Olive Baron Cohen's Park Playdate With Parents!

02/13/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

Look at that, Dad! Olive Baron Cohen, 16 months, uses a mittened hand to point out something interesting to Sacha Baron Cohen while strolling Central Park last Friday in New York City.

The Borat star, 37, and his fiancée Isla Fisher were in town while Isla made the press rounds promoting her latest film, Confessions of a Shopaholic, which hits theaters today.

Click below for a photo of Sacha giving Olive a smooch!

Splash News Online

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Cassandra on

Aw! Daddy-daughter moment.😀

Aelys on

Olive is one of my favourite celebrity babies. She’s so adorable and smooch-able!

Bumbles on

Aaah that’s nice, we don’t often see a picture of Olive with her daddy!

Jennifer on

This is the first picture i’ve seen of Sasha Cohen with his daughter. they look so cute together!



Borat and his baby!!!! lol

gigi on

beautiful family!

ellen on

i wonder if olive’s surname is cohen or baron cohen? sasha and his brother is baron cohen so is it’s double surname or baron is just second name?

l on

Is this a coincidence? Everybody kept on wondering where daddy’s been hiding and voila … happy family.

Lis on

Finally!!!! Now everyone can sleep well at night; now that they know that Sacha is in the picture (no pun intended!!!!)

Hahaha! Seriously, though – very sweet family. Olive is a doll baby🙂

Ashley on

I, maybe Sasha came on earlier this week and saw all of the posts complaining about not seeing him enough with Olive.

He may just work on projects that keep him busy during the day therefore we don’t see them together often. Whatever his reason for not being seen often with Olive, they are such a cute family.

Brandi on

Well Lis apparently not since I still see someone trying to make something out of nothing on this post. It’s really getting old. Also these pictures are a week old already so it is not like he saw statements people were making earlier.

Anyway I find Olive to be adorable and I love her mittens.

anan on

In Central Park? It’s a coincidence only if you believe that Isla’s publicists don’t read blogs.Otherwise, they’d have gotten a car and gone to Long Island to avoid the paps.

As to Olive’s surname–the family name is Baron Cohen. He may have signed papers to give Olive that name, but since Isla and Sasha aren’t married, Olive’s last name may well be Fisher. What’s on the birth certificate depends upon California law, I’d guess.

They do look cute though.

Chel on

I hope some of you are joking (I think you are) when you say you think Sacha came on here and read the posts, so that’s why we’re seeing pics of Olive and Sacha…because that’s just plain LOCO.

I don’t think there’s any huge mystery about it.

Isla, Sacha, and Olive make an ADORABLE family!

anan on

Chel–I think people are joking, but Isla did complain in FHM magazine recently about reading snarky remarks about her pregnancy weight gain on some blogs. She apparently googles herself,so I wouldn’t be surprized if she did read those comments. All celebs have staff that watches what’s in the press about them anyway, so a publicist may have decided that is was time for Sacha to make a public appearance for the sake of Isla’s image.

dee on

Is this the first picture of Oliver and her daddy?

Mia on

Aw, cute picture of daddy/daughter and the family. People were just saying in the other Isla post how they never see pics of the 2 or 3 of them together. Perfect timing.

Lucy on

Why would they go to Long Island? They are in NYC because that’s where people have apartments and premieres…I think people are reading into this too deeply. Sure, publicists keep and eye on thigns and there are some crazy starts who facilitate everything – but these two are hysterical and seem laid back, I’d imagine they care a lot less about what we think then we’re guessing!!!

Ok long rant – OLIVE IS ADORABLE as well as her parents🙂

ellen on

dee, i bet there’s much more pictures with olive and sasha, it’s just private

Alice on

Actually there were pics of Isla and Sacha with Olive when she was a baby. So no, it’s not the first set.

Laura on

Olive is such a cute baby! I think she looks like her mom.

Sarah on

Yay!!! This is the 1st photo I’ve seen of Sacha and baby Olive together. Simply lovely…🙂

Sophie B on

So cute! He obviously loves his daughter. I hope this was not a staged thing for the paparazzi, it doesn’t look like it. One note get rid of that pacifier Isla before Olive gets too attached to it, I am a speech pathologist and the longer they have them the more damage they cause to speech development and even muscle tone in the jaw! I see it every day

Daisy on

So just becuase we don’t see pictures of Sacha with his dughter there is something amiss? I have never seen pictures of Jack White or Karen Elson with their children, does that mean they don’t spend much time together as a family? There are plenty of other celebs who we rarely see pictured out and about as a family, it doesn’t mean there are issues in all these family units.
I think it is ridiculous that some people who comment here seem to think that they have the right to expect to see a parent with their child, and if they don’t it justifies gossip and speculation. Privacy is an amazing thing you know.

Jen on

This is the first time I’ve seen them all together and look! What a beautiful family!

Hannah on

This is what everybody gets (everybody who doubted them that is!)

What a loving family they seem to be! Olive looks so cute with her papa dukes!

meghan on

I gotta beleive that Sasha Baron Cohen has better things to do with his time then heed a publicists orders to play with his daughter in public.

alice jane on

Man, they just can’t win! First Sacha is never pictured with Olive, so he must not be an involved father, and then when he is, it must be staged. The judgement is ridiculous…

He totally looks like a doting dad to me, and Olive is so beautiful! These are great pictures.

NatashaC on

Meghan, I agree.

CelebBabyLover on

Sophie B- Uh, Sacha is Olive’s parent, too! Therefore, shouldn’t BOTH of them get rid of the pacifer? It really annoys me when people act like fathers don’t have any role in discpline, dressing their kids (i.e. the comments about the way Katie Holmes dresses Suri. No one ever seems to stop and think that Tom might dress her sometimes as well), weaning from the bottle/binky (speaking of which, when people were complaining about Suri still being on the bottle, Katie was always the one they criticized. No one ever said that Tom should take Suri’s bottle away), etc.

As someone who’s father was very involved in her upbringing it makes me sad to see people seemingly dissmissing fathers so often.

Daisy- ITA! We rarely see Emerson Tenny (Terri Hatcher’s daughter) or Lily Sheen (Kate Beckinsdale’s daughter) with their fathers. We rarely see Johnny Depp’s kids with him OR their mother, and we see Madonna with her boys more than we see them with Guy (this was the case even before they divorced, and Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is also seen with her more than with her father).

Does that mean that those people are bad parents? Of course not! It just means they are either not paparazzi targets (this is apparently the case with Emerson’s father), or prefer to keep their time with their kids private (this is the case with Johnny and his partner Vanessa, and seems to be the case with Lily Sheen’s father and with Carlos Leon, Lourdes’s father).

Others might be paparazzi targets, but aren’t followed nearly as much as their spouses/partners/exes are (this appears to be the case with Guy Ritchie).

cara on

omg – that is the cutest baby girl ever!!!! she is my fav…and i love isla and sascha…of course sascha is a good father and from the looks of it, he loves her to death! well, how can he not..?

Fevvers on

I agree about the fact that ,mothers seem to cop the blame re pacifiers etc but then in most families I know they do actually make most of those decisions.

I think Olive is adorable! I love her name too.

Just Saying on

Aww, this is the first time i see them together. It’s like he was reading our minds b/c just the other day everyone was wondering why we never see them together. I keep forgetting she’s not a single parent.

Ally Cate on

It makes a lot of sense that Sasha has not been seen a lot with Olive. He has been all around the world filming his next movie “Bruno.” As in Borat, Sasha gets into full character and stays that way for the majority of the filming. He also tries to keep his locations secret so that he can film documentary style as Bruno. So seeing a 6’5″ gay Austrian supermodel toting around a baby would be a bit of a give away. I’m sure he spends lots of time with her at home, but because of the secrecy involved in his filming process, I can understand why he is not in Central Park. It is clear he just does not want the media attention.

FilmFreak06 on

Why you guys dissin on sacha?? Just because he isnt pictured all the time doesnt mean he isnt a good father. If you didnt notice they never pose for pics therefore they dont want to be photographed but they cant stop the pics bein taken if they are far away. Sacha juat came out with bruno which was a big movie so hes been busy wit interviews and premieres and he always in character when interviews are done its to keep his own life private and isla does the same, no she dont dress in character but she dont talk much about personal stuff they like being private. I think he loves those two very much and would spend more time of he could so stop talkin bad bout him.

This has to be my favorite celebrity family !! Love them all

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