Magnus Eisler Celebrates His Second Birthday

02/17/2009 at 08:30 AM ET

Newlyweds Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler, who tied the knot Feb. 7 in San Luis Obispo, threw yet another party this weekend: son Magnus Hart‘s 2-year-old birthday bash.

About 80 guests gathered Sunday at the Treehouse Social Club in Los Angeles for cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop and entertainment by singing group The Jumpitz.

“Magnus was in the middle of the dance floor performing with them,” Kristy says of the five-member group, who also sang for Tori Spelling’s son Liam and daughter Stella two weeks ago. “It was over-the-top fun!”

Skating with Celebrities winners Lloyd and Kristy, who lost 45 lbs. in time for her wedding, plan to take a honeymoon at a later date.

“There was so much to do before the wedding,” says the actress. “I didn’t want to crash and burn and end up spending my honeymoon sleeping.”

As for finally being able to call Lloyd her husband: “I like it,” she confirms. “Sometimes I jokingly call him my wife because he’s such a Suzy Homemaker. He’s great at doing the laundry and he’s so good around the house. He’s a wonderful team player.”

Spantman Photography for use on CBB

Source: PEOPLE

— Ulrica Wihlborg

More photos below!

Magnus coloring with The Jumpitz.

Spantman Photography for use on CBB

On the slide with The Jumpitz.

Spantman Photography for use on CBB

Spantman Photography for use on CBB

Magnus’ gift bag courtesy of Hot Moms Club. Included were a 5starbaby poster, Petitemiette bunny, Alexander Marten painting, Goosiecards custom learning cards, Very Meri shirts and kids tattoos, a Dante Beatrix backpack, Adoornimals Puppy Dog, various Skip Hop items, Jannuzzi clothing, eight3one clothing, a custom bear from The Patchwork Bear, Right Bank Babies, shoes from Scooterbees, Boon Inc products, Blume Girl custom clothes, Myself belts belts, hats from Cade Christian, shoes from Livie & Luca and The Jumpitz Celebrate Animals DVD.

Family shot in front of Starbaby poster.

Spantman Photography for use on CBB

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Anna on

These commercialized birthday parties leave a bad taste in my mouth. It is not about the child or his or her birthday, it is about advertising and how much money they can make of their child’s birthday. I wouldn’t be surprised if their T-shirts were also sponsored.

j on

Such a cute kid … a shame about the commercialized b-day party, though, and hard to forget about what Llyod did to his first family : (


I for one LOVE birthday parties…hey and if a company offers to pay for it, why not take their offer!? I mean the children have fun and they all go home with a fun goodie bag!

I always had fairly nice birthday parties and I love showing all of the pictures my mom took to my daughter!

Yay for b-day parties!😀

madison on

wow – 80 guests for a 2 year old’s birthday party.

l on

This is not about loving birthdays parties and being able to show your family and friends pictures of said party. These people are not poor. Commercialising your own child’s birthday party like this (80 guests, gift bags, probably making money on the pictures as well) is IMO nothing but tacky.

Pam on

wow – he looks so much like his mother!! Two is a fun age – if you are the two year old!!

jen on

Cute baby! I love bday parties as well. I always go all out for my kid’s (as much as I can afford) to make sure THEY have a good time, the KIDS have what they want. 80 guests, really? Do they just both have incredibly huge families. I find it hard to believe the baby has that many friends. I’m glad they’re happy. I hope they stay that way for the baby’s sake. I just can’t get excited about this couple because of the way they started out their relationship. I mean where are his other kids? Everything about them leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I probably would feel so strongly about the party ‘issues’ if were somebody else, to be honest.


Jen: what happend with them that is leaves you a bad taste in your mouth? Did he or she do something ‘bad’? I dont know the story he he

80 guests is a lot of people, but they might have a big family or lots of friends, I come from a huge family and my daughters bday parties are kinda big, I have to invite everyone! the children have fun and I do too😀

Dena on

First of all, this was a great party for all the kids that got to go play and enjoy and interact with a children’s entertainment group. This was not about commercializing, it was about having a nice party for a child, that CLEARLY enjoyed it. We have two children and are having a birthday party for 70 people but I am not a celebrity. We are parents who would not appreciate being judged for creating a great memory for our children and all of our friends and family.

Jessy on

It looked like a wonderful birthday party. Magnus seemed to really enjoy himself with the Jumpitz and his guests. Who cares if there were 80 people there? Maybe they have a lot of family and close friends. As far as the freebies, the companies love to give goodies away to promote themselves and if they don’t have a problem with it then neither should you.

coolmom on

I can’t believe people are actually bashing this kids bday party- it’s very rude and upsetting! Leave him and his family alone and please don’t judge others unless u want to be judged yourself. Birthday parties are a blast for kids, their friends and their families… they create memories that stay with the kids throughout their lives. And yes, people have big families!! We had over 75 people for my daughter’s first bday party- we both have big families and lots of caring friends. Looks like these kids had so much fun and will never forget how special it was:) Happy Birthday Magnus!

Brandi on

Magnus is a gorgeous child! What a cutie.

Nicole on

Magnus is very cute, looks alot like Kristy, who is so pretty.

heather on

XOXO he left his now exwife when she was about 8 months pregnant. and he is banned from coaching in canada due to an incident with a former student.


heather, thank you for telling me about this. I had no idea!!! Sad!

I remember Kristi from A vampire movie with Luke Perry..their son is adorable and lets hope he is a better man now.

Molly on

It may be commercialzed and you may not like it, but dont forget that this gives job to other people. If there are no parties, there may be no jobs for some people. In this kind of economy its important that celebs spend their money hence sharing with rest of us

Ryo on

Okay, seriously, no offense meant, but every single person on this site is judging these celebrities. Every single comment is a form of judgment – some of it just happens to be more positive.

Personally, I wonder if this type of party would have been better had maybe a few years later, at 4, when he might have a better chance of remembering it? I know first birthdays are usually big for the parents – because no 1-year-old remembers their party – but 2 still seems a bit young to go this all out, unless it’s just the parents wanting something big. He looks like he had fun though.

Kristi on

He is adorable and I love his hair.

l on

I might be wrong, but if this wasn’t a commercialised party, then why is there a sponsored gift bag, why is it explicably listed what was in the bag (which company and what product) and why is there such product placement like where the cupcakes were from? So they’re aren’t really helping the economy when they are the ones on the receiving end.

I’m not a fan of oversized birthday parties for little children and I’m not afraid to say it. What kind of memories will a two year old have anyway. And once a child gets older and will have memories, then I’m a firm believer that it’s better and suitable for children to have a close circle of friends surrounding them on their special day. No child has a close circle of 80 friends.
But my opinion shifts from “not being a fan” to finding it outright tacky, when rather well-off parents are financially profiting from their kid’s birthday party. And I wouldn’t be all too surprised if deep down in their minds they are hoping to profit “image wise” as well by showing the world what lovely parents they are.

Andrea on

Wow!!!It’s starting to make me sick all the judging going on with these comments. We will be judged to the degree in which we judge others. So be careful. I’ve heard a lot of celebs give sponsor money back to charities. How do we even know for certain that there were 80 people there? Use your head not your irrational emotions(possibly jealousy?) before you go typing up your personal assessment of another person’s life. Just remember, these celebrities, are every bit as human as you and I.

Q on

I agree with Jen. These 2 just rub me the wrong way. Everything is all about Magnus. You wouldn’t even know he has other very small children as well. No surprise they weren’t at their brother’s party either.

l on

“How do we even know for certain that there were 80 people there? ” Andrea, please read the article.

And just because I’m giving my opinion doesn’t mean I have some kind of “irrational emotions”. Someone above already said it, every single comment is a form of judgment, even the nice ones. Sorry, if it bothers you that I don’t have anything nice to say about these two. But why should I? Lloyd and Kristy started an affair while his first wife was pregnant with their second child. During that time he also send sexually suggestive emails to a 15 year old girl he was coaching. And you’re getting upset because people are judging these two? *shrugs shoulders*

CelebBabyLover on

I- What the article says is “ABOUT 80 people were there”. That doesn’t mean there was 80 exactly!

As for Kristy and Lloyd, so just because Lloyd made some bad choices means it’s okay to bash him? Also, do you get this judgemental about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, who left (and cheated on) their respective spouses to be together…while Dean and his wife were in the process of adopting a baby girl?

How about Julia Roberts’s husband Danny Moder, who left his pregnant wife to be with Julia (and is NEVER seen with or heard speaking about that baby or any other children he and his ex-wife may have had)?

Also, we have no idea what the custody agreement is between Lloyd and his ex-wife. Maybe she has primary custody and Magnus’ party was not on one of Lloyd’s visitation days. Or even if they share custody, it’s very possible that Magnus’ party was during their time with their mom.

Also, whatever the arrangment, it’s possible that it’s Lloyd’s ex-wife who doesn’t want the kids spending much time with him. Unfourtnately, some people get really nasty about their exes seeing their kids, and courts usually tend to favor the mother.

Oh, and I believe the kids were at Lloyd and Kristy’s wedding (Kristy even spoke about how the wedding was also a celebration of their new combined family). So it’s not true that they’re never included in activies with Kristy, Lloyd, and Magnus, or that it’s always “all about Magnus”.

l on

re “about 80”: you’re right, my bad. About 80 means there could have been even more there, like 85 maybe (sorry, but I don’t get your point, nowhere did I say exactly 80).

re Tori and Dean: don’t get me even started on them. It’s one thing to fall in love with a person while married to another. Things happen and it’s the actions afterwards that define a person. Tori publicly talked trash about Dean’s first wife. When he met Tori he bailed out of an adoption process he and his first wife were in stating that this girl will never be his daughter. What kind of a person does this?

re Julia Roberts: check your facts. Julia’s husband doesn’t have any children with his first wife.

re the rest of your post: it never ceases me to amaze to what great lengths some people will go to excuse celebrities even most despicable doings. Just one question: if you have a daughter and she would be into ice skating, would you let LLoyd coach her?

CelebBabyLover on

I- It could also mean there were LESS than 80 people there, like, say 75 or something.

As for your question about Dean…Maybe he didn’t “bail out” of the adoption process. Maybe his ex-wife decided it would best for the little girl if Dean did not continue the process. We don’t really know if the decision was Dean’s, his wife’s, or both of theirs.

Anyway, as for your last comment…Okay, I agree with you there. That DOES bother me a little.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I think we better just agree to disagree about this.

CelebBabyLover on

One more thing: My bad about Danny Moder. I thought I’d read something somewhere about his ex-wife being pregnant when he left her. There WAS supposedly some sort of contervesory when he and Julia got together, though.

Buffy on

Kristy, you are like next Barbara Ann Scott, first was original.

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