Tori Spelling On Liam's Proud Pull-Ups Moment

02/15/2009 at 08:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Since welcoming daughter Stella Doreen, now 8 months, life in the Spelling-McDermott household has been tough on actress Tori Spelling, who admits “it’s crazy having two kids both in diapers at the same time.” The tides are changing for the family, however, as Tori revealed on a Thursday appearance on The Today Show that her son Liam Aaron, 22 months, is ready to trade in his diaper days for trips to his potty. “He’s the big man on campus. He’s going through potty training which is a whole new world for me,” says Tori.

Playing it safe with Pull-Ups, Tori banked on Liam’s obsession with the movie Cars to make the transition between diapers to using the potty as smooth as possible. Fortunately, the car designs on his Pull-Ups worked wonders for the toddler, who proved this past weekend during a shopping trip to Barney’s that he is more than willing to show them off to the world!

“His thing is, when he meets people, he’s not socialized like adults. He doesn’t know how to say, ‘Hi, how are you?’ He shows you things, like he points to Mom, and he actually dropped his pants and wearing his Pull-Ups, he went, ‘Car! Car!’ and he was pointing down and I thought, ‘Okay.'”

Calling motherhood “amazing,” Tori shares that the perks of having her own reality show — on its upcoming 4th season — allows for the working mama to spend time where she is needed most. “I work full-time so being a mom…obviously that’s my most important job, so that’s the one I want to focus on,” she says.

When the going does get tough, Tori can always rely on her “amazing” husband, she gushes. In fact, according to the 90210 actress, a supportive husband seems to be the secret to balancing both her successful career with the responsibilities of motherhood. “Dean helps me through everything. We really are a team — we get to work together, we get to play together,” says the 35-year-old.

Source: The Today Show

If you missed it, check out CBB’s chat with Tori here!

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Zoe from Get Potty Trained on

Awww, this story is so cute. Even with their hectic schedules, tt’s nice to know that celeb parents do normal parenting stuff themselves like potty training.🙂

g!na on

i use to teach preschool with 3 yr olds. They are so funny! when one was potty training they were so proud to show off their new underwear! Kids are so cute! Liam wanted everyone to know he was a big boy and showed his car pullups! proud little man! lol.

MZ on

too cute! it reminds me of the story my mom loves to tell about just after i potty trained. as a reward i got to pick out my own panties, and i got some flinstone ones with wilma and betty on them. i was so excited about my “wilma-betties” that i would wear them outside of my clothes.

potty training seems do daunting! kudos to tori for finding a way to make it easier on liam.

Becky on

So it’s confirmed??? They are doing another season of their reality show?

ang on

she had her reality crew there filming the today show crew.i love this story

mommaanet on

Tori Spelling’s son Liam Aaron looks like his Mom!

BostonMom on

Tori is working for Pull-Ups, so her mention of this was part of her promoting the product. Always take whatever you read with a grain of salt, and if a celeb mentions a product, question whether they are being paid to do so…

Nicole on

awww, love hearing about Tori’s kids!

Tori and Dean are and amazing couple.

Lee on

How to you know she’s working for pull-ups? Maybe he did say that. And also what other training pants would she use? Pull-ups are the most popular ones out there. People rich and poor use them.

Maura on

potty training a boy at 22 mos.?? good luck on that one!

Anna on

Boston Mom you are so right! Just remember when she was losing the weight from Liam she was talking about some weightloss programm all the time, saying how great it was and when she was losing the weight from Stella she suddenly didn’t say a word about it and did the weight loss without it…

Rebecca on

Anna, exactly. Tori Spelling is all about the money it seems, if she’s not getting paid, she doesn’t mention what she’s using. Since she mentioned Pull Ups, I’m guessing she’s getting paid, just like when she mentioned Nutri-System.

22 months is awfully young to start potty training. Everyone I’ve ever talked to said that using pull ups was the worst thing you could do, it confuses the kids. They’re diapers, they’re not “big boy/girl pants”, they just go on differently. I potty trained my 3 year old in a weekend by going bottoms free at home and panties when we went out (with 3 extra pairs of pants and panties in my diaper bag for accidents.) I asked if she needed to go potty before we left and when we arrived anywhere. When we were home she got to pick a present out of her treasure box if she went on the toilet (she forgot after the 3rd time, so I didn’t remind her after that, it was just second nature.) It was messy, there was a lot of carpet shampooing (thank goodness for our spot carpet shampooer) and laundry, but we got it done. Consistency is key. Pull ups and Easy ups are not consistent.

BostonMom on

To the person who asked how I know she is working for Pull-Ups, just Google “Tori Spelling” and “Pull Ups” and you’ll see that she is. She did some big Pull-Ups event thing recently. I don’t blame her for trying to make a buck, but I do resent, in general, when advertising happens without it being disclosed as such.

And, in my opinion, Pull Ups are not much different than diapers. If your kid needs to be in Pull Ups full time (excluding overnights, car trips, naps, etc.), chances are he/she still needs to be in diapers.

CelebBabyLover on

Rebecca and BostonMom- Actually, it depends on the kind of Pull-Ups you’re using. They now have a version of Pull-Ups that features a “feel cool” liner. When the kid pees, it somehow triggers the liner to release a cool sensation, thus alerting the kid that they’re wet (or at the very least that they want to get into something warmer!).

The “regular” Pull-Ups don’t include liners, but they DO have designs on them that fade when they get wet. Easy-Ups, which are Pampers’ version of Pull-Ups, goes one step further. All of their Easy-Ups now contain their “wetness liner” which, as the name suggest, makes the kid actually feel wet when they pee. Also, I’ve heard that some people like Pull-Ups and Easy-Ups, because they go up and down like underwear, so kids can practice the “on and off” skill before graduating to underwear.

Rebecca on

That just seems like an awful lot of bells and whistles. I tried a pack of Easy Ups and it didn’t make things any easier IMO. When you were changing the diaper you had to wipe, then have them stand up to put the diaper on, it was just a mess! The design that said if they were wet was a joke, we actually did a test of it on my oldest and she was in the diaper for WAY longer than she should have been before the designs went away, her diaper was soaking wet.

Gerber makes padded underwear/training pants with a vinyl outer, they look like regular panties, are waterproof, and don’t have a lot of chemicals to make them feel they’re wet, because they actually ARE wet. I hate the whole Pull Ups/Easy Ups thing, they’re diapers, just configured differently.

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