Sound Off! Nadya Suleman and the Octuplets

02/17/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Nancy Pastor/Polaris

The story initially celebrated as a medical miracle has been turned on its head the last few weeks, as revelations about Nadya Suleman, mother of the octuplets, continue to come to light. Now facing public outrage over discoveries of six previous children and the use of food stamps to support them, Nadya tells PEOPLE that she’s turning to “a greater strength” to cope with her sudden notoriety.

On CBB, readers have responded to relevant stories in our Around the Web links series with both support and disdain for the situation. Now we’d like to ask — in general, what are your thoughts?


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Melanie on

I think she is crazy. I dont think she is crazy for wanting to be a mother, or even a single mother. I know many single moms who work so hard for their kids. My problem is, she was having a hard time taking care of the 6 or so she had before she got pregnant…what normal person would go out and try to have more kids. I dont care if she was trying to have 1 or 8 babies. Its just irresponsible. My heart does go out to these 14 kids though. They have such a rough road ahead of them, and they didnt ask for any of it.

Amy C on

I think the Doctor who did the IVF should lose his license. I am not saying that she is not a good mother, but a single parent on food stamps should not be allowed to have more children – especially when she already has 6! There definitely needs to be some mandates on this, which I think this woman’s notoriety will bring about.

heather on

I think that she has chosen a non-traditional path to motherhood, but I don’t think that she should be shunned for it. I definately think that she should get support just like any other high order multiple family has recieved. She will continue to be on welfare unless she is given some of the things that other high order multiple parents have been given. This is the first case of surviving octuplets whether she had them in a situation we approve of or not. Would this situation be any different if she WERE married? Or, if she had already graduated and was making a lot of money? Who is it to say that her family is too big. Just because the typical family is 2.4 children, doesn’t mean that her family needs to be….

Ok off my soap box now..

Ryo on

I agree that every child is a blessing. I don’t begrudge anyone wanting a lot of children, and I wish all of her kids a happy and healthy life.

But I really believe that Nadya will not be able to give those kids what they need, because I don’t believe she is mature enough to handle what she’s signed herself up for. As it is, she is living on hand-outs. The house she lives in was got for her by her parents, who are having to work ten times the amount they should be working to help support them. They even lost their own house because of it. Her father went to Iraq in the middle of a war to help pay to send one of those children to a private school and to help make ends meet. When she decided to get pregnant again, she already had six children, three of whom are disabled in some way.

All of that tells me that she is incredibly irresponsible and does not consider how her actions will affect her family. How hard will her parents have to work to support her now? And even after she gets her degree? How much harder is life going to be for her first six kids, when you add these eight new babies? Especially the one with autism? Once she gets her degree and starts working at least 8 hours a day, every day, how will she ever have enough time – and let’s be honest, money – to give her kids what they need?

The bottom line for me is, she’s entirely selfish and immature. She wants what she wants when she wants it, regardless of the consequences for any of the other people involved.

Jen K on

If someone has $10,000 + to thrown down for each IVF, then she should not be getting food stamps. She’s a whack job. I feel bad for the kids. How can they possibly be getting what they need from her??

Rachel on

The saying goes “If you have nothing nice to say…”

For me it’s getting past the whole idea that this woman already had SIX children and was on wellfare (foodstamps ARE wellfare) and recieving disability for several of those children… and she could still afford both invitro ferilization (which last time I checked my pocket book I could not afford). Somewhere, somehow, in some way she is totally working the system.

And to the doctor… my thoughts aren’t kind enough to put into words here.

Caroline on

She and her doctor were horrendously irresponsible. She was struggling to care for 6 on welfare…and she wanted more?! And implanting 8 embryos knowing that they could all take? Multiples are almost never carried to term, and as a consequence, many have CP and other issues. What did they think? That they would get 8 perfectly healthy babies? So irresponsible.

momof3 on

I cannot believe this woman….How could someone with six children POSSIBLY want to have 8 more? I’ve got three healthy, rambunctious children ( and a husband) whom I adore but they are EXHAUSTING and EXPENSIVE. I think she’s incredibly selfish and possibly delusional about her ability to cope with all these children, even with the help of her parents. My parents live close by and are very hands on but I know that after a (rare) evening of babysitting they are wiped out! I think that common sense would dictate that a single mom receiving state benefits does NOT have the resources to support this size family–why hasn’t someone intervened? Sadly; I think that all these silly programs that glamorize higher order multiples (Jon & Kate etc.) have given some highly impressionable people the idea that this type of lifestyle is desirable ( and profitable). So sad.

paula on

Based on what I’ve read, I think Ms. Suleman is mentally unstable, and clearly incapable of caring for 14 children both physically and monetarily. However, the real culprit is the doctor who performed the procedure. I am all for fertility treatments as I have had them for two of my children, but what this so-called doctor did was completely unethical and incomprehensible, in my opinion. Still, now we have these 8 little babies, and 6 other children who need to be clothed and fed and nurtured. We cannot abandon them. There are no easy answers now that these lives have been created. Let’s just not turn Ms. Suleman into some kind of celebrity. She should be an example of what should never happen again.

Ashley on

Do I think it’s wise to have so many children, have no job, and be relying on the help of your parents and the government? NO. But, do I think it’s right to send death threats to a woman who loves children and wants them? No! It’s her choice.

IMO, there are a LOT of people out there that are a “drain” on the economy. People faking disabilities to get out of work. I think that if you need government assistance, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m not sure I’d be wanting to have a bunch of kids if I couldn’t even pay for things myself, but that’s me, not her.

I just hope the children grow up knowing they are loved, and I hope they are happy. Yeah, it’s tax dollars, but so is the gas put into police cruisers and other things like that. With the economy the way it is, people want to focus their stress and anger toward someone. I think had this story broke five or six years ago, it wouldn’t have been such a huge deal, but because of the economy the way it is…well, you get the idea.

MM on

This is a disgrace. Some women struggle for years to have kids and she already had 6 at home. When will enough be enough for this woman? She is just making money off of these kids. Her mother does not even support her. The media just keeps feeding and fueling her desires to make money. She is on every channel and in the news and now a book deal and what next? a Hollywood deal–no doubt!

Lo on

I do not like her intentions and I truly feel there is something seriously wrong with her, psychologically, I feel the children need to be taken from her and placed where they can be properly taken care of, especially her special needs children..

Beck on

While I think she may need some real help, I think the community turning their backs on the children, who are really innocent in all this, may not be the right thing. Also, in a way, I hope she does get her own reality show. It would at least be a way for her to make money and stop living off of the taxpayers of CA. I am not really a supporter of the mom, but I can’t help but be concerned for the children.

Alexis on

I believe there’s no way she could have predicted all six of the embryos would take (and that two would then split!) to produce eight living babies. I think people are blaming her for something that’s not necessarily something she planned…

That said, it was probably irresponsible to try for even a seventh child at all when she was having difficulty supporting her first six. If she had only had one more, as she and her doctor would have expected, none of us would know her name right now.

Momma2Leos on

At first I heard this story and I was shocked but figured that the use of some type of fertility drug was obvious. This didn’t bother me because I know that the[fertility] drugs are the only way that some people can conceive and are therefore medical miracles. However, as a young woman who works upward of eleven hours a day teaching students and then being unable to afford insurance or qualify for medicaid because of my salary, I was horrified. Why should someone who already has children, six no less, be allowed to use drugs to conceive children that the American government will be paying to feed. And on top of that, if she is in need of foodstamps to feed her children–I would assume that she also has government medical in the form of Medicaid. So did medicaid approve the cost of the fertility drugs? Did medicaid pay for her doctors visits and the delivery of her children? This infuriates me and I am sure many other Americans that have to work their behinds off everyday to barely scrape by. I hope that I have not offended anyone, because I feel that government assistance is appropriate for those who need it. But this woman never NEEDED the assistance. She chose to do this, knowing fully well that she was unable to support one child, much less 14!

Sonia on

I think every life is a blessing from God and should be treated as one. But it sickens me to see this as someone who was never able to concieve a biological child of my own for a single woman to grossly take advantage of fertility treatment for her own gain as I see it. Children need a stable home environment and parents who are going to be there all the time, but this one woman is going to spread her time out between 14 children when 8 of them are needy infants? I don’t see that happening, she’s not superwoman. I have 4 children myself with a full time job I often find it hard sometimes to make sure that each one of my children have my equal attention. Sadly she is going to end up using the state systems to help support her large family that she always wanted. Because how is she going to finish school like she plans with 8 infants? Who is going to want to care for them all while she is in school and how will she pay for that? Even if she does graduate and get a good job and make decent money raising 14 kids will be extremly expensive and I doubt her paycheck will cover her school loans and pay for all the children. I feel for the children because they have been put in a situation that none of them have asked for. The fact is 14 little lives hang in that womans hands, we should be more worried about them and less worried about crusifying her.

Mallory on

I wish Nadya Suleman and her children all the best. I really do. I can tell she loves these kids, but I honestly believe she has something wrong mentally. I can understand wanting to have a lot of kids, but trying to have so many when you can hardly take care of yourself and the kids you have is plain irresponsible. I know she said in her Ann Curry interview that she is “no more irresponsible than people like Brad and Angelina” but there’s a HUGE difference….MONEY. Brangelina has two stable incomes to support their kids and have been lucky enough to give their kids a life most can only dream of…My mom is a single mom with a teaching degree and she struggles sometimes to take care of my two sisters and I, who are all teenagers thankfully..But this woman’s poor children are having to live this rough road and can’t change a thing. How can this woman work to get a Masters, have a job, and take care of 14 kids (when the babies come home)? It’s simple. She CAN’T. It’s plain out insane.

Lisa on

I believe an investigatation needs to be conducted by the Department of Children and Family Services before she is allowed to bring those eight babies home. It should be determined if she has the means and resources to care for all 14, and if not, at least some of the children should be placed with foster families. This is a potentially dangerous situation for those eight tiny babies, and without the needed food, shelter, medical care and sufficient childcare staffing, there will be neglect and possibly injuries.

You know, I’ve decided I am fine with the taxpayers funding all of this, because I would prefer that to seeing Nadya become a media star. She sets a horrible example for young women everywhere and she should not get any more attention for it.

mary on

The state should take her children away from her because she is obviously mentally unstable.

Christie on

Side note: Anyone notice that in the pictures of her from her last pregnancy (shown on television) her face looks completely different?!?!? She clearly has managed to pay for plastic surgery and IVF…yet she is collecting welfare at the same time. Sorry, but I have a huge problem with this…and an even bigger problem with the reproductive endocrinologist who clearly signed up for this to get his name in the paper.

Aelys on

What shocked me most is how doctors allowed a woman to carry 8 babies at once! And especially a woman who already had 6 children and relied to food stamps to feed them. I understand how she would want to be a mom, but any doctor in their right mind should have investigated before letting 8 embryos develop in her uterus.
I do sincerely hope, for all 14 children’s sake, that she finds a means to feed them without having to sell her family to TV networks and magazines. Those children deserve better than to be put in the public eye for monetary purposes.

As for Nadya Suleman and that doctor (who doesn’t deserve to be called one, in my opinion) … well, although words can express what I think of them, I’d rather not put it on here.

Jennifer Stoff on

Everyone is missing the bigger picture. This woman is DEPRAVED. She knowingly used the SAME sperm donor after 3 of the first 6 kids wound up with serious disabilities.

Then it was carefully explained to her that multiple births carried extremely serious risks for all kinds of disabilities.

With multiple birth risks and 3 of 6 kids with serious disabilities she then went ahead and used SAME sperm donor. This decision was essentially guaranteeing babies with more serious disabilities and she did it knowingly. This is “depraved indifference”.

Mary on

Clearly this lady, who I have never met, had children for all the wrong reasons, and never took into serious thought of the means to support them. However, they are here and I really hope the County of LA will watch closely and step in right away and take care of these 14 beautiful human beings, if she has trouble. Which, I believe, she will. May God Bless you Nadya Suleman, which I know you do read this, and give you the strength to cope with your 14 brood.

mary on

I have said in a past post. Doctors cannot discriminate against race, marital or finances. There will always be a doctor out there that will do or perform some task that is not socially exceptable or morally exceptable. Having said that I believe when someone is “consumed” buy something that takes them out of “reality” than that someone ought to seek help and analyze why they feel the need to have more of that something. This is deeper than I want my children to have syblings. But she obviously did not seek help and now there are 8 inoccent babies. Under California law she is entitled to financal help. And ONLY those children should receive that help. NOT her. THe money should be detailed, calculated and accounted for after or even before she spends it. IF the money is used for other then housing, car fixing, food, clothing or shelter for her children she must pay it back. My family new liberace. His mother was on welfare. When her son made it big the state of Wisconsin went after him for all the money they had received when he was a child. This should also be done in this case. People lets not hurt the children they need the help financially SHE needs it mentally!

ariez on

I am pro choice & feel that if this is what the woman asked the doctor to do, he should not be punished. Granted a greater psych evaluation should have been assessed especially with her having 6 other kids. But I feel that this woman was just very selfish. She says that she will do anything for her children. Yet she spent thousands of dollars to have another IVF treatment when she had 6 kids at home, 3 with disabilities along with already being on food stamps & making her parents go into bankruptcy to pay for her house. If she was really was thinking of her kids, she would have invested her money into the kids that she has & continue to finish her degree to help support them more. By choosing to do this she has put 8 more children under her responsibly that she is clearly not ready for.

eva on

This case has brought so many things onto the table among my friends and co-workers.It’s like a soap-opera in real life.First, I feel for the children.I am not going to criticize large families because I am one of nine kids.However, in my family we were nicely spaced out and Nadya has 14 children under seven years of age.With eight frail babies who knows when and how the older children will be supervised and suported.There’s no dad to collaborate on that and grandparents can only do so much.A child with a mother will want his/her mother.She sounds so sincere and determined in her interview with Couric about loving them and giving herself to them that it’s sad to me. Sad that she’s not in touch with reality and doesn’t realise that her babies will suffer because of her decisions in terms of economic and emotional stablity.I am so willing to be proven wrong by Miss Suleman but with so many children and so little money I think her children will grow up lacking in some important departments. Again, I hope I am wrong.

On the larger scope of things people are asking themselves what to do and if it’s okay for tax payers to do anything about the children.Well,I think in this case Ms.Suleman has done a disservice to social assistance programs across the country.I work in schools where most children and families are on some sort of wealfare program and require lots of help from the government. None of the parents wish such life on their children.They,to the best of their abilities,have their hearts on doing the right thing and making ends meet with dignity.What Ms.Suleman has done in terms of using the system to support a family without the slightlest plan or sense of responsibility harms eveyrone who, unlike her,strive to better their situation.

There’s nothing that can be done.The children are here and,just like mine and your children,they didn’t ask to be born. Part of our tax money goes to foster care programs and other welfare initiatives,believe me, if those 14 children did not exist your taxes would be invested on someone else’s child.If there’s anything that can be done is to stop glamorizing multiplebirhts (I’m looking at you Jon and Kate plus 8 ) and worshiping what we see on television or the interent like there’s no other dimension to parenting and families but what we see and like (expensive clothes,adorable babies,heartwarming scenes and happy endings).I believe Ms. Suleman is a product of our times and society,a life of excess and perpetual childishness.

Jess from Ohio on

I believe, like many have said already, that she is very mentally unstable. If she already couldn’t afford the six she had, and relied on food stamps and other assistance to raise them, why was she allowed to undergo fertility treatments? I hate it for the children that have to suffer from this. The whole situation just really bothers me.

mommy on

This is going to sound negative…but this is not a birth we should glorify (EVERY birth is wonderful). But, this is not a situation that deserves publicity. This woman is unemployed, getting a lot of state assistance and already has 6 children, (3 of whom I believe have disabilities). She lives in a 3 bedroom house with her parents and taxpayers will pay for the $1million+ bill for the hospital, not to mention the assistance she’s already accumulating. The doctor’s and she should be held responsible and accountable. Let’s not give her more attention than she has already received. Not to mention the sperm donor did not sign up for this many children. This is about a woman, who although unemployed and receiving assistance, (who can afford having her nails done), who is doing this for attention and glory. At first she didn’t want to be recognized now she’s calling for a reality tv show. This woman is having children for the wrong reasons.

Amanda on

My feelings on Ms. Suleman have nothing to do with the ‘nontraditional family’ she has created. I am all for single parents by choice…if they can support their family! Ms Suleman clearly has some mental issues that I feel should be professionally examined. She has no means to care for these 14 children she purposely brought into the world knowing her situation. She is relying on the state to put food in their bellies and pay their medical bills. And somehow she is delusional enough to think she can get a job straight out of college that will support a family of 15! Oh and she’s on disability somehow. She is the true poster child of a person who manages to live off the system and I honestly find that disgusting. I really hope that the RE (fertility dr) who helped her loses his license and that the state of CA looks into her ability to parent with such obvious mental stability problems. I feel for those poor kids. Their mom didn’t have enough to support them or care for them by herself when there were only 6 and now she’s added 8 premature newborns to the mix

mel520 on

here’s what comes to my mind:

1. she claims that with every in vitro procedure she had the same amount implanted (6). i just have a hard time believing that, seeing that she had 4 singletons, 1 set of twins and then bam, not only do all 6 take, but two spilt. i mean, anything’s possible, but come on! seems a little fishy to me…

2. if she really did have 6 embryos implanted with each of her 6 pregnancies i want to know 1. why the whack job doctor would ever take that many eggs from a woman and 2. why any woman would want that many eggs taken. morally speaking, she knew she would never ‘discard’ of an embryo so why in the heck would she ever request that many embryos to be created in the first place if she was going to force herself to have all of them implanted eventually. (or am i totally misunderstanding her and the process?)

I wish her nothing but the best and I pray she has 8 perfectly healthy babies and is able to care for them like a mother should, all the while giving enough individual love and attention to all 14 of her kids. she seems to have a couple screws loose, but there is no denying that she most certainly loves her children… unfortunately love doesn’t pay the bills.

eva on

After a super long post I would like to add that though I agree that Ms.Suleman used her reproductive freedom in a questionable manner that has every potential to hurt her children emotionally and economically, I would never support the idea of regulating reproduction in terms of how much income one has.Only the well to do and the middle class can have babies?No,that’s just wrong.What can be said about this (I think)is push for new guidelines in fertility clinics for doctors to councel and advise patients.

Catherine on

She is giving IVF such a bad name. She has no support system, no job, no prospects, AND six children – three of them with developmental issues. And she believes she is doing the right thing? She is nothing but a selfish woman. Sometimes the best decisions are the most difficult. In this case, I blame her AND her doctor for implanting that many embryos. The tragedy of this entire story is that those poor children are the ones who are going to suffer.

Amanda on

When the story of a surviving set of octuplets broke I was relieved for the family and mother that she was able to carry the babies to 30 wks. But as the story has unfolded I’m horrified by this woman’s decision to do IVF again-even for “just” a seventh baby.

I’m student working to finish my bachelor’s degree and I have two children who are both (blessedly) very healthy. I also have a wonderful husband who supports me and is a great father. I also have a group of friends and a few family members who can help out from time to time. But, even with all that support going to school and raising my two children is incredibly challenging. Finding time to take care of the kids, the house, myself, and my school work is at times more than I feel like I can juggle.

My personal belief is that this mother is delusional to think that she’ll be able to return to school in the fall to finish her degree. I don’t see how she can possibly manage everything she thinks she can and this should have been painfully clear to her before she decided to do IVF for that “seventh” baby (which turned into 8).

I don’t begrudge her welfare or federal assistance. But, to find out that she’s on it while spending thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and OBVIOUS plastic surgery is scandalous. This is abuse of the system.

All that being said, I do hope she pulls this off and that her family and friends and community rally to support her and her children. If for no other reason than that those 14 kids need and deserve it.

loveliason on

I was raised by a single mom and I have the utmost respect for women who choose to have children on their own. My problem with this mother is her very early statement. She wanted to have children to receive the unconditional love that she feels lacked when she was growing up. I think she has that backwards, the parent gives the unconditional love to the children not vice verse. Big mistake to place such a heavy burden to place on 14 innocent children to fill a bottomless pit of a grown up (maybe why she kept have kids). Anyone who knows anything about childrearing knows that there are many times when the unconditional love and the goodtimes are at best few and far between. And thats in the best of families with total spousal presence and support.

I’m not one of those people poo pooing this women. While I disagree with her logic, the children are now here and I feel that the victriol and venom directed at her is just as odd and inappropriate as her decision making process. Plus, all the negativity is being absorbed by her older children (and later by the octuplets) and that cannot be good to exist within. I feel compassion for her children and as it stands, for her. I hope she gets the help (psychological and social and financial) she needs to see those kids raised in a loving and stable home.

melania on

We don’t know really anything about her and she may (and probably does) love her children more than the world. Many parents have to turn to food stamps during tough times. She is not currently using food stamps. Implanting 8 embryos is extreme imo because if they all survive it leaves the mother in a difficult situation. Keep them all or perhaps abort some? In the end, these children are her responsibility to love and raise. None of us will be involved, so it’s really not our business. ANd just because you pay taxes and she is on welfare does not make her life your business- sorry.

Kerri on

She just comes off so selfish and irresponsible…when you can’t support the children you currently have at home, you shouldn’t be actively pursuing MORE children. It would be one thing if she just happened to get pregnant, but knowingly going through more fertility treatments with 6 kids she can’t support? That’s terrible.

And I think people are really upset by this because lots of families are struggling with the poor economy and having to make tough decisions, while this woman seems like she lives in an alternate reality, just leeching off the state, which disability and other benefits. That money should have gone towards supporting her children, not MORE fertility treatments.

izabelle on

who cares! its her life. you didn’t have those babies! SHE DID. GET OVER GET IT. THERE ARE OTHER THINGS IN LIFE TO WORRY ABOUT LIKE MISSING CHILDREN!

Christa on

I agree that EVERY child is a blessing from God. I have no problem with couples or single mothers who wish to have large families, as long as they can afford those families. If Nadya Suleman was able to provide for these babies on her own, I honestly don’t think there would have been such fallout.

Meredith on

I think that this is a true case of science pushing the limits of moral judgement. I’m sure that she saw the fame bestowed upon certain TLC stars, and thought that if she herself could make headlines… And the money that would most certainly follow, then by all means yes! I think that her doctor’s probably shared this feeling not knowing that the media, and public backlash that followed.

I am more upset personally about the fact that the already bankrupt citizens of California who are now carrying the burdens that are these children. Medical, financial and whatever kind of support that they will require, that the family will not be able to provide, will be provided by people who are scraping together pennies to properly make their way through these hard times.

NIxx on

What’s done, is done.

However those 8 little babies came into the world they should be loved and cared for. Since so many people believe this woman to be mentally ill in some way, it just makes since to want to offer as much help to the babies as possible.

I am also of the opinion that the doctor that perform the IVF procedures be looked at closely.

Gracie on

“ANd just because you pay taxes and she is on welfare does not make her life your business- sorry.”

Yes it does make it our business. I don’t appreciate paying taxes for someone else to have 14 kids they can’t support. The rest of us have to be responsible and wait until we can afford children to have them – so it makes me furious to see someone else going ahead anyway, having children they can’t afford, and then expecting me to pay for it. It’s incredibly selfish of her, and the taxpayers of the country have every right to be upset about it.

“Many parents have to turn to food stamps during tough times.”

There is a huge difference between having children when you are on stable ground and then later turning to food stamps during a hard time, and chosing to bring more children into the world after already being on food stamps. She said in an interview that she has been on food stamps for 1 1/2 years, which means that she was already on them when she chose to move forward and get pregnant again. Which means two things: 1. She somehow managed to find the money to do an IVF treatment at the same time that she couldn’t manage to find money to feed her children and 2. She willing got pregnant knowing that she couldn’t afford to feed the child she was about to bring into the world. That’s a whole different ballgame from someone who already has the kids and then needs some help, or even from someone who accidentally gets pregnant and can’t afford it.

“In the end, these children are her responsibility to love and raise. None of us will be involved,”

Actually we are involved, because we’re paying for her children, as well as her hospital stay since she doesn’t currently have insurance. We are fully involved.

Michelle on

She’s made living off the “system” a way of life for herself and her family.

Most people work hard and pay into the System until they’re ready to retire in old age which is when they get retirement benefits. But not Nadya Suleman.

Not only is she receiving monthly food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security for 3 of her 6 older children, but Nadya has been additionally receiving disability payments since 1999 (for a work related injury) and though she’d been deemed completely unable to work, she’d felt well enough to undergo arduous IVF treatments and have 14 children in the interim. Doctors had actually advised her not to get pregnant since this would worsen her supposed back condition, but did she listen? Of course not. If her back condition had really been that painful and disabling (as she’d claimed to the workers comp. judge that her condition relegated her to bed all day) I’d think that she wouldn’t have been able to endure 6 pregnancies (including twins and octuplets) at all.

She had no right to intentionally put this burden on the hardworking taxpayers of this country.

BJ on

The reason this is all so upsetting is because Nadya, if she was of sound judgement, should have known there was no way for her to provide for her original six children, let alone fourteen. She has no job. She’s been mooching off of her poor overwhelmed parents for years. Then to become pregnant again? To create more life when she couldn’t even be financially responsible for the ones already born? It’s all too much. Her selfishness is truly stunning.

She has said she wanted to have babies because she was depressed. That is precisely the reason I DON’T want to have biological children. I have a history of depression too, and I can certainly sympathize, but I’m also very aware that I could easily pass down such negative genetic traits. I would truly be shocked if those octuplets are ever allowed into this woman’s home. She’s clearly mentally unstable.

Ivey on

I think she is highly irresponsible, thinking about her needs and not her childrens needs. And as someone mentioned above how did she afford all these IVF treatments, with no income. She said in a recent interview that she thinks having Octuplets is a sign from god that she should stop having kids!-?!

SMC on

As a resident and taxpayer in southern California, it is really sickening what Ms. Suleman has done. I agree with others that she is undoubtedly mentally unstable, and it is just as horrifying that her doctor(s) performed this procedure.

I recently listened to a woman speak who is acquainted with her. Her mother-in-law and Nadya’s mother, Angela, have been best friends for years. Anyway, Nadya paid for the first IVF treatments with her parents’ money. She was given money to pay for school, and she turned around and used it to get pregnant. She funded this last pregnancy by stealing money out of a private account her parents had. All the while, she has been collecting disability and has been on food stamps.

I really feel for the innocent children she has brought into this world. They didn’t ask to be born in this situation. I hope their mother gets the help she needs, and that somehow, these children will get the nurturing and care they need.

pia on

i think people who send death threats to anyone are bullsh*t. they are, no matter who she is, what she’s done. how dare they think that they have the right, just cause they are angry, to do that? it’s shameful.

of ms suleman – irresponsible, narcisstic… need i go on? yeah, what’s done is done.. but she done WRONG. for her children AND for herself.
it’s all very sad. tragic.

deanna on

I think she most likely was not expecting 8 but it is crazy that she has six and cant support them if she wasnt on food stamps it would not be such a big deal I think I feel for her parents they look worn out.

Lori Dale on

I think this was planned by both Ms Suleman and her fertility Dr.

There are lots of holes in her story. First off she said she had been trying to have a baby using injectables for 7 years before she had her first child at the age of 25. Do the math. That means there was a Dr. out there ready to give an 18 year old fertility drugs?

I think it is morally irresponsible to have children you cannot afford. IF she wanted this big of a family perhaps she should have waited until her schooling was completed.

I don’t have a problem with her having 14 chilren, I have a problem with her having 14 children on the taxpayers dime.

Sorry Nadya, but foodstamps is welfare.

Mari on

She is going to need a bigger shoe.

Kate on

I believe this type of public attention encouraged her, and possibly others, to use poor judgment. Shows like the Duggars and Jon and Kate Plus 8 definitely make having many children seem easier than it probably really is. Having a large family isn’t entertainment, and it shouldn’t make her a celebrity. I was impressed that this website had not made much ado about this woman as she is not a celebrity.

Michelle on

As an special education early intervention teacher, I worry about the future health and well being of these children. Statistics show that premature multiples are at a higher risk of visual impairments, cerebral palsy, in addition to a variety of other developmental delays. I just wish that people would realize that having multipiles, especially 8, has significant risks that no baby asks for!

Julia A on

I think the doctor who implanted 6 embryos in her must shoulder a lot of the blame for what happened. The professional guidelines dictate that for a woman under 35, 2 or at most 3 embryos should have been implanted, especially for a woman who obviously had no trouble conceiving by IVF before. The professional guidelines are there for a reason, and I think there need to be more repercussions for doctors who don’t follow them. If there’s any good that is going to come out of this, maybe people will start legislating some of these professional guidelines into laws so such high-order multiples don’t happen again.
Also, I feel bad for the 6 older children. Nadya Suleman said everything she does centers around her children. Did she ever consider how they would fare with 8 infant siblings?

Carol on

I think she probably didn’t expect to have all 8 babies. I also think that the big companies aren’t offering her some freebies. Right or wrong, those babies are here now and those companies are in the business of helping children. Punishing the mother for her actions shouldn’t hurt her children. People are saying she’s an unfit mother but there’s been no evidence of that and it’s wrong to say those things about her.

I don’t agree with her actions or the actions of the doctor but it can’t be undone now.

brandi on

I am a CA teacher who is likely to lose my job due to the insane budget crisis in the state. To know that, instead of paying teachers and funding education for people like Suleman (who obviously could use a couple classes in basic economics), my exorbitant taxes are going toward the state paying hundreds of thousands (or millions!) of dollars for her and her doctor’s irresponsible decisions. Her current (and likely future) disabled children will continue to be a drain on the generosity of the state. Her foodstamps (defintely welfare) are coming from my money. I am forced to support her; however, I agree with others above that I would ratehr have her covered and silenced than to see her depraved actions drawn out on yet another reality TV show, or an ill-advised parenting book.

I am fully supportive of people having as many kids as they want, as long as they can afford to care for them, and care for each and every child’s full array of needs (medical, education, etc). Very, very few people can sustain that kind of lifestyle for more than one or two kids. From all of the stories of her own lengthy diability, her family’s lack of support for her, her questionable relationship history, her unnerving interviews and all of the pleas for the public to finance this bad choice, I am lead to believe that she is unwell and that social services should be involved with her 6 older children and the 8 additional she is bringing into their lives.

jaja on

Are we also going to have questions on how the Duggars raise their children, or Jon and Kate’s parenting skills? Obviously there are specifics of this case that anger people, but I don’t see what good this discussion does.

SMC on

This discussion is merely that. A discussion. There’s no harm in expressing personal opinions on a highly controversial topic, even though, yes, it will make absolutely no difference to the situation.

Also, this is VERY different than the Duggars or Jon and Kate. Those families have the means and resources to care for all of their children. They did not choose to continue reproducing when they had absolutely no way to support their children other than relying on the state and taxpayers. This situation is all of our business.

em on

I love big families, I love new babies, and I completely understand the support and admiration for women. But from many things this woman has said, she seems to have been emotionally unstable for many years, that HER reason for wanting children and more and more children seems to be because of emotional problems where she is looking for meaning and fulfillment and healing of past wounds all outside of herself, she has created these children with the burden on them that they will make her life happy and somehow okay. Many people do not initially have children for the “best” reasons, but without outside medical assistance, these kinds of troubled women are not having one baby every calendar year or pregnancies with multiples. This woman maybe should have used kittens or puppies to work out her emotional problems before in only 7-8 years time bringing 14 fatherless children into the world in a now poverty stricken family.

MD on

Another perspective:

Why is it that a person longing to adopt, to welcome an unwanted child into a family, is scrutinized so intensely? Home visits, stacks of paperwork, interviews – all to make sure that a child is going to a stable home.

I’ve never heard of an IVF client going through that hassle. I’m certainly not insinuating that creating a family should be so difficult, but why is there such inequality?

nosoupforyou on

This is not about “choices” or “freedom.” Freedom ends when you cannot be responsible for your choices.

This woman already has six children, three of whom are disabled and receiving public monies. She then brings a litter of 8 into the world who likely will include more disabled children. This sound like a money making venture fueled by mental instability.

The good citizens of California (of which I am one) will end up paying millions for the medical, special education, early intervention, physical and occupational therapy and welfare costs of this family.

How do I know? Along with being the parent of two premature sons, (ages 12 and 18) I am a social worker whose client’s are all developmentally disabled or at risk of a developmental disability. That would include Ms. Suleman’s children who are likely already hooked up with a regional center in her area.

Molly on

Alexis while you are right that there is no way to predit how many will take, every woman who has embryos implanted MUST count that possibility that all may take. Eg. if she has two, she must be prepared that both may take and both may split as well. In other words, they must be count that possibility as a no. 1 more hten anything else.

Second, I do agree with whoever said above, that Nadya is totally working the system. She is. She is undergoing IVF while others pay for her food, stamps and children.

That reminds me of a blog I read recently where the lady blogs about her newest Jacuzzi and a large home and how many brand items they are putting there for renovations their luxury estate while begging others to pay for her own IVF (she even set up a donation button!!) Depending how it suits her, she either blogs about her huge luxury house (so people are envious) or how poor she is that she cant afford ivf (so people feel sorry and give her money)

There certainly are people like Nadya out there.

Sara More on

I think that Ms. Suleman is mentally ill. I also think that the state of California needs to step in & find out how a mother receiving food stamps is also able to get InVitro. I believe that the best outcome would be to put all 8 children into homes with parents who can not have children. As for the older 6 perhaps split among family memebers or put into foster care for the time being. Ms. Suleman also looks like she has perhaps had some kinds of plastic surgery/enhancements and/or botox to her face. I really think that the best interest of 14 children needs to be put first.

Mrs. R. on

The whole thing is really bizarre. Suleman’s quotes from interviews made her sound out of touch with reality, and the background information provided by her mother makes her sound completely insane.

I do think CPS should get involved. Frankly, my CA taxes are already paying for her kids, so I think they deserve the best care… which might possibly be in a loving foster family, even if it means splitting the 6 older ones and the 8 younger ones up.

My sister-in-law explained to me some of the medical ethics issues, as she is currently going through IVF to have a baby. After my discussion with her, I truly feel that the doctor should have his medical license revoked.

Christine on

I HATE that CBB is posting anything this story.
CELEBRITY baby blog has no place for her.

Please let this be the last post you have regarding this woman and her children.

Michelle on

I have nothing against big families. My grandma had 17, but I don’t think it’s right to have that many kids if you can’t take care of them.

Mommy of 3 on

There are a few things that I do not agree with. First of all she already had 6 children to begin with. Second of all she has no money, job, father or a decent sized home to fit the needs for these children. Lastly she CHOOSE to do this under these circumstances, it’s not like she didn’t have any children before nor was it an act of nature!
In the end I feel terrible for these children, not just the 8 but ALL of them. IMO she seems like a very unstable person…and not just financially either!!

k on

I am really, honestly, frightened by the amount of hatred I see for this woman (not here, but on other blogs, in the comments and in posts). It’s scary how involved and virulent people get in abusing her. And I don’t think “we’re paying the taxes that support her” is a justification for the amount of abuse she’s getting (again, not here, but on other blogs with much less moderation!!). I don’t really have much of an opinion, more that I wonder why so many people hate her to the point of frothing at the mouth anger. I tend to reserve my anger for people who preach hate or politicians, etc whose actions impact me and my loved ones. I was under the impression the state of California was laying people off because the legislators couldn’t reach any sort of compromise, not because of this one woman.

And I think “Octomom” is a horrible nickname, I don’t know why so many places are using it in lieu of her actual name.

Sabrina on

I’m not quite sure what to say or think. This is certainly an extraordinary situation so it’s really hard to comprehend the madness of it.
If I’m being honest, I think her decision to have this many children is an illness – it is great to want children and to love children, but 14 children is too many. It has nothing to do with the fact that there is no father-figure, or that she’s a single mother, it is more the fact that she clearly does not have the resources to afford so many children and is now trying to rely on society and the public to help pay for her addiction to having children. I think it is a selfish thing to have that many children when she obviously cannot care for them herself, or truly afford them. I can understand her yearning for children – I love them too – but I do not think she is capable of providing each and every one of them with the quality of life they deserve.
However, the road ahead of her will no doubt be a long and difficult one, and I only hope the best for those children. I just do not think, with the world the way it is (in terms of economics), that her decision to have more children was a responsible one. But perhaps the focus must be switched to the medical personnel who implanted so many embryos. While rare, it is obviously not impossible to carry 8 babies.
I wouldn’t want to be in Nadya Suleman’s position – but I think her exploiting her children through media and publicity is shameful and shows the desperation for money because she knows she cannot afford this family she longed for.

jaja on

If she is mentally ill, she needs help. If she can’t afford to take care of her children, they need help. There’s no point is saying she shouldn’t have had them, because she already did, just like thousands of other parents on food stamps or welfare – she just has more than a typical mother. Plenty of other parents (like Jon and Kate) put their children at risk by choosing to have large sets of multiples (no, they didn’t implant 8 embryos, but they still made a choice).

Katie on

I think that the Dr. who performed the IVF should be punished in the form of child support for all 14 children until each one turns 18. I also think that the children are in a dangerous situation – there is no way that one person can successfully care for all 14 children (especially with more than a few having special needs) all by themselves. The children are simply not safe in their home. They should be given to families that can care for them properly.

Sabrina on

I just went to see what is going on with her publicity stunt (website) to support her family, and access is forbidden. Looks like the celebrity of the situation was getting to her.
I really feel bad for the kids.

mary on

We need to be careful from now on with what we say. Her other children will be attending school in the very near future. The last thing I would want is for her children to her all the bad stuff. Remember they did not choose this. She will have enough to deal with at home. From now on California people should “fix” the way money/welfare is handed out and to whom. Perhaps using finger prints at the grocery store, Or reciepts mom/dad must hand into the state and prove the money went for the child not themselves.I dont have the answers But get enough of the taxpayers together and maybe they can come up with a better solution then the law makers have!

Mommy of 3 on

After reading a few posts I wanted to add my 2 cents worth about the Duggars and Gosslins (I watch both NEITHER of these 2 families even come CLOSE to what this woman did and probably continue to do!!!!!!!! The Duggars are a VERY stable family as are the Gosslins. YEs they obviously have made a redicuilas amount of money by exploiting their families on TV but before all this hapened they were fit in alot more ways then alot of people think they were.
Jon and Kate decided to try for ONE more child after backing out of an adoption that was set up from the hopspital that Kate worked at. Like the show says, “we tried for one more and ended up with six” It’s not like she is or was as unstable as Nadya is. ALso they only had 2 children previously from one pregnancy!

The Duggars BELIEVE that they will let God tell them how many children they can have. I for one and not a religious person but I do understand why they choose this path in life. The Duggars are probably the most well rounded family I have ever seen and this includes ALL celebs!!! They know how to rasie a family that is very large, and I give them a TON of cerdit for doing it. If only some people could take a lesson from this family (not for the amount of children) but in the penny pinching, moral setting kind of way. I’m positive there would be better behaved children and more money in a large amount of families!!!
IMO to compare these 2 families to Nadya is irrelevent!! They have nothing to do with this woman and her choice to have 8 more after 6 children, Nadya is a full growen woman and can make her own decisions…..sadly she choose the wrong path and her innocent children are going to pay for her mistakes in the end!

MamaP on

This woman is nuts. She can’t afford to support her children without the charity of her family and the government, yet she can obviously afford plastic surgery (I mean come on… obviously some work has been done there).

She seems to have a few OCD traits and baby-collecting appears to be one of them.

She is clearly not thinking of the children. There is no way that one woman can give 14 kids everything they need on their own.

I’m sure she’ll try her best, and if she had had these kids under different circumstances I could probably muster up more sympathy and understanding, but she went out of her way to have what she thought would be 7 children, which is about 5 too many for someone in her shoes.

Loren on

I find it unbelievable when she claims she isn’t trying to be like Angelina. Remember Angelina’s People cover shoot w/ the twins…she was wearing a white eyelet nightgown just like Suleman!

Mikki on

I dont think anyone has the right to demonize the bringing of 8 beautiful innocent lives into our midst. We can be enriched by these children or we can turn ourselves into over indulgent brats by complaining about the injustice of it all, when really we should be focusing on what WE can do for them. It is a horrible situation. No one dissagrees with that fact. But what we do, and what we say about it we can control, and I choose to feel happy for the bringing of 8 healthy babies into the world and help where i can.

hcecilia on

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have children. One child is already difficult enough, especially on a single income. I am a single mother with a daughter and while I wouldn’t change my life with her for anything, but providing siblings must be put on hold until I can afford to support their basic needs, among having a stable relationship. My issue is that she is receiving public assistance for her obsession and personal issues. I’m tired of hearing her ‘ideal’ lifestyle and what she believes is best. It’s great to be positive, but for her to say that she will be able to get a job to support them after school is just ridiculous when people with MASTERS degrees are getting fired for their jobs. And then her personal issues on being the only child just bothers me. I don’t even know how to passed a psych eval because fourteen children?! You will not have the time for them and they’ll end up resenting you. I just have a lot thoughts on this issue I could elaborate on, but I’ll just end it here.

Carolle on

This woman is never going to make enough money on her own to support 14 children. Those poor children are going to go without a lot of things, all because their mother was selfish and decided to have a litter of babies with no plan on how to care for them.

There’s a reason there are a lot of outraged people out there with regards to “Octomom”. Plenty of people work very very hard just to make ends meet, pay their bills, and keep their house. There are plenty of people out there that have 2 kids, work 2 jobs to pay the bills and they don’t get to spend the quality time they would like with them. That’s life. You sacrifice for the sake of your children. Along comes this woman that already has 6 kids she can’t afford, and now she’s added 8 more. She says she just loves children so much,etc etc etc. but you can see right through it. These children are going to be exploited. This woman is banking on the fact that people will take pity on her and send her $ or baby items as donations. She’s looking for a hand out.

It makes me mad that there are plenty of potentially great parents out there that just can’t have kids, and yet this leech has 14. Sickening.

Joy on

Where do any of us even BEGIN to start with this situation? I think any decent, relatively responsible person has a bit of a problem with financing this woman’s selfishness when the rest of us are tightening our belts and barely scraping by.
My heart goes out to the children, ALL of them. They don’t deserve this.

LaurenH on

First, let me say I do share some similarities with this woman. Even though I am married and only have 2 kids, I do have an Autistic child that I do collect SSI for, and my husband is a full time student. We are both unemployed (with hubby doing freelance work for now) and we are on the system (We don’t get housing assistance or food stamps, but we have the kids on Medicaid… hubby and I do not have any coverage.)

My grandparents had 14 kids (one at a time over 21 years) with my father being #13. They lived off one paycheck (gramps was a mail man.) They did what they had to (grew their own food, made their own clothes and did home hair cuts) in order to make it work. So I can’t totally disapprove of her situation (having so many kids with no huge amount of $$ to support them.)

As for the doctor… weren’t the eggs they implanted frozen from one of her earlier trials? She had 3 choices, have them, sell them or destroy them. Honestly, if I had fertility issues, even with 6 kids at home, I doubt I would have the emotional strength to sell my eggs to another woman or even worse, destroy them. The doctor could not force her to do that, so he kinda had his hands tied there.

I also support her choice of not reducing the number. If I found myself pregnant (I have no fertility issues, so it would have to happen with out the aid of drugs) with 8 babies – I could not bring myself to pick which ones lived or died. Fate gave them to me, fate can take them away. Remember she didn’t ASK to have 8 babies at once when she got the IVF, so you can’t be mad at her for keeping them.

As for her ‘draining the system’… you got me there. The only good news about it is that she is in school trying to better her life. Her timing of the 6th pregnancy left a lot to be desired, but there is nothing anyone can say or do now to change that. I hope that she can finish her schooling and get on her own two feet and off the system as much as possible.

The only thing I have a problem with is how she got the money to have the IVF this time around. If she is receiving disability for her injury, fine… but wasn’t she getting SSI for her autistic son as well? If any of that money went to helping her get the IVF, I will be livid. I use every penny of my son’s SSI to make sure he has food, shelter and clothing, nothing else. To use that money for personal parental purposes is wrong.

Even if that was the case, I do believe that she should be getting the basic public support other high multiple mothers get for their children. (The diapers, the baby food, etc…) Why punish the kids for the choices their mother made? I am to the point where I am thinking of boycotting the companies that are refusing to help with the children’s basic needs.

Now, in terms of all those extra perks the parents typically get, like the cars, houses, TV shows, and even plastic surgery, she should NOT get those.

nosoupforyou on

Mikki, I am tired of “doing” for other people having children they cannot support.

I have two of my own children where I choose to put my time and money.

I am taxed out of this world.

Alexis on

Molly wrote: “Alexis while you are right that there is no way to predit how many will take, every woman who has embryos implanted MUST count that possibility that all may take.”

Molly, I agree and understand. In fact where I live, doctors are only legally allowed to transfer 2 embryos at a time, so higher order multiples are relatively rare compared with the United States. It’s a law I agree with as it prevents this kind of situation occuring, although it reduces the success rate, which can be sad for parents emotionally and financially (when multiple rounds are necessary).

However my comment was mainly aimed at the people who seem to thin that Nadya looked at other famous families with multiples (like the Gosselin sexuplets) and thought “I know, I’ll have EIGHT and get really famous!” People seem to forget that the odds of what happened in this situation are astronomical. That’s not to say Nadya shouldn’t have been aware of the possibility that all six would implant successfully. As I said, in my opinion it was irresponsible that she attempt IVF given her situation at all, even if only one baby was the result.

Abbey on

I am completely and morally against most fertility treatments, but my objections to her actions have nothing to do with her unnatural IVF obsession. The USA is dying financially and she has the gull to ask the American people to pay for her baby addiction. California is millions of dollars in debt and has to lay of 20,000 workers, but she gets rewarded for irresponsibility. There is no way she put her children’s needs before her own or even thought IVF through. Those eight babies may need help indefinitely. Many premature babies have problems all of their lives & not only does she have a few children with issues already, but now she has eight babies in the NICU. That’s about a million dollars a day per baby that the tax payers are paying. She put her life at risk, her children’s lives at risk, and undermines the American welfare system. There are millions of people who truly need welfare and government support and she is, unfortunately, a horrible and very highlighted example of people abusing the government. It is truly unfortunate that the children are going to be punished for their mother’s transgressions (they are going to have a horrible stigma attached to them throughout their lives because of their mother’s irresponsible behaviour).

Pam on

Someone had mentioned several posts up that she’s not receiving food stamps now and I read that she still is currently receiving $490 per month in food stamps. She admitted to it herself. Although she claims it’s not welfare. Uh, what do you call it? And now it’s come out that she has a NANNY! That she can apparently afford to pay $500 per week. Where the heck do I sign up for this life? I obviously went about things the wrong way. I went to college and graduated, got married and then started having kids. (No offense to single parents out there.) My husband and I are busting our butts and would love to have a third child but can’t because our house is way too small, we have way too much debt and can’t afford for me to take time off work to have the baby. It’s called being responsible adults! I really hope that DCFS is already watching this crazy woman because she has some serious issues. (And while I’m no fan of Angelina Jolie, I think she needs to get a restraining order because Octomom is a bit obsessed with Angie.) Octomom should never have been allowed to get pregnant this last time but now these babies are here. And they need to be taken care of. Hopefully by some loving families and not this whacked out, out of touch with reality loon. I hope for her sake that she seeks treatment.

Julia on

In my opinion, I think that everyone is getting much too upset over Ms. Suleman’s personal affairs. Truly, things could be much worse, she is able to support her children on what she has and they are not neglected. There are no doubt wealthy families out there that do not take care of their children or are abusive and neglectful towards them. Which situation is better? Just because one family has money doesn’t mean that their children are better off.
And seriously, I am just curious, that when people continue to post that they, themselves, are directly supporting her, what do they mean? How much of your taxpayers dollars are going to Mrs. Suleman and helping her raise her children? Do you think that the money that you lose in federal taxes belongs to her? Or what about all those taxpayers dollars that went to supporting the war in Iraq? Or the unfit parents and individuals that also receive social assistance and instead of taking care of their children and themselves, they spend their money on drugs and alcohol?
I think that everyone really needs to get over attacking this woman. She hasn’t done anything wrong. Who cares how many kids she has? There is definitely, without a doubt, much worse off families out there with children, who aren’t doing a good job at raising them. I think that any child brought into this world is a blessing and those babies are what people should be thinking about and the huge medical bills they are going to incur, or their long road ahead to becoming healthy enough to go home. People should be thankful that they are alive and are here to better our world.

Misty on

I am appalled by the fact that she thinks that it is ok to have so many children when she is on assistance. I’m sorry, but I resent the fact that I am going to have to pay to raise HER children when I have a family of my own that I need to support. She’s irresponsible, plain and simple.

Misty on

It isn’t just through welfare that we are paying for her. We are all going to pay for her irresponsibility via higher insurance rates because it is pretty obvious that she cannot afford those bills.

Mom of Boys on

In my opinion, I think she has stumbled over the boundaries. She had to know what was going to happen once the country got wind of her feeding her family from food stamps.

I don’t feel that this is a good situation as she already knew times were tough prior to getting pregnant with the octuplets. She is only making times even worse on the children. I think she is slightly in a weird haze.

Who is footing the outrageous hospital bill?, Medicare is my guess!

I just don’t think that you should have anymore children then you can afford, not that you can ever afford a child but you truly know that times are tough if your source of income is student loans and a Work Comp settlement, in addition to food stamps.

However I do wish for all of her children to be happy, safe, and healthy! She is not my cup of tea.

CTBmom on

This woman should NOT be receiving all this publicity. I am sickened by the fact that she had 6 kids that she could not care for by herself, and then went and had invitro again! How selfish of her!! And I agree with those who say that the doctor that did it, should have his license revoked. I’m all for people having as many kids as they want…IF they can support them themselves. Evertime I see her picture, or see her on t.v. it turns my stomach.

shan on

This woman is clearly mad, I love children but never would I have 8 as a single mother when I cannot afford the first 6, and especially with three special needs.
Sending death threats is not the way to go, it is ridiculous, clearly that is showing that you are as mentally unstable as her to threaten her life and her childrens lives.
If she was with a partner, married and had money to raise them then this would not be an issue, this is showing how selfish she is.
I have three children, married, have a house pets and so on and my husband and I in these current times are finding it hard, she should not be receiving a cent and then maybe she can start to feel how everyone else is feeling with the economic crisis.

Janet on

My thoughts from the beginning this news broke out is,”Leave her alone!” She has made this choice. I wouldn’t like anyone to JUDGE MY FAMILY. I do think though, that maybe she should’ve stayed anonymous to avoid to media mess. Media has got their priorities wrong if they’re focusing on a FAMILY and precious children than terriorist and criminals of the world. Lets focus our attention ELSEWHERE. Leave this family alone and stop judging. She’s already got a lot to deal with already. She’s got COURAGE to take this on. Remember the children.

Erica on

But Janet, Nadya brought this all on herself. It’s the height of irresponsibility to continually impregnate yourself knowing full well you have no job, do not own your own home, and are relying on government assistance and workman’s comp to provide for your first six children. It’s not just about the fact that she is a single mom–there are scores of amazingly competent single parents. The difference is she is relying SOLELY on other’s (her parents, tax payers, donations, etc.) to support fourteen children who did not ask to be here. I agree with the others who believe she deserves no more media attention; at the same time, I sincerely hope those kids are taken care, even if it means they must be adopted by other people.

Heather on

The media should absolutely focus on her and bring attention to her mistake!!! WAKE UP!!! WE are paying for this!! WE are paying for her choices. WE need to wake up and start calling these people out! She needs to be made accountable! She went to the extreme and had 14 kids but what about the millions of other mothers who have 4,5, and 6 kids with no jobs or meant to support them, so WE have to do it! I am a foster parent so I face this ALL the time and it is infuriating!!! No one is ever held accountable anymore, we all want to coddle each other and take care but at who’s expense?? Between the children who undoubtedly WILL suffer and our pocketbooks we are in deep over our heads!

jen on

The physician who performed this egg transfer on such a young person needs to have their license revoked. The woman needs psychiatric treatment. The entire family needs counselling.

I feel very sorry for those children. I also feel sorry for the mother, karma is a bitch.

Robin on

I think something is wrong with her head. I absolutely believe she is working the system. We taxpayers are going to fork out the cost of her hospital stay, birth, etc. The hospital has already asked the state to pay the bill. She’s obviously not going to do it. Not to mention its our money that is going to be supporting the raising of those children. I love her comment about how she is going to give her children love and time. Is that all it takes to be a good parent? To 14 kids….? I stay at home with our 2 children and it’s hard work. She already has 7 so its not like she didn’t know what she was in for. She could have stopped at 7, and she should have stopped at 7. I’d love to know who her doctor was. What negligence.

leese on

First.. all I pray is that the hatred people are showing her is not shared with her 14 children. You have to blame doctors and mom..Not the kids..
I think she followed one to many TLC shows! We glorify the Gosselin family. Jon & Kate Gosselin have their hands out for every freebie that they can grab. She like all of us watch the media attention that this PA family has received in five years. It has gotten them a 1.3 million dollar home, free furniture, free trips and to much to list.
If there were NO freebies..and these families knew they would have to pay for everything..including medical…they would not go forward!
Stop giving attention and freebies! Maybe this will never be repeated again! Unless it is a “True” act of God and not Doctors playing God!

Kimi on

IMHO, I believe that Nadya Suleman is an irresponsible parent and an irrational being. Her reasons for wanting children at all seem purely selfish (she started trying to get pg at 19, two years before she was married). While I know that she feels that she loves her children, I honestly believe that she does not understand what true love is or what it really takes raise a child. She seems to be lacking common sense (as does her RE), and we have also all seen her lying on national tv. I also honestly believe that she suffers from psychological issues that have resulted in her baby addiction/obsession.

I hope that someone is able to get her into the counseling that she needs, and also perhaps some basic budget counseling. But most importantly, I think we all need to remember and pray for the 14 innocent kids who were brought into this mess.

Molly on

It is not only ms. suleman’s personal affairs. She is getting money someone else will not be getting. THat is what is the biggest problem here.

Also you cannot compare Gosselins with her. They had IUI, she had ivf. These are two totally differnet procedures. With IUI you pretty much cannot control the number of babies and the eggs that fertilize

As for Duggars, they keep going so their show keeps going too. SHe is never seen taking care of smaller children, she assignes the older ones to take care of them. I am not sure why they keep having more children, regardless how stable they are since they dont take care of the little ones.

Gracie on

“Truly, things could be much worse, she is able to support her children on what she has and they are not neglected.”

Julia: You don’t know if her children are neglected or not. It’s merely speculation to say that they aren’t. And she is not able to support her children. She is currently on food stamps, and she has no insurance, so she isn’t paying for the babies’ hospital care either. It’s absolutely false to say taht she is able to support her children.

Nakia on

More than anything, I feel for her children. There are millions of single parent families all over the country, but I feel that in this situation she is doing a disservice to all of her children by continuing to add to her family without the means to support them other than whatever social program assistance she is receiving. I am in favor of social programs such as food stamps, welfare, etc but in my opinion, they are there as a net to catch people when they have no other options. They should be utilized until a person is back on their feet and able to survive without them. Adding more children to a situation like hers just does not seem responsible.

hcecilia on

LaurenH: Unfortunately, these are different times than your father. While poverty is something that has always existed, it’s much more of an epidemic than it was years ago. Not to mention, a definite overpopulation problem. And also, your grandparents have their children over the course of 13 years. The eldest kids could go out and do babysitting jobs or paper routes – small jobs within the community. People then knew the importance of every penny, whereas people not live off virtual money. I think the generations have forgotten the importance of saving. Not saying you, but look in general. People are in more credit card debt because they don’t save; they look for easy fixes. Not to mention, growing your old food brings down the prices but people don’t have the time to take care of such things. We’re not an agarian society anymore… that’s what farms are for (which I’m just noting mindsets, not saying it’s my opinion). Unfortunately, this woman is going to be receving assistance for the rest of her children’s life because completely healthy kids are already expensive, but her eight children will probably need extra care for disabilities – whether it’s mental or physical. And a degree a better financial life does not make, especially if you continues her studies within childcare. She lives in California, our school systems are broke, our state is broke. We just went through laying off thousands of teachers statewide in ’07/’08. Even outside of childcare people with Masters degrees are getting laid off.

Julia: She’s able to afford her children? Yes, she’s able to afford them through donations and the system. There are many abusive situations and people using the system for their addictions, nobody is saying that they aren’t. Where people are coming from with this is that THIS is exactly what qualms we have about our system. It’s not just the fact that taxpayers will continue to support her obsession, but that she was even allowed to get IVF in general. To me, the questions on how she even paid for this and why she didn’t use her money to support her children already come to mind. HER PARENTS have been busting their asses to support her, not her. They have put themselves through financial hardships because they want to help their daughter and grandchildren, not put them on the street – which I understand… I live with my parents and my daughter while I finish up school. HOWEVER, I don’t expect them to support me through it all. I have a job, her father gives child support her his daughter, and I only ask them to financially help if there needs to be something paid TODAY and I get paid in a week. I mean, there are so many things I find wrong with this – especially since I’m doing all these things without assistance. The system is corrupt and this woman brought it more to light. I don’t just blame her and her obsession for it, I blame the policies that don’t check up on people and those who refuse to seek help.

Lilybett on

I think someone needs to be held accountable for breaking the medical regulations surrounding these medical procedures. It’s against standard practice for a woman who already had six children to be purposefully implanted with eight fertilised eggs.

Whether or not she can support these children (and clearly she can’t as a single woman, who lives with her parents and whose own mother has said they’re going broke paying for all her children) – I think you have to be a little nutty to ask for eight children when you already have six. I’m not saying anything bad about families with lots of kids. I’m saying engineering it so you have eight at once is crazy.

Kate on

My Aunt needed to transfer six embryos just to have one baby. She had a responsible doctor who knew what the right amount was for HER. I hope the government doesn’t ruin fertility treatments for everyone else by limiting the amount of embryos that can be transfered. This is a case of an unethical doctor who didn’t have the right judgement about how many embryos should be transfered for this woman or if she is stable enough for any fertility treatment, but legislating medicine puts medical decisions in the hands of politicians rather than the medical community. Most high order multiples are the result of IUI with fertility drugs anyway.

Jaclyn on

She is an extreme example of what’s happening on a smaller scale in all parts of North America. I hope she serves as a wake up call and that her children will some how be able to thrive under these less than ideal circumstances.

Adults and children alike no longer hear no anymore as we’ve somehow lost complete perspective and believe that if we want it it must be okay. Sometimes we cannot have everything we want and sometimes we have to think about how nature intended things to be, which unfortunately means not all of us can/should have children and that IVF & IUI needs to be carefully monitored to ensure the best outcomes for the children (which is not high order multiples!).

Whether it’s the financial mess many find themselves in (which is completely different in scope than past economic downturns), our inability to wait until the right time to have children, our complete lack of respect for others (especially those that work retail), to feel that its necessary to find out the gender prior to birth, to plead ignorance on the most basics of morality and common sense in the name of the extreme right or left, to try for a boy or a girl and the growing list of multiple mamas who are actively pursuing medication to have more than one (online clomid buyers!), people that want the homes their parents have when they are just starting out, people who blog to hurt others, parents who think they’re child being rude to the local cashier is not something to be corrected, those who’d rather twitter about their latest meal than put up a Christmas tree or light a Menorah because “it’s too much work”, people that feel their kids need several types of designer shoes just because and don’t remember the days when people actually used to be content with one good pair of shoes, adults that want to be friends with their kids at the expense of guiding their journey into adulthood… the list goes on, we’ve losing our minds in this “me me” generation.

j on

I agree with everyone here who is placing a great deal of the blame on the doctor.

I also think that large corporations should step in and help these children with donations as they often do with families of multiples for publicity … and suspect that they haven’t because of they don’t want the kind of publicity – possible negative – that will come in this case.

It’s a sad situation – the motives of the mother shouldn’t matter. It should be about the 14 innocent kids, not to mention the grandparents who are forced to deal with the consequences of their misguided daughter and her unethical doctor – none of them asked for any of this.

Fevvers on

If she was a child care she would be shut down…their are simply too many chilkdren for her to care for! These children need to be placed with adoptive families. I know that sounds harsh but this is ridiculous!

Krista on

Whats done is done! What does getting mad about it solve? the answer would be NOTHING! There are 14 Innocent Children involved and I think its Ridiculous that major companies are not going to help her with diapers, formula, and baby food. Since when is it alright to punish the children for the Mothers actions?
She was very well informed about the chances of a multiple birth resulting from IVF treatment but seriously look at the odds; Im sure she thought she would get one Maybe two babies. And good for her for not killing her babies. She should not be ridiculed for choosing life over death.

Kayla on

I think people and the media needs to leave her the hell alone. i mean really it isnt your life to be worrying about. and like no ones complaining about the other families who have 19 children and only one parent works. just leave her alone god go live your own lives and stay out of hers

Sabrina on

I’ve seen a few comments on here about “don’t forget it’s not the kids fault.. don’t blame the kids”. NOBODY is blaming the children – they had absolutely NO HAND in this media frenzy. Naturally a woman who gives birth to 8 healthy (I use that term loosely since each baby may or may not have health problems stemming from a premature birth) babies; the difference is that she got a publicist, is asking for absurd amounts (?) of money from media who want to interview her – going as far to create a website where, if you donate to this “precious” cause, you in exchange will get pictures of her 8 babies.
Nadya Suleman knew full well what she was getting herself into – I believe there were 6 or 7 embryos implanted and then 1 or 2 of them split (?) so, no matter how rare, the reality of every embryo being successfully carried was not far-fetched. If she did her “research”, Nadya Suleman would recognize that reality. I do not feel sorry for her, and I am sickened that the citizens of California are having to foot the bill for her selfish acts. Fine and dandy if she wants to finish her degree, but who will take care of the chidlren when she goes back to University? Who will pay for the childcare? Who will take them to school? Who will take them to the doctor?
It’s not her single mother status, or the fact that she’s had children through a medical procedure – it’s just the absurdity that one woman, who can’t even support her children independently of the government, has chosen to put 14 children through so much.
I’d also like to know where she got the money to pay for the plastic surgery – whose money is she using? Is it the assistance from the government who pays for her bodily upkeep?
It’s one thing to love children, it’s a completely different thing to be having them to feed your habit.

Linda on

I’m tired of hearing about the “octuplets mom,” mostly because each piece of news enrages me: the 6 previous children, the single mothering, the grandmother who is angry with her daughter for having so many and who’s struggling to take care of the 6 existing children, and whatever else fact about Nadya that has been uncovered. I feel sorry for those poor octuplets. They’re so tiny. I don’t want to hear about where the money will come from (as long as it’s not morally wrong), as long as all 8 (and the 6 others) are taken care of. Those poor babies deserve to be well taken care of.

Nausicaa on

This woman cares more about the number of children she has than about actually raising them. It’s downright despicable what she’s done.

DJE on


jeanne on

I am the mother of six small kids the last two were identical twins who will turn 1 next month. So i know the pressure she is under already. And she is on her own. Way added pressure–She is not mentally well–I believe she went into this for the noteriety–and money. How could you if you were in your right mind transfer so many eggs and take that chance. I also do not believe that she has two identical twins in that lot. I think they implanted 8 embreyos. The egg splitting is a very rare thing but two eggs splitting come on!!!
I hope she does not get a penny from doing this as it will only lead to more women getting preg with such high mulitiple for the money – reality shows etc.
There is no way she can emotionally and physicall and financially do the job of raising 14 kids well–so i hope they take some kids and put them in good homes or do something
What she did was selfish and irresponsible. It is a struggle to raise 6 small kids with a partner–so she was already struggling loads–
She has unfortunatelly already been givin the spotlight and thru this maybe others will attempt the same thing.
I think she is sick and selfish and should be ashamed of herself and should not see a dime of money regarding the octuplets.
Those poor poor kids will be emotionally neglected all 14 of them—sad very sad

Emma on


It’s a small thing, but as someone about to undergo IVF, this small mistake really annoys me. It implies a greater degree of control than, in reality, there is.

Also, I am highly sceptical that she only had six transferred. The odds that six were transferred and two split are just so astronomically against this happening, that I suspect her doctor put back a much higher number and some failed to implant. If this is the case, it makes the whole thing even more shady and unethical.

*AJ* on

I think there shouldn’t be guidelines for fertility clinics, I think there should be regulations in state. I think that their responsiblity doesn’t stop at the money being paid to them for the procedure. They need to make sure they are patients who aren’t on gov’t assisted medical programs, and have no form of employement,with previous children, are getting passed to have more children on the gov’ts funding. I think it should be some kind of law that if your going to pay to have a child through invitro it shouldn’t stop there, you should be paying the medical costs, or having insurance that you paid for to cover it. You have to realize that at some point she realized it wasn’t smart for her to financially have more children. She wouldn’t have lied to the media about not receiving government funding, and then admit to it later. Is there anyone out there who feels disability isn’t government assistance? Or Food Stamps? How about Medi-Cal? She knew what she was doing wasn’t in the best interest of her family, yet she chose to go through with it anyway. I understand the need to have children, but when you already have six maybe its time to think about thanking god for the miracles you have before you get greedy for more. Especially when you have no other way to support them, then by the government. My prayers go to all of her children.

eternalcanadian on

i actually don’t have a problem with her having all those kids. it is her choice and prerogative whether she can afford them or not.

what i do have a problem with is the doctors and the medical community not setting standards or limits on the number of embryos to implant.

women are not meant to have litters. it is pushing the limit with 2 or 3 or 4 babies, but to implant 5, 6, 7, and 8 or more embryos to improve the odds or for whatever reason(s) is just not right, and quite dangerous.

the doctors that did that should have their medical licenses revoked.

Kris on

I am sad by this entire line of comments. I thought it would be interesting to see what people think, but then realized that we have all been asked to judge another person. Since when is passing judgment on someone we don’t know – based upon media reports which may or may not be true, may or may not be manipulated – positive and pro-mother/child? Which is what I thought this site is supposed to be about…

maie says: on

I think people needed to stop, this is her life her body if she is willing to have them have them ,It’s not for the world to her tell her she can”t . or that she is not thinking of her children in old day’s people had alot of children 15 or more and no money or little money but the life went on and family grew so I can”t understand why people are going on in this way. Yes IT’s going be hard for her but she dose’nt need unhappy people tell her or the world on how to life her.

Hilary on

There is something seriously wrong with her. I hope that social services will monitor this family on a regular basis. The fact that she can’t afford to feed her already 6 children but can pay 10k to get impregnated with more children is frankly irresponsible, inconsiderate and downright arrogant!

Brandi on

This is the most selfish woman! I mean she’s living with her parents no ob abd probably won’t be getting one anytime soon due to the economy and she’s using government money to support the 6 kids she already has. This is an outrage I believe this woman is either doing this for attention or money. Even her own mother dosent agree so you know something wrong with that.

Joanna on

I think her actions are extremely irresponsible and a gross abuse of the California welfare system. She set herself up to be in a position of needing public assistance and I’m sure there are plenty of people in the state that genuinely need that assistance for one reason or another but are unable to get it or get enough because of how the system (and state in general) has been spread thin financially. I don’t know what course of action should be taken against her but I do believe that she should be held accountable. I mean she spent thousands of dollars to have these children out of her own pocket from her settlement money; she should have planned things better in order to have money left over to care for those children instead of just expecting that the state would provide her with the means to care for her children.

Angel on

I find her to be incredibly selfish. She has no regard whatsoever for what she has signed her beautiful children up for -disabilities, not enough time to spend with mom, not being able to teach them lessons like self-sufficiency. So her children suffer, her parents suffer because of having to work hard to help her raise these children in their later years, and the taxpayer suffers. The one who is not suffering is the mother while she takes the time to get manicures and plastic surgery and make thoughtless decisions that affect others besides herself. Totally unbelievable. I truly feel sorry for her kids. They deserve so much better.

babyboopie on

The reality of the situation is that Nadya has 8 tiny little babies and 6 other children to look after- (now that she has had so much media attention and coverage- she probably has a free house and cars, given to her along with clothes et cetera) and while celebs like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt can have twenty children if they wanted, they have all the resources, the financial help and stable environments etc- Nadya does not. She brought these babies into the world and she is ultimately going to have to be responsible for each of their welfare for the rest of her life, no matter what happens to them

Hilary on


How do you know we don’t spend a great deal of time volunteering? After all, I have the time to volunteer as I don’t have 14 CHILDREN. Freedom of speech is also important. These discussions are important to determine what is OK and not OK with our own culture. I’m glad people feel the same way I do.

Emma on

My initial feelings are that it is wrong to purposely have 8 babies via IVF when you already have 6 at home and no obvious means of supporting them financially. I have concerns that she will be able to provide, both financially and practically (time, attention etc.) for all 14 children – especially with 8 babies! How on earth will she find time for the older 6? Also, her motivation to have so many children seems to be fairly selfish, to satisfy her own needs rather than considering the needs of the children or her parents who have been helping to care for the older 6 until now. I have nothing against large families in general, in fact I really admire people who manage to raise many children to be happy, well adjusted individuals – I know I wouldn’t have the patience myself! I don’t mean to sound too old-fashioned here but I do believe that to raise 14 children you need a mother, a father & a very supportive network of family, grandparents, friends etc. AND one parent needs to have a good job earning enough money to support everyone. I don’t see that Nadya Suleman has any of this.

Kim on

While I am very happy to hear that all kids are healthy, I find it a disgrace that she was given another IVF treatment after already succesfully given birth to six kids.
So many women are struggling to afford IVF and she is taking the p*ss (excuse my language).
I also find it horrible that the doctor has implanted her with 6 eggs again while normally a woman of her age is not allowed more then 2 eggs at the time. I can understand that exceptions should be made and if a single woman or a couple have been trying to get pregant for many years and attempts, then sometimes more then 2 eggs could be used to increase chances. But she already HAD 6 KIDS before this pregnancy!
What am I missing here?? How was this legally possible? Due to the irrisponsible desicion of this doctor this unemployed woman can now enjoy raising 14 kids by welfare.

dickieangenson on

I dont think its any worse or any better than what the Duggars do, the Gosselins or anyone else with a large family. I think they are/were just as careless about their reproductive choices and I dont see anyone jumping on them. This woman is an easy target because she doesnt fit the all-American ideal of a woman having children. Thats the only reason you all are going apeshit.

Tee on

I love the opportunity to read everyone’s opinion, if it’s done tastefully. I do not approve of the choices that this woman has made. I think it is a shame that her children are the ones that will suffer through all of this and I think it’s a shame that she is “working” the system when people that honestly need help aren’t able to get it. Above all else, though, I really wish people would knock off the comparisons of this woman’s irresponsible actions to families like the Duggars. A Christian family with a Quiverful Mindset that have no debt and raise their children by themselves is a far cry from a woman like Nadya.

Candace Jones on

I think it is ridicolous that this is even in discussion. When in America did we start trying to tell people how many children are too many? Women have been raising children on their own for centuries, and yeah maybe it is not the conventional way to do it but this is America and everyone has the right to do their own thing. What if the one of the Duggar parents died, do we then start trying to take all their 18 children from the surving parent, no. Get over it!!

Diana on

I think it is totally wrong, if you can’t afford the kids you have and our getting government assistance, you shouldn’t have more. I think there is something definitely wrong with her, those poor kids, and her poor parents too!

Danielle on

I think it is wonderful that she wants a brood of children, however realistically you have to think about how you are going to support these children, to go in to this without a supportive partner to start with just seems crazy, although I know it is possible to parent as a single mum, the shear volume of children makes this near on impossible. I know she is obviously unable to work with so many but with six already I think to go on to have eight is just madness.

Tracey on

this is to dickieangenson…it is very much different then the Duggars and the Gosselins…here you have 2 different families, the Duggars do not rely on taxpayers to pay for the children they have..they do what they need to, clipping coupons, thrift shops etc, but have never asked for other peoples help. Second, the Gosselins did not go back repeadtly 7 different times to concieve their children, he is a computer sowftware engineer and she was a nurse they wanted more children because they could afford it. Now, you have this ignorant woman who has 6 children through IVF, which we dont even know how it was paid for…anyway she has 6 kids that are on food stamps, she doesnt work, she does not have a home for these children and yet she goes back to have even more…and she sits her butt at home and lives off of the diabilites of 3 of her children. What a wonderful mother she is indeed, and guess whos going to pay for it, we are. If you dont see a problem with it, then you are the kind of people that we have to wind up bailing out.

Lis on

Besides the fact that the whole situation is unethical, immoral, and selfish…


A young woman who has 6 other children certianly is not infertile. I understand that since she didn’t have a “father” that she needed to do invitro. But she obviously was not having problems conceiving! Why on earth would you put so many embryos in there? We are not dogs; we are not designed to have “litters”. The doctor is just as moronic as she is…

MRR on

I just feel so sorry for all of her children. What she did was her decision and she will have to live with it. But what about the babies & the other 6 children.

Jen on

I think the phenomenon of high order multiples are becoming seen as a way to support a family–through free products and even TV shows. This is a sick reason to have children and should be seen as child abuse.
The doctor who implanted these embryos should never be allowed to practice medicine again and this type of behavior should be seen as a form of medical malpractice.

Kelly on

I just feel sorry for the kids.

KiKi on

I believe when we, taxpayers are paying to support others children we definitely have the right to stand up and say something. This young woman already had six chilren and was living off the system. She intentionally set out to have at least six more children knowing that it was highly possible the chances were she would have more than just six. That is not the actions of a person desperate to have children. She already had chilren. People should open their eyes and see this situation for what it is. There are obviously some serious problems with the thinking process of this woman. This doctor should also be reprimanded for his actions. Now that this is done are we all supposed to just sit by and watch these fourteen children be neglected. They should not suffer for their mother’s or this doctor’s bad choices. I have much sympathy for the grandmother and chilren.

cb on

What more is there to add? I think everyone else said it when describing this as an abuse of the medical system and fertility drugs, in vitro, etc. This woman never should have been treated a second time. She seems incredibly mentally unstable. Her parents are sadly taking the brunt of the child raising. She lives on disability and food stamps, but can afford plastic surgery and high-cost fertility treatments. I just don’t get it. I think the doctor should surely lose his license for this. He’s not responsible with the technology. She doesn’t at all meet the criteria for this procedure, but they did it anyway. I feel sad for the whole family. She’s not capable of raising this many children, and has mental issues, IMO.

California Grammy on

1) Who is paying the $1+ million bill at Kaiser? Will ALL our rates be going up in JAN 2010 because of the cost of 8 preemies?
2) It is not O.K. to have so many children, even if you can “afford” them on a planet overburdened with 6 billion people, straining all our resources. Just one small example: here in northern California we are experiencing a drought and may have cut our water use by 50%. So if I have 2 children using the toilet – they are using x number of gallons per flush. If I have 14 children flushing several times a day, are we using more than our share? No one is in this alone. We must end the me, me, me thought process and lifestyle. We are a large community – the United States of America – and we are in this together and must be aware of each other and how we can live in ways that support our country and our community. I don’t think we do that by having huge numbers of children.
3) I am a tax-payer and I do not mind paying taxes. It is part of our communal duty. We maintain our roads together, we maintain our beautiful natural areas to enjoy (Yosemite) and we provide social services for the least among us. If people are unable to work for physical or mental health reasons, then our money is there to help. If people give birth to a special needs child and need financial help, our money is provided to them. But I don’t want my money being used because an individual selfishly decided to produce many babies and then cannot provide for them. I resent this as someone who has worked and paid taxes my whole life.
4) I do believe the doctor in this case needs to be investigated and punished by the AMA or other regulatory agency.
5) I also believe that Nadya may be severely troubled and I hope Child Protective Services becomes involved in this case.

Amy on

I don’t believe a single word coming out of this woman’s mouth as I believe she is a CON ARTIST & SOCIOPATH (medically known as Antisocial Personality Disorder)!

“DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder (301.7) There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15 years, as indicated by three (or more) of the following:
1)failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest
2) deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure
3) impulsivity or failure to plan ahead
4) irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults
5) reckless disregard for safety of self or others
6) consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations
7) lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.”

I believe she exhibits #2, 3, 5, 6 and 7.

Her sense of entitlement is disgusting! She began “working” her parents. Then she started working the system. The fact of the matter is Nadya Suleman committed fraud with her receipt of workman’s comp/disability. If her injury was so crippling and disabling that she could not return to work or get a new job at on office then she should not have gotten pregnant and had a child in the first place. Pregnancy is hard on your back, hips, etc. Parenting is physically demanding! Caring for children involves much bending lifting and stretching. If she was physically able to do those things then her disability benefits should have ENDED!

She probably defrauded the fertility doctor. I mean do they require a credit check for IVF?! So if she showed up at his office with cash or a check, he’s going do the procedure. The man isn’t going to know that she more than likely stole that money from her parents or in essence stole from her existing children (as it should have been used to put food in their bellies instead of babies into hers)!

I think the psychiatrist that filed the complaint with DCFS did so out of an honest professional concern for Nadya’s children and if you read her reasons she’s basically saying that Suleman’s treatment of her parents, children, “sperm donor-friend” etc. show the traits of antisocial personality disorder.

The only reality show that she should be on is “Intervention” because in the end her children will suffer if she does not get help.

Aurora mia on

I am glad that this turned into a discussion on here. Boy oh Boy! What can you say as each day, there is just more. What absolutely beautiful children. Yet she is out getting her nails done and grabbing coffee with out one of the 14! I have one and can barely manage that 🙂 I agree that every single life is precious. Those little babies need so much love. There is just no way that a single person, be it man or woman, who could care for all these babies on their own. Bless those little faces 🙂

mmh on

She seems to me to be a person in love with the idea of having babies. Not caring for them. Having them. I just wish someone would have recognized this BEFORE she had EIGHT more… Her family is suffering. And I may sound crazy, but if I was planning to have a large family, I would have saved every penny I had, not gone out to get plastic surgery. (And if you think she hasn’t you are blind. I’m not saying she’s obssessed with Angelina here, just that she’s had surgery. It’s entirely possible it was her surgeon who was obssessed with Angelina.) Of course, I’m one of those moms who doesn’t really spend money on herself — it’s all about the kids, so I guess I’m a little crazy too…

Raquel on

This is such a sad and tragic story. Here I am , the same age as Ms. Suleman (33) and struggling to have just one baby. My husband and I have full time jobs, but there is no way we will ever be able to afford IVF or anything like that. I pray that GOD will give us one or two children someday. I will be the happiest woman in the world. My opinion of Ms. Suleman has already been expressed by so many of you.

Mary on

I will say I was watching an interview and this lady does love children BUT she has mental problems and is broke. If she can’t afford them already don’t have 8 MORE!! The doctor is very stupid too!!!

Sarah on

I agree with Kelly; the kids will not have a normal childhood.

cheray smith on

PLEASE don’t publish articles on this person and her poor, unfortunate children. It only encourages “celebrity wannabe’s”.

*AJ* on

Lis Says:
February 18th, 2009 at 9:24 am
Besides the fact that the whole situation is unethical, immoral, and selfish…


A young woman who has 6 other children certianly is not infertile. I understand that since she didn’t have a “father” that she needed to do invitro. But she obviously was not having problems conceiving! Why on earth would you put so many embryos in there? We are not dogs; we are not designed to have “litters”. The doctor is just as moronic as she is…

Lis hun I understand your frustrations but you are incorrect. She had IVF treatments for 5 of the pregnancies she had ( she has a set of twins). So this same doctor was aware of the amount of children she had..he had helped created the others.

Caroline on

I think it is sad. I also believe she wants her own reality show and in the back of her mind, that will pay for the kids. The taxpayers of California will be footing the bill because there is no other way possible to take care of 14 children and work. California is stressed to the max and now they have to foot the medical costs for this woman’s poor choices. It is an impossible situation. She will need alot of help both monetray and physical to care for these children. The babies are here and to argue about how they got here is pointless. They need to be taken care of. I just hope it turns out ok for the sake of the kids. This lady has some serious issues. Sad, very sad. The doctor should also be held accountable so other women don’t crawl out of the woodwork thinking they will be millionaires if they give birth to multiples and TLC gives them their own show (not realistic).

Samamtha on

I know itd be hard to just give away your children but I think that now her family is out in the open, everyone knows the dirty conditions of the household where they live. She may have social services popping up on her from time to time and then what? When they find something wrong are they going to rip these kids who were adjusted out and put into foster care? Giving them up from the start, knowing theyll go to good families would have been the best choice for these babies in her situation. There are plenty of people out there who are having trouble getting pregnant on their own. She should have thought it through, maybe she could have donated her eggs in the first place to families have fertility problems.

Diana on

I completely agree with Loren, she is TOTALLY an Angelina, well, is someone a stalker if they try to copy a life? She definitely is trying to BE a celebrity, and has Angelina as her role model. The dress, the looks (the SURGERY)… She must have had a real dream day when Anne Curry interviewed her – so very Angelina… Sure. The thing about “being present” for her kids, that is something I could imagine Angelina Jolie saying, not an everyday Mom keeping her kids on charity and food stamps. PLEASE.

Rocky on

Let me start out by saying I have 4 kids. They run me ragged and thin. And it seems that I do not have enough time in the day for them. I am not sure what this lady will do for a job to take care of 14 children financilly but me and my husband have trouble and we make 55,000 a year. If she does get a job that will help her financialy how much time is she going to be able to spend with these kids. And paying for the babysitting is going to be next to impossible.

hiede on

Is there any PROOF that she actually did pay for those treatments?? Did she pay with a credit card or check?? I doubt it and if it were a credit card than still she hasn’t paid yet and could she have been “banking” on being famous and reciving money from “everywhere” to pay for the treatments?? Could there be a little you do for me and I’ll do for you??

Amber on

I feel that this woman is a horrible, greedy person. She is using these babies as mass market media deals & they deserve so much better. They do not deserve this, they deserve to be loved & properly cared for, which unfortunately this woman is incapable of. She had 6 children that she could not care for without government assistance, therefore she should not have been allowed to bring more into this world. Thats where the “doctor” comes into blame, but my thoughts on that are better left silent. If you can’t afford them, you should not breed them.

Lis on

AJ – what are you saying I am incorrect on (I’m not being rude, just confused)? I am aware that she had this procedure for all her other children, which proves the point that she isn’t infertile… The doctor did know that too. So my question is why did he transfer so many embryos when he knew how capable of having babies she was. So in my opinion, I have come to the conclusion that she is NOT infertile. She just couldnt’ conceive the ‘natural’ way since she is single… It is completely ignorant to “stuff” 6 (if that’s true) embryos in her… He knew her odds are high to conceive, hence the 6 older children under the age of 8!!! duh!

Naomi on

I see that a lot of people are comparing this woman to the other large families that we see…the Duggars (who currently have 18) and “Jon and Kate Plus 8” (who have 2 sets of multiples). I think the main difference here is the reason that their families are so large, and by what means they have to take care of those families.
From everything that I have read, I can’t help but wonder about her choices. To each their own, and if you want a large family, then please…be my guest…but can you provide? Can she really provide everything for these children that she needs to? Can she provide for the other 6 that she has at home? These are questions that she alone can answer, and while she can give them unconditional love, I hope and pray that they will be able to enjoy a safe and happy childhood.
Personally, I don’t agree with her choices. She seems like she lives of welfare and still has money to go with IVF procedures. I think the state of CA needs to look into this a little more…

ashley on

My thoughts are I would like to not hear about her on this site. She is a liar and is using these babies for nothing more then her own gain. She is a depressed person who is living off all of us tax payers. She had no right to bring this many children into the world that she can not support on her own. I feel terrible for these little innocent babies. She obviously has used her money to alter her looks and lied about that as well. What kind of person who has no money does that when they already have 6 children to feed?

kris on

Let’s just say I stopped reading anything more about this situation because it’s just so wrong on so many levels. And we won’t even go into the medial ethics involved. My former GYN (who used to be a highly regarded OB in her younger days) had nothing kind to say about doctors who put woman in a situation where they have high number multiples such as this. Let’s just say I agree with her.

Jenny on

I just wanted to say all those babies are a blessing and all of you who are complaining about it needs to get a life. What do you think God is thinking about all of you pointing fingers it was his choice not yours and in the end you all will be judged so quit judging her. So what she gets help most of you probably get foodstamps just as well you just don’t want anyone to know. And the hospital bills will more likely be written off by the hosptial. All of you need to worry about yourself and your own families

Elizabeth on

She sounds incredibly selfish to me. I don’t understand how an unemployed single mother of 6 children under the age of 7 could even consider having another child! Even if she was just expecting the in-vitro to bring 1 more baby, she is single, already has 6 young children, and has no job! How does she expect to properly take care of all of these children. The situation is very unfortunate and I feel terrible for all of those kids.

Kate on

I don’t think this is comparable to Jon & Kate. They didn’t have any control over the amount of embryos that implanted because when you take fertility(as opposed to IVF) drugs you have no control over how many are conceived or tranfered. Sometimes the ovaries release a lot of eggs.

R on

This situation is so sad for many reasons.

1) Obviously Nadya and her Mom have problems, as evidenced by her mother’s disrespect for her adult daughter’s privacy while recovering from the birth. After hearing all the stories, I feel like it’s the MOTHER not Nadya that wants the publicity and money. Sure, Nadya hasn’t thought through all the ramifications but I don’t think she purposefully impregnated herself to get a TV special or Pampers. But her Mom going to the media… that’s different story.

2) I sincerely believe she used her IVF the same way she had done for all the other pregnancies- 6 each time. Yes, I wouldn’t want to try something that risky but if the outcome was singleton births with only one set twins previously, logic says that’s what will happen this time. I think her “doctor” should be thrown in jail and made to support her her kids because of his obvious GREED in convincing her to place six eggs each time! How is he following the Hippocratic Oath of “do no harm” by placing Nadya’s life at risk for each of her pregnancies?

3) No matter how close she looks like Angie Jolie both Nadya AND AJ’s publicists have said AJ has NEVER received any letters or stalker-like things from Nadya. They BOTH have said she is not obsessed with AJ. And as for the website collecting money- that was started by another family because they felt sorry because Gerber and Pampers wouldn’t give her anything. Again, all publicists agree on this. I know all of this is gossip, but if you’re going to repeat it- get your gossip straight!

4) Finally, what OUTRAGES me the most is the completely racist spin this story has. She has had the second set of Octuplets born in the US, the first was born to a African-American family in Huston Tx, who said they were never even INTERVIEWED by the media when their children were born much less received diapers and baby food! What?! Compare this to the media circus surrounding the McCoy septuplets born to a WHITE, Midwestern, Christian family! They got a phone call from the President and still get money for their kids!How is this even close to being fair? (And don’t get me started on what the Gosslins and Duggars get out of exploiting their beautiful white, Christian kids.) What-blacks and Middle Easterners shouldn’t desire large families? Says who? The media? Us? Seriously, how does this not smack of racism and prejudice?

We want to say she can’t afford the kids but we all know people from a different generation that grew up with a large family and they made it fine. Who decides what is needed to raise these kids? Do you really want people coming in and telling you, you are doing a bad job because your kid doesn’t have a certain toy? I don’t so I’m not going to do it to Nadya. Remember who started this media circus- Grandma not Nadya. She has done nothing but defend herself against unfair allegations by her Mom and the world.

I wish her the best of luck. And hopefully, privacy for the rest of her life.

Hea on

This would not hava happened in Sweden. Social services would have stepped in way before if six kids were on food stamps. IVF of 8 babies would never be offered.

Brody and Av's Mamma on

“I’m providing myself to my children. I’m loving them unconditionally, accepting them unconditionally,” she told Curry. “Everything I do, I’ll stop my life for them and be present with them. And hold them. And be with them. And how many parents do that? I’m sure there are many that do, but many don’t. And that’s unfortunate. That is selfish.” Excerpt from Nadiya’s TODAY interview. (2/6/09)
I was not angry until she said that. I had to put my son into daycare when he was 17 months old, because I had to go back to work. I couldn’t stop my life for him any longer. The guilt I felt and was and still is immeasurable. But do not call me selfish for doing what i had to do to provide for my family. It is not selfish it is being a responsible parent. She is the selfish one, why couldn’t she have waited to have more children?

Ani on

I just feel really badly for all of her children. That woman is obviously disturbed.

Shannon on

I think every single one of these children needs to be taken away and placed into households with parents who not only desperately want children, but can actually afford to raise them. There are so many responsible, loving people out there who also have infertility issues, and have the ability to take care of a child. This woman does not. She is irresponsible, selfish, and delusional. No one wiht her obvious mental problems should be allowed to raise one child, let alone 14. Give these children homes they can be raised right in. I would be very sad to hear about this woman being given some sort of book deal or television show. I think by doing so, it would only be proving that she was planning on using the celebrity of her children’s birth to make the money to raise them. Don’t give her that proof. Just get those kids out of that situation altogether.

And as far as her comments about not feeling the unconditional love from her parents, that woman needs a wake up call. Going bankrupt to pay for her house, helping her raise those kids, everything they’re obviously doing for her, you have to really love your children to put up with all that, and do that much for them.

Lindsay on

There’s a problem with overpopulation in this world. Scientists predict we will start running out of resources in 25 years. The American population had 5 million in 1800 and now we have over 300 million and it’s going to keep rising. Nadya’s decision to have 14 children is irresponsible and selfish. I’m not denying her right to be a mother. But what’s wrong with having a few kids? She obviously wasn’t thinking how her decision would affect the world around her.

Julie on

Reading everyones comments and they all seem to be americans, I am from England and I heard on the news about the births and was astounded as I guess everyone who heard about it was until the story of her other children unfolded, and only reading comments on here I understand that a couple of her other children are special needs.

To say my flabber was gasted was an understatement, especially about the costs involved and some of the comments saying its up to her and no one else……this is only the case when you support yourself and do not incur other people supporting you.

Just an example to these peoples comments, if you are shopping in a supermarket and get to the checkout with your trolley full and then turn to the other people in the que and say, “Excuse me, but you are going to pay for all this and not me, I want it I will have it but YOU are paying for it!” …what do you think the reponse would be?…Oh yes I would willingly pay for it for you why dont you go and get some more while ou are here?……YEAH RIGHT, soo wake up!!!
Things over there need to be monitored especially the clinic where she had her treatment. Also I read in reports that she wanted to make up for what she didnt have in her childhood…….yet it is in fact her parents (yes the same people) that brought her up that are caring for her children….woa reality check here.
The 8 children she had do not know her no matter what she thinks, put them all up for adoption at least they would have a chance of normality something they aren’t going to get with her.
Sterelise he or give her an hysterectomy, put her in a mental hospital and get to the bottom of her issues, and give the Grandparents all the help and support they need, and if they decide it is too much for them put them in the hands of the authorities before it is too late.
And if there is deemed nothing wrong with the mother at the mental hospital (yeah see the pigs fly) get her out get her to school/college whatever (cuckoo land if you ask me) and get her earning so that she can contribute to the costs of rearing children that through no fault of theirs has had this ‘incubator’ give them life…note I did not use the word mother as she definatley is not worthy of such a powerful word


Karey on

I think the fertility doctor who implanted so many embryos should lose his/her license. Please, correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure that there has yet to be an octoplet birth in which the babies do not have medical issues (ranging from mild to severe). The human body is simply not made to carry eight fetuses to term. Doctors should be held accountable for permitting patients to have procedures that are medically unsound and unsafe.

As for Nadya herself, she is clearly in need of psychiatric help. Delusions about love and leaning on your faith will not feed 14 children. Taxpayers should not have to support people who make such irresponsible decisions.

Shannon on

And um, to number 160, the other family with the octuplet birth was given a house and, I believe, a car. I also just recently saw a TV special about their recent birthday.

l on

“Obviously Nadya and her Mom have problems, as evidenced by her mother’s disrespect for her adult daughter’s privacy while recovering from the birth. After hearing all the stories, I feel like it’s the MOTHER not Nadya that wants the publicity and money.”
Are you being serious? I can’t believe that you’re blaming the grandmother for this. The grandparents are the ones providing Ms. Suleman with a home, the grandmother is the one watching and parenting the children while Ms. Suleman goes on Tv shows and is doing interviews (that’s how much she wants privacy). The grandparents are paying for their oldest grandson’s schooling and since Ms Suleman doesn’t earn any money, I’m guessing they’re paying for much, much more. Was it the grandmother who set up a website asking for donations and money? No, that was Ms. Suleman.

“Sure, Nadya hasn’t thought through all the ramifications…”
Has she thought ANYTHING through? I highly doubt it and her poor parents and those children (for whom my heart really aches) are the ones who will have to suffer the consequences.

How can anyone put any blame on the grandmother for expressing how exhausted she is and that she’s at the end of her rope.

Krista Centric on

I agree completely with Karen listed above. This physician clearly needs his or her license revoked to even consider implanting what I heard were 6 embryos into a woman. This person completely ignored the “do no harm” Hippocratic oath in putting this woman’s life and each of the resulting 8 fetuses lives in danger. I am all for in vitro of one or two or even three children, after that it raised odds significantly of death to the mother and children. (And even with three children full term moves down to 35 to 36 weeks!)

As for Nadya herself, her own mother states she has no means in which to care for the children, and will be relying on the generosity of others and the government to raise her children. I am almost positive that CPS will be involved daily and these children might find themselves raised by the state due to her inability to care for such a number. She clearly is in need of psychiatric help… what woman would even think she could take care of the 6 children she had at home under age 7 without the help of another person, when she already as no place to call home!

However, on another note, daily the government and states take care of children whose parents make no effort to get a job and rely on the government and state “hand-outs” of food stamps, public housing, state insurance, etc. If government or state does not make these people responsible for themselves and their families, how can we deem Nadya cannot do the same thing???

JM on

My thoughts on this whole thing is that it’s SAD. Nadya obviously has some pyschological issues that need to be addressed and then you have to wonder if she’s even capable of caring for them. This is a person who is trying to fill some kind of a void in her heart by thinking a child can do that. However she clearly hasn’t thought about the consequences of her actions nor about the future of all of her kids. She said she “provides love” to her children – sweetie LOVE alone does not help you raise a child!!

Also, the doctor shouldn’t have been able implant Nadya with those remaining eggs knowing that she was unfit to take care of the children she already had. Even her mother said she told her not to do it. Nobody though seemed to have the power to step up to this woman and say, “okay enough is enough!” Not only that but two of Nadya’s children have autism and one a learning disability. Even the kids didn’t seem enthusiastic about their mothers choice. I don’t think Nadya really intended to have octuplets but hey that’s the chance you take when your implanted with 6 embryos. I really do think this is a person looking to cash in on what she has done. Just think if people actually step up and start giving her money (as some have already said they would) this woman may never have to work cause she’ll have everything handed to her. She also was asked if she’d have a reality show like Jon and Kate Plus 8 and she said, “no that’s exploitation of my children!” – ah hello what have you done to them already? Put them on tv for the world to see!

I don’t agree with those sending death threats because that’s just insane and immature. But I def. can see how people would be very upset with her. This is a woman and a doctor who made a SELFISH choice. They did not think about the children they thought about themselves. I just feel sad for all those kids. And I would not be surprised if more of her children are inflicted with disabilities. My twin nephews were born at 26 weeks and one has Cerebral Palsy and the other has ADHD issues. This is not going to be a fun road for Nadya but I hope she’s prepared.

Susie on

Perhaps foster care for the babies would be an option until this woman can get appropriate resources to care for them?
This would allow her to still maintain a relationship with the babies.

Kate on

I think foster care would be selfish. Those children deserve adoptive parents.

Gracie on

“I think people and the media needs to leave her the hell alone.”

She is choosing to do interviews. That is her choice, therefore she clearly doesn’t want the media to leave her alone. She has also set up a website where she is asking for donations, another sign she doesn’t want to be left alone.

JM on

I think it’s funny how you need a license to drive, to wed, to fish, etc. YET any idiot can have a baby!! A sad sad world we live in!

And let me add about the Jon and Kate plus 8. This was a family who could support the children they had as well as the children that were coming HOWEVER let’s not be so naiive to not think that they are not making a killing off of TLC by having camera’s come into their homes and film their everyday normal lives. Look at the new house they bought? And Jon recently quit his job?! I see dollar signs in their eyes when I watch that show but I don’t fault them for it because they didn’t start off as a family who was out to make money it just happened to nicely fall into their lap. But anyone who would think a welfare mother of 14 kids under 7 is amusing to watch, well needs their head examined!

Gracie on

“So what she gets help most of you probably get foodstamps just as well you just don’t want anyone to know. And the hospital bills will more likely be written off by the hosptial.”

Jenny: I can see you haven’t done any research on this matter. Less than 10 % of Americans are on foodstamps – so no, most of us aren’t on foodstamps. And the issue here isn’t someone being on foodstamps, I see no problem with a person getting some help when they hit a rough patch. The issue here is that she was already on food stamps when she chose to bring another child (or in this case 8 ) into the world. I have a huge problem with people who are already on welfare choosing to bring even more children into the world. It’s not as if she accidentally got pregnant or something, she willingly set out to have more children knowing that she already couldn’t afford to feed the ones she had.

As for the hospital bills, when people like Nadya don’t pay their medical bills, the hospital ends up passing on the cost to other patients by raising their prices. So we all pay when someone like Nadya has children when they can’t afford to pay the hospital bill.

It’s absolutely absurd to me that there are people who think the rest of us should be happy about the idea of having to pay for someone else’s irresponsibility. This is not a woman who hit a rough patch and needed help, this is a woman who chose to have 14 children despite the fact that she had no way of supporting them. We all have a right to be angry that not only has Nadya selfishly foisted this responsibility off onto the taxpayers, but that at the same time she’s doing that she’s calling us selfish for actually going to work. Where does she think the money for her welfar would come from if those “selfish” parents (her words not mine) who put their kids in daycare weren’t out working every day. Those people she calls selfish are paying for her children, so she needs to stop insulting them.

kearlenej on

So much has been said, what is left? Irrate people do not solve anything. Responsibility was not taken by the Doctor when requested to implant 8 babies into one human being, he has a mental problem also, no sense for sure. Sadly, the children are the ones who will pay the biggest price for this lack of responsibility and the tax payers will pay also for these children must be taken care of. To split them up is sad, but who will take 8 children? What about the other 6 and their needs, all will suffer injustice for the decision of this women and doctor. Is there an answer,is there a way to be fair to all, I do not see one in the world we live in today with the fear and anger. Responsibility and Common Sense are not common in today’s world and this definately proves it, is she and the doctor mentally unbalanced, that is a question no one can truly answer, but they absolutely were not thinking of the lives and future of these beautiful babies, and other children no matter their mental abilities. They were selfish and uncaring. So now we have said all the words, but what is the answer? Threats, cussing, belittling, labeling is not the answer. This is all we seem to do today, point fingers. “They” made a huge mistake and hurt many, do we do the same thing by our negative responses. Solutions is required now and I do not know if there are any that will please everyone. We can put in God’s hands He will led the right people to these innocent beings that have come into our world, could this be a lesson for all of us to see how we handle this situation? Could it be a “wake up call” for us to take more responsibility for ourselves and stop pointing fingers at others, looking in the mirror and seeing what we contribute to our world, easy to condemn, but that is not the answer. I do not have the answer, I know I would not have done this, but that is me. To condemn is not the answer now, why did not the people surrounding her do something before the births, the conception, the idea that was formed, it is like ‘closing the barn door after horses are gone.’ Solution! Perhaps a foundation take all the children in to raise, still putting it on the tax payers, but that will not be avoided no matter what, they are here, lets give them the rights fo life and a future, perhaps without the parent, they need our help, do you have a SOLUTION? Fear and anger do not solve the problem before us, Common Sense is needed now! Earlene

Judy on

The woman is certifiably insane (you just have to LOOK at her… the vacant stare, the hypermodified pictures) and everyone should be concerned about those 14 children. They should be taken away and given up for adoption with families who want children and cannot have them. It breaks my heart to see the pictures of the poor little babies in the hospital. I would take a couple myself! It is an incredibly absurd situation, and someone should step in a correct it soon, before those beautiful babes go home to be abused and neglected like the other 6.

sparafucile on

It is about time the physician, Dr. Michael Kamrava, who performed the IVF, has been named and is now out in the open. At first, I thought that Ms. Suleman must have gone out of the country for the fertilization. I couldn’t imagine a licensed physican in the United States performing this procdure, knowing full well there were six other children at home.
The Medical Board of California has begun an investigation into Ms Suleman’s births “to see if we can substantiate a violation of the standard of care”.
The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, which has guidelines limiting the number of embryos that can be transferred depending on the woman’s age and other circumstances, said it was examining the doctor’s practice, but no laws govern this issue.

Kasee on

This is completely NOT the same situation as Jon and Kate plus 8. They had TWO children they could afford and wanted ONE more. They did not do IVF, they did a different procedure in which they truly had no idea they would end up with 6 babies. Nadya Suleman knew full well that there were at least 6 potential babies going inside her. Jon and Kate’s show exhibits how they dealt and deal with an unexpected situation, not a situation that they purposely tried to create in order to get love, money, and attention.

LaurenH on

hcecilia: Actually it was 21 years my grandmother had her kids over, not 13 (she had no twins, all one by one.) And unemployment was just as much of a problem then than it is now (her oldest child was born in the 30’s, and the first 5 were back to back.) In this area, manufacturing jobs are the norm and unions were on strike often. The food they did have to buy they got on store credit the corner market would extend to them. So in ways the did live on credit, too.

I guess the mindset of Ohio is much different that California, because around here, you are hard pressed to find a back yard that doesn’t at least have a tomato plant in it. Some even raise chickens (and we are living in a city, not a rural area.) Having vegetable gardens and canning are the norm here. Once we buy our first home from my grandmother, we are plan on continue the ‘family garden’ that did a lot to feed so many for over 50 years.

DJE: I spend most of my time involved in raising money for Autism research (participating in walks, etc…) so I am concerning myself with other children.

Lis: She did have fertility issues. Her tubes were blocked so there was no way she could consieve naturally, even if she had a steady man. She needed the IVF to get the eggs from the ovary to the uterus. Just because her uterus was able to have all those kids doesn’t negate the fact that the eggs could not get there naturally.

Mommy_Of_3 on

I feel bad for those babies! People dont realize how when they take out their anger on the mom and want to punish her, they are putting her innocent children through it too.

Death threats? Are you serious? How would you feel being so young and clueless about the situation and hear all these negative comments about your Mom. Not knowing when one of those death threats becomes real.

allie on

This is a tricky issue because can we really tell her what to do with her body? Was it irresponsible of her and the doctor? Sure it was, and does she creep me out? Heck yes she does! But there are plenty of irresponsible mothers out there not using birth control and barely able to support their kids, but we don’t go hounding on their backs telling them they shouldn’t have had more kids. Could the doctor have acted differently? I think he should’ve urged her to go into counseling or some sort of family planning before agreeing to implant the embryos, but it’s a really fine line when people start stating that the doctor shouldn’t have done this or that because you’re essentially saying that the doctor gets to decided how many kids people can have and it opens the doors to a lot of other ethical issues.

PJ on

Everybody has a right to have as many children as one wants. However, one also should be conscious to responsible that comes with each child- financially, socially and mentally. You can’t have many children just because you can and then expect the society to finance your choice.

I watched her interview and felt that she was disconnect to reality- of what it takes to raise a child (and how much a Master’s degree graduate earns). She might be a good mother and loves all her children to death, but there is a limitation on how much she could provide them.

I understand how this story annoy a lot of people, but death treath is taking this too far.

Do I think the babies deserve assisstance and support? Absolutely, but no more than other children born to a welfare mother out there. Why should I donate money to the Octuplets and not to others?

Terri on

Ok. My initial thought is to let her live and raise her children without hassle.

HOWEVER, once I read that she was on welfare and taxpayers are paying for her irresponsibility-that was another story. If she prepared herself mentally, emotionally and financially, I would not call this irresponsible. However, the fact that she already had several children and continued to have more-knowing the risks involved-reminds me of my middle school students when they leave their homework at home and call home begging and crying time after time for their parents to come after them and deliver it to the school. It’s a cycle and each time their parents give in, it gets worse. Learn to be responsible. Think about raising the kids you already have, instead of giving in to your selfish desire to have more. I do think however, that the public should show her a little grace, since they would want the same when they make poor choices.
Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

*AJ* on

Lis Says:
February 18th, 2009 at 10:55 am
AJ – what are you saying I am incorrect on (I’m not being rude, just confused)? I am aware that she had this procedure for all her other children, which proves the point that she isn’t infertile… The doctor did know that too. So my question is why did he transfer so many embryos when he knew how capable of having babies she was. So in my opinion, I have come to the conclusion that she is NOT infertile. She just couldnt’ conceive the ‘natural’ way since she is single… It is completely ignorant to “stuff” 6 (if that’s true) embryos in her… He knew her odds are high to conceive, hence the 6 older children under the age of 8!!! duh!

She stated in her interview that the doctor decided to implant the last 6 (Two egg split making total of 8), because they had tried in between the last child and these 6 with only three eggs and none of them took. He was scared that because of her getting older and her scaring due to previous medical issues that they’d be lucky if one of the 7 had taken. I think you can probably go to NBC somewhere online and watch the entire interview she gave explainning why so many eggs (as crazy as she is in it). The doctor had tried on two previous occasions to only implant 3 and that is why he did more this last time which resulted in as many children as it did. I am strongly against what was done and who it was done too, but you seemed confused as to why she had it done that way so I was trying to answer your question about that. She had it done that way because previous attempts to IVF had failed and the doctor felt that with her age and medical condition combinning he would try 6 or 7 eggs that she had remainning.

sophia on

I think its terrible that this was allowed to happen, not just the fact she was able to concieve EIGHT babies, but she has 6 already!!! How is she ever going to be able to look after and meet the needs of 14 children!! (I sometimes worry if I’m meeting the needs of my own two!!)
I really feel there should be new laws put down about who can and can’t get IVF treatment (something like adoption and fostering. THIS CAN’T HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

Jennifer Denny on

I think all conversation comparing this woman to “other families of multiples” should stop. The biggest problem people are having with this situation is she chose to go through this as a SINGLE MOTHER. Most other parentS of multiples are just that, parents there are 2 people involved in deciding to go through IVF.

Bronwyn on

I get that she wants kids. But she had six. I get that maybe she could want another. But eight more? That’s ridiculous. Especially when the children she already had were being supported on food stamps. Let us think about the six older children for a minute. How many of them have a college fund? Does their mom help them with their homework? Does their mom feed them good, nutritious food? Do they get any alone time with their mom? Does she know their dreams and aspirations? Could she tell you their favorite things right now? Who are their role models? Her?

Then add to this a bucket of fertility struggles, during which I imagine their mom was a bit of a wreck, as anyone has the right to be when struggling to get pregnant. Add an extremely high risk pregnancy, during which the kids definitely couldn’t have been with their mom a lot. And end it with eight baby siblings who could have had any number of problems. The older kids must have felt very left out during the last 9 months. And with eight new babies around, needing extra care because of prematurity, how much attention are the older children going to be getting in the next year? Not much. How much homework help will they get? Will their college savings grow at all? Not when they’re living on food stamps in a family of 15. So taking into consideration everything that’s happening with the babies now, and everything that has probably happened with the pre-pregnancy and pregnancy in the past year, how could the older children look back and not miss to years of their lives? I understand that Nadya Suleman could want another baby. Maybe even more than one. But I don’t think she should have gone through with it when her six existing children need her so much. They need their mom ad what they got was eight more siblings. Also, is it really fair to the babies? No.

Anna on

@ Jennifer Denny: “The biggest problem people are having with this situation is she chose to go through this as a SINGLE MOTHER.”

Do you really think THAT is the biggest problem people are having with this situation? I’ve hardly seen any evidence of that. The main concern seems to be for the children re: the mental stability of the mother and her ability to support her massive brood of children emotionally and financially.

If a COUPLE had chosen to have 14 babies with no resources to support them, I have no doubt we’d see similar outrage on CBB (and elsewhere).

Playing the “single parent” card demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the situation and the public’s response.

Emily on

I Simply think she is a selfish person who put her desire to be a mother again over the wellbeing of the children she already had!

I have no problem with single mothers raising multiple children but at some point you need to have some sense and assess how you can support such a big family physically, emotionally and financially!

I dont believe the children should be taken from her, but I do question her mental health and hope for the sake of her children she is being monitored/supported/ supervised closely!

Joy on

I am so encouraged reading these comments. Maybe our society is not quite as messed up as I have thought if so many people see what is so inherently wrong with this situation. For all those people who say “how dare you JUDGE her”- it isn’t about judgment, it’s about COMMON SENSE! A woman shouldn’t go out of her way to have FOURTEEN children when she isn’t even bringing in the income to support ONE child.

Sage on

I think her reasoning for having so many children is selfish of her. I question her mental status. She does seem like a loving and caring mother, but I think it is insane to have that many children (all of which I believe were through IVF), and most of all I just wonder what kind of life those children will have. I really hope she does not get a reality show, I must confess I would watch it, but I don’t think she should make any money from this. The website she set up is crazy enough.

Poorcouple on

Me and my girlfriend cant even afford to have 1 kid. she had 14 kids? Thats not fair.

Beth on

I teach in an inner city neighborhood, and this woman is really no different than many parents I see there. Of course, those parents are often young, poor teenagers raised in fairly awful circumstances. This woman made decisions that affects FOURTEEN children. She is rarely seen with them, but you do see her getting manicures, pedicures and shopping. She has made no attempt to live independently or support them financially. The question is WHY did she feel the need to continually give birth? Did she think children would fill a hole in her? Children need YOU to fill them up. I cannot envision anything positive coming out of the mess she has been allowed to create. With a house in foreclosure, and forcing her elderly parents to help raise the kids as though they had chosen to birth them, no actual job in sight (and how could she support all these kids, even if she’s a doctor or rocket scientist?) and no viable means of support beyond public assistance, this is beyond bad judgement. It’s a needy, self centered, self indulgent and sociopathic woman who fed only her need to birth children. She has to actually RAISE these kids, not just shop for clothes and buy toys at Christmas. And she seems less than interested in raising them.

QuakerDave on

Here’s a couple of original ideas:

– Leave this family alone.

– Fix your own house first.

Just a thought.

Jes on

Since the state is already paying for her children, I think they should all be removed from her care. She is clearly irresponsible, mentally unstable, and not capable of making even the most basic choices. She was on the news the other day being filmed shopping for video game consoles. I’m sorry, but my tax dollars should not be going to you when you can pay for IVF and plastic surgery, but can’t pay for your children. Stark raving mad.

L on

She brought these children into the world for utterly selfish reasons. With zero income, and minimal help, how on EARTH does she think her babies will grow and develop properly?

Kim from Australia on

I haven’t read any other comments on this so prob am repeating what others have said but it is a huge outrage that this was allowed to happen. A single mother being allowed IVF when she already has 6 small children is disgraceful. I know she used to be married but as far as I know not when these babies were conceived and unsure even with the other kids if she was also single at the time of conception. Okay so you’re lonely because you were an only child but there comes a point where you’re only doing the babies harm by bringing them into this situation, living with her elderly mother in a 3 bedroom house with 14 kids is ludicrous living on food stamps. The doctor who implanted them should be de-registered for allowing it. Surely there must be some law in the US preventing this? And a couple of her older kids have special needs also. No father in all this to help financially/emotionally, its not like playing a game like the Sims where you can pop babies like its nothing then get rid of them when you want. I feel really sorry for those babies they’ll probably be funded through life by charities and tv interviews. The mother needs her head read.

enoughalready on

She is not a celebrity and we should not make her out to be one. I’m sick of all the media attention this woman is getting.

California can not afford to pay their workers, people are losing their jobs. And Suleman is completely abusing the system. She should be ashamed of herself for being such a selfish person, she is not right. That said, I wish nothing but the best for all the children involved… they’re going to need it! The odds are stacked against them in more ways than one, all thanks to Mom.

un"bare"able chic in cali on

Two things:

1. All of us chatting/commenting about her is probably exactly what she wanted when she started this “dalmation plantation” of sorts…

2. I would SO adopt one of those babies… if they need a good home with individual attention, we would love to be blessed with “a” child…

Rose on

“- Leave this family alone.

– Fix your own house first.”

QuakerDave: This family does not want to be left alone. If they did they wouldn’t be doing constant interviews.

And my house if fixed, thank you very much. I don’t have a ton of kids that I’m forcing taxpayers to pay for. The exact problem most of us have is that we were responsible and “fixed our own houses” as you put it, and this woman selfishly forged ahead with her plans to have baby after baby and just expected the taxpayers to fix her house for her.

Aya on

I’m not really down with these families with a million children. I’m even very uncomfortable with the Duggars and their 18 kids. I think its so unfortunate for the children.

I find this woman’s situation disgusting, and honestly, I think she needs mental help.I think she really does has that Angelina Jolie complex..the big huuuge difference is that Angelina can take care of her kids and she can actually afford them.

I was disgusted in her from the moment I heard her say that she expected her church and family and friends and stuff to help.It sounded very commanding.

I think the DR should be taken before the medical review board or something.Or they should,as punishment for his lack of better judgement,take some of his profits from his office (like an annual percentage) and put it in a college fund for the children (cause lord knows octo mom will probably spen it on more plastic surgery).

It breaks my heart to see their little faces connected to all those tubes and stuff.Honestly,everytime I see a picture of the babies,I want to slap this woman.But that is the thing with selfish people.They aren’t the ones that suffer the consequences of their actions.

Beth on

Sorry, Quaker Dave, but I disagree. If she wanted to be left alone, she wouldn’t have a website asking for donations and money, which I have never, ever seen another parent(s) with multiples do. She even takes credit cards. And she certainly is willing to do interviews. Beyond all of that, I have no issue with someone being a single parent if that person can pay for what she births. Someone compulsively birthing children and then expecting food stamps, WIC, public assistance, donations, and the like has made her family public responsibility. She also expects the state to pay for the expensive birthing process at the hospital. I have kids that I support by working full time AND overtime and I don’t expect my elderly parents to raise my kids- I don’t even live with them. I don’t want to support her kids and yet, we’re being forced to. Her motivation to having a family is not based in reality, and never mind the one photo I saw of her with a child (hers?) in which she is marching ahead, hood up, hands in pockets, and the kid is trotting behind, clutching a bag, hood down. How protective and maternal! We pay for these kinds of things every day. I still pay student loans, and her kids are eligible to be paid for by taxpayers. My kids will end up with loans. Sorry, not fair. I respect that she’s attending school, but perhaps she should’ve finished before she went back to get pregnant again and again. THAT is being responsible. Though, even if she actually graduates and gets a job (shouldn’t a 33 year old already be working for years at this point?) how on earth will she support 14 kids? Hello, taxpayer money. Please be responsible because Nadya Suleman makes a conscious choice NOT to be.

Jen on

I really don’t think she has thought this through, 14 kids – and she thinks she will be able to go back to school and get a degree. She is in dreamland, and that dream is about to come crashing down. Too bad it will be the children who get smashed in the process. I don’t have a problem with the “unconventional” way she has had these children, but I do have a problem with my tax dollars paying for someone to make a stupid decision! I have 1 child and work 6 days a week to support him, where is my free ride?? Why should she get special treatment for having 8 babies, and lets be honest about the other people having multiple births – I have yet to see any of them jobless with 6 other kids at home! They are working just to have 1!

susan on

if you have eggs havested and fertilized and then the excess embryos frozen then it doesn’t actually cost that much to implant them. the embryos are thawed and then they are implanted in the doctor’s office. it requires no anaesthetic and no asceptic technique.
nadya said that she had the last 6 embryos and it was decided to put all 6 in. techniques have improved with freezing embryos and thawing them so that there are higher rates of implantation are achieved. could these embryos date from a time when the techniques were not perfected?
if the doctor had previously implated 3-5 on each occasion and she had 5 previous attempts at ivf. then that means that she had between 21 and 31 eggs harvested and fertilized. the optimum amount of eggs harvested in one cycle of ivf is 8. i have heard of some women responding and getting as many as 100 eggs. one woman i know who got this many eggs and the doctor would implant more than the usual 2-3 as the embryos were not viable. she was a young woman under 30 and still she did not achieve pregnancy.
when doing ivf there are guidelines on what amount of hormones that a woman should have and they follow a linear path dependent on age of the woman. the older woman require higher doses of the hormones to achieve the optimum 8 eggs per cycle.

it costs on average 20 k for a cycle of ivf yet the cost to freeze a batch of eggs is just a few hundred dollars a year.

i think a lot of the criticism of nadya are based on the fact that people are ignorant of the actually proceedures and they have assumed that she had more than 6 cycles.

it will be interesting to find out the truth of this matter

Eilat on

From what I’ve heard Ms. Suleman herself say, about how she’s always wanted a large family and to be a mom because of her own experience (painful, evidently9 as a child – I think she should have taken her issues to psychotherapy and worked them out there, Instead, she chose to “patch” up her internal holes with kids and more kids. In this I consider she was extremely selfish – she should have worked out her problems on her own, and not use children as “emotional band-aids”. Unfortunately, she’s not the only person who has kids for that reason. Only she overdid it a bit (yes, understatement of the year). In any case, the best of luck and all the happiness to her and her children. May they have happy lives.

JK on

Unfortunately, a single Mother would never be allowed to adopt 14 children so why is it OK for her to birth 14 children without the proper emotional support (family, partner, etc..) or financial support (other than than the American public’s money)?
Any way that you look at this, those children will need our prayers.

EB on

Regarding her website – I think it was set up because there are people out there that would like to help & didn’t have a place to do this.

Regarding that comment the she is selfish – Aren’t all parents selfish? Why did you have children? It’s not to repopulate the earth? No, it’s so you can feel good that you left some part of yourself on this earth or whatever your reason is.

Regarding her finances – how many people abuse the system? There are plenty of people out there on welfare that have babies just to stay on welfare. Shouldn’t the attention be focused on the people that continually & knowingly abuse the system. At least she is saying that she wants to get off food stamps, she wants to provide for her kids. That’s better than some of the people I’ve seen abusing the system.

I don’t agree with her decision but I don’t think it’s fair to call her names or judge her mental/emotional status when we don’t know her personally. She didn’t chose to become famous, the media would be hounding her whether she gave interviews or not.

Beth on

EB, no offense, but there are some holes in your logic. Of course people want to have kids for a variety of reasons- many of them selfish, I agree- but you simply do not have fourteen children that you cannot afford. One or two- three- but FOURTEEN? How on earth can you afford them, even if you’re Donald Trump? As for her comments about wanting to get off food stamps and welfare, she tells nonstop lies, and those have been proven by the media. The father of some of the kids is on some birth certificates with varying birth dates. She insisted she couldn’t work due to back injuries and needed disability payments made to her- but she kept getting pregnant, even when that would complicate her supposed back injury. She goes to college, but if she has this supposed injury and can never work- this is a matter of public record- how will she ever get a job and support her family? She tells endless lies, including originally claiming she wasn’t on public assistance. She kept having children for the very same reason many welfare parents do- she thinks it will fulfill her, and keeps going back to feel fulfilled. I may not know her- though lucky me, I get to support her, her kids AND my own!- but it’s plain as day what is going on. She has been photographed buying video games, getting her nails done, and buying MAC lipstick- it’s called getting caught doing the wrong thing. Her parents are fools for not making her go out on her own and deal with what she created- and she still goes on about having lots of kids because of her rotten childhood. And yet, she is happy to live with them and have them help raise her brood. As for her website, she is happily taking donations, which means she has accepted the public domain and looking forward to it. You don’t see other multiples’ parents making such fools of themselves, looking for financial donations and living off public assistance. It’s called being an adult, responsible for yourself and your offspring. She is being held accountable for her actions- all these kids, no job, said she had a permanent disability (bet we are paying for her school, too, even though she said she couldn’t get a job due to her injury) but she is buying expensive makeup and getting manicures. Manicures + food stamps = a giant liar. And she’s been photographed in these positions more than once. I don’t want to see her children punished, but she needs to be under a conservatorship and controlled and have her tubes tied, too.

Kathy S. Cloughn on

Why haven’t we heard from the Pro-Life movement? Seems that Nadya needs a home, a lot of diapers and a lot of caregivers. That group should “walk the walk” now. She wanted all 6 embryos implanted rather than destroyed (just like the Pro-Life group) so they need to help her live out this decision.

Carla on

The threats directed at this mother are disturbing to say the least. Should she have stablized her financial situation before having more children? Absolutely. The fact is, however, that these miracles, this gifts from God, are here now and deserve everything. This is not a case for social services–there are plenty of poor parents with even more children than Nadya who aren’t facing such a horrible possibility. Her children seem to be healthy, happy and well-cared for.

EB on

Beth-To clarify your comment, she did not want fourteen, she wanted another to have 7 total. Yes having this many when she could not afford to was not the best choice. How many other families are out there living financial lies? Credit card debt and buying a home or car you cannot afford is also irresponsible but the vast majority have done that (hence the recession). Also you do not need a huge amount of money to afford this many children, the Duggars have shown how frugal they are, they have 18.

Do you know she is purposly lying?? Maybe she is under stress from having just given birth, death threats, constant media attention, etc.

By her receiving food stamps/welfare are your taxes going to increase? Paying taxes is part of being a citizen, it is not up to you to decide how they are spent, that is what elected officials are for.

Oh my gosh, she spent money, people spend money on things they cannot afford everyday. She was just photographed doing it. It’s not like she’s trading food stamps for these things.

By setting up a website, she is not soliciting donations, she is allowing people a chance to donate if they wish. You can also donate goods too, not just money.

Have you met all parents of multiples? No, you have just seen those who choose to be in the spotlight. There could very well be other parents of multiples on welfare, etc.

“…and have her tubes tied, too.” Wow, should this be true of anyone taking advantage of the system?

Silvermouse on

I think it’s awful that (sorry, but my mind has changed from my previous post on the first page) this recognition of the first surviving octuplets has fallen to this woman. We should be pleased that this has occured, yet because of this selfish thing done by this woman, we now have to remember her for neglecting her children. I agree that this is quite disgraceful, and believe that ALL her children be adopted out to loving families who have resources and the means to support them. This woman clearly needs psychiatric help and also gives Angelina a bad name by using her as her idol. 6 does not equal 14.

Beth on

EB? She lied long before the octuplets, when she decided that she couldn’t work due to a back injury and needed disability payments but could somehow be constantly pregnant. Why she says she thought she’d have seven (not responsible either, BTW) when she had 6 embryos implanted is beyond me. I have also heard her say she thought she’d just have twins, not octuplets, which would be eight kids. Do I think she is purposely lying? Yes, I do. I think of her as I do A-Rod, who blatantly lied for his own purposes about using steroids and now is facing the music. Same for her. They do not want to be held accountable. I don’t agree with the Duggars, but they take care of their own. And the McCoughaey (sp?) septuplets are never in the media, asking for handouts. No, I don’t know all multiples, but the media has dug up many cases since the birth of the octuplets, and I have never seen any of them in the media, asking for anything.

I absolutely have every right to want a voice as to how my tax money is spent. I have a right not to want to support other people’s kids, especially if they have little interest in supporting themselves and the families they create. That goes for anyone who is this irresponsible- I’d like to see their tubes tied as well. It’s called an opinion. I think that the public assistance system has created this mindset, of being taken care of, and the right to receive without having to put effort in.

And, yes, when your house is going into foreclosure and you’re on public assistance and you can’t afford the children you brought into this world, you should NOT get your nails done once a week or buy expensive lipsticks. Lots of people spend foolishly, but not all have fourteen kids about to be homeless.

Jes on

EB – Do you live in California? Our taxes don’t increase because of people abusing this system like this, but it sure the hell doesn’t help our state’s debt problem! And yes, there are plenty of people who abuse the system, and nobody should be doing it. But I bet a lot less people go out and get actively video taped and photographed doing it. She has no sense of what she is doing. Sure, she has the right to have as many kids as she wants, but she is off her rocker. And anyone who can’t see that is a few cards short of a deck themselves. Everyone has rights. Let’s think about those children… they have a right to have a mentally healthy mother. They are clearly not getting that. And I happen to know 3 sets of parents who have multiples. And you know what? They don’t go around hiring nannies and claiming welfare. They work hard to support their children, like you SHOULD do if you have children. You should not have children you can’t take care of, and you should not KEEP having children you can’t take care of. That’s beyond selfish, it’s just plain disgusting.

Kelly on

What do I think? I think they state of CA needs to step in and remove every single one of those kids and put them into the foster care system and eventually adopt them out to sane, stable people who can care for them and give them more than “Well, I will love them”. Sorry cupcake, kids don’t grow on love alone, and now we come to find out that your house that your poor parents gave you is being foreclosed on? Awesome. My only prayer is that no one gives this woman a nickel. She is a deplorable human being.

simms on

I think she seriously might have some kind of problem and it ought to be checked. Really. A single mother of 6 children with no means of supporting them herself – her logic and reason should have overpowered her want of “one” more child. No matter what she says what she has done is an incredibly selfish thing and I pray for her children – even though they will probably receive the best of everything through this publication of their lives – their well being worries me.

simms on

And EB – the Duggers are very well off – they are modest but they can afford and support their children. “…we own several commercial real-estates…” ..among other things..

Beth on

Interesting: Ms. Suleman is attempting to buy a million dollar home. Shouldn’t she pay off the one in foreclosure? Does this mean she will stop taking public assistance? Shouldn’t an official step in and say, “You’re making money on your own”? I don’t agree with many people, but this woman has chosen to make herself exceptional by insisting she is too badly injured to work, and yet not badly that she can’t carry multiples or single pregnancies many times over, by living the life of a permanent college student, by choosing to bring fourteen innocents into this world and by taking everyone for every dime they have. People’s interest was piqued, so she became a person of interest, and then it became really clear what kind of life she’s living. She can no longer be “poor Nadya” because there’s photographic proof. It’s the same as proving insurance fraud, which in her case, is actually the case.

I don’t agree she should be threatened and certainly not her kids, either. That’s just evil. But she should not be allowed to take any more public assistance AND her disability payments should be taken away. Her back is clearly just fine.

EB on

Beth-How do you know she decided not to work? Disability can be very tricky & we do not know all the details of her case. Maybe other families are not in the media asking for help but they could be asking their church or community for help. Or help could be given without their asking. Yes, you do have every right to voice how tax money is spent but as you are not a lawmaker you personally cannot decide who can & cannot receive money/assistance. The house in forclosure belongs to her mother, she was renting it from her. Yes, a lot of people are spending foolishly & there are some that are about to become homeless does it really matter how many children they have. I agree that while on public assistance no one should be spending money they don’t have but my point is that she is the only one being photographed (& scrutinized) while doing this.

Jes-the state’s debt problem is the fault of the lawmakers who were spending money that wasn’t there. If welfare programs contribute to the debt maybe lawmakers should be focusing on how to help or prevent those receiving assistance. Again, she is not asking to be photographed or videotaped, she is trying to go about her business & the media are obsessively following her. Trying to interview or get in her face while she was at the park with her kids is disgusting.

Simms-yes, the Duggars are well off now. We didn’t know the Duggars from the beginning. We knew they were renting a home with 16 (? at the time) crammed in. They were being smart with their money so they can afford all these children now. But my point of that comment was that maybe she is receiving assistance now but what about in 5, 10 or 15 years. The same with Jon & Kate +8, they were not doing well at the beginning. They were receiving donations, they worked to change their situation so that now that can afford their awesome home. How do we know that Nadya cannot do the same?

Jes on

EB – She has put herself out into the public eye with her website and all the sit down interviews she agrees to. And she has a publicist. I see you only addressed part of my original statement though. The bottom line is that she cannot afford to have even her first 6, let alone the other 8 she had. And you cannot deny that. Nobody can! Ever her own mother is speaking out against her. You can defend her all you want, but you just come off looking bad yourself.

EB on

Jes-yes, she is in the public eye but did not ask to be put their. Celebrities have to expect the media, she didn’t. Her website is set up as a place for people to donate, not for publicity. Yes, she has a publicist, but with all those kids could she really handle media requests herself?

I never said that she could or could not afford to have these children. My point is that you & others are seeing her in the public eye & scrutinizing her while there are others out there that also cannot afford children (coupled or singled) but is anyone scrutinzing them? I’m trying to put some of these peoples comments into a different light. People are so quick to believe rumors and make these harsh judgements about someone they do not really know. That’s fine if you think I am making myself look bad, as this is the internet you don’t know me either. (I could be a person of notority, I could be someone you know or I could be just some random person, the internet allows me that anonymity!)

Jennifer on

I disagree with the people saying that she should have all of her children taken off her- what a horrible thing to say. The children are clearly her life and yes, lets be honest, how is she going to cope with 14 children, but declaring her unfit? She needs counselling and financial help. And besides, isn’t the fire mostly fuelled by the fact that she is a single mother? What right has anyone to say to someone single that they cannot be fit to raise children?

I feel especially sorry for her in the way her parents have turned against her- kind of prooves that she didn’t get the love she needed in the past. It wouldn’t matter how at my wits end I’d be with my child I could never back stab her like that. And why didn’t they call for intervention if they felt she was obsessed and having too many kids?

And mark my words, if she lost her children she will lose her life. And that will be dreadfully sad.

Jes on

EB – I have a problem with anyone abusing the system. My best friend happens to work for family services for the county, and I hear about how many people abuse the system first hand. And I scrutinize anyone abusing the system if I see it happening first hand. My mother was on welfare when I was a child, and she worked hard to get herself out of that situation. So being a child from that system, and seeing people abusing it now, I tend to speak out on these things because I have insight and experience on them. And if you were someone I knew, or someone of NOTOREITY, I would still have the same opinion, and I would still say it to you or anyone else.

christa on

The press and all the sponsors who usually help parents with multiples, should neither talk, write, give or aknowledge her and her begging family. See father on Oprah show, everyone should leave them alone to deal with their daughters mess. We tend to help everyone in this country, not her. The distaste I have for the woman and her parents is immensely. How can anyone in their right minds support her facelifts which she gotten from the Goverment too. The babies I feel sorry for,maybe if they are taken from her, they get the life they derserve.

Beth on

EB, I don’t agree with everything you say, but you come off very well. I tend to scrutinize because in the area I work, you see a lot of people on public assistance getting expensive haircuts/hairstayles and manicures- even cars- while their kids get free breakfast, lunch and tutoring. There are an awful lot of people I wish were photographed and taped because perhaps the system wouldn’t be duped all the time.

Perhaps it’s the combination of being a teacher in an inner city and being a parent, but people’s choices make me cringe. I don’t think Nadya was renting from her mother- I believe she was just living there. And I don’t believe her nonsense about her disability, her nanny, her payments for the kids. But I don’t believe in kangaroo courts or rumors, either. (You have to wonder, though, how Britney Spears is under a conservatorship for a few months of odd behavior, but this woman is not.) So all I can do is wish the best for her children.

Kendra on

This is such a difficult situation. It is not for the government or anyone else to tell this woman how many children she can or can’t have. But at the same rate, she was extremely reckless in getting IVF after the first 6 children. As was her doctor. He put her health, and life, at risk by implanting 8 embryos. He should lose his license, if only for that reason alone.

This woman is putting a ridiculous strain on taxpayers, because that is who will inevitably be paying for her children, whether she wants to admit it or not. She was already on food stamps with 6 kids, and I assume she will need more assistance with 14. She’s accepting donations on her website, for crying out loud!

I think it’s abominable that she is requesting financial help for her lack of proper judgment. Those children are in for a rough life and I pray that they will be strong enough to overcome the negative situations they will undoubtedly encounter.

Twilight_Tempest1014 on

I think everyone should just mind their own business. How does her life effect anyone that is not connected to her anyway? As far as government aide, believe me when I say that your ‘contribution’ is only a percentage of a penny when it comes to going to her family or anyone else’s. People’s lives should be enough without putting someone else down for their personal decisions. Just say that YOU wouldn’t do it and move on. People are truly petty.

Louise on

Wow! The video clip of Nadya “setting her mother straight” on today- what a mouth she dares to have with the woman who finances and raises her children. Nadya seems to think her elderly mother should keep her mouth shut and keep picking up the pieces. It’s not only child abuse, it’s elder abuse as well.

Not to mention the various financial abuses: worker’s comp, student loans, social security, food stamp scams, while she spends enormous amounts of money for more IVF and cosmetic surgeries. Whoever heard of geting social security checks because your child has ADHD or a speech impairment. And why does Nadya go by several different first and last names? Why is she using student loans to raise kids? And she got $160,000 from worker’s comp. because of an alleged back injury but yet her back can handle constant and multiple pregnancies? Uh, can you say “scam artist?”

Nadya’s parents pay dearly for letting this childish, narcissistic woman get the wrong idea about how the world works- after seeing that video clip on Radar it’s not hard to imagine that Nadya’s been running that house for many years. The real problem from her being an only child wasn’t that she was lonely but that she was, and is, spoiled. Nadya’s excuse is that she was only trying to have one more. How dare she deliberately have even the first of the fourteen with no income or father for them, let alone try for “only” a seventh. Her parents should have laid down the law to her in no uncertain terms after baby number one. They enabled her through baby after baby after baby until it led up to this tragedy. They just shrug meekly and follow orders, even to the point that they lose their home. If my daughter pulled a stunt like that on me the first time, she’d be wishing the birth that hadn’t occurred was her own. I believe most parents would do the same. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they have stood by and smiled while she brought them another deliberately conceived baby every year. We can only hope Nadya will teach her children the same obedience she’s already instilled in her parents.

Nadya takes no responsibilty and shows no remorse. She seems pleased with herself. She’s a celebrity just like Angelina Jolie now and she wants fame and fortune. She thinks she’s got us all over a barrel now that the babies are here, after all it’s worked with her parents and the government half a dozen times before. What to do about it? My guess is CPS will soon have the children and that will be the sad end of it.

Most important, these babies aren’t healthy just because they’re alive. One, two and three pound micro-preemies don’t tend to do well. The disabilities don’t show up until the babies get older and they just don’t progress. From what I’ve heard, the odds are very sad: 1/4, relatively normal. 1/4 die. 1/4 mild to moderate disabilities. 1/4 severe, multiple disabilities, such as blind, crippled and mentally retarded.

Maybe the backlash from this situation will make someone realize that it’s not their right to do whatever they want with no regard for who has to pay for it or suffer for it.

Tiffany on

There is one thing that sets this story aside from other stories of multiples, large families and obsession that others have tried to compare it to. That is IRRESPONSIBILITY.

It is IRRESPONSIBLE to find money and choose to use it towards IVF when you already have a needy child at home that you cannot feed or take care of properly without public assistance. Add five more to that and then eight. The height of irresponsibility here is astounding. And moreover it is downright SELFISH when you see a grown person put their desires and wants in front of the needs of innocent children. And when you take that all into account, it’s downright infuriating because guess who is going to suffer? The children.

That’s it. It’s not the size of her family, the fact that she’s on welfare, the that she had IVF etc that bothers me. It’s the sheer irresponsibility in all of this. I can’t understand how anyone can say that she looks like a good mother. Would a good mother put her own selfish desires before the basic needs of her children?

Not that I don’t think the doctor was also irresponsible, as he certainly was if he knew her situation because then he actively choose to help her poor decisions along. But I can’t absolve either of them of blame.

christa on

I think she is a disgrace for motherhood, because her mother and father take care of her children. Somehow I think she did have these babies, because she wanted a TV show like the Gosling’s. They are a family with Mom, Dad and children. Both parents worked, the father is still working and the mother takes care of her own children. I cringe to think that a person on welfare, workmancompensation and suing others had all these babies and now the State of California has to pay. What Values has this family, what did they teach her??

southland on

I feel bad for these children. They’ll be watched like a circus act for the rest of their lives. Nadya is playing the best card she has probably – cashing in on celebrity fame. Pretty smart really. Jon&Kate + 8 did it, why not her too? The real idiots are us….. we watch all the crap, meanwhile national education, jobs and health care improvement wait another day.

Tanya on

This woman’s love for her chidren is complelling! Most parents do not care and love their children to this degree. Absolutely we should come together and help her out. She is a smart woman with a BA, and was studying for her MBA. How many single women with 6 children have that? She absolutely can not work with this many children. She planeed on one child not eight this pregnancey. I support her and her children. WE DON’T LIVE IN CHINA. We are free to have babies. Let’s keep it that way. I think she is an amazing woman and example as a parent.

outwakwab on

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