Jerry O'Connell Says No Reality Shows For Twin Daughters

02/17/2009 at 08:30 PM ET

When he allows himself to imagine what his 7-week-old fraternal twin daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip will someday grow up to be, Jerry O’Connell is setting the bar low — really, really low! “Most people are like, ‘My kids are going to the Ivy Leagues, my kids are going to be doctors,'” the 34-year-old actor noted during a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Well my kids aren’t going anywhere near vH1 reality shows.”

“That is my goal in life, is to keep my daughters off vH1 reality shows; I just don’t want my daughters vying for Flava Flav‘s love.”

The potential for such a scenario was first raised while Jerry’s wife Rebecca Romijn was still pregnant with the twins. The couple began telling friends and family of their intent to name one of the girls Dolly and they were met with resistance! “People said, ‘Oh no, no, don’t do that. I know a Dolly; She’s on that vH1 reality show with Bret Michaels. You don’t want to do that!'” Jerry recalled. As for Charlie, the couple managed to pay homage to both Jerry’s brother and Jerry’s youth in one fell swoop.

“I’m from the 70’s, and I don’t know if you remember the perfume ‘Charlie’ with, like, the independent women walking around in pantsuits? I just remember those commercials, so I was like, ‘Yeah, like my daughters are gonna be independent women! And walk to work with briefcases and pantsuits! And they don’t need boyfriends!”

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The girls drink from Wee*go glass bottles – Dolly uses pink and Charlie uses yellow.

Click below to read about Jerry’s thoughts on tandem nursing.

The twins’ personalities are beginning to show, and Jerry admits that while he doesn’t “want to point fingers,” one of the girls “is a little more demanding than the other.” Charlie — referred to by Jerry as “the big one” — makes her wishes known by grimacing and grunting at the same time. “I’m like, where did this girl learn that face?” Jerry asks. “It’s incredible, babies…They just have whiny instincts.”

Rebecca is tandem nursing, which often leaves Jerry in awe. “I’m not saying anything dirty, it’s natural but [Rebecca] does what we call the double football — which is just incredible, because it’s like three beings attached,” he says. “It’s like something out of Cirque du Soleil. It’s crazy.” Not as crazy as what Jerry admits to trying! After listening to Rebecca complain of discomfort while pumping her breastmilk, Jerry decided to give it a go himself. The verdict? “It hurts,” Jerry says, adding,

“No milk came out of mine. Just, like, hair. Then you’ve got to boil everything and sterilize it. I’m crazy like that — I boil everything.”

He also shared some new photos of the girls, which we managed to grab screencaps of. Dolly is on the left and Charlie is on the right.

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Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Showing 46 comments

Christine on

He is hilarious and the babies are gorgeous – like their mama!

Beverley on

OMG – those babies are gorgeous!!! Those eyes and that hair. Love it.

bungalowbliss on

Beautiful babies!

Xan on

Darling! Wonder if its the lighting or color-tone, but the girls look darker than I imagined. I sort of expected them to be blond, like Rebecca.

They resemble the adorable Orion Noth, no?

Mia on

Aw, look at all that hair! They both look like they have dark hair like their daddy. I wonder if it’ll turn blonde as they get older?

They both seem to favor their dad more, but I think I see a little bit of Rebecca in them.

Ashlee on

They are soooo precious!!!

Robin on

Even though it is a little hard to tell, I think that they look more like their daddy! They are beautiful and obviously not identical. Look at all that hair! Gorgeous!

Allison on

They look so much like Jerry! If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t know who their mom is. I love the face that the twin on the right (Dolly or Charlie?) is making.

Lily on

Those girls are absolutely gorgeous!

gigi on

love how one has a tad more hair than the other.
and love the matching outfits.

melissa on

they are absolutely ADORABLE! lovin all that hair!

Anna on

They are very cute!

Abbey on

Love that hair! So cute.

Philippa on

The girls are absolutely beautiful!

stephanie on

I’m with Jerry there. I like reality shows but I don’t watch those celebrity-dating reality shows because the girls often went beyond trainwreck, it’s really sad to watch.

The twins are adorable and they do look like Orion Noth! Look at those hair!

jasmine on

Those are some beautiful babies. Whoa.

Eleonora on

These babies are gorgeous!

J on

I think Charlie is gonna be a daddy’s girl and Dolly a mummy’s girl! They are soooo beautiful – look at those dark eyes and hair!!!

Ivey on

One has a tad more hair than the other, but I’m telling ya they look identical to me(and before you jump on me, I read that they are indeed fraternal)

Angel on

What gorgeous baby girls! They did good!!

Monique on

Wow, they are so beautiful. I see, they have Jerry’s dark hair. Just gorgeous. Jerry’s too funny, I wouldn’t want my daughters vying for the love of Flava Flav either. Great family!

Jae on

OMG! Lovin these baby girls!!! Lovin all the hair! They’re gorgeous! Jerry & Rebecca must be on cloud nine!
They’re beauitful!!!

Jenna on

very cute girls! Dolly looks like Rebecca and Charlie is allll O’Connell

Angie on

Sooooooooo adorable!!!

Kate on

Wow they are gorgeous!


Those girls are so cute!!! I want twins!! lol

And I love the way Jerry just shows them off with pictures, just like any new parent.

They have tons of hair!! and I cant tell who they look like

Jerry is so funny!! and Rebecca is so hot! lol

missloUiSiAna on

I rarely comment and frequent this site a few times a day but these twins are beyond gorgeous!!

Kristen on

The twins are adorable! Not at all as I had expected (I’d pictured them blonde), but they are so clear-eyed and lovely. They look very alert for such little babies!

Lou on

wow, these girls are truly beautiful! xx

Chelsey on

Wow! Look at those big brown eyes and all that dark hair! Those girls are beautiful.🙂

Brooklyn on

Beautiful girls! There hair is so dark!!!

Stephanie on

I thought Rebecca and Jerry both had blue eyes so wouldnt the babies have blue eyes too? Maybe its the lighting thats making their eyes look darker.

Abi on

I have to say that these girls are gorgeous!! But there is no way they could look that dark with dark eyes, it looks to me like either they were conceived through in-vitro with only one of the twos DNA. Does anyone else think this too? Or is the lighting so bad on the picture that they really aren’t that dark and have blue eyes. Its very rare for two blue eyed people to have a brown eyed child.

The lighting is really, really bad b/c they’re screencaps. Rebecca was previously on Clomid, but they say they didn’t use any procedures to conceive.

– CBB Staff

Terri on

I was thinking that the eyes are probably blue too, because of the parents. They have really dark hair as well, but that could lighten as they get older. Baby’s hair always seems darkest the first few months.

Buellie on

OMG, how cute are they! I think like some other posters I subconsciously assumed they’d look like Rebecca … but they don’t look like either parent and are absolutely beautiful in their own individual way! Jerry is hilarious too, those girls are going to have the happiest home imaginable.

Re eye colour, I think the genetic lottery is always going to throw up surprises like that – my husband and I both have brown eyes and yet we produced a son with the most amazing blue eyes you can imagine. I think you’d have to look at their grandparents to see where the dark eyes came from.

AiMs on

Dolly and Charlie are soooo cute!!!! just like dad!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Buellie- ITA about the genetic lottery! For example, my maternal grandmother’s hair is brown (well, now it’s mostly grey!) and my maternal grandfather had dark hair as well. Well, surprise, surprise, my mom popped out with very BLONDE hair!

Also, I once knew a couple who gave birth to a red-haired baby girl…and were completely shocked as neither of them had red-hair, nor did any of their parents (an inspection of old baby photos later revealed, however, that the father had had reddish hair when he was a baby)!

I also want to point out that Dolly and Charlie’s eyes could still turn blue if they aren’t already. Newborns are often born with dark eyes that can change color as they grow. Granted, most of the time if you’re born with dark eyes, your eyes will stay dark, but there are always exceptions!

Mia on

Their coloring is very different from their parents isn’t it. I too expected blond and skin tones like mom and dad. Genes again! They are so cute.

gianna on

Those babies look nothing like rebecca, neither one of them. They look a lot alike, and favor jerry a lot.

twin_momma on

Wow, they look like little dolls. Too cute. As a mom who BF her twins to just over 14 months too funny, but yet, I do commend Jerry for trying the machine! Lol….
They are precious.
I think it’s too hard to tell their eye color from these photos though!

Shannon on

Quite surprising but Jerry turning to be kind of an okay guy despite his image. I’m with him on this. I don’t get reality shows, I already have enough tension and conflict in real life. I wouldn’t want my kids to watch things they won’t learn anything good from.

kaitomo on

oh nooooo! cutest twins i have ever seen in my life!!
i bet rebecca and jerry are good parents. enjoy the twins cuz they will grow up super fast!

Kelly on

Oh my goodness…how precious. Just adorable..and Jerry is hilarious.
Thanks for sharing your photos and personal thoughts with all of us.

Nina on

Not only is it rare for 2 blue-eyed parents to have brown-eyed children, it’s impossible because they don’t possess that dominant gene to create brown eyes. If a person has blue eyes, it’s because they possess 2 recessive genes. Now, 2 brown-eyed parents who each possess one dominant gene and one recessive gene will likely have a 25% chance of creating a blue-eyed child and a 75% chance of creating a brown-eyed child and a 50% chance of creating a brown-eyed child who also possesses both a dominant and recessive gene. Sorry if that’s confusing. I was so fascinated by this in school.😉

Whitney on

why do the babies always have o look like one of the parents? Sometimes babies look like other family members…. My sister and I look nothing alike and each have different characteristics of our parents.

noelle on

the babes are sooo beautiful : have 2 great parents, too !
those awesome bottles are all GLASS bottles with a silicone cover : called WEE GO : We sell them at chulamama. mention celebrity-babies and get 10% off any wee-go’s

Congrats jerry and rebecca

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