they are famous but it seems Disney could have scheduled this when lots of little ones were not around to get jealous…

Bela on

Who cares who the crazy crowd was looking at? All that matters was that Suri was having the time of her life. Anyone can see that by the look on her face.

Sea on

Elizabeth, there really wouldn’t be a time during park hours that day that Disney could schedule for no little kids to be around, President’s Day is a super busy time of year for them (and I strongly suspect that they were working with Tom’s schedule, not the other way around – they’ll always try to accommodate the guest as much as possible). The best alternative I can think of would be for them to have come in before the park opened.

mamabear on

How PRECIOUS is Suri! This photo makes me melt 🙂

Seeing the look on this child’s face makes you wonder why Tom and Katie have not taken her to Disney before now!

WOW, I can’t believe ALL THOSE POSTERS that are saying that the Cruise’s are parading Suri in front of the paparazzi – that’s just dumb.

Think about it, as a mother / father you usually take your kids with you when you run errands, dine out, shop, and of course when you go on vacation.


I hated leaving my kids at home when I went out. My kids were really well behaved and not a bother, so why not take them all over with me? Perhaps Suri is just as easy going too!

This family obviously LOVES being together, God bless them, what’s wrong with that?

It is not their fault that the paparazzi follow them around doing normal, everyday things…including a family vacation.

FYI…the location of these photos is a “Photo Spot” at Disney World!! It offers a wonderful view of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the background 🙂

(I have the photos of my daughter in her Snow White dress in the EXACT same spot!)


Buellie on

Suri is so beautiful and seems so confident. I share the feelings of those disappointed in the onlookers behind her – I’m sure I’d want to stare too if I was there, but I would feel more compelled to respect her privacy and that of her family. I know these people sign up to be in the public eye, but I feel sorry for them when people encroach on their right to be in a public space like Disneyland and not be treated like circus freaks.

Sea on

mamabear, in the photos of them on the grass they’re inside the fenced in area in front of the Photo Spot at Cinderella Castle, which is, I believe, not an area the public usually has access to. You can see the crowd has gathered outside the fence, where you’d normally stand to take pictures.

As far as them “parading” Suri around, they’re having a photo shoot in the middle of a very public and crowded theme park. That’s not exactly asking for, or expecting, privacy. Personally, I certainly wouldn’t expect them to leave Suri home, that’s the whole point of going! But there are certainly ways of visiting the parks and being more low-key about it, if one wished.

Jen on

I was there on Saturday and saw this going on. I have a few things to say.

1. Suri was not “fenced in.” That part of Disneyworld–across from Cinderellas castle–is a grassy area which is already fenced. Cinderella’s castle is behind the camera.

2. Mickey and Minnie ALWAYS attract crowds. When my kids were waiting in line to see them they paid absolutely no attention to anything ecept Mickey and Minnie. Same goes for the princesses. The kids don’t paty attention to the adults, only to the characters.

3. Saturday was a) Valentine’s Day and b) the firt full day of the holiday weekend. It was a madhouse at the Magic Kingdom and the entire park was crowded. The only way the Cruises could have gotten some privacy would have been in WDW had shut down somepletely just for them. I can imagine the griping on this board had they pulled that off.

just sayin…

simms on

This picture says it all – it depicts her past and present – her as the princess and center of attention – it cute… but damaging as well, one day I hope they try to avoid the spotlight on family so she can have a normal life. Its not impossible – I don’t remember cruise’s other children’s lives being THIS publicized.

They couldn’t just go to Disney world and enjoy their family time? Nope it was made into a show – like another attraction – barricades highlighting a stage… is there a need?

simms on

I hate to be so negative but thats just my honest reaction to the pic.

poker on

cutest baby ever and what a wonderful family. Hats off to Tom and Katie living their lives to the fullest even with such a public life. So some of you just expect Suri locked up at their mansion because the paps,media and us the public are obsess?

Beth on

Suri is the Fairest baby of all in Hollywood.

Suri is really a beautiful blend of TomKat and TomKat are such loving devoted parents.

twilighter on

If I can have my engagement photos at Disneyland this is a piece of cake for Tom and his family but what’s so cool about them is that they were just so down to earth about the whole thing and were just a family about it. Many people who were there said so and its also at People’s site. They didnt bring the bodyguards,entourage or shut down the park.
Its clear some are just downright nasty and jealous this family cant do anything right when its quite the opposite.
They are blessed with so much and they so deserve it because not only they are beautiful and talented but its obvious they are good people who clearly values each other and their families.

Bela on

Simms, I don’t know if you have children or not, but if I could give my kids that kind of treatment when I went to Disney I would.
We went to Disney in July, and did not get to see most of the charters we wanted to see, let alone take pictures with them. So the fact that Suri get special treatment makes her a princess, well she is lucky. All our kids should be so lucky for a day or two at Disney. All children should be made to feel extral special
and like princess or prince at Disney.

Meg on

I don’t understand why people are getting upset because it’s a photoshoot – it’s just like any shoot they could have done, whether in a park or at a store. Like when you go to Sears and get your pictures done… it’s almost the same thing! It just happened to be at Disney World. I’m sure the Cruises wanted their memories captured and if they have the pull for a special meet and greet for their daughter who is obviously excited, then WHY NOT?

Also, I have to say THANK YOU JEN, you said exact what I want to say about the fence in (that it’s always like that). I want to add that for special occasions that could be used – my friend got proposed to in that grassy area during fireworks.

Everyone needs to relax about them; like it was said, they didn’t do anything else over the top besides this shoot; they did not close down any rides (long lines due to HUGE amounts of people, not the Cruises!), or hold up the parade. They even skipped out seeing the Fairies at Toontown after seeing the princesses again because people were starting to notice and pester them and that’s a FACT. I bet they wanted special moments for their little girl (or little sister, in Conner’s case) and they got PLENTY, I’m sure!

Dee on

Suri is just so precious and adorable.

Andrea Flexhaug on

You can analyze this photo in any way you want, but things are different security-wise, etc. for celebrities and I for one don’t have a problem with that. The way I see it is that Suri in this photo really brings a smile and bit of happiness to me and I’m sure to many others. If Suri can bring so much joy to others while herself enjoying such a a wonderful day, well, that is a wonderful thing during these grim economic times.

Imagine if her parents kept her cooped up at home. Then the headlines and discussion would be all about how something was “terribly wrong” with Suri, and the media would be clamering to invade their home grounds to try and get a photo of Suri. I imagine this way that she must be used to photographers!

someone on

It is cute and all but does anyone notice she is walking around disney world barefoot, it is not very sanitary if u ask me