Happy Valentine's Day From Max and Emme!

02/15/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Sharing the love — and the music — Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and their twins, Emme Maribel and Maximilian ‘Max’ David, take to the stage before dad delivers his Valentine’s Day concert at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The twins will celebrate their first birthday next Sunday.

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Lucy on

Wow, first real pictures of them!

Marilyn on

I think they look more like Marc. It’s been a while since we saw pictures of them.

Lo on

wow, we finally see them now, lol
they look like their dad

Mary-Helen on

Wow, Max looks so much like Marc and Emme like Jen! Too Cute!

Although that is a VERY unflattering photo of Marc but Jen looks stunning as always! Such a lovely family!

Loren on

Thanks I have wanted to see these babies. They are very cute and almost a year old.

Stéph on

Max and Emme are so cute and Jen looks great.

They look very happy.
Glad to finally see them again.

Lisa on

I have been waiting to see a picture of these twins! The babies or should I say nearly one year olds are adorable!!! Emme looks like Jennifer and Max more like Marc. So cute little Max is almost one andhas suchh a little amount of hair!!!! haha Wonderful picture I hope this family stays happy !

BB on

The twins are adorable!

Sarah on

This is so funny, last night I was watching Man on Fire and thinking “Man we have not seen Max and Emme in a long time” This morning I wake up and here they are!

They are so adorable, and definitely got their fathers looks!

Alex on

Max looks soooooooo like Marc! It’s not really a brilliant view of Emme so it’s hard to really tell who she looks like from this. Cute picture overall though.

suse on

If you check perezhilton.com you can see a better image of Emme, who I think that really looks like Marc Anthony!

Stephany on

Yay, a picture! They are adorable and I love how Emme has enough curly hair to put in a ponytail but Max has, like, none! Haha. Too cute!

Sandy on

Wow, a year already! I think they both look alot like dad. So cute….I love Max’s little tux.

JM on

I think they BOTH look just like Marc!

Gianna on

I was at the concert and it was awesome. Marc is so talented, with an amazing voice. Marc’s other 3 kids favor him a lot, but his twins with jennifer favor her more. If you see pictures of her as a baby, the kids have her same exact nose and ears. Max is all jennifer, while emme is a mix of marc and jennifer. The babies especially emme looked so scared on stage, she is so small for 1yrs old too. When marc introduced the to come out, he called emme his valentine love. We have barely seen the kids, so it was a nice treat to see them. I was close to the stage so a few rows ahead of me, was jennifer with her sister lynda lopez and her manager benny medina.

Laura on

Awww…they are cuties.

Marilyn on

I think it is a bit inappropriate for Emme to be wearing a dress on stage since the stage is obviously set higher than where the pictures were being taken so you practically could have seen right up her dress. Not a good thing to be teaching a young lady.

ellen on

kids are all marc and no jennifer

madison on

marilyn – is your comment serious? She’s a baby, she’s not even a year old. You think putting your baby in a dress for a special occasion where a picture will be taken is ‘not a good thing to be teaching a young lady’? HA. I hope you’re kidding, and I’m just missing it in text.

gargoylegurl on

“I think it is a bit inappropriate for Emme to be wearing a dress on stage since the stage is obviously set higher than where the pictures were being taken so you practically could have seen right up her dress. Not a good thing to be teaching a young lady.”

Are you serious? She’s a baby! I just can’t believe the thoughts that some people have! Amazing!

jackie on

Those babies are ALL Marc !!!

Mia on

They’re babies. I don’t think what they wear/don’t wear matters much. But I love that picture. It definitely squashes those divorce rumors that we’re going around, and is the complete opposite..a very happy/loving family. The babies are so cute. Judging from that picture, Max is all daddy, and Emme looks more like mommy, but I do see features of both parents in them. They are too cute. Congrats to the happy family🙂 It’s pretty cool because this time last year they were announcing the pregnancy at their closing show (well maybe it was late 2007) and this year the babies are here, and almost a year old.

Caroline on

One of my favorite things to do when I come to CBB is to see if I can guess what ridiculous thing people are going to be critizing before I read the comments. When I saw this picture I couldn’t think of anything.

Thank you Marilyn for not letting me down!!

These babies are adorable – there is absolutely nothing inappropriate here.

annie on

Marilyn, I disagree. Marc seems to be holding Emme very close to him. He may have been aware that she was wearing a dress, and photographers could get a shot. But I don’t think people (even Photogs) are that inapropriate and disturbing. Besides, the twins aren’t even one so I doubt they can walk (They might!) So I bet Marc held her the whole time.

brannon on

I see both of them in the babies faces – adorable. That can’t be a serious comment Marilyn?

melissa on

well beings she is wearing a diaper and is not quite a year old i dont see what the problem is..
i think they are really 2 very cute wee ones.. and it is nice to see them with mom and dad!! And i think Jlo looks fab!!

Lucy on

Marily, get over yourself that’s a ridiculous statement.
The child is eleven months old. The most you’d see is a nappy. And Marc has her very well covered so you wouldn’t even see that.

People can be so ridiculous in this website…

sara on

Awww they’re so adorable, it’s funny some people think they looks more like Marc and other more like Jennifer, i can’t really see the girl but the boy really looks like Jennifer when she was a kid.

Terri on

Aww…the kids are so adorable. I love their little outfits.

iluvallbabies on

Marilyn I think you have officially topped the charts for the most RIDICULOUS comment Ive ever read here! Its almost funny until I realised you were (probably) being serious?

Oh my.

Jennifer on

It’s been so long since we’ve seen a photo of Emme and Max. They’re both adorable, and their little outfits are so cute!🙂

Mia on

Max is still bald, and Emme definitely has a little more hair than he does lol. It’s very similar to the first pics that were released of them last year. I can’t wait to see the babies as they get a little older.

Mable on

I have read all the comments on here about Marilyn’s comment about Emme’s dress and I have to say in a way I sort of agree with her. Its not appropriate at any age. Although I would have to say Jennifer shouldn’t be wearing a dress either on the stage.

isabellasmama on

Marilyn, what would even possess that thought to come into your mind?? First of all most baby girl dresses come with bloomer pants! I always dress my daughter up for special occasions, even yesterday.

Harlow on

Marilyn, im sorry, but how pathetic was that? Its sad that a little baby cant even wear a dress without people like you making outrageous insinuations! Grow up..

Terri on

Wow I just read all these comments and how everyone criticized Marilyn for stating her opinion. How rude of everyone. Respect people’s opinions! She wasn’t criticizing YOUR children, but just stating something that would make her uncomfortable with her children. Just because you read something you don’t agree with is no reason to jump on that person and start hurting them with your words. I’m sure you wouldn’t want people to criticize your comments or put you down either.

Anyway, MY opinion is that both twins look very cute. Their outfits are adorable! My first thought was, oh my gosh they are so young to be in front of so many people, but they don’t seem to be in panic, they are taking it all in stride. Unlike me who would be breathing in to a paper bag. I also thought first that Max looks like Jennifer and Emme looks like her dad but I changed my mind. They both resemble both of them in small ways.

P on

I love how they color coordinated the kids. Something about baby tuxedos cracks me up🙂

jasmine on

How adorable are they??! omg

bungalow_bliss on

Are you serious?? I think it’s disturbing that your thoughts even went there. I mean, who looks at this picture and sees *that*??Let the girl be in a frilly dress with her father holding her close and say something nice. These babies are adorable, and their mama is smokin’!

jasmine on

Sometimes the comments on this site make me LOL…

mimi_0414 on

Is Jennifer pregnant?

Robin on

After I laughed myself silly I did take another peek at adorable Emme and what did I see…absolutely nothing! I never would have even thought of trying to look up the child’s dress till it was suggested to us in that ridiculous comment. They are babies! Leave them alone. At least I had a good laugh! Thanks CBB!

Drea on

They are such a happy looking family. These twins remind me of recent pics of the Jolie-Pitt twins when they were in the airport. Looking totally stunned, like what’s going on, just taking it all in. Funny.

gargoylegurl on

@ Terri – Everyone has NOT criticized Marilyn for her comment. It’s just that most rational thinking readers disagree with her remark. I personally find it rude. No, that’s not the right word…it’s disturbing actually. And, yes she has a right to place her comment, and I, along with other readers have the right to disagree.

Marilyn did NOT say it was something that would “make her uncomfortable with her own children”, as you stated. She said it was inappropriate for Emme to be wearing that dress!

SmilesNHugs on

Give Marilyn some slack. Maybe she comes from a culture that embraces modesty and wearing a skirt on stage where everyone is looking up might seem inappropriate (JLo included). In America, we dress our daughters as hookers for Halloween so seeing a little girl’s diaper doesn’t seem too shocking, but in some cultures, it might be viewed as bad taste. I can’t believe how intolerant people are on this site about cultural differences from ear piercing to breast feeding to names. If you really thought Marilyn was a kook, then you should have ignored her comment. Instead you showed how cool you all were by piling on. Classy.

Terri on

Little Max looks a lot like his father.

gargoylegurl on

Okay, the cultural thing may be valid, but where in the photo can you see her diaper?

And I don’t know what part of the US you live in? But I have never seen, heard, or known of anyone to dress their child as a hooker!!!!

Differences of opinion do not necessarily mean intolerance. And why should I or anyone else ignore a comment we disagree with?

J on

Max looks EXACTLY like his mother. I don’t understand all the people saying he looks like Mark. Look at those eyes, nose and mouth. He is all Jennifer to me. I think Emme looks more like Mark. Anyone else think the same?

Molly on

Terri, it’s nice that you are standing up for someone, however, these are not Marilyn’s children. I dont know where you see that she said she would not be comfortable putting a dress on her children. If she believes these are her children, or if you believe she thinks that it may be actually quite dangerous.

Robin on

If you look on You Tube there are clips of Marc and Jennifer bringing them out. The crowd went absolutely crazy and after a quick wave, Emme reached to be held by her Mama and Jennifer took them off the stage. It was precious. Marc told the audience before they came out that he had a little Valentine that he wanted to share and that Jennifer was okay with it because she had one too…it was very sweet. Forget all the marriage rumors they are a very devoted couple to each other and their babies.

shan on

There was a photo of David Thewlis and his wife pushing their daughter in a stroller with her legs wide open and I thought it was a bit disturbing that a photographer would take such a photo, and she is older and had no bloomers on. That was inappropriate.
This photo is lovely.
An 11 month old knows nothing about being a lady, and I am sure when she is older her mother will teach her.
I am not saying she does not have a right to comment, but it was just a stupid comment, sorry.
each to their own

CelebBabyLover on

mimi_0141- I don’t think so. I think that dress would make just about ANYONE look pregnant, and to top it off it’s basically a side shot, which usually just makes the illusion even worse!

That said…AWWWWWW! I was hoping we’d see them again soon!

Q on

Mable & Marilyn I don’t know what you guys are talking about? All most concert stages are set above the audience & i’ve never heard anyone complain. WHy are you even thinking about looking up an 11 month olds dress?

Daze on

Wow, they have grown to look so much like their Dad! Are we sure Jennifer had anything to do with it?

Mommy of 3 on

Marilyn, you make me laugh!!! HOW can you even say that? I think this picture is beautiful and little Emme’s dress covers her very well. It’s not like she has a thong on….she’s 11 months for crying out loud!
Anyways these 2 are SO Jen IMO!! Especially Max, he still looks just like her:) I can’t wait for more pics of them.

Ellen Smith on

Breathtaking children indeed.

jessica on

They are so adorable!! Jennifer looks great and so happy. Max looks bald, and so adorable:) I think both the babies are a good mix of Marc and Jennifer, we haven’t seen alot of pics of them so I’m glad this was up!

I agree with whoever said in the US our culture says it’s ok to dress sexier. I see so many teenage girls with their “stuff” hanging out, I’ve seen girls wearing shorts that cover about as much as a pair of underwear, it’s sad but that’s the way it is. I’m an xray tech and I have to ask 12 year old if they could be pregnant! We as parents are the only ones who can change that mentality though, so I’ll do my best to teach my daugher modesty and respect for her body. Although I think that dress is perfectly acceptable for a one year:)

Mary-Helen on

I bet their birthday party is going to be something to see! They are just too cute.

m-dot on

I can’t see Emme well in the pic, but Max is so yummy!

Aimee on

I can’t believe the comment about Emme wearing a dress. Unless your specifically looking at that area which is perverted there is no problem. I totally agree with Q why would you want to look up there on an 11 month old BABY anyways????? The camera is not aimed there on Emme. Her Dad is covering her up. The twins are sooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!

simms on

OMG!!! so THATS what they look like now – they look like minni versions of their dad lol

Jackie on

wow! i cant believe they’re almost one already! it seems like only a few months ago that I was reading that she gave birth! they’re too cute! and they look like thier daddy.🙂

asm1976 on

Marilyn, Emme is a baby. She doesn’t know squat about being a young lady and won’t for another 3 or 4 years! She’s also wearing a damn diaper and the dress is poofy and long anyway! What the heck is wrong with you posting a comment like that? You have a filthy mind!

Mia on

Apparently Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt just bought a mansion out on Long Island. I wonder if they’ll be neighbors with Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony and their twins? That would be too cute!!

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