Larry Birkhead and His Little Sunshine

02/17/2009 at 04:30 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Larry Birkhead gets a grip, helping 2-year-old Dannielynn Hope with her shoes at the LAX security check as the pair prepare to fly out of Los Angeles on Sunday.

Larry is currently taking part in an auction to benefit Camp Kindle, a summer camp for children infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS that Dannielynn’s mother Anna Nicole Smith worked with. Since Anna’s passing, Larry has continued to support the organization.

Please click here for more information on how you can bid on Dannielynn’s duds!

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

A second photo of father and daughter is below.

Bauer Griffin

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Angi on

They look so happy. That little girl has very long legs for being only 2.

Jennifer on

Dannielynn is such a beautiful little girl! She’s gotten so big, and the bow in her hair is just darling.

JK on

She’s just gorgeous and they seem so happy. I’m so glad to see pictures of how she’s growing!

Brandi on

She does have Larry’s eyes but my God does she resemble her mother now or what? Gorgeous.

Kelsey on

Dannielynn is adorable! Agree with Angi, she’s pretty tall for her age.

HeatherR on

Awww, I kinda forgot about Dannielynn…’s been awhile since we saw her. She is absolutely gorgeous, just like Anna.

Alice on

Aww I love her outfit! She’s like a cute little canari!

Lisa on

What a beautiful and happy little girl. I agree with the above posters that say she is mighty tall for her age but she is precious! Larry seems to be doing a fantastic job raising little Dannielynn (what a pretty name!) … This girl deserves nothing but happiness for the rest of her life after her turbulant first year of her brother dying, her mother dying, and the paternity tests switching which man has custody over her which is Larry. He looks like such a great dad and whoever dresses her dresses her great!

Mrs. R. on

Daniellynn is such a gorgeous little girl. It’s great too to hear that her dad is still involved with some of the good things ANS did behind the scenes. It shows great devotion to her memory.

Rachel on

There is no doubt who the parents of that adorable little girl are!!

Aelys on

Dannielynn is gorgeous and the spitting image of her mama. That’s amazing!

Gianna on

She looks exactly like anna, the older she gets. Her features especially her nose and mouth are all anna’s, while her pretty blue eyes are larry’s. She’s a gorgeous child, and larry always has her dressed so cute and always matching. He seems like a good dad, and dannielynn looks close to him.

jasmine on

She is a really pretty little girl!

pia on

they arte a happy couple! so nice to see.. and she is stunning

bungalowbliss on

Wow, she’s growing up! What a darling little girl…

alice jane on

She is so cute! Everytime I see pictures of her, she looks happy and Larry looks happy. He seems like he’s doing a really great job with her.

Grace on

Too cute! Dannielynn is my all-time favourite celebrity baby.

CTBmom on

I agree….she’s got Larry’s eyes, but the rest of her is all Anna Nicole. Larry definitely seems devoted to that beautiful little girl.

J on

I think it’s sad that Anna never got to see her grow up. But it looks like Larry is doing an excellent job with her.

ChiChi on

She looks just like her mommy! And he seems to be doing a great job with her. I think he got a bum rap, but clearly he is an involved and loving parent. I wish them all the best.

Lau on

Man, she’s looking so gorgeous! Both she and Larry look very happy. I’m very glad.

brooklyn on

My goodness she is a beautiful child!!

Jeannette on

Anna Nicole was a tall woman, I think she was awfully close to 6 feet tall! So it’s no wonder that Dannielynn would inherit her mother’s long legs. I think even both Anna Nicole and Larry have in the past mentioned that her legs were like Anna’s.

Dannielynn is an awfully adorable child. Of course I always feel a bit sad over the loss of brother and mother when she wasn’t even a year old; however I think Larry is doing a great job, she is healthy and she looks very happy and that’s what is most important!

eternalcanadian on

she looks just like her father in that picture where he’s putting her shoe on. just the same facial expressions, the nose, the shape of the face. yes, anna nicole is there, but it is all larry in that picture.

Jazz on

Dannielynn seems like such a beautiful, happy little girl. It’s amazing how much she looks like both her parents. I used to see just Larry but now she reminds me of Anna Nicole as well.

Monique on

She is a beautiful little girl. He seems so great with her, whenever I see them.

Angel on

She is such a precious child and looks so happy with her daddy. Her mama would be so proud of her.

Brooklyn on

Dannielynn is very cute cute!

Kelly on

She is such a beautiful little girl! Growing up so fast. Larry is a fantastic father to her.

Terri on

I have to say I find it so cute how Larry always keeps Dannielynn all dolled up with bows and cute outfits, just like her mama would.

Brooke on

I have never seen a child resemble a parent as much as Danielynn!! Especially in that first pic!!🙂 She is so cute and I always love her outfits and bows!!🙂

Mary on

It was hard for any of us in the general public to know which man–Mr. Birkhead or Mr. Stern–would be a better custodial parent to Dannielynn, but I was relieved that, before the results of the paternity test were made available, the two men joined forces to block the efforts of Anna Nicole’s mother to gain custody of the little girl. Anna often mentioned how cold and selfish her own mother had been, and she had made it clear that should she die or become incapacitated in a way that made it impossible to be a proper mother to Daniel (and then to Dannielynn), under no circumstances was her mother to be awarded custody, since Anna judged her interested only in what inheritance a child of hers would be entitled to. Indications are that Dannielynn is being well and happily brought up by Mr. Birkhead, so I think it right that we wish him well.

Ina on

OMG She looks just like her mom!! She’s beautiful!! God bless them!

Kelli on

She is beautiful! He is really a great dad! Other men can take some notes from him. He had a rocky start but he looks like he’s got it down packed now.

heather on

I cant believe the world ever doubted who Dannielynn’s father was – they are the double of each other! I respect him so much the way he has brought this adorable little girl up and tried to turn her world around after such a sad start in her little life.

Maria on


Faye on

Wow. She’s so pretty, and Larry looks like a very doting and loving dad. I’m so glad everything has worked out for them. Best wishes to them.

Crystal on

I’ll never forget when he was being interviewed at the Kentucky Derby he was saying how even though he had left her at home she was never far from his thoughts. He said when he hears those first cries he runs into her room to give her her bottle. It’s like he was anxiously waiting for her to wake up so they could spend time together. He is such an amazing, wonderful hands on father. Dannielynn is blessed to have him as her papa and I’m sure Larry feels just as blessed to have her in his life as his daughter. Continued blessings to the both of them!!🙂

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