Kirk Cameron: 'TV Really Isn't An Issue'

02/14/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
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Kirk Cameron grew up on television and has continued to find success in his career since Growing Pains ended its run, but that doesn’t mean that the entertainment world remains a focus. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The star of the film Fireproof doesn’t think that “TV has a whole lot to offer, unless it’s something very specific that we plan on watching ahead of time.”

He and his wife, actress Chelsea Noble, “rarely” have the television on in their house for kids Jack, 11, Isabella, 10, Anna, 9, Luke, 8, Olivia Rose, 7 ½ and James Thomas, 5 ½.

“We just love being together. We’re in the back yard running around or doing all kinds of things. So TV really isn’t an issue for us.”

Kirk, 38, and Chelsea, 44, were married on July 21st, 1991 after meeting on the set of Growing Pains.

Source: Parents Television Council

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Tee on

The more I read about Kirk and his wife, the more I admire their morals and child-rearing skills. In my opinion, it’s rare (especially in Hollywood) to find a couple that live out their Christian values instead of just preaching about them.

Kristen on

Wow, I didn’t realize that he and his wife have six children! What a lovely family. He and his sister, Candace, both seem to have turned out to be really level-headed, family-oriented adults. Definitely different from a lot of other child stars!

Cyn on

What a great family. They seem very happy and content. That’s wonderful

Rebecca on

I love love love Kirk!! The direction he went with his career is an inspiration to me daily. I also loved that in Fireproof his own wife stood in for the actress playing his wife, in the kissing scene. YAY KIRK!

Tiffany on

I had no idea that four of their six children are adopted and two are biological. Not that it matters but I’m curious to know which children are adopted.

Gracie on

I’m confused by the people who work in television who end up saying that television is trash or it has nothing to offer. Why on earth would you decide to work in a field that you think isn’t valuable.

I like a lot of their kids names – and now I’m curious what the older four kids’ middle names are.

Cherise on

I truly admire Kirk Cameron for living out is faith and just being an all around good guy. I loved him in the 80’s just because he was cute, now I love him because he has become a man with values and integrity, and his commitment to his wife and family is such an inspiration. To answer Tiffany’s question, only Olivia and James are his and Chelsea’s biological children. The others were adopted.

Dierna on


Olivia Rose and James Thomas are their biological kids.

eva on

Tiffany,the older children are adopted, the two youngest are biological.Personally,he creeps me out.

Victoria on

Gracie – I couldn’t agree more. I don’t care if he doesn’t let his kids watch TV (we don’t either), but it bugs me when actors talk about not letting their kids watch TV. It just seems a little off to me.

Delynn on

A lot of actor-types don’t let their kids watch TV much IF at all. . .Bette Midler, Madonna (I think) and many others don’t withhold that fact. They realize that it stunts creativity, causes trouble for kids in school (since they’re used short spans of fast-paced entertainment followed by fast-paced commercials, their attention spans are warped which makes it even more difficult for teachers) and it’s basically worthless — sadly, many parents use it as a cheap babysitter to the demise of their childrens imaginations as well as kids being exposed to adult content before their emotionally mature enough.
Kirk Cameron is a great talent. I admire him for standing up for what he believes in. All the best to him and his family!

christine on

I have very mixed feeling about him. On the one hand I respect him for his passion for his faith. I may not be a religious person, but I do respect that in other people. So great for him and his family. But on the other hand, he really doesn’t respect other people’s faith. I was flipping through the channels and came across his half hour faith based show and the ep that was on was all about Mormons. And how they’re basically the devil because their prophet was a false one. The whole show was Mormon bashing. I enjoy shows that poke fun at everything, but when you’re so holy and want people to respect your faith and your Christian movies, you shouldn’t tear apart other people’s beliefs. Gotta practice what you preach.

Anna on

He’s too extremist for me. I respect other people’s faith but I believe they should also respect mine (or lack of faith). He seems like a Christian that wants to push his beliefs on others and damn all other people to hell.

Rachel F on

Kirk is a clean sober family man-with morals. Positive and optimistic-He adores and dotes on his family. So much so he could be a disney Character!! To say Kirk cameron is a hateful bigot is downright laughable. Follow his life for any lenth of time and you will understand what I mean. He is milktoast. I love the guy he is adorable and sweet, maybe even a little simple in someways. SO why the hate? It is a case of shooting the messenger. Kirk is not unique he is just like any American Church goer- but to many the Bible and religion is a negative- or a fear. Kirk is just caught in the cross fire is preaching a message to a society who largly doesn’t want to hear it. There are some scary religious dudes in the world- but Mike Seaver is not who you need to fear. Thats rediculas.

tell me whats good for Kids to watch on TV today..I can’t think of anything. Kirk is spending time with his kids outside – what a wacko huh..LOL

Gracie on

RachelF: When did anyone say he was a hateful bigot?

No one said that. They said he isn’t always respectful of other people’s beliefs, and I would agree with that assessment. There’s a huge difference between saying someone isn’t respectful enough of others beliefs, and calling someone a hateful bigot. You’re putting words in other people’s mouths, and that’s really unfair.

Gracie on

Delynn: My point wasn’t that TV is good. I wasn’t disputing whether it’s good or bad. My point was that if you think TV is so bad, and it’s just a negative influence on people, then why would you chose to make that your career. Why would a person spend years doing something that they feel is contributing something negative to the world. I guess I find it hypocritical.

Sarah on

Rachel F, it’s not that anyone thinks he’s a “hateful bigot,” but he has said some really disrespectful things about followers of other religions (or no religion). There are ways to get your point across without making ignorant and disrespectful comments about other people’s faiths. Until he learns to do that, many people will continue to think of him as an extremist.

Delynn on

“Why on earth would you decide to work in a field that you think isn’t valuable?” Well, because you can make big bucks and enjoy a lifestyle most people only dream of! That’s a pretty good reason. I don’t really think it’s hypocritical, but if you do, that’s o.k. I also have known people who own multiple fast food restaurants, but don’t feed their family on it. They’re commmited to great customer service, but it’s just a way to make a living, not a way of life. I know the owner of a national Pier 1 type chain, he sells the stuff but doesn’t decorate his own house with it. Hypocritical or just filling a economic segment in society? You decide.
To people who are hating on Kirk because they call him an extremist. . .why are you tolerant of people who chose athiesm but you aren’t tolerant of someone who would bet their soul on their beliefs — so you call him extremist. Truth is, if your tolerant views of all religion (or lack of) are correct we all win. . .if Kirk is right, some of you are in for a rude awakening. I think he’s only trying to share information that he’s willing to bet his soul on. The decision is left to each individual. 🙂

Gracie on

Delynn: Working in a job that creates something that you believe is harmful to people makes a person a sell-out. That’s why I’m constantly amazed by celebrities who make their living in television who turn around and call it trash, or not valuable, or as something that has nothing to offer.

There’s a huge difference between owning a Pier One store and not decorating your house with that – and owning a Pier One store and then turning around and calling it a bad thing. I think you’re missing my point. My issue is not with a person working in television and then not watching it themselves – my issue is with a person working in television and then saying that television is a bad thing. How is it not hypocritical to go around insulting the very thing you produce?

And I find your statement, “people who are hating on Kirk” to be extremely rude. We are not hating on him. We are expressing displeasure with his comments towards other religions. The issue most of us have with him is not his religious beliefs, it’s the way he treats other people in regard to those beliefs.

Valerie on

Gracie- You are overlooking an important point!

You say “Working in a job that creates something that you believe is harmful to people makes a person a sell-out.”

The key issue is the harmful effect of TV on children specifically, not people in general! And Kirk was talking about not having his children watch much TV. TV is especially harmful to children for many reasons… it’s not just “people” watching television in general.

Victoria – knowing that TV can be harmful to kids (attention span, overly adult themes), why would you give anyone a hard time for not wanting their kids to watch much TV, actor or not? So much on television sends a bad message to kids. Kirk Cameron has always been on wholesome shows/movies anyway, but just because he’s an actor, he shouldn’t have to embrace all of TV- American Pie movies, violent shows, inappropriate programming (even during times children might be watching) and all.

Gracie on

Valerie: No I am not overlooking an important point. Kirk worked on a family sitcom, which was aimed towards both parents and children. And he did not say in his comments that television was bad for kids, he said tv didn’t have a lot to offer. He didn’t say it didn’t have a lot to offer to children – his statement was more general than that.

I will always think celebrities are hypocrites who work in TV but say that TV is bad/trash/harmful/has nothing to offer. It’s a very odd statement in two ways: 1. they’re basically insulting the people who watch television, the very people who are responsible for them having a job in the first place and 2. they’re practically admitting that they’re in it for the money. If they’re not doing it because they think it has something valuable to offer, then why are they doing it? Money and fame. I don’t find that to be an admirable reason for choosing a job.

And we are not advocating that Kirk has to embrace all of TV. No one has said that. We’re talking about him referring to TV as having nothing to offer. Kirk didn’t say that some TV is better than others, or that he doesn’t like the kind that is innappropriate – he’s speaking in general as TV not having a lot to offer, which makes him a huge hypocrite since he has spent his whole career in television. If TV doesn’t have a lot to offer then maybe he should go find a job that does have a lot to offer the world.

Cranberrie on

Hey Gracie for whatever it’s worth all Kirk said was TV doesn’t have a lot to offer. You know, that’s just one quote. He does say he watches with the kids if it’s planned in advance. I’d call that responsible parenting.
Kirk doesn’t just take any acting job that comes his way — he’s responsible and selective there choosing projects that reflect what he believes in. I’m sure that he is choosing projects that make the world a better place, in his opinion. No hypocrisy there, or do you take offense to that? Hope not. Plenty of people work for a paycheck. You know, they may not like their job, the product, or their boss, but I don’t think that makes them a hypocrite, even if they say they don’t love what they do.

mp on

I agree with everyone who’s put off by Kirk’s overbearing religious behavior.

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