Christopher Wallace Says He's No 'Little Biggie'

02/15/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Kristin Callahan/Everett

Although he signed on to portray his late father Christopher Wallace — better known as the rapper Notorious B.I.G. — in the new film Notorious, Christopher ‘CJ’ Wallace Jr., 12, wants you to know that he’s his own (little!) man. “I don’t want to be known as ‘Little Biggie,'” he tells the Times Online in a new interview. “It’s nice that I have a famous father, and that I get a reputation through him, but I don’t want people saying ‘Hey there goes Biggie’s son, that’s Biggie’s son!'”

“It’s, like, no, my friends call me CJ.”

Preparing for the role was challenging in that CJ’s father died when he was just five months old; To assist him in his efforts, he enlisted the help of those who knew B.I.G. the best, like his mom — CJ’s grandmom — Violetta Wallace. “Most people know Biggie Smalls, but few of them know the real Christopher Wallace,” CJ says. “My grandma … taught me a lot more about my father, the things he would do, and how he was around people.” Some aspects of his dad’s life remained off-limits to CJ longer than others, however! “I wasn’t allowed to listen to him when I was younger, because the lyrics were too explicit,” CJ admits. “He curses a lot.”

“But as I got to nine and ten I really got to know all of the songs. I just listened. Listened to his lyrics and to what he was talking about.”

With his performance receiving critical acclaim, CJ says he’s in no hurry to proclaim himself an actor or a rapper. “Everyone’s saying to me, ‘Oh CJ, you should get an agent and a manager and do this and do that, but I have so many options now,'” he says. “I just want to finish school and maybe get into sports.”

Notorious is in theaters now.

Source: Times Online


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CTBmom on

I know that I am a little conservative, lol…but I don’t get rap music. I abhor the message it conveys….glorifying violence, disrespect for the law, women (and people in general) It’s sad, but really no surprise that many of these rappers like B.I.G and Tupac, ended up dead. I look at this pic of this beautiful kid, and I think that it’s so tragic that he is growing up without his father. Not to judge his mother, but I feel that C.J. is still too young to be listening to the lyrics of B.I.G’s songs. I have a son, who will be 12 in a couple of months, and there is no way I would let him listen to most of these songs. Just my opinion, though. Oh, by the way….I am totally aware that my son probably listens to music I don’t approve of, I’m just saying I wouldn’t “knowingly” let him listen to it, lol.

Sally on

Not all rap music embraces violence.

Heather on

I can’t believe this young man is only 12; he seems very mature and I think he has a good head on his shoulders.

Jilly on

I agree Heather, he does seem very mature. Out of curiosity, does anyone know who his mother is?

Mia on

His mother is Faith Evans.

He seems really well rounded and good kid.I believe she is married with 2 other kids, so it seems like he’s getting raised well between his mother, and a constant father figure. His grandmother is very close to the family as well.

And on the topic of hip hop music. The kind of hip hop “gangster rap” is only a section of hip hop. Unfortunately it’s a style of hip hop that glories violence and disrespectful behavior to women and lifestyle habits, and it’s the kind of hip hop that has been quite popular over the past couple of years. However, with that said, that shouldn’t turn people away from Hip Hop all together, there is more to it than just that style. But you know what, there is plenty of rock music, most notably the “hair bands” of the 80’s that gloried partying, and was disrespectful to women, glorifying them as simply sex objects, and you don’t hear people saying “I don’t get rock music”. In all genres there are different styles of it, both that contribute a positive and negative image.

Amy on

Jilly – CJ’s mom is Faith Evans, an R&B singer

Allie on

Jilly, I believe Faith Evans is his mom. I agree with Heather also, that he sounds extremely mature for his age. And to CTBmom, growing up as a white girl in the suburbs of North Florida, I listened to rap at the age of 12. I didn’t take anything they said literally. That’s what I don’t understand about people who don’t like rap. It’s a form of expression. A lot of it is based on truth, and a lot of it is made up stories. If you teach your child the right way, the lyrics to a song shouldn’t affect your child in a negative light. My step-dad used to ALWAYS make fun of rap, throwing his hands up, trying to beatbox…. but now that he’s older, he’s opened his eyes and sees things from a broader sense. He understands it’s a form of expression. It’s like blaming video games for a child being violent…. if a child doesn’t have structure at home, it’s the parents fault. It has nothing to do with the rappers or the video games.

Sandy on

CJ seems to be a very smart and articulate child. I am happy to hear that at the age of 12, he is still interested in school and sports than being famous. Faith seems to have done a good job at raising him.

jess on

Not all Rap is bad. Not all metal is bad. It depends on who sings it and what type of music it is. I love rap and I am a huge fan of Biggie. I started listening to Biggie’s music when I was 12. I’m a 27 year old educated women now. I think I turned out just fine 🙂

lizzielui on

LOL. I always laugh when people single out hip hop as if it is the only genre of music that has elements that go to the extreme. Like Mia said, there is PLENTY of rock music out there that contains lyrics and whose artists are just as deplorable. For example, NIN’s song “I WANNA F*&@ You Like An Animal, Prodigy’s Smack my B*^7$ Up, Ozzy Osbourne’s Suicide Solution, almost anything Marily Manson, and Eric Clapton’s Cocaine to name a few. There is good and bad with everything, music included. Furthermore, I am certain that young Christopher found it quite easy to listen to his music while outside of his mother’s presence. The first time I heard Prince’s Darling Nikki was at a girlfriend’s house when I was 12 years old. Her older brother had the Prince album on tape and we snuck it out of hos room and listened to it. Parents cannot be with their children 24-7. From the sounds of it, Christopher sounds like a very well rounded and intelligent young man.

CTBmom on

Lizzieliu, all those songs you mentioned, I don’t care for either. LOL, like I said…I am conservative =)
I never said that rap was the only music that could be construed as offensive. And I totally get that there are millions of people who love rap, I just don’t care for it. Me, I’m more of a jazz, lite rock & country music listener myself…but I know that isn’t everyone’s cup tea either. That said, I do agree that CJ sounds like he is quite mature for his age and that his mother seems to be doing a great job raising him.

meghan on

It’s refreshing that CJ is more interested in school and in sports than in fame. A smart, level-headed young man. Biggie would have been proud!

Aelys on

It’s great to see CJ is so grounded and puts his education before a potential career in show business. I’m sure his dad would be proud.

J-Lin on

CJ sounds so intelligent. Kudos to Faith Evans!

CTBMom – if your son is 12, he is listening to rap!

Mabby on

I am 24 and all my music revolved around Led Zeppelin and the Doors…anything after 1989, I dont own. Not all young people listen or even like rap. I like all musics but rap is one that I just cannot stand. That being said he is gorgeous and looks like a sweetie

jenn fell on

CJ I was a huge fan of your father’s and I am of your mother too. It is nice to hear that you just want to be a kid, finish school, and know where you come from frist and foremost before you make any major decisions about your future. I’m sure you have an incredable voice like bother your parents. Keep your life on track focus on your education, family, God, and being a kid.

Best of luck to you in all you do in life.

jennifer Fell

Caitlin Young on

He looks a lot like biggie a though this little guy seems very mature. I’m pretty sure everyone calls him little biggie , and he just wants to be known as just himself .